A Loner's Idol Family

What I do

"...And that's how I met Mina." Chika finished her… two hour… story and… everyone clapped… sorta. Rom and… Ram… fell asleep… a while… ago. They're on… the couch… sleeping. Trying… not… to sleep.

*YAWN* I covered my… mouth. Didn't stop… yawn.

"Neptune, are you okay?" Mina… looked at me… so tired.

"Mother, don't you remember? Neptune could never stay up late." Blanc… cut in… before I could answer. Eyes… really heavy. I used my palm, and tried… to rub the sleep… away. It didn't work.

"Still? I thought by now that he'd be able to stay up later than…" Mina looked at her poc...ketwatch. "Midnight."

"No, whenever I stay over to study. He's out like a light by eleven." Noire… seemed amused. Hey… not my fault… I can't sleep late.

"Oh really? When is the latest he can stay awake?" Blanc looked at the… wall. I don't know.

"He just beat his re-"


The smell of coffee being brewed filled my nose and woke me up. Ow, my neck. I slowly moved my head upwards, trying to prevent the soreness from affecting my neck so much. Massaging my neck, I felt something fall off my shoulders. I turned to see one of the guest blankets on the floor. Looking ahead of me, I noticed that there was a pillow where my head was… with a bit drool.

I craned my head to where the smell was coming from and realized that I was still sitting in the chair that I sat in last night.

"Good morning, Neptune." I yawned and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as a hand removed the pillow from in front of me and another hand replaced it with a plate of eggs and bacon.

"Huh?" My eyes followed the hands and they were connected to Mina, Blanc's, Rom's, Ram's and apparently Ve… Ve… Verna's? mom. "Hi, Aunty." Yeah, I don't really see Blanc's mom as a neighbor, but rather as another mom or aunt or something like that. "Wait, didn't you go home?" Mina shook her head.

"No. Since it was so late, Chika and I decided that we'd sleep here. The twins were moved to one of the guest rooms and Blanc slept and Vert slept down here with you." Oh, that's her name, not Verna. My bad.

She pointed to the couch and I craned my neck to see Blanc sleeping peacefully on the couch instead of the two little Nishizawas, but Vert was nowhere to be seen.

"Have the others woken up yet?"

"Yes, in fact they ate breakfast while you were asleep earlier."

"What? How did I not wake up from that?"

"Actually, you did wake up from them eating…" Mina looked aside, a sweat-drop rolling down her cheek. "But Noire knocked you unconscious because you were 'looking at her like a leecher'."

… I don't feel anything on my he- OW! There it is! O-okay, so the initial pain subsided but… it still hurts upon contact. I sucked in some air after flinching from the sudden pain.

"I swear I'm gonna…"

"You're going to what?" I turned around to see everyone minus Blanc and Mina behind me. They didn't wear the casual clothing that they've worn up til now. In fact, you could say that they're wearing idol clothes… probably is.

Rom and Ram wore overcoats with white puff balls and a ribbon, with a hat to match their coats. They had white tights and shoes similar to their coats. The only difference was that Rom had a blue version with a pink ribbon and hand bag while Ram's was the polar opposite.

Uni wore her hair in two pigtails, instead of keeping her hair down, and they were held by two ribbons with stripes on them with a circle-clip-thing in the center. Actually, her entire clothing seemed to have the same design as her ribbons as she wore a black one-piece dress. She also had… arm warmers and shoes with knee high socks that looked like the rest of her clothes.

Vert wore a green sleeveless dress that was dark green at the top and got lighter once looking down...and showed off her breasts, although it was mostly covered by a white fabric… thing. Anyways, around her neck was a red ribbon and on her upper arms were the sleeves to her dress and really long and frilly gloves.

