A Loner's Idol Family


*Nep* *Nep* *Nep*

Ugh… morning already?

I don't wanna go to school today...

*Nep* *Nep* *Nep*

I rolled around in my bed, attempting to fall back to sleep.

...It's not working.

*Nep* *Nep* *Nep*

Argh! Why won't that damn alarm clock tur- Oh right.

*Nep* *Ne-*


That's better.

I threw my blanket over my head, ready to get back to the greatest activity in the world: sleeping.



I wanna sleep!


Wait… that's…


Her voice.


Noooo! My blanket!

"Wake up already! Geez…"

"Ngh…. no." I curled myself into a ball sorta like cats or dogs when they take naps. I could hear her giggle… Aw, her giggle's adorable.

I felt a pressure on the side of my bed and her finger brush against my- OW OW OW!

"Aowgh!" She's pulling on my cheek!

"It's time for breakfast!" Ow! Okay, okay, okay!

"I'm getting up! I'm up!" I sat up, rubbing my sore cheek. Yeesh. Woman, that hurt! "Geez, Noire. I understand that's Monday, but come on, lemme sleep a little longer!" Noire put her hands on her hips and… is she wearing an apron? I thought it was Uni's turn to cook. "Wait… is today your turn?" Noire looked away for a second and shook her head.

"N-No! ...I just asked if we could switch places for the week." Oh, okay then.

After Mina left, we decided to have a schedule on who would cook. Uni would cook on Mondays and Tuesdays. Nep Jr. would take Wednesdays and Thursdays. Noire would take Fridays and Saturdays while I helped her on Saturdays and took Sunday for myself.

Noire puffed her cheek out and shifted her leg.


"Huh?" Noire had a bashful look on her face.

"Are you gonna eat?" Food? Made by my now-girlfriend?

"HELL YEAH!" Noire smiled and walked over to the door.

"Well then get ready for school, I'll have a place ready for you when you get down."

"Sure!" Alright, time to get ready! BREAKFAST IS WAITING!

Man, I can't wait! Noire made breakfast!

I entered the dining room to see Nepgear and Uni already sitting next to each other at the table. They weren't eating. Strange, they're usually eating by now. Meh. As I walked closer to them, I could see that Nepgear had this grin on her face while Uni seemed to calming herself down.

"Morning you two! You seem to be in a good mood!" They greeted me as I sat down across from them. Uni looked outright nervous now. "...I take that back. Uni, you need to use the bathroom or something?" The girl shook her head, her hair swinging from side to side as Nepgear patted her in the back.

"No, I'm fine!" Alrighty…

"They wanted to tell us something before we eat." Noire placed a bowl of rice and some other breakfast goodies in front of me.

Alright! Meat! Protein! And… That's pretty much it. Eggs, bacon, you know the rest.

"Noire, I ain't in a sport. I don't need this much protein." Noire rolled her eyes.

"We don't have a lot of ingredients today, so we'll need to restock later." Oh, right. I think I slept a little longer than I thought. Anyways, we can deal with that later.

"So, Nep Jr., what did you want to talk about?" I picked up food and started eating as the two of them began to whisper to each other, Uni's whispering being more hesitant and worried while Nepgear's was more encouraging and positive.

Uni took a deep breath, her face turning- Wow. That's a deep red!

"Big sis…" Uni began to shake while Nep Jr. cheered her on quietly. "M-M-M-Mr. Ne-Ne-Neptune…" Huh? What's with the politeness all of a sudden?

I looked towards Noire, who had a confused look on her face. Yeah, I have no idea what's going on either.

"I… I…"

Oooh, a glass of milk! Don't mind if I do~.

"With… Nepgear…"

Mmm~! Milk, it's always a drink that'd I go to. Not as great as pudding, although I heard that some stores serve pudding likes drinks. That is awesome! Well, milk's fine too. With the sweet creaminess and-

"I'm going out with Nepgear!"

WHATohmygodI'mdoingaspittake! Aghhhhhhh!

