A Loner's Idol Family

Awkward Mornings

*Nep* *Nep* *Nep*

A yawn escapes my mouth as the alarm clock sounds next to my ear. Attempting to return to my dream world, I throw my covers over my head and crawl up into a ball. However, the alarm keeps going, stopping me from enjoying sleep anymore.

*Nep* *Nep* *Nep*

Groaning, I sit up and scratch the top of my head. Before I throw my blanket off, I stretch my arms and legs, letting the drowsy feeling slowly flow out of my limbs. I yawn once more before beginning my morning routine.

*Nep* *Nep* *Nep*

Grabbing my clothes, I walk into the bathroom, ready to take a shower. When I entered, I noticed that the bathroom was humid, as if someone else was inside. That's not right, I'm the only one home. Ignoring this fact because I was half asleep and I didn't care, I took off my shirt and pants when the door that led to the shower opened.

"W-What are you doing!?" A girl's voice blasted into my ear, somewhat waking me out of my sleep. Wait, that isn't Mom's voice… and Mother and Nepgear wouldn't yell at me like that. What…

Against my better judgement, I turned to look at who made the sound. It was a raven haired girl who had just finished taking a shower. Her hair was wet from the shampoo and water and…

Now I remember… she's… what's her name again. Noire. Yeah, Noire.

Noire stared at me, her face a deep red, as red as her eyes actually. But why would she…



Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. I'm not going to deal with this in the morning. I grabbed my discarded clothing and left the bathroom without hesitation.

Sigh… This is just great. Wait, if that chick's here then that means…

"Goodness!" Crap...

Nepgear stared at me, not wearing a shirt and in my boxers.

"N-Neptune, u-uh…" Nepgear looked around, unsure of what to say. I can't blame her, she just saw her brother almost naked.

"Hey, Nepgear! What's going on?" Another voice came from downstairs and footsteps started up the stairwell. If, I remember correctly, that's Nepgear's friend and fellow idol member, Uni. Oh, hell no. I barely saw her sister naked and Nepgear saw me in my underwear. I am not making a chain reaction of embarrassment happen!

I immediately excused myself and slipped into my room, locking the door. When Uni got nearby, I could hear her and Nepgear talking, the former confused and the latter… surprised to say the least. Soon I heard the door to the bathroom opening and Nepgear asking Noire something.

"What do think? He walked in on me when I was showering!" Ah. She's talking about that. A knock on my door came almost after that. I have feeling that it's that chick, since the knock was loud, rough and quick. "HEY! What are you going to say for peeping on me huh!?" Ugh. I have to defend myself. Well, I better if I want to get out of this peacefully.

"How was I supposed to know? I've taking a shower in the morning everyday of my life!" Smooth, me. Real smooth. "It was by habit!"

"Oh really?" Yes really. "So how come you didn't notice that the room was damp from my shower huh?"

"Woman, I just woke up! Of course I wouldn't expect anything!" Come to think of it… "Actually, why didn't you lock the door?" I heard Noire grunt in surprise. Heh. Got her.

"I-I-I've never lived with a man, so by habit I kept the door open in case of another girl needed to use the bathroom. By habit! Not because I wanted to talk to someone when I'm showering, not at all!" O~kay, that came out of nowhere. "But that doesn't change that fact that you peeped on me!"

"I did not!"

"Did too!"

"All I saw was your face and hair, that's it! I swear!" If this doesn't work, I might as well call the school and tell them I'm sick. I mean, saying 'I'm stuck in my room because some chick that moved into my house yesterday thinks that I purposefully walked in on her while she's showering' isn't a valid excuse.

"Now, now. This was an accident that happened from habits." Oh thank whatever religion I believe in, Nepgear's gonna diffuse the situation.

"Hmph. I bet he just wanted an event flag or something."

"WOMAN, THIS AIN'T A DATING SIM. IT'S REAL LIFE!" I think I spent too much time with Blanc. Her anger must've rubbed off on me. Well, if you had some common sense and hearing someone say 'event flag' would elicit a similar response, maybe less angry.

I heard Noire growl at my door, huff and walk away. As soon as the footsteps faded, I pulled on my pants and peeked out of my door. Nepgear was looking worried and Uni stood to the side, wide-eyed.

"Is she gone?" The two looked at me.

"Yes, she's gone." I sighed in relief and opened my door completely. Uni looked down the hallway where Noire left and back to me.

"Wow. I've never seen Noire get so angry before." I rolled my eyes.

"You've seen it now." I told Uni and Nepgear to go downstairs and walked into the bathroom to take one of the fastest showers in my entire life. I'm not exaggerating here. But I'm not really caring at this point.

