The Wanderer



"Um, Pelagia? What exactly are you doing?"

The Masked One looked up from his handiwork.

"Oh! Hello my fine, not-so-feathered friend! I was just adding some stones that fell off of the Waterfall Arch to my collection!"

Pelagia gestured to the rock pile that was so large it poked a few yards out of the water ( A/N: I know there is no such feature there, but it goes better with the story, so just bear with me).

Avion, from her perch atop of one of the gazebos, nodded in a confused manner.

"I see… well, have you heard the news about Valus?"

Without looking up, the Masked One responded. "Yes! I have! It's terrible!"

The Eagle blinked. "But… what do you think we should do?"

"Don't know! Oh! Wait! I do! Throw the boy off a cliff! That always works with humans! Not that I've thrown any people off a cliff, but you get the point!"

Avion sighed. "Almost every Colossus I've talked to suggested that. Any other ideas?"

Pelagia looked thoughtfully at his rock pile.

"I know! I've got to add more rocks to my collection! That will solve all our problems!"

"What?! But how?!"

As Avion deals with Pelagia

"Hmph. Having to hide in my cave. Embarrassing…"

Quadratus had heard from a bird that Valus was dead. It also said that he should hide so the Wanderer couldn't find him. Did the other Colossi have to hide? No. They got to stay outside where they could reap vengeance by their own will, while he had to hide like a coward from a child! What could a boy possibly do to him? Valus was weak and simple-minded. That's the only reason he could have fallen by the Wanderer's hand.

So the Bull stayed cooped up in his cave, alone with his rather vehement thoughts.

Soon, though, he heard the sound of galloping horse hooves above. Wanting to show he was most certainly not a coward, Quadratus banged into the walls of his home, shaking the ground above. With satisfaction, he heard frightened horse whinnies. Maybe the Wanderer would turn back. But to the Bull's disappointment, the sound of horse hooves continued. After a while, the outline of a young man on horseback appeared through one of the cracks in Quadratus' door.

"Don't be a coward, Quadratusdon't be weak like the Minotaur"

Dormin is right, the Bull thought. I am not weak…

With anger coursing through him, Quadratus rammed his door to pieces and walked out into the sun. He looked down menacingly at the Wanderer. The boy stared back for a second before vigorously kicking his horse into motion. Quadratus followed, waiting for the creature to slip or stop so he could squish them. Eventually, the Wanderer ran out of beach. The Bull's eyes flared red as he reared up on his hind legs and brought his front ones down with great force only a few feet away from the boy. The Wanderer was thrown off his horse as the black creature reared and galloped off. Quadratus allowed the boy to get back on his feet before repeating the earlier action. This time, though, the Wanderer pulled out a wooden contraption and shot something at the underside of his hoof.

Pain flared through the Bull's foot. By instinct, Quadratus curled his legs underneath him and brought the injured hoof in front of his face for inspection. Seeing nothing, he stood back on all four legs. It was then he realized there was something crawling up his front leg. The Bull shook it, trying to get rid of the pesky creature. But soon, the thing was going down his side to the rear, where Quadratus knew full well was a vital. How though? He thought. How could this boy know where my weak points are?

The Bull's thoughts were interrupted by a searing pain enveloping the back half of his body. Quadratus shook, his anger starting to be overtaken by fear. Eventually, the pain stopped, leaving the Bull's entire backside numb. The Wanderer was now jumping over his exoskeleton, heading for the head. The boy came to his last vital and almost immediately began stabbing. Quadratus shook desperately, trying with all his might to get rid of the thing attacking him, killing him. But the darkness was closing in rapidly, and soon the Bull collapsed on his side, feeling totally numb.

In his last moments of consciousness, Quadratus saw not his bloodied assailant standing before him, but a child who needed snatching from the waves.


Avion was flying away from the Pleasure Waterfall, shaking her head.

"How could any Colossus be so clueless?"

Her further thoughts were interrupted by a heart-wrenching sensation that filled her chest, leaving an even emptier feeling behind.


Avion flew faster in the direction of the Great Temple, intending to see whose idol had shattered. But as she flew over Quadratus' beach, she stopped.

And screamed.

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