A Loner's Idol Family


"Sauteed eggplants!" Upon hearing what everyone made for dinner, Neptune dropped Nepgear's present. His face turning pale. Huh? Is he all right?

Neptune twitched.

"No…" He stepped backwards, shaking his head. Neptune even began trembling as he moved away from Vert.

"NO." Neptune spun and ran upstairs.


"Wha-Neptune!? Where are you going!?" Vert was about to chase him upstairs when Blanc appeared from the doorway, sighing.

"I told you you he wouldn't eat it." What?

"Why wouldn't he eat eggplants?" Blanc shook her head and put her hand in her head.

"When we were kids, Neptune got food poisoning from an eggplant. He's been afraid of the stuff ever since." ...Wow. I never would have expected. This is news to me.

As we talked about this, Neptune's footsteps grew fainter and fainter. Soon after that, we heard the door slam.

"What's going on?" The three of us turned to Nepgear walking in, confused.

We explained to Nepgear about what happened.

"Goodness! I heard from Ms. Nishizawa that Neptune is afraid of eggplants, but I never thought that he would react like this." She used her finger to scratch her temple. "Because of that, we made eggs and sausage for him instead." Her eyes turned towards the ground. What is she… Oh. She's looking at the bag.

"What's that?" I picked up the bag and handed it to her.

"It's a present, from Neptune." Upon hearing this, the girl's eyes shined and took the bag from me, hugging it tightly.

"I'm going to go thank him!" She hopped upstairs and I followed her.

"I'll go too." I need to change my clothes and put this hat away.

When we got to the room that Neptune and I shared, Nepgear knocked on the door.

"Neptune? Let's go eat." We could hear Neptune move from the sounds of objects falling over. "Neptune?"

"NO! I'm not eating eggplants EVER AGAIN!" She looked towards me, concerned. "We made something else for you to eat."

"You probably put eggplants in them!" Nepgear sighed and I tapped her in the shoulder. She stepped aside and I walked over to the. I knocked on the door.

"Neptune? Can you open the door?"


"Come on, open the door. Please?"

"No!" I gritted my teeth. Now he's just being stubborn. Alright, time give him something he can't say no to.

"I need to change!" After I said that, I could see Nepgear sweatdrop from the corner of my eye. There was silence from the other side of the door.

"...Oh." There were more sounds from objects shuffling and Neptune's footsteps moving closer. We could hear the door unlock and the door opened slightly, Neptune's purple eye peeking out of the opening.

Why is he just staring at me?

"Are you going to get out and let me change?" Neptune's eye blinked.

"No." I put my hand on my hip and narrowed my eyes. Really? This guy… "I'll let you in, but I'm not going out." What.

No one talked for a minute. My mouth hanging wide open and my eye twitching.

Nepgear put a hand on my shoulder and asked me to step aside. The girl looked at her brother, her eyes shining.

"Neptune, thanks for the gift." The boy blinked his eyes, confused.

"What are you talking abo-" Even though I was behind Nepgear, I could see Neptune's eye widen. "Oh, crap."

Neptune opened the door and stepped out, patting Nepgear on the head.

"Your welcome, Nep. Jr."

"Are you still gonna eat?" At that exact moment, Neptune's stomach growled and the both of us looked at him.

"...When the eggplants are gone." Nepgear sighs.

"Alright, that's a good enough answer." She nodded to me and turned towards the stairs. "Neptune, we'll save some food for you. Noire, we'll wait for you to come downstairs."

"Okay. I'll see you there." I turned to Neptune and he stepped aside, holding the door.

"Are you going to wait outside?" Neptune shook his head and walked inside.

*sigh* One minute he's all nice and kind. The next, he's as stubborn as a rock.

I followed Neptune inside. Neptune plopped himself in front of his computer while I grabbed my clothes, facing away from him.

I heard him sigh and I began to undr- Wait! He's still here!