After my shower, I dressed up in my school uniform followed after the girls to eat some breakfast.

Upon going downstairs, I didn't smell anything being made and arrived at the dining table to see the three waiting there patiently

"Why haven't you girls made breakfast yet?" Noire huffed and glared at me.

"What, do you expect your guests to make you food?" This girl…

"Woman, you're going to be living here for now. So, you better get used to making breakfast for other people." Noire gritted her teeth and continued glaring at me. I held myself back from glaring at the chick and instead I gave her my most serious stare.

"U-Um…" The two of us turn to see Uni, her hands a little bit above the table, as if she was attempting to defuse the situation. "Nepgear and I wanted to make some eggs and toast, but I we didn't know where the pans and plates were." I turned to Nepgear.

"You live here. How do you not know where things are?" Nepgear scratched her cheek bashfully.

"Whenever we came home, Mother would cook for us and she wouldn't let me help her." I sighed, hearing the sound of a stomach growling. Everyone's attention turned to Noire, who covered her stomach with her hands and blushing an embarrassed red.

I looked at my watch. IF and Compa will be here in at least forty minutes. Blanc shouldn't have morning duty today so she might be coming over too. Ugh. I'm gonna need to try hard today.

"Alright," All heads turned to me. "I'll make breakfast." I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. "Uni, the pans are in the lower cabinet next to the stove. Nepgear, get the bread from the bread box and make some toast. The plates are in the cabinet above the toaster. And…" I took out the box of eggs from the fridge and pointed my free hand at Noire.


"You sit there."

"O-Oh. Right then." Uni took out a pan and placed it onto the stove. I handed her the eggs.

"Take out as many eggs as you girls want to eat." I looked over to Nepgear. "Jr. make fourteen pieces of toast, two for each of us." Nepgear looked at me confused.

"I have at least two to three guests coming over each morning." Nepgear made a surprised sound and followed my instructions. I saw Uni taking out at least seven eggs. "Uni." The girl with the black hair drill twintails looked at me. "What kind of eggs do you want?" She seemed uncomfortable with my simple question.

"O-Oh. U-Uh, Sunny side, please." I nodded and reached out for an egg, which she promptly handed to me. As I had finished cooking the third egg, the doorbell rang.

"They're early." I turn over to Nepgear and Uni. "Could you two set up the rest of the table and food while I see who's at the door?" The two girls nodded and I left my cooking post to Uni while Nepgear sets the plates with eggs and toast.

I open the door to see IF, Compa, and this time Blanc at the door.

"Morning, Nep."

"Good morning, Nep-Nep!"

"Morning." I greeted the three and opened the door. Apparently they could smell the food from the door and IF looked concerned.

"Nep, I don't think it's a good idea to leave the stove unattended." I shrugged my shoulders.

"I think they're good enough to handle that." Compa tilted her head.

"They're?" I stood aside to let the three in.

"I think it'd be better to show you than explain." As they go inside the house, I noticed that Blanc is beaming. "Hey." The small brown haired girl looked at me.

She wore a navy blue skirt that reached up to her knees and wore a white blouse-shirt-thing, I have no idea what it is, but she wore it over her skirt. She had a blue collar that matched the cuffs of her shirt and she wore a light blue bow around the collar. Also, she somehow got through the school dress code and was able to wear thing mocchi like hat that had the same design as her collar and cuffs around the rim of the hat.

Well, I didn't explain it earlier, but IF and Compa wear the same thing as Blanc. It's the school uniform after all, but they have some minor differences. IF wars the a belt around her waist to hold all nine of her phones and has a black tie instead of the bow. Compa has a tan sweater over her shirt-thing and has a red bow instead of a blue one. Also, they still wear their signature headgear, for IF, a leafy bow, and for Compa, a headband with the letter 'C' on it. I don't know how they were able to get those through the school's dress code since they didn't like Blanc's regular giant mocchi hat, but I don't care. They're happy at least.

"What is it Neptune?" Although her voice was cold, I could see the sparkles in her eyes.

"Something good happen?" Out of nowhere, Blanc's mouth made a huge smile and she nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah, Rom and Ram came home." I chuckled. Figures, I acted the same way when Nepgear, Mom and Mother came home...until I met that chick.

"That's great, I mean N-" I heard a shriek come from inside. Blanc and I quickly turn our heads toward the direction of the kitchen and dining hall.

"What happened?" I shook my head.

"No idea. I just hope it's not a fire or anything." We ran into the kitchen to not see a fire. Instead, we saw IF and Compa staring at the idols that were sitting at the dinner table. IF was speechless while Compa was trembling and making sounds as if she was trying to say something.

