A Loner's Idol Family

The After Years

*Ding* *Dong*

"Alright, that's enough for today. You'll have to research the rest of this topic and you'll have to write an essay. This essay will be due in two months." Professor Ganache stacked his papers and the rest of the class got up to leave.

"Finally, class is over!" I collapsed on my desk. After a second of internal complaining, I stood and packed my things. Yes! We get the week off! ...College is more time consuming than I thought.

"Planeptune?" I turned around to see the professor approach me.

"Yes, Professor Ganache?" The man was young for a professor, being one at the age of 25. I mean, he's three years older than me, but that's pretty young!

"I've heard from the grapevine that you're studying to be a teacher." Grapevi- Oh.

"Ms. Jinguuji?" He nodded. Called it.

"I believe that, rather staying in the dorm for the break. I advise you to return home and relax."

"That's a good idea, Professor!" It'll help me relax after all the studying I've done. I headed straight for the door, waving goodbye to him. "See you after you in a week!" I turned a corner and literally jumped down a flight of stairs, scaring Professor Financier, who's one of the newer professors.

"Eeek!" Oof, gonna feel that once the adrenaline runs out.

"Sorry, Professor Financier! I'm in a hurry!" I zipped past Professor Financier and ran down the remaining flight of stairs, nearly tripping at the last flight.

Running out of the building, I started towards my dorm. On the way there, I ran into some of my upperclassmen. Brave, Judge, and Trick.

Brave was the nicest out of the three of them, very chivalrous.

Judge was a pain to deal with, but he was nice… when he's not yelling or looking for a sparring match.

Trick was… well… He likes little kids. Not in the perverted way mind you, he's just really open about it.

The three of them hang out with me when the four of us have down time. They like to hang around my place and talk about random stuff. Since they were in college, they had chosen their future careers.

Brave wanted to be a counselor, apparently he wanted to guide the children down the right path.

Judge wanted to be a P.E. teacher, so we take similar courses.

Trick wanted to be a kindergarten teacher… good luck with that.

Anyways, the three of them were leaving the dorm as I was entering.

"Neptune! Magic just inviited us to a mixer, want to come along?" Brave, who was in the middle of the two, both in body shape and height, asked m- Hold on.

I skidded to a stop. Whoa, whoa whoa. Wait.

"Is Trick going?" The chubby guy nodded. No way. I'm not convinced.

"You messing with me." Now Trick looked offended.

"Neptune, you wound me!" Trick flung himself backwards, onto Judge, who immediately punted him off. "I may love children, but I still have the desire for love!" Why is he staring at like he wants ap-Oh yeah… I forgot he was minoring in theater.

I slow clapped for Trick, who promptly bowed over and over until Judge, the bulky giant, stepped in front of the other two.

"ARE YOU GOING OR WHAT!?" Ow… He's louder than usual… which means...

"Judge, let me guess… excited?" He shook his head vigorously.

"NERVOUS!" Wow… New.

"Thought I'd never see the day that Judge was nervous." Scratching my head, I turned back to the door. "Sorry, guys. I ain't going." Brave tilted his head.

"Where are you going?"

"Gonna spend the week back at home." The three of them grinned at me.

"Well, isn't that nice." I nodded and walked towards the door.

"I'll see you guys in a week…" Actually… "Brave?"


"Could you guys take the pudding from my fridge and toss them out?" I tossed Brave my extra key. I don't really trust myself to keep only one key on me, so I keep the one that normally use and my spare, just in case or I'm lazy. It's usually the latter. "They'll expire while I'm gone, and I don't want my fridge to have spoiled food that I might eat when I get back." Ugh, I remember the last time that happened. Yuck, it tasted horrible and I had a stomachache. Thank goodness that Judge has stomach medicine. And why did I think it was a good idea to eat three month old pudding?

"Sure." Alright, that's that. I ran to my dorm room and packed the stuff I needed. Clothes, toiletries, the essentials.

Well, that's everything I need. I better call my parents.

I grabbed my phone and dialed my home.

After a couple of rings, the phone picked up.

"Hello?" It was my Mother.

"Hi, Mother." I heard a gasp of surprise.

"Neptune!" I could hear her surprise in her voice.

"I got a week off of college, so I'm coming home for the break."

"That's great! Would you like your mom to pick you up?"

"I'll be fine. I'm going to take the train."

"Oh alright. Well, be safe." Heh, I love my mother.

"Yeah, I'll see you in three hours at least." I heard my mother gasp again.

"You're coming home now!?"

"Yeah." I could hear Mother, putting the phone down harshly, apparently missing the receiver.

"Dear! We've got work to do!" I guess she's talking to mom.

"What!? What's happening?"

"Neptune's coming home!" Now I could hear my mom gasp.



"Oh no! Come on Histy, we gotta get ingredients!" Pfft. My parents…

I took a look at my watch, it was five minutes to four. I then used my laptop, which I bought before I left for college, since I didn't want to bring my other computer, to look up when the next train will arrive.