"Neptune if you peek, I'm going t-" I turned around to see Neptune with his headset on his ears and plugged into the computer. Is he… He's not even paying attention! I walked over to Neptune and looked at him. He was completely immersed in what he was doing.

Neptune was watching videos on Ourlynder, a very popular website where people posted videos of various things. He seemed to be watching gameplay videos of JTV XII. The player characters in the video were either stealing things from the military or blowing each other up.

"Geez, at least you won't be able to hear me." No response. Phew.

I finished changing and turned to Neptune. Luckily, he was still immersed in watching videos. This time he was watching a different video. He was watching this game where a spherical character built his world with spheres and such.

As the two of us watched the video, the door opened. Since Neptune didn't notice the door opening, I looked to see Chika leaning against the door, an envelope in her hand.

"Hey, you two." A grin was plastered on her face, her eyes twinkling. "Having fun?"

"Huh?" What does that even mean?

Chika sighed and walked over to us.

"Nevermind." She went to Neptune and tapped him on the shoulder. He grunted and didn't turn to Chika. "Hey." He didn't respond this time. Chika raised the envelope and smacked Neptune over the head with the envelope.

Neptune darted downwards upon feeling the hit and whipped his head around to look at Chika, a frown on his face.

"What do you…" He look at the object in her hands. Upon seeing the letter, Neptune sighed. "Mom?"

"Mom." What? What are they talking about?

Neptune sighed, took the envelope and opened it. Before taking out what was inside, he looked at me and turned to face me.

"What? Aren't you hungry?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah." He raised one of his eyebrows.

"Then eat, woman." He turned away and began taking out what was inside the envelope. Before I could stick around to look at it, Chika grabbed me by the back of my collar and pulled me along with her.

"Come on, Noire. If the guy doesn't want to eat, then we'll eat all of his food." A loud protest came from the open door as Chika chuckled.

Now, I'm curious.

I looked at the married woman in front of me. She was humming, probably expecting her wife's cooking.

"Um, Chika?" Upon getting off the last step, Chika spun around, a smile on her face.

"Yeeeees?" I touched both of my index fingers together and looked back at Neptune's room.

"Do you know what's in the letter?" Chika's eyes widened but then her face immediately turned into a playful smirk.

"Probably a letter from his girlfriend." I nearly slipped of the stairs and caught myself by the railing.

"Wh-Wh-What are y-" Wait a second.

"You said that it was from his mom!" Her smirk got even larger.

"Maybe his girlfriend works under his mother and his mom acts as a form of communication." She leaned close. "Maybe she already has his parents' approval." Before I reacted, I got off the staircase and then glared at her while I tried to keep my face from heating up.

"He doesn't have a girlfriend! He hasn't ever talked about one!" Now her grin was getting larger and larger.

…Stop that!

"Oh? Even if he hasn't talked about one, that doesn't rule out the fact that could have one." Oh stop smiling! It's not even funny! "You know… for someone who just met the guy, you're pretty jealous." …

"WHAT!?" I covered my mouth immediately and looked around. Somehow, no one heard me. Thank goodness. I narrowed my eyes and stared at the woman. Chika was having a laughing fit and was trying to calm herself down to no avail.

From behind Chika, I could see Mina standing behind her. She was smiling but… It was the most frightening smile I've ever seen in my life.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Chika stopped laughing and looked at me, confused.

"Chika…." The woman froze and turned around slowly. Upon making eye contact with her wife, Chika made a tiny yelp and took a step backwards.

"H-Hi, Mina." Mina grabbed her wife by the ear and dragged her into the dining room.

"Dinner. Now." I could hear Chika trying to dissuade her wife, but nothing could changer wife's mind. Blanc's head popped out of the door and looked at me, Rom and Ram's heads popping out too.

"Noire, you should eat before it gets worse." Ram nodded her head vigorously.

"Yeah! Eat!" Rom nodded her head, slightly.