I entered Noire's sight and she pointed at me accusingly.

"You! Why did you br-" IF and Compa zipped past her and ran towards Nepgear.


"Hey Gear, long time no see." Compa glomped Nepgear, who almost dropped two plates of eggs and toast. Thankfully, IF caught the plates and placed them on the table, the proceeded to join Compa in the hugging.

As I watched the three have their joyful reunion, I felt a hand grab my shoulder and pull me aside. My eyes ended up meeting red, not angry red, the color red, irises and I pulled my head back to see Noire once again. She grabbed my head once more and pulled my ear closer to her lips.

"Why are they here?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Why not?" I felt a tug at my sleeve and turned to see Uni, very uncomfortable with IF and Compa's closeness with Nepgear.

"Um… Ms. Histoire said that we shouldn't talk to people in the public, because she said that something horrible might happen." I furrowed one of my eyebrows and looked over to Nepgear.

"Goodness! IF! Compa! You're getting too close!?" I looked back to Uni and smirked.

"I don't think they're any problem are they?" Uni shook her head, her suspicions fading upon seeing my friends' reaction to idols, ignoring them, and to my little sister, a great big hug. I shook my head and clapped loudly to get their attention. "Alright guys, breaky time. We gotta go to school."

I would say something about school. But we didn't have anything important to do, except for Mrs. Jinguji coming to me privately to ask how her girls are doing. Actually, that's pretty important. Let's go over that shall we?

"Planeptune." I turned around to see Mrs. Jinguji walk up to me from the hallway.

"Hello, Mrs. Jinguji. Is there something you need?" She shook her head.

"No, I just wanted a status report on my daughters."

"Status report? That makes it sound serious."

"This is a serious matter." Heh. Loving mother.

"Well, Uni seems awkward, but she'll be fine if Nep Jr. is there." Mrs. Jinguji nodded.

"And Noire?" I blinked.

"Don't even talk to me about her." Mrs. Jinguji looked concerned about a second, but it vanished immediately and her face returned to her infamous cold face.

"What's wrong Planeptune?" I growled, although it wasn't a good idea, since I was in front of a teacher.

"Let's see here. I wake in the morning, take a shower. Doesn't even lock the door." My teacher's eyes widened a bit.

"...Tell me more about this incident." With a sigh, I told her everything about what happened this morning. Mrs. Jinguji giggled, which caught me off guard. "Planeptune, I apologize for my daughter's behavior. She's quite the airhead in the mornings." I shook my head, glaring out the window that happened to be beside me. I heard Mrs. Jinguji sigh and place a hand on my shoulder. "Neptune," Okay, that was weird. My teacher just spoke to me in a familiar tone.

"Wha- I mean, Yes?" Mrs. Jinguji looked out the window alongside me.

"It'll take some time, but Noire will warm up to you. However, since I know how kind you can be, she willwarm up to you." My teacher chuckled. "Maybe…" Mrs. Jinguji turned away, covering her mouth. "Maybe you'll see her in a romantic way." ...What?

"Huh?" Mrs. Jinguji calmed herself and waved it off.

"Nothing, nothing. Anyways, I hope that you'll get along with my daughters." With that, Mrs. Jinguji walked away, leaving me both confused and curious.

Now that I think about it, that was an important conversation… Nah. That was just stupid. Anyways, since Blanc doesn't have duty, she and I can walk together. Leaving one of my earphones in my, well, ear and with Blanc reading book and gripping onto my bag, I walked home with my not-sister-but-still-a-sister-to-me.

"Hey, Blanc?"

"What is it?"

"Watcha reading?"

"It's a light novel."

"What's it about?"

"It's about a girl who can transform into an older but divine version of herself, who loses her memory and goes on journey with a guild agent and nurse-in-training to look for someone who can get her memories back while trying to stop an old lady from destroying and taking over world."

"Seems nice." Right now, I was listening to boss music from a game that had a red robot that had this confusingly shaped green beam sword whose backstory is that he was sealed away to prevent a virus from spreading and was awoken a millennia later to fight his malfunctioning best friend.

"I'll lend it to you later. It's more of a comedic than it is serious."

"Sweet, you know how I love comedy!" Blanc chuckled and the two of us had arrived in front of my house. "Wanna get something to eat before you head home?"



"We're next door neighbors."


"You don't need to feed me. I can just go home."

"Doesn't mean you can't eat!" I wrapped my arm around Blanc and I could see the annoyance on her face.

