A Loner's Idol Family


I stretched my arms, having finished my homework in an hour. Blanc was reading while IF and Compa were watching T.V.

"Finally, done…" As I relaxed onto the chair, the door opened and I could hear people talking as they entered the room. I turn around to see Rom and Ram flop onto the floor in front of the table, Uni and Nepgear sit on the couch, Vert sits besides Blanc and Noire relaxes on one of the chairs. Chika, on the other hand, is still full of energy and runs over to Mina, giving her hugs and kisses.

"I'm exhausted…" Nepgear says, her body leaning on the arm rest.

"What's got you all tired?" With luck, Chika hasn't told anyone that I'm basically a choreographer. Peeking at her out of the corner of my eye, I see her still being all lovey dovey with Mina. Oh thank the heavens that Mina's here.

"We just finished practicing our dance moves when we get this message from our managers saying that we needed to tweak the dance. They even showed us where we needed to fix our steps." I tensed upon hearing that. "But whoever that person is, he does a pretty good job." Uni nodded.

"Yeah, We got our choreographer when we first started as an idol group and every one of our dances were unique and were fun to do." Compa put her finger on her chin, looking upwards.

"That's right, Ge-Ge's group is really popular because everyone's dance is unique and specifically made for each of them." Nepgear nodded.

"Yes, I enjoy dancing thanks to our choreographer. I just wish that we'd be able to meet him personally…" IF narrowed her eyes.

"Wait, you've never met your choreographer?" All four girls shook their heads. "That's very suspicious…but at least he does his work well." Thanks, I guess. Suddenly, I felt pressure on my shoulder to see Chika's hand and her head way too close me.

"So, does anyone else know?" The woman whispered into my ear.

"Just you, Mother and Mom." Chika grinned.

"Don't worry, I'm great at keeping secrets!" I hope so. She immediately let go of me and moved over to her sweetheart. I sighed and watched T.V. with the others.

An hour later, Uni and Nepgear walked up to me. Uni looking very nervous and Nepgear quietly encouraging her friend by pushing her in the back.

"U-Um, Neptune…"


"Can we go to an arcade? I haven't been to one in a long time, so I really want to go to one." I shrugged.

"Why not?" However, there was one flaw with the girl's request. "But, won't people recognize you? I mean, it'd be hard to have a good time with people crowding you and trying to get your autographs… or touching you." They could practically see the venom dripping from my voice.

"OH, I GOT IT!" Noire shot up from her seat and ran into her room. I watched the girl in confusion and turn to her younger sister.

"Do you remember that Noire made our outfits?"


"Well…" Not even a minute after she left, the girl ran back into the room. I stared at the person who emerged from her bedroom.

"Who are you?" The girl huffed and put her hands on her hips, extremely proud. She wore a purple tee and white shorts and let her hair down. Somehow, her hair was a light lavender color. I got up and walked over to the home phone. "Nep Jr., what's the number for the police again?"

"Wha-! It's me, Noire!" I put the phone back down.

"Oh, okay. Next time tell me before I call the caps this time, or I get the metal bat from the closet." Noire flinched at the last words. I laughed and told her it was a joke. She frowned at me and pulled Nepgear and Uni into her room.

"So, Noire likes cosplay?" I shrugged my shoulders again.

"I guess so, Blanc. I guess so." I have to admit it, the disguise was pretty convincing. I sat down once again and turned to the cuddling women.

"Aunty Mina and Aunty Chika," Chika froze upon hearing the word 'Aunty' connected to her name. "Chika, you're gonna have to get used to it. I basically see Mina as another mom. So be prepared to hear it a lot,Aunty." I could practically see the woman puking from behind her wife. "Anyways, Aunty Mina, could you look over the house while we're gone?"

Mina nodded and turned to Rom and Ram.

"Rom, Ram, do you want to stay here and spend some time with Mommy?" Rom nodded enthusiastically while Ram lied down on the floor.

"Uh huh!"

"Yeah… I'm too tired to move anyways." I thanked the woman and turned around to see Nepgear and Uni.

If you put the two side by side, they basically looked like palette swaps of each other. Except that Uni wore shorts and a tank top while Nepgear wore a dress, still.

"Hey, Nep." I turned to IF. "Can I go with you guys?" Compa raised an arm.

"Me too, Nep-Nep!"

"I'll go too."

"Blanc, that wasn't a question. But sure, why not?" The group cheered and got up to the door. "Hey! I gotta get dressed too, you know." I walked up to my room and threw on my favorite clothes.

