The Wanderer

A Tower in the Mist

A Tower in the Mist

"Yeesh, Avion, you don't have to scream that loud…"

The Eagle landed on the beach next to the Bull-shaped sand dune that was Quadratus. She looked up to see the Gecko standing upon the dune, staring down at her in an annoyed fashion.

"Kuromori, get off of Quadratus' body. You are being highly disrespectful."

The Gecko did not obey and instead sneered at Avion.

"What are you, my mother?"

The Eagle let out an aggravated sigh. "No, but it really is disrespectful to stand upon Quadratus' grave in such a manner."

Kuromori scoffed. "That cow won't get a snippet of respect from me. I mean, how ironically pathetic is it that he was felled by a child? Very if you ask me."

Avion's eyes flared red. "Kuromori! Do not speak of our great Bull like that! You bring shame on us all with your words!"

"Hmph. Well, before I leave, I just wanted to let you know that the Wanderer is going after us in an order. I know what it is, but I do not feel in the mood to tell you right now."

With that, the Gecko climbed the nearest cliff face and was out of sight in seconds.

Avion would have growled if she had the ability. "How can that lizard be so selfish? Hiding valuable information that could help us just because of our vendetta…"


Gaius sighed contentedly. Finally he could get some rest. The Knight laid his head upon the comfortable stone of the platform in the center of his… well… platform. After a while, though, Gaius heard splashing below. He decided to ignore it for the sake of sleep. The Knight had tried to rest earlier, but a hawk had come by and disturbed him, trying to tell him something. Gaius had shaken off the bird and shooed it. Now he was becoming annoyed. The sound of footsteps was starting to run along the path underneath the edge of his platform. When the footsteps came up onto the grass of the platform itself, Gaius had had enough.

The Knight pushed his sword arm into the ground and rose to full height, his joints creaking loudly. To the Wanderer, he must have appeared as a giant tower standing in the mist. Looking down, Gaius saw a boy with sword in hand, staring up at the Knight in obvious terror. Angered by the cause of the disturbance, Gaius walked forward, causing the Wanderer to start sprinting around the rim. The Knight lifted his sword-of-an-arm and thrust it into the ground only feet away from the intruder. The boy quickly ran behind him as he tried to pull his sword out of the dirt. Gaius turned around to see the Wanderer running over the central platform he had been just sleeping on. The Knight once again tried to smash the little annoyance, but when his sword hit the stone, the vibrations made part of his arm-armor crumble.

This angered the Colossus further, and his eyes flared red. The boy had been watching this, and seemed to hatch a plan. Continuing to run from Gaius, the Wanderer brought his fingers to his lips and let out a sharp whistle. The Knight growled and once again thrust his sword into the dirt. This time, though, while Gaius tried to free his sword, the boy climbed up it and latched onto his arm. Once his arm was free, the Knight noticed a crawling sensation going up his fore-arm and onto his shoulder. Gaius shook, hardly noticing that the annoyance was no longer scampering about below him. Suddenly, a blinding pain erupted from his head. The Knight was shaking now with all his might, but soon it was over. Gaius felt extremely lightheaded, and practically stumbled as he walked. His attacker dropped down his back, and eventually fell onto a small platform surrounding his torso. The Knight tried to look down, but could see nothing. When excruciating pain shot through his stomach, Gaius began desperately twisting and swinging himself, but to no avail. Blackness closed in, and the great Knight numbly collapsed upon the central platform. His last thoughts were,

"Well… at least now… no one will disturb my sleep…."

Avion faltered in mid-flight. The empty feeling in her chest had suddenly expanded.

"No… not again…"

The Eagle landed clumsily in the Northern Desert, partially ignoring the annoyed growl that came from not far below.

"Who was it this time?..."

Avion called out to a hawk flying above. The bird landed on the Eagle's shoulder.

"What is it, Greatest of Raptors?"

Avion sighed. "I am afraid my task for you is grim. I have just felt the death of another Colossus. Find him… or her… and come back to me afterwards."

The hawk nodded. "Of course, Avion."

With that, the bird took to the sky. The Eagle sighed and walked over to the edge of Celosia's canyon. Its inhabitant was down by her pool of water, getting a drink. Celosia looked up at Avion, and the Lake Guardian expected to see the usual vehemence in her features. But instead, the Eagle saw vulnerability.

The great Boar was terrified.

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