A Loner's Idol Family

A New Family

*Ploot* *Ploot* *Ploot*

An alarm rang in a pink and purple bedroom. In the bed with pink sheets and handmade stuffed dolls surrounding her, a head with a long dark lavender turned around under her blanket.

*Ploot* *Ploot* *Plo-*

A hand reached up to the alarm clock and shut it off, sighing lazily back to sleep.

"Plutia? Plutia! It's morning!" The voice groaned and the girl pulled her covers over her head.

After five minutes passed, footsteps headed towards the door. Said footsteps were becoming louder and louder until the door was opened, a woman with red eyes and long black hair that was let down. The mother wore a frilly apron with her hands at her hips. Staring at her daughter's sleeping figure for a little longer, the woman made a small smile.

"Kids…" Her smile was replaced with a frown as she walked over to the bed and she gripped the blanket with both of her hands. "Wake… UP!" The pink blanket flew off of the girls body, causing the girl to frown and curl up into a ball.

"Mommy… five more minutes." The woman shook her head and placed a hand over her daughter's cheek, cupping it and allowing her daughter to nuzzle into the palm. The girl, however, immediately regretted the decision as her mother pinched her cheek and pulled it. "Ooooooooowieeeeee!" The mother watched her daughter fail for a minute before letting her go.

"Well, that woke you up." The girl gripped her cheek, her mouth wavering and her eyes tearing up. Upon opening her eyes, the daughter looking into her mother's. The girl rubbed her magenta eyes and stared up at her mother.

"Mommmmmmmy, that huuuuuuuuurt!" Plutia closed her eyes and threw her hands into the air. Her mother shook her head and with a sigh, she sat down next to her daughter.

"Plutia, you're in highschool now. Please, try to act like one." Plutia tilted her head.

"But, Mommy. I'm am acting like highschooler, sleeping in, being lazy an-"

"Not like that." Plutia's mother patted her daughter in the head, sighing once more. "I guess it's my fault you're so spoiled." She looked at the open door. "Between me and your father, I think that I'm both the strictest and the loosest to you." Plutia placed her head on her mother's shoulder.



"I love you." Plutia's mother smiled and wrapped her hand around her daughter. "I love you, too. Plutia." She stood and walked over to the door. "Come on down, we're going to have breakfast."

"Yay~!" Plutia threw her hands into the air. She opened her drawers and took off her pajamas and sleepy cap, changing into a purple shirt with a chibi smiley face of her mother when she was an idol, and a skirt.

Going downstairs, she ran into the dining room to see her father sitting at the table, a planner beside him and her mother finish setting up the table.

"Morning, Daddy!" Although she somewhat had her mother's eyes, she also somewhat had her father's hair. His being darker than hers.

"Hey, Plutie. How'd you sleep?"

"I slept great!" She sat down and grabbed her fork and knife, beginning to chow down. "Thank you for the food!" She began to scarf down her breakfast, as did her mother, until she noticed that her father hadn't touched his plate yet. "Daddy, why aren't you eating?" Her father looked up, surprised.

"Huh? Oh right." Her father clapped his hands together. "Thank you for the food." With that, he began eating.

An hour later, the doorbell rung. Plutia stood up from her table, her eyes shining.

"That's Marvy!" Her mother turned around to look at her daughter confused.

"Marvy?" Plutia's father leaned against his chair, placing his black headphones on his ears.

"One of her schoolmates and friends."


"I'm heading off!" Plutia ran towards the door, opening it.

"Take care!" Both of her parents called out before the door closed. Plutia's mother shook her head.

"Geez, where did she get her personality from?" Her husband looked up, confused.


"Plutia." Plutia's father shrugged and picked up his planner.

"I don't know." He closed the planner, dropped it onto the table, and walked over to his wife. "What I do know…" He wrapped his arms around his wife, their hands intertwining and their wedding rings next to each other. "Is that I have a loving family, one that I'll never abandon." Her wife giggled at her husband's happiness, letting him nuzzle into her neck.

"I love you, Neptune."

"I love you too, Noire."

Husband and wife looked at out the window and into the sunny sky. The sky that their beloved daughter was running and having fun under.



"Can we have another?"

"Another what?"



"I... I want another child."


And soon, there would be another one to love in this household.

A Loner's Idol Family


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