Noire kept her hair like Uni's, except with different ribbons. The ribbons were blue and black at the ends. Her outfit… what the hell is that? It sorta looks like a maid top but the upper portion, at the middle of chest, was cut off, showing off her shoulders and some… other things. There was a whole ton of gold...what did Mother call it? Tri- Tre- Turtles? No. Trims? Sounds like it. Meh. I'll ask her later. She also had a lot of frills around her sleeves, detached no less, and around her collar… Is that detached too? Hell. that must take forever to put on. Her sleeves merged with her gloves and had these giant gems on the back of her hands, if I didn't know she was an idol, I swear that those would hurt in a fight. Back to the sleeves, the glove part looked like some old style of gloves, as they connected to her middle finger with some form of ring and only revealed her fingers instead of covering her hands. Finally she had these super long boots that just stopped above her thighs. Come to think of it, her skirt just looks like two giant frills… Meh.

Sadly, Noire noticed me staring at her for some time and got really defensive.

"H-Hey! What wrong with you!? Feeling me up with your eyes!" Annoyed, I am.

"Pfft. Girl, the day I see you as attractive will be the day I become an idol and that ain't happenin." Everyone, besides Mina and Nepgear, was taken aback by the sassy comeback I had delivered. Noire, couldn't find the words to retort with because of my strange answer. Now that the deed is done. I chuckled and turned to my little sister.

Nepgear kept her hair the same, down and wore this d-pad hair clip that our parents got her for Christmas. I had have two of the same thing, I'm not saying any more than that. She wore this female one-piece version of a schoolgirl uniform- what do people call it? A sailor uniform? I think so. And she had purple with white stripes on her collar, sleeve cuffs and the ends of her dress thing. Around her collar was a yellow ribbon held together by this emblem with a 'N' on it and a white plastic looking collar on around her neck. Finally, she wore thigh-high socks with a striped pink and white design and a strap on her thigh to hold what looks like a phone or a small tablet. Compared to Noire and Vert, her clothes were modest in- Wait.

"Nepgear." My little sister looked at me.


"Why is your skirt so small?" Nepgear flinched and looked down.

"Goodness, is it really?" She seemed conscious of it now that I pointed out. Noire stepped between me and Nepgear and crossed her arms.

"What's your problem?" I narrowed my eyes.

"Her skirt is non-existent." Noire huffed.

"No it's not." She stood aside, and gestured to Nepgear.

"It is."

"And why are you so offended by it?" Noire took a step closer.

"I'm not." I stood up from my chair, staring at her straight in the eyes.

"They why are you so against it?" Everyone felt the tension rise as my stare turned into a glare.

"I already dislike the fact that people are thinking about my sister sexually." Yeah, I hear the people around my desk and during breaks. I don't like what I hear but I ignore it to keep trouble from happening. "And I don't want them getting any more ideas about Nep Jr. with skirt that small!" I was now in Noire's face, my forehead basically pressing against hers.

"Now, now." Vert pushed us away from each other. "Mr. Neptune-"

"Just. Neptune."

"Oh, then may I call you Nep-Nep, it sounds cuter and more comfortable."

"Whatever, what do you want?" Compa calls me that anyways. Although it sounds odd in contrast to Vert's mature aura.

"Luckily, Noire had thought of a countermeasure for that." What? This chick did? Vert gripped the end of Nep Jr.'s skirt and pulled them up. Before I could cover my eyes, I saw that my little sister was wearing shorts.

"Shorts…" Noire huffed again.

"See? There was nothing wrong with it. I made them after all." My eye twitched. If she had said that in the first place, maybe I'd be a little more convinced, or less skeptical. Come to think of it…

"What about her?" I pointed to Uni. The girl made a small smile.

"I'm wearing spats." What are- nevermind. I sighed and turned away.

"At least they're all decent. So, what are you going to do?" I then noticed that Chika was not around the idol group at all. "Where did-" I heard the sounds of… purring? I turned around to see Chika nuzzling Mina from behind, the latter looking very embarrassed.