"Goodness!" ACK!

"Ewwww!" GACK!

"Neptune, are you okay!?" Argh, it's in the windpipe!

After that fiasco, breakfast ended smoothly… except that Uni and Nepgear had to change. I had clean the table with Noire and… I had to change. With the damage done, Noire and I began our investigation via asking a lot of questions.

Apparently, the two of them had been secretly dating for a long time. When asked when, I found out it was years before they came here. Well, I never knew that. Nor did I know that Nep Jr. was able to keep this a secret from both me and our parents… I'm impressed, although a bit upset she never told me.

Maybe there some signs that could have told me they were dating? Hmm… Anything… at all…


NOPE! Can't think of anything.

Noire was just as confused as I was, but she was really happy for Uni. The same went for me to Nepgear.

I do hope they have a long lasting relationship… Wait…

"Hey, did you happen to tell any of our parents?" The two of them looked straight at me. What is with those looks in their eyes?

"That's where you come in!" ...What. Uni looked at me, as shy as her sister was this morning.

"Um… could uh… tell my mother for me?" Oh sure, I mean she works at my school an-

"Wait, what am I thinking? No! You tell her!" I then turned to Nepgear. "You too, Nep Jr.! I may have responsibility over you warefare, but not your relationships!" Plus, I'm too scared of Mom throttling me while Mother goes into shock.


"No buts!" I don't that kind of fetish, anyways!


"Darn it…" I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Taking it out, the collar ID revealed that it was Iffy.

"Yo, Iffy. Wassup?"

"Nep! Hurry on out! We're waiting for you!" As she spoke, I could also hear her outside. What time is i- Oh, yeah. It's around the time they'd be here.


"Don't 'Whoops' me, just get out here!" Yeesh, someone's not in a good mood.

"Alright, I'll be there in a couple minutes."

"Hurry!" Yep, bad mood.

"Who was that?" I turned to my baby sister, who apparently had a girlfriend for as long as her idoling career.

"Oh, just your neighborly leveled headed friend." I stood and headed towards my room, grabbed my bag and headed back downstairs. "Well, I gotta go." I waved to the three of them and outside to see IF and Blanc… without Compa.

"Where's the jolly one?" IF rolled her eyes and walked on while Blanc shrugged her shoulders.

"Compa has duty today." Oh. I turned to IF, who was walking at a fast pace.

"So, what's with her?" Blanc shook her head.

"No idea." Huh?

"I'm gonna check on her." Blanc nodded and opened a book she held in her hand, using the other hand to grab onto my bag. "What are you doing?"

"I want to read but not get lost." Whatever.

"You better keep up then."


I fast walked to IF with Blac behind me. Iffy was glaring ahead, not even… SHE'S NOT LOOKING AT HER PHONE!

What is this!?

"Iffy, is something wrong?" IF turned her eyes towards me, narrowing them.

"Nothing." She huffed and moved faster. Welp, she doesn't want to talk… alright then.

"Uh… Blanc?"

"..." She's immersed in her book. Ugh, no one to talk to… better get my headph-

"Neptune!" Huh? That sounds like…

"Noire?" The three of us turned around to see my girlfriend running up to us, a package in her hand. "What's up?" Noire stopped in front of us, panting hard.

"You… forgot… your… lunch." She held out the package in her hand, it was a bento box wrapped in a blue handkerchief. Wait, did I forget my lunch?

I opened my ba- Oh, I did forget it.

"Thanks, Noire." I took my lunch from her, our hands brushing against each other. Aw man, I could feel my face heating up and my mouth making a stupid grin.

"Morning Noire."

"Morning." Noire nodded to the other two. However, she seemed to noticed that we were one jolly girl short.

"Where's Compa?" Upon hearing her name, IF crossed her arms and turned away. Noire looked at her confused, then turned to me.

I cupped a hand over my mouth.

"I'll tell you later." Noire nodded.

"Okay." Noire smiled and looked at me in the eyes, fidgeting. "Um…"

"Hmm?" Noire turned a bright red and waved a hand in front of her.