I normally wore a simple outfit. It was a white hooded track jacket that had purple on the hood, cuffs and the end of jacket with blue highlights on the sleeves and a blue zipper. It also had an emblem with an 'N' on the zipper. The ends of the hoodie's straps were replaced by broken used usbs. Under it, I wore a blue and white striped sleeveless shirt and a pair of white jeans. I wrapped my beloved headphones around my neck and put my phone and wallet into my pockets and headed downstairs.

"Alright, let's go!"

"Yes, let's." I turned to see a tall busty girl who basically wore a Blanc version of Vert's dress and had brown hair.

"Who're you!?" The girl smiled at me.

"It's me, Nep-Nep. Vert." I stepped back.

"I ain't buying it." Vert seemed hurt by my words. Blanc looked up to her twin.

"So, you cosplay too?" Vert smiled at her sister.

"Well, not really. If I wanted to go with all of you, I'd need a disguise. So, I decided to become like my sister." Although I doubt anyone could see it but me or Mina, but Blanc made a very miniscule smile.

"...You really do look like my sister now…" Blanc said this very quietly, but Vert heard this. She wrapped her arms around Blanc and lifted her into the air.

"Oh Blanc! You don't know how happy it makes me to hear you say that!" She turned left and right, swinging Blanc around. Compa looked at the girl who was hugging Blanc and then turned to looked at the woman who was hugging Mina.

"Nep-Nep, who are they?"

"Oh, she," I pointed at Vert. "Is Blanc's missing twin sister and she's-" I now pointed at Chika. "Is Mina's wife." I looked back to see IF and Compa with eyes the size of plates.


Silence again.

They're still not talking.

Come on, we gotta go.

IF? Compa?

How long is this going to take? Oh, they're taking deep breaths now.

Any minute now.


One, two, th-

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?" There we go. Took long enough.

As Mina explained her relationship with Chika to the now surprised IF and Compa, although it did take some time for the two to ask who they were..., the woman she was talking about crept up behind her and hugged her once more.

"Chika, not now." Mina pulled Chika's arms off of her and the woman collapsed onto the ground with a dramatic flair.

"Boo hoo… Boo hoo… Mina's abandoning me… sniffle sniffle." Everyone sweatdropped upon watching Chika act this way. Mina, on the other hand, shrugged.

"The love of my life, everyone." Mina bent over Chika… and-



"Now, now. Just leave us be and go have fun." She then turned to Rom and Ram. "You two, don't stand so close to the T.V." Immediately, the two twins backed off from the T.V.


…I think the house will be fine.

"Alright, now let's go."

On the way there, I had put on my headphones and was immersing myself in music again. This time, IF didn't pull my earbud out of my ear. Also, Blanc was doing the same thing, sorta. She was reading a book and Vert tried to pull her out of her world, trying to talk to her sister. Heh, good thing Nep jr. has Uni to talk to so I don't have to talk to-



I turned to see Noire holding onto my earbud. She was curiously putting it close to her ear.

"Excuse me?" Noire looked at me.

"I just wanted to see if you were listening to our music." I snatched my earbud out of her hand to placed it over my ear.

"No. Not in a million years. I don't care." Noire stared at me, hurt. I looked to see everyone staring at me. "What? It's not like I'm telling the truth." I put on my earbud and continued towards the arcade, leaving the others behind.

Once we reached the arcade, Blanc and I sat down on a bench. The both of us immersed ourselves in our own worlds. Uni and Nepgear went over to one of those co-op gun games after getting some tokens. Vert attempted to get Blanc out of her world once more, this time with the intent to bring over to the photo booth and take some pictures.

Eventually, Blanc gave in and I was left alone.

After listening to a couple of songs, I decided to get some tokens. Alright, I got at least exchanged two hundred credits, and now I have eight tokens. I wandered around looking at the attractions.

There was a racing game. Nah.

Those luck based games. I hate those, they're really random for me.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen Noire after I dissed he-

"Not again!" Speak of the devil. No, she's a girl. Succubus? Nah. Oh screw it. Speak of the black haired idol who is currently a palette swap of me or Nepgear.

Noire was at one of those annoying crane games, and from the sounds of it, she's not doing well. I inched closer, and it seemed like she was aiming for one prize in particular. It was cylindrical in shape and was a bright yellow with a brown top. I was only able to see what she's been trying to get when I was right next to her. Luckily, she didn't notice me and put another token into the machine and attempted again.

