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A government conspiracy that could end the lives of Jayson and Cara.

Action / Thriller
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Jayden... JAYDEN!... come on son, I don't have time to wait around while you talk to your little friends today."

Jayden rolled his eyes, but reluctantly went with his mom. Swinging his school bag onto his back. "When am I seeing dad, is he back from his business trip?."

"Your guess is as good as mine, you got your phone why don't you call him?."

"Because he will probably be too busy." Jayden replied. "He's always to busy!."

Cara stopped him. "Listen to me, yes he is a busy man, but he thinks the world of you.. you're his only son.. don't ever lose sight of that fact ok?."

He smiled. "Can we pass Gelato's on the way home and get some of that triple chocolate cookie ice cream?." Jayden asked her.

"Ok.. we can do that."

They walked along the road together happily. Jayden was Cara's life. She worked her office job during school hours and she spent as much time as she could raising and being the best mother that she could to her son.

Cara was about to cross the road. Taking her sons hand to cross, when a Bentley pulled up beside her, with blacked out windows. She smirked.

"Uncle Jackson.." Jayden yelled excitedly and ran to the car as he rolled down the window.

"Look who it is, my favourite nephew." Jackson smiled.

"I'm your only nephew unc." Jayden replied.

"That's why yo scrawny ass is my favourite." He added. He looked at Cara. "are you good?"

Cara nodded. "Yeah, you?"

"Jayson got back yesterday.. Not until late so I'm sure he will be in touch about Jayden." he stopped for a second. "Do you need anything?"

She shook her head. "No, we're good thanks"

"Ok, well I need to go, see you both soon" he rolled up his window and pulled away. Cara carried on across the road with her son.

Cara was 27 her son Jayden was 8. She and his father Jayson split a year ago. they lived in an apartment in Los Angeles, paid for by Jayson. Despite them splitting up he would never see her or his son go without. Jayden never went without a thing.

Cara had met Jayson in a club in Los Angeles when she was 18, in fact it was her 18th birthday, he was 31 at the time and smitten with her. He paid for her entire birthday bash, as well as presents and a vacation with her friends.

Her friends had told her to give him a chance after everything he had done for her, so when she returned she did. A year later she had their son Jayden and things were fine for a while, until she started to realise there were two sides to her man. Jayson the man with a heart that she fell in love with and then Killa, the man in the streets that headed up a ruthless organisation and gave not a single damn about anyone that got in his way.

Cara realised that she couldn't handle her man's lifestyle, and so after 7 years of trying she finally persuaded him to let her go, which he reluctantly did.

She sat with the apple of her eye in the ice cream parlour. "I need to work tomorrow, I will see if Brenda can have you for a few hours after school," she said to him.

"Ok.. what if dad wants to see me?" he asked her.

"Then you can go with him" she said and watched him guzzle back his ice cream. She loved her boy with all of her heart. Even more so since she had recently been diagnosed with a problem with her womb which meant that she could no longer carry pregnancies.

As they sat there talking school work and the worst teacher in the world a call came through to Jayden's cellphone. His eyes lit up. "Its dad.. May I answer?" He asked knowing his table manners.

Cara smiled. "Of course you can"

"Hey dad" he answered eagerly. She watched him talk away excitedly to his father, he adored him and no matter how much she tried to be both parents to him whilst Jayson was busy, he needed that father figure and he was so connected to his father. Cara was pulled from her thoughts as Jayden looked at her.

"Mom, he wants to speak to you" Jayden said holding the cellphone out to her.

"Me?" she said almost taken aback by that.

He nodded profusely. "Yeah you" he giggled.

Cara took the phone and put it to her ear. "Hi Jayson" she said to him, not understanding why her heart was beating so hard and so fast in her throat.

"Hey Cara, you good?" he said to her.

"Yeah.. so you're back then, Jayden has non-stop asked about you and when you're returning"

"I know, I'll take him tomorrow after school.. I want to have him this weekend, I've got someone that I need him to meet" he said.

Cara swallowed hard. "Ok.." she didn't want to ask, she didn't want to hurt and she knew that she would. "That will be fine with me"

"Ok, I'll get one of the boys to drop him back to you on Sunday evening," he said to her.

"No problem" she said and the call ended. She looked at Jayden. " well aren't you lucky, you get to stay with him all weekend" she smiled.

"I know, he wants me to meet his new girlfriend" Jayden said with a grin. Cara smiled for him, she never let her true feelings show in front of him, she always believed that it wasn't fair to burden a child with an adults problems.

"Have you finished?" she asked him. He nodded and they both left to head home.

The walk back to their place wasn't a long one and within a few minutes they were home. "Cara" she turned and saw her friend Danesha. "Girl have i got news for you"

Cara rolled her eyes. "When don't you have news girl" she said as they all walked in together. "Jayden, fold your school clothes and take a bath" she watched as he went to do as she asked with no problem.

"So I have 3 things to tell you" Danesha quickly added. "Firstly, Monique is pregnant for the 5th time but still unsure if she is keeping it..

Cara shook her head. "I really detest people like her, hasn't she ever heard of protected sex, some people will never even have the choice.. It makes me so mad"

"Shit sorry, that was fucked up of me to mention that, I forgot" Danesha said. "But secondly, Leigha, has started fucking with Terra..

"As in Jays' brother Coley?"

Danesha nodded "yep that one"

And my last bit of news. "Jay is back!" she studied her friend for her response.

Cara sighed and fixed herself some juice. "I know, he spoke to Jayden today.. He has gotten a new girl"

"No.. damn! Well, you knew it was gonna happen at some point.. There is no way a man like him will stay single for long.. If you ask me, you shouldn't have let go of that man" Danesha saw how quiet her friend was. "You still have feelings for him right?"

"I don't even know.. I really don't know" Cara said.

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