"N-Nothing! It's just…" Noire's eyes looked towards the ground. "I wanted to give you a goodbye hug…" This girl…

I pulled away from Blanc and immediately wrapped my arms around my girl, surprising her and everyone else.

"Eep!" She was stiff at first, but eventually melted into the hug, nuzzling her head into my neck. "Neptune…"

"Uh…" Our attention was turned behind us, Blanc had dropped her book while IF's mouth hung open. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell them.

"Hey guys!" I let go of Noire in order to wrap my arm around her shoulders, pulling her close to me. "Guess what?"

"I cannot believe you!" IF had apparently let go of her stubbornness and was now caught up with my relationship to Noire.

"Heh heh…" I scratched the back of my head, somewhat embarrassed. Blanc had returned to holding onto my bag.

We walked up the stairs and the rest of us separated to our classrooms. Ms. Jinguuji was already in the classroom, talking to some of the students.

"Morning, Ms. Jinguuji!" My teacher looked up to see us and waved. Blanc and I sat down at our seats, with me relaxing into my chair. Blanc reached over and placed her book on my head, using it as a bookstand.

"So, you and Noire huh?" Although I couldn't see her, I could tell that Blanc was curious. I mean, she didn't flip her page yet. She would have gone through at least five or so pages by the time she placed the book on my head and asked me a question.

"Yeh." I could feel another grin creeping up on my face.

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yeah, I'm going out with her now." Heh heh, my life is so great now.


"Yes, Blanc."


"Yeah, Blanc?"

"I'm not talking." Huh?


"Over here." I shifted my head to see…

"AH!" I sat up quickly, flinging Blanc's book somewhere. Although I could hear Blanc's sad surprise, I can't really apologize right now. Ms. Jinguuji was staring straight at me, her eyebrow raised and a hand on her hip.

"Planeptune, I need to see you for a second." ...Oh crapbaskets. I think I might die today. I turned to Blanc, who was picking up her book from the floor, apparently the book had landed near her feet.

"Blanc, I might not make it to lunch…" Ms. Jinguuji grabbed me by the shoulder.

"Nonsense, you'll be fine." Eep…

"So you're going out with my daughter?" Currently, I was bowing deeply and staring straight at the ground.

"YES!" Luckily, no one was in the teacher's lounge. So, that means I could plead for my life as loudly as I wanted. "Please! Don't hurt me! I'm sorry!"


"You trusted me, and now I'm having a relationship with your daughter! I'm deeply sorry!" Oh god, I'm shaking! I'm so scared right now!

"Planeptune…" Oh god, please! I just want to be with my girl!

"Planeptune…" Please!

"Neptune!" Wha-? I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Look up." I followed her directions and looked up to see not an angry woman, but the smile of a loving mother.

"I'm not mad." Huh?

"Y-Y-You're not?" She shook her head.

"Don't you remember?" What? Remember what?

"Geez," She shook her head. "Noire's going to have a tough time with you." She pulled me to a standing position. "I said that I trust you."

"Trust…" Ms. Jinguuji nodded her head.

"Yes, you've already shown that you love Noire before you even liked her." She now put her hands on both of my shoulders… Wow, she's shorter than I thought. "I don't have to worry about Noire if you're with her."

"You mean…" She nodded and a bright smile dawned upon Ms. Jinguuji's face.

"Yes. I give you permission to date my daughter." …

"THANK YOU!" I grabbed my surprised teacher's hands and brought them close to me. "I'll take good care of her! Believe me! I'll make her the happiest woman alive!" Ms. Jinguuji laughed at my joy.

"It's nothing." She walked to the door and opened it, leaving it open. "Shall we get to class?"

My life… it's…


I began to dance around, even copying some of my sister's moves. Although, I did sorta make them hers to begin with.

Speaking of Nep Jr…

"I'm going out with Nepgear!"

"Uh… Ms. Jinguuji?" She turned to me, a smile on her face.