"Four thirty, huh?" The train station's a thirty minute walk from the dorm. I guess I better start walking now.

Wait. I ONLY HAVE THIRTY FIVE MINUTES! Move, move, move!

I arrived at the terminal with ten minutes to spare. Sadly, I would have gotten here sooner, but this prefecture has too many crossroads! I swear, every five minutes I had to stop and wait for traffic. Ugh, it's annoying.

The only reason, I put up with this is because my college has a great reputation. Students who go to my college, regardless of their origin, ability, or behavior, graduate with skills that would not have been imagined by them the day they enter the campus grounds, as if they were reborn as someone else. It sorta makes sense that the college is called Re;birth University. I don't get why, but I'm not really complaining.

Oh, the train's here. Has it been ten minutes already? I took a peek at my watch just to make sure. Yep, ten minutes. Better get on.

As I got in the train, there was not a lot of people, meaning there was a lot of seats available.

"Sweet, so many seats to choose from!" I walked over to a seat that was next to a window and sat down, pulling out my black limited edition headphones and put them on. Since I gave my favorite headphones to her, Mom gave these ones instead. This one had a chibi version of her on the earbuds- Oh, they're so adorable!

...Well, not as adorable as her, but it'll have to do.

I mean, I've been separated from her for years now.

After the tour, we did reunite… but I'm in college now. So I rarely had time to be with her and eventually, she started college too. Apparently their two year long tour was their last and the two groups disbanded, leaving the world to mourn the loss of their beloved idols.

*Sore na noni~ Sore na noni~*

Oh, that's my phone. I made a lot changes to my phone after I downloaded all of those idol songs. I changed a lot of my friends' ringtones. This one is Blanc's.


"...Hey." Man, Blanc sounds tired.

"Tired?" I heard her grunt.

"Yeah… been writing essays and stories nonstop." When Blanc graduated, she went to Lowee University, where there was a large amount of literate graduates. Apparently, she's trying for writing competitions and slam poetry. Must be exhausting.

"Hang in there."

"Thanks…" I heard her yawn this time, and it was a big one too.

"So why did you call?" If she's tired, Blanc wouldn't have called unless she needed to say something immediately.

"I heard you're going home." Wait…

"How do yo-"

"Mom told me." Wow…

"News travels fast."

"Yup." I scratched the back of my neck and turned to look out the window. Houses and trees and all that jazz were zipping by the window.

"So, what do you need?"

"Could you check that Rom and Ram aren't being spoiled by my parents?" That's right, after the tour, the rest of the Nishizawas went straight back to Mina and Blanc. Chika did everything in her power to love her wife after being gone for so long; because of this, Rom and Ram had to fight for their mother's attention… against their other mother.

Oh man, I remember those days. I'd be trying to sleep in during the weekends I stayed home and then all of a sudden I hear Ram yelling as loud as possible with Chika responding in kind. Woke me a lot ever since then. I feel sorry for Blanc, with three energetic family members, she really didn't get a lot of sleep. It showed when we both had days off from college and stayed home. She was so tired that she slept at my place for a bit.

"Blanc~ Let's play some games." Speaking of energetic people… apparently Vert's one of them. Also, when Blanc graduated, Vert went with her, stating that she wanted to 'fix their sisterly bond', and also because Lowee University has classes in video game programming.

"Shut up Thunder Tits, I'm busy!" And that is Blanc's nickname for Vert when she's irritated, annoyed or angry. I could hear Vert giggle at her 'nickname' and then Blanc grunted immediately after the chuckle. I guess Vert sat on her. "GET OFF ME!" Called it.

"Ha ha ha!" I couldn't help but laugh, this usually happens between Vert and Blanc. They're so close now. You'd think they have been living together for years, rather than… less years. "Alright, I'll check up on the little Nishizawas."

"T-Thanks." It sounds like Blanc's holding back laughter. Oh wait, she's laughing now. Loudly. Guess Vert's tickling her. "St-Stop!" Yep, she's tickling. It's a good thing I have headphones on, or else the people, all ten of them, would hear them.

"Well, I better leave you two sisters alone. I gotta train to sit in." I could hear Blanc trying to break free of her sister.

"N-No, wai-" And end call. Well that ends th-

*Sore na noni~ Sore na noni~*



"H-H-Help me!" Blanc was beginning to have trouble breathing. Yeesh, that doesn't sound good.

"Okay, fine. Put the phone on speaker." Wait a second, just to make sure that Blanc has some time to turn on speaker mode. "Vert?"

"Oh, hello Nep-Nep." That's my nickname from Compa, why is Vert using it? "How are you?" Blanc's still laughing...

"Fine. Could you… I don't know. Stop tickling Blanc?" I heard the blonde chuckle.

"Nep-Nep," It doesn't sound right coming from anyone other than Compa. "I'm just stoking the fires of our sisterly bonds." ...What?

"Sounds like you just want attention." Vert gasped and huffed.

"How rude! I don't have time for your accusations Nep-Nep." Stop it. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a sister to bond with." Uh oh.

