A Loner's Idol Family


Neptune collapsed on the floor, his eyes wavering. His parents looked at each other then to him once more.

"Neptune?" He stood up, shaking his head.

"Damn it…" He slowly shifted his head, making eye contact with me. Neptune clenched his fist and closed his eyes. Upon opening his eyes, Neptune turned away and headed towards the stairs.

"Neptune, what about dinner?"

"...Not hungry."

"But we made your favorites!" Neptune didn't respond and continued walking upstairs. Histoire and Arfoire looked at each other, upset. Histoire lowered her head.

"We did it again…" Arfoire shook her head and hugged her wife.

"Yeah, but I didn't expect Neptune to react like this." Arfoire sighed and turned to the rest of us. "Girls, sorry to say this but this tour is an important one." Nepgear walked up to her mother.

"How important?"

"Well, let's just say that if this tour is successful. We can retire early, pay for your college tuition AND still have left over for our grandchildren's college fund." Wow, that's a lot of money.

"Wow! That's a lot!" Uni widened her eyes in surprise. Arfoire grinned.

"Well, what do you think what will happen if we have two popular idol groups collaborating together?" She then looked up the ceiling, where Neptune's room was. "If only Neptune would be able to accept this."

Neptune… I got it!

"Don't worry, I'll cheer him up!" His parents turned toward me. Ugh, now I feel pressure.

"Are you sure, Noire?" I nodded my head.

"Leave it to your future daughter-in-law!"

"Oh oka- Wait, daughter!? Noire!" I immediately put on my shoes and ran out the house, heading towards the closest convenience store. I have to hurry!

Alright, I got everything I need now. I just need to pay for the snacks and-

"Hey!" Huh? I turned around to see a man walk up close to me. "It's Noire!" Oh no! I forgot to put on a disguise! If I get found out here then- Huh?

The man walked past me towards the magazine section. He picked a magazine that had me on the cover page.

"Nice! I wanted this issue so bad!" Phew, he didn't notice me… Alright time to buy these snacks and hurry over to Neptune!

By the time I got home, most of the houses had their lights on, which wasn't long since I left the house fairly late.

I entered the house to see Nepgear sitting at the sofa, cuddling with Uni.

"Noire you're back!" I nodded and- Wait a second.

"How are you expressing affection so openly now?" Uni lifted up her head and looked at me.

"After you left, you confused Neptune and Nepgear's parents with the 'daughter-in-law' bit and we were left to explain." Oops.

"So how does that explain you two?" Now Nepgear turned to me.

"Well, while we explained you and Neptune, we let slip that we were dating." Oh. I guess that they took it well. Oh, yeah.

"Where's Neptune?" The two of them looked up.

"Still upstairs." Alright, let's do this.

"I'm going to check on him." A collective 'Okay' came from the two of them and I turned to go upstairs.

"Noire." I turned around to see Histoire at the stairs, she was still holding her thick book. I wonder what's inside that book. I'm curious, but I can't think about that right now.


"I heard about your relationship with Neptune." She stared at me with a hopeful look in her eyes. "And I want to say that I won't intervene in my son's love life. In fact," She turned to the wall. "I encourage it. Although I doubt I can say that." What?

"What do you mean?" Histoire leaned against the wall, closing her eyes.

"Did Neptune tell you? About how he feels about our jobs?"

"Yeah." Histoire now stared at the ground, her eyes beginning to well up with tears.

"We spent years away from him. For far too long, Neptune had to live alone." She clutched her book to her chest. "We wanted to come home and stay with him, but we couldn't due to our jobs." She wiped her eyes and shook her head. "But now we have to leave him constantly, you don't know hard it is to leave your son behind." She then turned to me once more. "Noire, please take care of him when the tour is over."

"Yeah!" I walked upstairs and headed towards Neptune, bag in hand. Histoire stopped as I took one step up the staircase.

"Oh, also you might want to take as much time as possible, we're leaving tomorrow morning." Oh… alright then.

"I will." Histoire let go and shoved me forwards.

"Go get him." Thanks, Histoire!

I made it to Neptune's room, but the door was closed. Gently, I knocked on the door.



"I want to talk." I could hear him sigh and shuffle over to the door. He cracked open the door and peeked out to see me.

"What is it?" I held up the bag of snacks and smiled.

"You hungry?" I heard his stomach growl, causing me to giggle. I could hear him groan in embarrassment. "I got you something to eat, but I also got pudding too."

Immediately, Neptune opened the door and-

"Wah!" He's hugging me! He's really hugging me!"

"I know we just started going out literally yesterday, technically today, but I love you so much right now." Hehe… Stop it. I wrapped my arms around him, completing the hug,

"Come on. let's eat." Neptune nodded and released from the comfortable hug… Aw… and led me inside. Everything that I had left in Neptune's room had been moved back to my room, basically returning his room to how it used to be.