"Oi!" However, I could also see the grin on her face. The same grin that I always saw when we hung out. That grin brought back some good memories too.

"I stocked up on pudding last week!" Blanc shook her head.

"Neptune, you're the only one who eats those en masse." The both of us laughed as we walked inside my house.

"Jr., I'm home!"

"Thank you for letting me in." Two tiny voices, one loud and one quiet, came from the living room. Suddenly, the sounds of footsteps became prominent and two miniature Blancs came running at us.

"Blanc! Hey, we're here!" Blanc blinked in surprise.

"Rom. Ram. What are you doing here?" As the twins hugged Blanc, a woman walked out of the living room. She had light blue hair that went up to her back and wore a red robe and a cap that seemed similar to a graduation cap. She also wore a white dress and red rimmed glasses.

"Oh, hello. Mrs. Nishizawa." Blanc's mother smiled at me and turned to her three children.

"Hello, Neptune. The kids and I wanted to come here to see Nepgear and her friend. Also so we can have dinner together." Oh, that's nice. I sneered at Blanc. Ha, you gonna eat here anyway.

"Cool." Nepgear, Uni and Noire appeared at the doorway, smiling.

We sat at the dinner table, eating pasta. Rom and Ram were playing with their food, somewhat as Mrs. Nishizawa was watching them carefully. Uni was poking at her food, occasionally taking bites. Nepgear was eating her food at an average pace. Noire ate her food, eyeing me occasionally. That was probably because Blanc and I are fast eaters, having finished minutes after we got out food. Speaking of Blanc and I, Blanc continued reading the light novel from earlier and I had pulled out my phone, asking if Mom and Mother had eaten yet. They replied yes, so that's good.

While everyone else was eating, the doorbell rang.

"That's weird, no one usually comes here around dinner time." Mrs. Nishizawa looked at me.

"Oh, that's someone for my family." Mrs. Nishizawa's children looked her.

"Mama." Rom's mother smiled at her. "What are you talking about?" Mrs. Nishizawa scratched her cheeks embarrassed.

"Well, um, kids. It's a long story." She then turned to Blanc. "Honey, what if I told you that you had a twin?" Blanc stared at her mother confused while the younger twins gasped.


"Blanc's like us!" Ram threw her hands into the air, excited.

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Before she could answer her daughter, the doorbell rang once more.

"Well…" Since the doorbell began to ring consistently at this point, I stood up and walked over to the door. I opened the door to see two women. One was mint green hair that was tied into a ponytail. She wore a black dress that had slits on the sides and she wore some kind of cat bell with a green 'x' around her neck. She had a black ribbon with green highlights on it, and her gloves and thigh high boots had the same design. The other girl was my height and age and had long blonde hair that went up to her back. She had deep blue eyes, similar to Blanc's eyes. She wore a long green dress, one that was like a princess's gown. She also had gloves to match...and her breasts are huge.

"Hello?" The green haired woman spoke to me.

"Yes, is this the Planeptune residence?" Despite looking like a mature woman, she sounded like a bratty teenager.

"Um, yes. Do you need anything?" She nodded and looked behind me.

"Yeah, I heard that the Nishizawa family is in here eating dinner. May I come in to see them?" Uh, I don't know who they are but I let them into the house leading them into dining room.

"Uh, Mrs. Nishizawa, someone's here to see you." Upon looking at the doorway, the blue haired woman made eye contact with the green haired one. Both of them gasped upon seeing each other.


"Mina!" The two adult woman, although I think one's a woman child, ran over and hugged each other passionately, eventually kissing… Really, in the house? The twins were grossed out by the two adults, Uni and Nepgear were surprised, Noire was blushing red and the blonde haired woman smiled as she walked over to Blanc.

"Hello, Blanc Nishizawa." Blanc looked away from her mother kissing another woman and stared at the girl next to her.

"Uh, hi?" The girl smiled and hugged Blanc, surprising her.

"It's so great to meet you after all these years." Huh, I've never seen Blanc so confused and so embarrassed at the same time.

"Have we met before?" The girl moved away from the hug.

"My mother's name is Chika, her maiden name is Hakozaki. However, her married name is Nishizawa. So that would make me a Nishizawa as well. So my name is Vert Nishizawa, and I'm your twin sister." Blanc spoke the word that was on everyone's mind.

"What?" The two women had stopped kissing and looked at the blonde woman and the brunette in each other arms.

"Blanc." Mrs. Nishizawa put her head on the shoulder of the woman next to her. "This is my wife and your other mother, Chika." ...Okay. I am really unsure of what to say.

Nor do I want to say anything.

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