"I've got something to tell you…"

Well, if she took that well. She'll take this well.


The bell rang for lunch and Compa and IF walked into our classroom. Iffy was looking better now, energetic even. While Compa and I set up the tables for us to eat, IF and Blanc went to the school store to buy some bread, apparently they were selling some popular manju that were strangely named after Blanc. Creepy, but since one of her moms is in a popular business. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason those treats existed.

"Nep-Nep." Once we finished setting up the tables, Compa looked at me curiously.

"Yes~?" Compa gave one of her signature smiles. Oh god, the light! It's so bright!

"You've changed." Huh?

"That's usually a bad thing. Is it a bad thing?" Compa shook her head.

"No, silly billy! It's a good thing!" She reached over and patted me on the head.

"What do you mean?"

"Well…" Compa put a finger to her chin. "First, you've been speaking a lot lately." Huh?

"Don't I do that all the time?"

"I mean, you speak more often. Some days, you were as quiet as Blanc. But now, you're as talkative as me~!" Heh, I guess. Wait…

"Is that all?"

"Hey, let me finish, Nep-Nep. So mean!" Compa made a pouty face. Pfft. It doesn't work.

"Sorry, Compa. Continue." She smiled.

"Okey dokey! Second, and most importantly, you've become happier." Happy.

I closed my eyes, thinking back to what's happened…

At first, it was just me…

Then suddenly, a whole bunch of people started living in my house.

Giving me a family.


I have a girlfriend and I'm getting ready for college and my future career.


"Yeah, I see what you mean." Compa nodded her head.

"In fact, I like it better that way."

"Yeah… I do too."

"Sorry to keep you waiting, guys!" IF and Blanc walked in with armfuls of manju.

"Wow, you two got a huge haul!" Blanc nodded and sat down next to me.

"Yeah, we did pretty good." IF sat next to Compa, who then leaned onto IF. IF blushed a- Wow, she could compete with Uni. Hold on a sec.

"Iffy, Compa, I know you two are close but…" Compa gave a cheerful smile.

"Iffy and I are dating!" Whoa…

"When did this happen?" Blanc bit into a manju.

"Beginning of the year." What, Blanc?

"Why didn't any of you tell me?" Iffy sighed.

"Nep, we told you." Wait what?

"You did?"

"Yeah!" Hm…

"Nep!" Huh? What's that sound? I can't hear anything because of my headph- Oh it's Iffy and Compa.


"Guess what, Nep-Nep?"


"We're-" OW! MY PHONE'S VOLUME SKYROCKETED! OW OW OW OW! Ah… that's better.


"I've got a headache, just tell me what you want later."

"Okay then."


Oh yeah. They did…

"Well, this is late but congrats." Compa hugged Iffy tightly.

"Thanks, Nep-Nep!"

Finally, school was over and IF and Compa chose to go to the mall for a date. Blanc and I walked home, with Blanc holding onto my bag again.

"Man, today was great day!"


"Yeah! I have a girlfriend! I got some good food, made by my girl no less! Got her mother's permission to date her! And now I get to go home to her!" Blanc tapped in the back of the head with her book

"Buddy." I turned to see a smile on Blanc's face. "I'm happy for you." I returned her smile with the widest grin I could muster.


When we got home, my parent's car was in front of my doorstep. Oh, this day is getting better and better!

"I'll see ya later Blanc!"

"Later." Oh man, I can't to see what my parents are here for!

I hopped into my house to see my mother and mom standing in the living room. The girls were sitting in the room as well, but…

"What's wrong everyone? Why are you so sad?" Everyone turned to me, my parents looking at each other before looking at me. Mother beckoned Mom and she stepped forward.



"Don't get mad or anything, okay?" Huh?

"O...kay, why?" Mom scratched her neck and pulled at her collar.

"Well, it's that the girls are going on tour…"


"For at least two years, since we're going around the world and staying in multiple countries for months at a time."



I dropped everything I was holding and sat down on the floor.


Why is this happening now?

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