Neptune sat down on his desk, leaning back on his chair. Upon leaning down, he let out a deep sigh. Poor guy… He looks so sad. Good thing I'm here! I mean, I just want to make him happier! That's not wrong, is it?

Suddenly, Neptune sat and looked around, eventually looking back at me and scratching the back of his head.

"Well, I don't think I can sit here if I have a guest, huh?" That's right, Neptune normally sits at the table when he has guests, but since we've lived together for a while, he's gotten used to sitting at the chair without the need to be polite to me.

"It's fine." Aw, he's worried. Neptune immediately stood and was about to sit down at the table until I stopped him. I didn't I would do this, but I've got to try this at least… "Just sit down." Okay, he's sitting. "Now…" I edged my bottom to the chair, gently pushing him aside. Eventually, both of us were sitting on the chair.


"There, how's that?" I placed the bag of treats on his desk while he moved his computer's keyboard aside. I took out the snacks one by one, placing them on the desk. I had bought, pudding, one for each of us, chips, and various other snacks that I thought Neptune might like.

Neptune clapped his hands together and made a wide grin. I smiled and put my hands together with him.

"Thanks for the food!" With that, the two us opened the snacks and dug in.

"Aw man! That was unhealthy but it was worth it!" Neptune leaned onto his desk, a smile on his face. Aw… he looks so cute. I've got to…





Poke Poke.


This is addicting.

"Noiiiiirrrrrre." Oh, he's whining.

"Sorry." Neptune sat up and leaned on me.

"Thanks, Noire. I feel a bit better now." Yes! "It's just…" Neptune pressed his cheek against mine. "I wish this could have lasted longer."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean our time together." Neptune wrapped an around me. "We just started dating, and now we have to separate." He now looked at the ceiling. "Not only that, but my family will be gone again…"



"I'm sad too." How could I not be? I wrapped my arms around his torso. Neptune reached into his pocket and pulled out headphones, the ones he always wore.

"These… these guys were my way with dealing with the loneliness, but now that I've had a taste of happiness. I doubt that I can handle it anymore with just this." Neptune clutched his headphones and tossed them onto the desk, using his now free hand to hug me tightly. "Noire…"


"...I'm gonna miss you…" I could hear him holding back his tears… and failing as I could feel them falling onto my shoulders.

"Neptune… stop. If you start crying…" No, my eyes are already watering… "You'll set me off too!" I couldn't stop my tears now.

The both of us sat there, holding each other and crying our eyes out. Neptune was even shaking as he held me.

Eventually, he let go of me. He looked at his headphones and suddenly his eyes widened.

"That's it!" He rushed over to his drawer, where there a pile of games still covered in their plastic wrapping. Neptune tossed the games aside and reached further in. As he did so, he turned to me. "Noire, turn on my computer!"

"Huh? Why?" I don't get it wh-

"Just do it!" O-Okay! I turned around and powered up his computer, leading me to the password screen.

"Neptune, what's yo-"

"Pudding!" ...That's actually obvious, alr- Wait, why didn't it work!? "It's case sensitive! Capital P!" Oh okay, got it!

"The computer's set!" I turned to see Neptune pull a bunch of albums from inside and pile them next to him. Once he got all of them, picked them up and placed them on the desk.

"Move." I stood up and Neptune immediately went to work. "Could you please open them up?"

"Uh, sure." I picked up a- Hey, aren't these…?

"Idol albums, yeah."

"But I thought you didn't like idols." Neptune moved his mouse quickly and clicked just as fast.

"Doesn't mean that my parents wouldn't send me them." He then turned to the pile and shifted through them, grabbing one of the Candidates' albums. "Could pick out all of the ones made by everyone?" He took the disc out and placed it into his computer.

"Okay." I turned back to the albums and began sorting them. "Just asking, what are you doing?"

"Copying." What, why? Hey, is he even listening to me. Wait, he's so focused already!?

Anything I could have said was ignored. Well, better get to sorting… I mean, it's not like he's ignoring me on purpose… Right?

"That's the last of them." Neptune placed the last disc into the computer and copied the last playlist. I had replaced all of the other albums.

Neptune took out his phone and plugged it into his computer. He moved his mouse and clicked a few more times and then relaxed into his chair.



"If I can't hear your voices for a couple years, then I'll have to work with what I've got." He looked up to me and smiled. "I'll listen to everyone's music so that I won't feel lonely for a while." He let out a big yawn, which in turned made me yawn. I looked at the clo-Oh no!

"It's late! I've gotta pack up now!" I turned to the door when Neptune hugged me one last time.

"Thank you, Noire." I could feel the gratitude in his hug and his words.

"Good night, Neptune."

"Night." I left the room and he closed the door.

Well, time to start packing.

"Is everyone ready?" Arfoire, Uni, and Chika loaded the last of our bags into bus. Rom and Ram were holding Mina, crying their eyes out.