"Eat…" Mina's voice came from inside.

"Girls! We're going to need now!"


Man, I'm stuffed…

Mina's cooking is so delicious. It's no wonder that I ate so much. I wish I could cook as well as her… I mean, I can cook! Sort of…

Well, Mina had Chika eat all of the eggplants before letting her eat anything else. So I might as well tell Neptune to get something to eat.

I walked up the stairs and noticed that the door was still open a little bit. As I moved closer to the door, I could see Neptune on his computer.

He was typing really fast with one hand, and a small notepad in the other. Neptune would occasionally look at the notepad and then turn back to typing on his keyboard. Soon enough, Neptune closed his notepad and placed it and the envelope, which was folded in half now, inside his desk. Neptune clicked a few times with his mouse and leaned back against his chair, stretching and sounding like he made a large accomplishment.

…Curious. I opened the door as Neptune removed his headphones.

"Neptune?" He turned to me, a satisfied smile on his face.
"Are the eggplants gone?" If I hadn't learned from Blanc about his fear of eggplants, I wouldn't have taken his question seriously.

"Yeah, Mina had Chika eat them all." Neptune shut down his computer and hopped to his feet. I let my eyes dart to the desk, peaking my curiosity.

"Awesome!" He trotted downstairs after closing the door. "Hey! I want food… and I want pudding as a dessert!" I stared at the door…

Then at the drawer…

Then at the door…

At the drawer…

The door…


I have to find out!

I listened closely and I could hear Neptune downstairs, apparently he was complaining about the amount of food he received. Good, he's not around. I swiftly walked over to the drawer and placed my hand on it.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE'S NO PUDDING!" Eep! That surprised me… "ARGH! I JUST BOUGHT SOME! WHY!?" ...Oops, that might have been my fault. I should buy him some when I can. Sorry, Neptune.

My grip tightened around the handle. I gulped and took a deep breath. I'm also sorry for this!

"Ei!" I pulled open the drawer and closed my eyes. Slowly, I opened my eyes. On the top of the drawer was the envelope. "The letter…"

I looked at the door. Nothing so far.

I picked up the letter and unfolded it. I could feel a small rectangular bump from inside the envelope. I opened the letter and looked inside. There was no paper with writing inside, but inside was a small chip.

"An SD card?" Phew, so it's not a letter, good. As I placed the SD card back and refolded the envelope, I noticed the notepad. The notepad was nothing special, just a purple cover with a 'N' in the middle of it. But…

"I'm curious!" I grabbed the notepad and opened it, dropping the envelope and SD card in it's place.

I wasn't expecting what I would see in the notepad. I was expecting notes, yes. But I was expecting notes for video games, music lists, anything but this…

I flipped through the pages and with each page I flipped through, I was more and more shocked. These names… How does Neptune even know these names? He couldn't even remember my name, more or less these!

I flipped a few more pages and got to some familiar names.

"Nepgear… Uni… Rom… Ram… Vert… even me!?" I stared at me page the longest, stocking my thumb through it… He did get my name… Although it was for something like this… I flipped to the next page. It was a name I've seen often, since she works for Miss Arfoire and Miss Histoire. Oh, that's the last page.

I flipped back to the earlier pages of us, those notes looked familiar. Wait a sec! They sound exactly the same as the directions from our mystery choreographer from our practice collaboration between the Candidates and the CPUs!

I looked back at the envelope and flipped back to the last page. If my hunch is right…

I picked up the envelope and took out the SD card, went over to my laptop and booted it up. I plugged the SD card in and opened it.

There was only one file in it. A video.

"5pb: Pratice One." I clicked on it and the video player opened up. The beginning shot was black and the video was ready to be played.

My mouse scrolled over the play button.

I looked at the door one last time.

Nothing. I stared at the video one last time. I've this far, I can't back down now!

"Well, here goes nothing!"

I hit play.

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