She was trying to go for a stuffed pudding. It was an appealing yellow with a delicious looking brown topping. Aw, it even had a smiley face on it. The claw reached down for the object once again, this time grabbing onto it… and let go of it immediately.

"No!" She reached into her pocket but froze. I guess she ran out of tokens apparently.

"What's up, out of tokens?" She whipped around, her eyes wide in surprise.

"No. I thought you didn't care, huh?" Oh, she's mad about that. I guess I would be too if someone acted like that.

"Hey…" Noire crossed her arms and walked away. Welp, I screwed up. Didn't I? I looked around, seeing that no one I knew was around. I took a token out of my pocket and put it in the machine.

Moving the crane… Okay, it's over the pudding… Come on. Grab it. Grab it. Damn!

I looked left and then right. Well, let's try again.

Come on… Goddammit!


...Not again!


...Damn it!


One last try… NO! DAMN IT!

I looked around and felt my wallet in my pocket, full of money. Alright, let's do this.

Finally… I did it. Half an hour… and two thousand credits… eighty tokens… and I finally got the pudding thing. I held up to the air and walked over to the bench that I sat at. Everyone was there, except…

"Where's Noire?" Everyone looked at me.

"Coming from the person who gave her the cold shoulder?"

"Nep-Nep, that was mean."

"Yeppy, Nep-Nep is a meanie face." Okay, I get it.

"Alright, I get it. I'm a jerk. So, are you just gonna insult me or are you gonna tell me where she is or not?" Uni glared at me. I'm actually sorta intimidated by that.

"Why do you care? Oh wait, I thought you didn't!" Ouch. I held up the pudding.

"Apologies, what else?" Suddenly, everyone looked at each other and looked somewhat guilty.

"Um, Neptune?" Nepgear pointed behind me. I turned to see Noire surrounded by three guys, looking very annoyed and uncomfortable, one of the guys getting really touchy with her.


I looked at the group and told them to stay there. Also, just in case, I handed the pudding to Uni and headed over to Noire.

I listened to the guys' failed attempt to flirt with Noire.

"Hey, cutie. Wanna go hang out with us?" Obviously, Noire scooted away from the guy, disgusted.

"Get away from me, creep!" The guy grabbed onto Noire's wrist.

"Oh, come on. Just for a bit." Noire struggled against the guy's grip.

"H-Hey, let me go!" He leaned closer to Noire and…

I grabbed the dude by the back of his collar and pulled away from Noire, the other two surprised by my appearance. Noire looked at me, her eyes wide.

I smiled at her and approached her casually. Well, the girlfriend cliche won't work since she looks like me, but maybe I can use that to my advantage.

"Hey, sis." Before Noire could retort or yell at me, I put a finger up to my lips and winked at her. Good, she relaxed. "Come on, let's go home. Mom's gonna get mad if we do go now." I wrapped an arm around her and pulled her away from her oppressors. "Scuse us."

As we were about to rejoin the others, I felt a hand grab jacket. Crap, an altercation. I pushed Noire towards the others and turned around. The guy I had pulled away was giving me the stink eye and his buddies were cracking their knuckles.

"Hey, man. Why'd ya gotta ruin our date?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Date? It looked like you were gonna do anything but a date?" I sneered at him. He growled at me and swung his fist. I anticipated this and dodged, grabbing his arm and kneeing him in the stomach. The guy doubled over as the other two approached me. I shoved the guy I was holding onto one of the dudes and strafed past the other. Grabbing his arms, I put them behind his back.

"Alright, if you just let me go in peace, then I won't hav-" The dude ducked his head and something metal smashed clear into my forehead. I stumbled back, my vision blurring from the attack. Ugh, what was that? As my vision cleared, the guy who hit me swung down at me. I tried to sidestep but the object hit me in the shoulder, causing me to kneel on the ground.

I gripped my shoulder, the pain searing through it. Now that my vision was clear, I could see that he was holding a metal bat. I raised my hand to block the oncoming attack, but I felt another one behind me. I collapsed on the ground, my head swimming through consciousness.

"Heh, all bark. No bite." They began to beat me down with metal bats. I don't know where they hit or for how long, all I could do now was try to keep conscious. Through my blurry vision, I could see figures disappearing and reappearing.

"Nep...ep!" Huh? Who's that…Compa? Or was it Vert? I can't tell, too blurry

"Kid…ill consc…" I don't know this voice. Oh crap, it hurts.

"Neptune!" I could vaguely make out a black figure… Noire? No, she's wearing purple. Nepgear, probably.

No good…

I can't…




I hope she's okay…











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