"This isn't fair! Why can't Mommy go with us!"

"Not...fair...at all!" Rom buried her face into her mother's shoulder while Mina stroked their heads.

"Don't worry, girls. We won't be apart forever. Just for a time." Meanwhile, Nepgear and Histoire were looking at the house sadly.

"I wish we didn't have to go…" Histoire put a hand over her daughter's shoulder.

"Me too, dear."

"Blanny!" Vert was currently hugging Blanc while the girl just looked at her twin sister. Blanc reached up and patter Vert on the cheek. "I'll miss you!"

"I'll miss you too." This set off Vert's waterworks. Chika and Arfoire had to pull her off of Blanc in order to not get the smaller girl a shower. IF and Compa were there standing by Mina, watching sadly.

"Sis…" Huh? Oh, Uni.

"What's up?" She looked towards the house, specifically a window, Neptune's window.

"Are you sure you don't want to say goodbye?" I shook my head.

"I'm fine." I stared at the house and bowed to it… Thank you for giving me all these wonderful memories… and for someone to go back to…

"Well, I'm not." Huh? I looked up to see Neptune wearing a jacket similar to the dress that Nepgear wore for our practice that one time. Actually, come to think of it… Nepgear did tell me that Histoire designed a jacket for her brother that she based her clothes off of… Don't tell me that's the jacket! It's actually looks prett-

"Mmph!" What… I feel something really soft on my lips. I could hear either gasps of surprise or wolf whistles. When the pressure was gone, I could see Neptune's face blushing a d- Wow, he's really red.

"Can't say good-bye without some intimacy, right?"

"I-Idiot!" I pulled away from Neptune and covered my cheeks. Ah… It's really hot!

"Sorry sorry. I just wanted to see you off…" He reached into his pockets and pulled put something in my hands. "And to give you this." In my hands were his favorite headphones.

"Wait, but this is-" Neptune shook his head.

"It's fine, I need to give you something of mine in order to make this goodbye feel heartfelt, right?" Neptune grinned. Arfoire clapped her son over the back.

"I thought you'd be bawling your eyes out by now." Neptune raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, I already did that as soon as I woke up." Silence. "Why do you think I took so long to get out of the house?" Come to think of it, his eyes are a little red and puffy. He really did cry!

"Neptune." Arfoire handed him a small box. "Here, I know you'll die without headphones. So take these." Neptune's eyes widened at the box. "They're the first one made, so be lucky." He grinned at his mother.

"Thanks, Mom!" Arfoire gave him a thumbs up. Neptune then looked at the rest of the crying people and motioned to them.

"Come on, come on. No need for sad goodbyes!" He then turned to Histoire. "Mother, be sure to send me those dance videos." Wait, is he really?

"Sure, dear."

"Hold on, what dance videos?" Ram looked confused. Neptune smirked and pointed at Rom, and Ram, and Uni, and Nepgear, and Vert, and finally me.

"All of yours." Now everyone was confused.

"What do you mean, Neptune?"

"What I mean, Uni, is that I watch you dance and individualize your moves." All of the idols, minus me, widened their eyes.

"You're the choreographer!" Neptune put his hands on his hips, smiling big and wide.

"Correct!" Nepgear was flustered.

"Th-Then why don't you come with us?" He shook his head and held up two fingers.

"Two reasons: First, I have to watch the house, obviously. Two, I do better watching a video rather than the real thing, plus it'd feel weird to have someone staring at each and every one of your movements." After a second, everyone agreed.

Compa and IF stared at Neptune in surprise.

"How come you didn't tell us, Nep!"

"Yeah, that's mean, Nep-Nep!" Neptune stood back, turning to Blanc, who seemed unfazed.

"Not surprised?"

"Not really."


"You forget to lock the door."

"...Oh." Neptune shrugged.

Histoire looked at her watch.

"I'm afraid times up, we must go now." Neptune, Blanc, IF, Compa and Mina stood aside as the bus roared into action. All of them waving goodbye.

"Goodbye girls!"

"You girls better work hard!"

"Don't get hurt, or else future Nurse Compa will get upset~!"

"Vert, we'll play some games when you get back okay?"

"Noire, I LOVE YOU!"

"Bye Mommy!"

"I love you Mommy!"


"Thanks, IF!"

"Got it, Compa!"

"We will, Blanc, I promise!"

"Geez, NEPTUNE!"

The bus began to move, the four of them, the houses and Neptune… slowly shrinking. I could see Neptune move into the middle of the road, waving as hard as he could. Eventually, the bus turned a corner and they disappeared.

I looked at my hand to see his headphones. I took out my phone and plugged them in. Gently placing the left earbud on, I started a playlist in shuffle mode and leaned into my chair.

Neptune's headphones are surprisingly comfy. However... they aren't as comfy as Neptune himself...

Oh well, they'll have to do.

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