"Chika, not in front of everyone…" Chika tightened her grip around her wife and pressed her cheek against Mina's.

"Nuh-uh. I'm not gonna go until I fill my Minaium tanks~." Wow, that's… I'm just gonna eat.

"We're going to record some dance moves so that we can practice them after our break." I see. Then that means… Hold on, doesn't that make having a vacation useless then. Ugh, nevermind. These eggs and bacon stips never felt so appealing in my life.

"Alright then, you girls have fun doing idol and what not." With that, Vert had to pry her mother away from her other mother and the group left, with Chika acting all dramatic and annoying.

"No~ Mina! Wait for me!" Mina just waved at her, smiling.

"Dinner will be ready when you get back." As the door shut, I heard a shout of enthusiasm and almost immediately the sounds of tires screeching and the a car moving fast down the road.

"She's…" Mina sighed in exasperation.

"My wife." As she said this, Blanc sat up from the couch and looked around.

"What happened?" Mina and I stared at the girl.

"Did you just wake up?" Blanc shook her head.

"I woke up sometime after you did."

"So, why are you asking what happened?"

"I was reading so I wasn't paying much attention." I blinked a few times before making a loud smacking sound as my face made contact with my palm. "What? It was a good part."

"Oh no." I turned to Mina.

"What's wrong, Aunty?" Mina looked worried, as she turned left and right, almost pacing.

"It's just…" She stepped out the way, so that I could see the counter. There were bento boxes wrapped in cloths. "They forgot their lunches." I froze, my egg falling off my fork.

"What?" I looked up. Oh no. I know how hard those girls work. And they are not going to eat junk food or whatever they eat there for lunch.

"Blanc." My best friend startled me by appearing next to me. "First of all, don't do that. Second of all, spot me." She tilted her head. "Lunch. Forgot. Map. Address. Now." Blanc nodded and she stood up, going to her bag which she had left by the couch. She took out a laptop and began to boot it up. I turned to Mina.

"Aunty. Please wrap those lunches up so that I can carry all of them at once." Mina hesitated, suggesting that we should call Chika first. "No time. She's driving, it'll ruin their schedule." She agreed and began to wrap all seven lunches together.

As they did what they did, I ran upstairs to get prepared. I threw on white pants and opened my closet and took out a black hodded overcoat. Shoving my arms through the sleeves and zipping it up the overcoat basically covered my entire body, the zipper stopping at my waist so that I could move my legs. I opened my other secret compartment, which was a box under the floorboards that were under my desk and took out a headset.

The headset was basically that kind of headset one would use when recording. On the round earbuds, the d-pads I had gotten from my mothers had been attached to it. I grabbed my phone from the top of my desk and dropped it into my pocket. I ran downstairs and threw on the hood and looked over to my two partners. Blanc had the laptop warmed up and wore a headset as well, while eating my food.


"To the victor goes the spoils."

"I don't think that's how it works."

"Too bad." I rolled my eyes and looked over to Mina, she had stacked the lunches on top of each other and wrapped them together in a giant cloth. She had also attached straps to the sides so that I could sling them over my shoulders. "Neptune." I turned to see Blanc with a thumb up. "Spotter ready." I nodded and put the lunches over my shoulder.

"I'm ready." I ran to my shoes as fast I could, put them on and opened the door and nearly ran into IF and Compa.


"EEP!" I stepped out of the way and ran past them.

"Sorry, Iffy, Compa, got something to do. I'll see you later!" I hopped over the front gate and ran down the street.

"Neptune, take a left." Following Blanc's voice, I took turns and parkoured over obstacles to move as fast as possible. As I hurried, I heard IF and Compa talk over Blanc, sounding confused then I heard Mina, probably explaining.

At the same time, I heard Blanc chewing.



"Don't eat."

"Sucks to be you." Ugh. Damn it, Blanc.