"What!? No! Neptune, HE-"

Ah, the phone hung up.

Sorry, Blanc. I tried.

Man, a three hour train ride is nothing but stiff! Argh, I'm just glad I'm out of there. Stretching my arms and legs, I left the train station and walked home. As I was walking down the familiar streets, I heard a familiar gasp.

"It's Nep-Nep!" Oh, good. The voice actually works thi- Gah! Igottackled!

"Whoa!" I stopped myself from falling over as my bubbly friend stayed on my back. Wait, where's my backpack- Oh, there it is. It's just hanging off my arm. I craned my neck to see my friend, who's as happy as ever. "Hey, Compa."

Compa's bright smile shined in my face, haven't seen that in a long time.

"Hi, Nep-Nep!" The girl hopped off my back and I slung my bag over my back again. She hasn't changed a bit, except for the change in height, age, hair length, bus-I mean feminine charms! Yeah, charms. Yeah…

"So, how are you doing?"

"I'm suuuuuuuper great!" She held her hand and there was a plain silver ring on her finger. Wait… that's a…

"Did… Did Iffy?" Compa's smile got even wider and nodded her head. "That's awesome!" I grabbed Compa by the shoulders and spun her around like a parent would do with their child. The girl giggled until I put her down. Huh… I… didn't even… think I could do that… No wait… I'm tired.


"Just… tired." Man, I've been going to the gym often too… Am I slacking, or is did I already peak in strength? No, nevermind. I've just been toning. That's right, I'm not buff. Just average. I took a few deep breaths to let some oxygen back into my system. "So, where are you going, Compa?"

"Oh, I'm just heading home." She held a bag, which I guess held groceries. That's right, Compa's college is nearby. Which means that she didn't have to go far from home. In fact, she's the only one that stayed home. Since I'm three hours away, I have no idea where Lowee University is and IF is training to be a police officer. "What about you, Nep-Nep?"

"Me? I'm just going home since I have the week off."

"That's nice." We could faintly hear the sounds of a phone vibrating. Compa reached into her purse and pulled out her phone. Upon looking at the ID, she made a girly smile and held her finger up to her mouth. "Hi, Iffy~."


I cupped one of my hands over my mouth and leaned over to Compa.

"I better go." Don't wanna third wheel… even though IF isn't here.

"Huh? You're at the train station? Really!?" ...I stand corrected. "Okay, I'm on my way." Compa ended her call and put her phone away, making a cutesy smile. "Sorry, Nep-Nep. I'm gonna go meet Iffy now."

"Sure, go on and have some fun." I grinned as Compa turned around, skipping towards the station. I just hope she doesn't tr- Nevermind. She fell. Oh, she's getting up. Compa shook her head and turned towards me, bumping her head with her fist while sticking out her tongue. She stood up and waved towards me before skipping ahead once again.

Well, better go home.

As I walked towards my house, I walked past the Nishizawas. Better go fulfill Blanc's request.

I knocked on the door and I could hear Ram and Chika shouting. The door opened to reveal an exhausted Mina.

"Hi, Aunty."

"...Hi, Neptune…" Man, first Blanc and now Mina. I hope this family doesn't go crazy... "How's college?"

"Exhausting. Just like always." Mina chuckled and I could see Chika tumble into view, with Ram piggybacking her and Rom watching from the doorframe. Aren't those two in middle school now? Meh. Family. "Anyways, Blanc wanted me to check on you guys… and I guess that you guys are fine." Mina smiled weakly.

"More or less." Mina scratched the back of her head.

"Alright, I'll let Blanc know." I turned away and headed to my house. "I'll see you later." Mina waved goodbye as Chika and Ram hugged her and pulled her inside.

I walked to the front of my door and I could hear voices. Huh? Oh, Nepgear should be home. I pulled my key and opened up the front door.

"I'm home!" The voices hushed and the house went quiet… Strange. "Mom? Mother? Nep Jr.? I'm back!" I walked towards the dining room, where I believe the voices were. I entered the room to see… Gack!

"Welcome Back, Neptune!" Confetti! My eyes! Once the confetti was gone, I looked to see my family, and the Jinguujis, minus her… A-Anyways, on the dining table were my favorite dishes. And no eggplants, good. Wh-

"Is that pudding!" On the table was a giant plate of pudding, at first I thought it was a cake, but after taking a second look… "That is pudding!" Oh my god! This is heaven~! I put my hands on the table to get a closer look. "Wow, this is awesome!" It's a pudding cake!

"Thanks, I made it myself."

Wait, that's… her voice.

"It took some time for me to get it just right." I lifted my head to see… Yes, it was her. She wore jean shorts, a white t-shirt that was partly visible from under her frilly apron. Her hair was tied into twintails and her eyes… they were still the same beautiful red irises that I remember. Wrapped around her neck were headphones that were custom made to have d-pads on them.

"Noire…" My girlfriend stared at me, a smile on her face.

"Welcome home, Neptune." There was only one thing I could do.

"...I'm back." And that was to smile.

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