The Wanderer



Avion soared over the Western Mountains, cold suspicion filling her mind. Why would a warrior from the Wandering people come to their land? By himself, for that matter. And what was in the long, dark bundle he carried? The Eagle had a feeling in her gut that the reason for the boy's coming was not as positive as the others thought. Avion landed carefully on one of the ancient, broken bridges floating in Hydrus' lake. The Sea-Serpent swam up from the depths and rested her head near Avion's feet. In a low, gurgly, yet obviously feminine voice, Hydrus spoke,

"Avion, what is the disturbance in our land? It is so familiar…"

The Eagle sighed, "A boy of the Wandering people has come over the bridge on horseback. He is a warrior, by the looks of his clothing."

A spark ran down Hydrus' spikes, "This is wonderful! We must welcome him with all the warmth in our-"

"It is not wonderful, Hydrus! I can not be sure, but my soul is telling me that this Wanderer is not here for good reasons…"

The Sea-Serpent huffed, "You are too paranoid, Avion. Why would a boy come by himself to our land to do bad things?"

The Eagle sighed again, "It has something to do with Dormin, I think. That foul creature is up to something."

"Hmph. If you don't mind, could you bring your pessimism somewhere else? I wish to try and clean up my city for our visitor."

Before Avion could say another word, Hydrus had slipped her head back into the water, and was swimming across the lake to the closest bridge.

Valus paced. Unlike the other Colossi who had seen the Wanderer, the Minotaur did not feel the need to clean or prepare. He believed that their visitor would be most impressed if he was just doing what he was supposed to.

After a while, Valus felt the familiar feeling within his presence. Glancing down as he continued his pacing, the Minotaur saw the boy trying to hide behind a rock, and not doing very well. Valus chuckled to himself.

"He will get used to our size eventually…"

The Minotaur continued his walk. But suddenly, out of the blue, there was a pressure on his left calf. Valus instinctually shook it, not knowing what was gripping him but wanting it off. A sharp pain then shot through his leg, bringing him to his knees. Bewildered and injured, Valus stood up and looked around. He hardly noticed the strange pressure climbing up his rear than disappearing.

The Minotaur cautiously continued pacing. It was then he realized the pressure was climbing up his back. Valus shook, hoping to fling whatever was climbing him to the ground so he could squash it. Despite his efforts, the thing had come to his head. The Minotaur's thoughts were violently interrupted when the worst pain he had ever felt claimed his mind. Valus shook for all he was worth, but the pain continued to come forth, slowly blinding him.

Finally, numb and breathless, the Great Minotaur collapsed. The club fell from his hand. In his last, darkening seconds of consciousness, Valus saw the Wanderer standing before him, covered in blood.

Avion screeched in mid-flight, a foreign pain wrenching her heart. A slight empty feeling was what was left afterwards. Stopping to land in the Light Garden atop the Great Temple, the Eagle pondered at the sensation. Feeling a strange inclination pulling her, Avion stepped forward, and looked down into a hole that opened into the main chamber. The Eagle screamed, her cry being heard across the land. Avion could hardly bare to look at the horrible sight that lay below her.

One of the idols had shattered.

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