After running for what seemed like hours- Man, I should have been on the track team. Too bad I had to look after the house instead.- I saw what obviously was Chika's car-van-thing as the license plate said I LV MIN. The building they stopped at seemed like a villa, as it was secluded and spread apart from the other buildings.

Wearily, I walked up to the door and knocked. Chika opened the door and nearly closed upon seeing me.

"Chi...ka, it's… me. Nep...tune." I removed my hood to show her my face. Chika looked around before pulling me inside.

"What are you doing here?" I removed my package and gave to her.

"Mina's… lunches… you forgot." Mina's wife pulled the food out of my grasp, causing me to collapse on the floor.

"Ooooh~ Mina's home cooking! Oh, that's one of the MANY things I love about her~!" Chika snuggled the package and kneeled down and put an object from me. "Here."

I reached over and grabbed it, rolling to my back. It was usb. I only know one reason why Chika would give me a usb. I looked over to her.

"You know?" The woman nodded.

"Yep. Histy and Arfy told a while ago. So they want your input sent to them later." I groaned and sat up.

"Alright, I gotta go home now." Chika helped me up.

"Want me to take you back home? The girls are resting from practice, so I think it's alright." Remembering all the running I did, I nodded without skipping a beat.

"Yes. Please."

It only took about half an hour to get back home. When I entered my house, I saw IF, Compa and Blanc working on the homework they were given.

"Ah, Nep-Nep! Welcome home~!" Compa gave me a hearty welcome back while the other two just nodded at me.

"Nep, you gonna work with us?" I walked up the stairs, stopping to answer her question.

"Later, got an errand I need to do for my parents." With that I moved to my room and locked the door. I opened booted up my PC. "This better be less than five minutes." Once it was warmed up, I opened my email and typed in my mother's email address. After that, I plugged in the usb and opened it. Inside was a video, I clicked on it.

The video had Noire and Vert standing closer to the camera, the little sisters in the back acting as back up dancers. What do you know, they were going to dance in those clothes after all.

I hit play.

"Hmm…" I watched the girls dance, playing the video over and over again, keeping intense observations on each girl.

"Rom looks stiff. Uni seems uncomfortable with those hip shakes. Ram doesn't work with that dance move, change it. Noire's off pace. Vert has the wrong facial expression. Nepgear's…" I took notes down on everything and anything that seemed right for each dancer. After making sure that I had seen every and any flaw that was made, I compiled them onto the email. I put the individual dancer's name and bulleted what was wrong or needed to be changed, time stamping every precise motion. Once I was done with that, I played the video over and over again, checking over to see if I had missed anything.

Luckily, the dance was quick, it seemed like it was meant for a promotional video, not a complete dance that was meant to be onstage. The actual dance was at least two minutes long. It took me at least an hour and a half before I could send the email with confidence. Relaxing on my chair, I clicked SEND.

Pulling out my phone, I scrolled to the contact named Mother and called. Three rings later, my mother, the one with the book, picked up.


"Mother, it's me. I sent my input."

"As always, thank you for doing this Neptune. Despite the fact that you loathe idols, you work hard for them."

"Mother, I do this because we're family and because I need to."

"True, not many have observant eyes like you do."

"If that's all, then I gotta go. My friends are downstairs doing homework."

"I hope that I didn't take too much of your time dear." I sighed.

"Mother, I told you." I shut down my PC and walked to my window. The sun was up and the sky was clear. A smile crept up to my face.

"I do what I do." I heard Mother sigh in relief.

"Alright, well take care dear and know that your mother and I love you." My smile burst out into a grin.

"Yeah. I love you too, Mother. I'll see you when you finally get back." I ended the call and turned to my desk. Grabbing my bag, I went downstairs to do some homework.

"Sorry I'm late. The errand took a while!"

"Took you long enough!"

"Sorry. Sorry."

"Anyways, we're almost done now."

"Alright," I sat down at the table, grinning like a pudding lover who just met pudding heaven. "Let's get to work!"


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