The Wanderer

A Plan of Our Own

A Plan of our Own

Quadratus looked up, startled. Many other Colossi also faced the Great Temple, confused about both the screech and the empty feeling in their chests. Avion stumbled away from the hole and clumsily took off, flying southward. Landing at the Mountain Temple, the Eagle looked around frantically.

"Valus?! Valus, where-"

Her eyes fell on the Minotaur shaped pile of rocks in the center of the canyon.


Avion came over to the pile, looking down at it sadly.

"Valus…. Great Minotaur… we are sorry…"

A loud hiss sounded from above. The Eagle looked up to see Kuromori standing atop the cliff face to her left. In a scratchy, hissing voice, the Gecko spoke.

"What has happened here?!"

Watching Kuromori climb down and approach the rock pile, Avion responded.

"Valus is dead. His idol has shattered. The Wanderer is to blame, surely."

Unlike the other Colossi the Eagle had spoken to lately, the Gecko was easy to convince.

"WHAT?! Oh… when I get a hold of that boy, he is dead meat!"

Avion shook her head, "No, Kuromori. We must think this through. Why is this young man after us? And, more importantly, how do we stop him? Blindly trying to destroy the boy will get us nowhere, I think."

The Gecko's eyes flared red, "It's always thinking with you! I say we team up and find a way to obliterate him! Throw him off a cliff! Anything to wipe him off this world!"

Avion huffed, "You know what, Kuromori? I'm going to go talk to somebody with common sense."



With that final statement, the Eagle took off and began to fly northward. She screeched when a yellow blast shot past her head, but did not turn back. She would deal with that putrid lizard later. As Avion flew to her new destination, she called forth the birds of the land.

"Go to the Colossi, my friends. Tell them of this tragedy, and to prepare not for a welcome visitor, but for an enemy."

One of the doves looked towards the Eagle, "But Avion, where will you go?"

The Lake Guardian kept her eyes forward, "I have somebody I need to visit…"

The birds separated, knowing without speech who was going where. Landing on the ground in front of the Northern Desert Temple, the Eagle looked up.

"Celosia? Could you come out please?"

Said Colossus walked slowly to the cave entrance and glared down. In a rough yet feminine voice, Celosia spoke.

"What do you want, Avion?"

"I have terrible news. Have you seen the Wanderer?"

Celosia looked annoyed, "Yes. I was just out collecting some wood for the temple fires so my place would look a little better for our visitor. What of him?"

Avion sighed, "I am afraid his reasons for being here are not innocent. He killed Valus."

Celosia jumped down and looked up at the Eagle in shock and rage.

"What?! No, it's impossible! He's just a boy!"

Avion stared solemnly back at the Boar, "That 'boy' has the power to destroy one of us. And if he can destroy one, then he may be able to do so to the rest of the Colossi."

Celosia growled and began to pace, "Then we must do something! We must… er… throw him off a cliff! Yes, that's perfect!"

"No its not! Kuromori had this same problem. We must work together to find a way to run him off. Killing him will only tarnish our souls!"

The Boar huffed, "Avion, now is not the time for your peacekeeping nature. If this Wanderer thinks he can just come here and try to kill us, then he has another thing coming!"

"I'm getting nowhere… good-bye, Celosia."


Not wanting to tick-off the easily angered Colossus further, Avion took off. Obviously she was going to have to find someone else to talk to if they were going to form a plan of their own.

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