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My eyelids felt heavy, as if I didn't want to wake up. Man, what time did I sleep last night? Ugh, I think I slept for too long. My head's hurting really bad. I think this headache is messing with my senses too. My room smells like polish cleaner and my bed doesn't feel the same, and… I don't have a bunk bed, so why does my bed have these rail things on the side?


I opened my eyes to feel the harmful effects of keeping your eyes closed have looking into sunlight.

"Argh!" Once the light faded, I saw that the ceiling was white and the walls were white as well. I looked to the right to see an open window, the sun was setting, making the sky a mix of orange and yellows. Pretty. I looked to the left and…

"Is that a heart monitor?" That means, I looked down at my arms. Yep, needles are in my arms. It's terrifying that I don't feel them. As I tried to move my arms, the door opened.

"Oh, you're awake." An elderly man walked in. He wore a white coat, held a clipboard, possibly to write a prescription or description of my situation, and had a gentle aura to him sorta like…

"Compa's grandpa!" The old man grinned at me and carefully ruffled my head.

"Hey, kid! I didn't expect you to be here out of everyone. I had at most expect either Blanc or little Iffy, and remember, just call me 'Gramps', I ain't afraid of being old." He smiled even wider. "Lets me know that I'm living life." I'm in the hospital?

"What happened?" Gramps frowned and put his hand on his hip.

"You don't remember? Well, I guess that comes with getting a metal bat to the face."

A bat?

A bat…



Oh yeah. Now I remember.

I made friends with three metal bats while trying to protect-

"Noire!" I sat up, my body hurting all over from moving so fast. "Guh! Gramps, is everyone-?"

"Calm down son. Your friends are fine." I slowly, and painfully, relaxed into my bed.

"Oh good. I was worried there for a second." Gramps shook his head and looked at his clipboard.

"I think you should be more worried about yourself, Neptune?"


"You suffered a concussion from your little scuffle." Ouch. "And bruises and some cracked bones." Yeesh, that doesn't sound go- "Specifically in the ribcage and upper torso."

"Okay, I get it. I got messed up." Gramps chuckled.

"You were never one for long detailed descriptions." He sat down in the chair positioned to my left. "Other than that, you've slept well after losing consciousness."

"How long was I out?"

"About three days."


"Yes, those three took plenty of swings at your noggin. I'm surprised you woke up so early. It was a good thing that Blanc and little Iffy were there to save you, or you could have died from their assault… although three against one wasn't very fair to begin with."

"Blanc and Iffy?" Gramps nodded again.

"They chased those three away and then my granddaughter called the police on them, your friends backing you up and saying that you fought in self-defense." Those girls, helping me so much, I guess I gotta pay them back later. "In fact," As Gramps looked to the side, the door opened and Compa and Iffy walked in. "they're here to see you."

"Grampa, are you done with your regular check up on Nep-Nep?" IF's eyes widened as she saw me. I smiled and waved to her. I guess that Compa hasn't noticed that I'm awake.

"Yes, I just finished." He then gestured to me. Upon seeing that I was awake, Compa dropped whatever she had in her hands, tears quickly forming in her eyes. It looked like it was a bag of apples, probably was going to make rabbit apples or something Compa-like.

"N-N-N…" Compa rubbed her eyes and moved to me at a fast pace. Wait is she… "Nep.." She crouched. Oh crap.

"No, Compa. Don't!" It was too late.

"Nep-Nep, I was sooooo scared!" My friend jumped at me, elated. I felt the full force of a teenage girl, and with the wounds that I have. Well…

"AAAH!" Let's just say it wasn't pleasant.

After Compa calmed down, the two of them sat down, taking Gramps' place as he still had to do his daily rounds.

"So what did I miss?" Not wanting to be left behind, I asked the one of the most obvious questions I could ask besides, 'What happened?", since I already asked Gramps that.

"We chased away those jerks that att-"

"Heard that."

"We called the po-"

"That too." IF narrowed her eyes.

"Well then what do you to know?"

"How's everyone else doing?" The two looked at each other, realizing that I was worried about the others.

"Well, Gear cried her eyes out when she got a good look at you."

"Blanny was super mad."

"Vert was calm and was the one who advised Compa to call for help."

"And Uni and Noire are really guilty, thinking that it was their fault that this happened to you." Well, I can't blame them for thinking that.

"So, I'm guessing that everyone else is at home waiting?" The two looked at each other once more.

"Yeah, mostly." Mostly? What do you me- "Aunty Mina called your parents." Oh.

"How did they react?" IF scratched her cheek.

"Well, th-" The door busted open.

"NEPTUNE!" My mom ran inside, my mother coming in behind her. She looked around wildly, her silver hair whipping around her face. Upon seeing me in bed, her face paled.

"Uh, hey mom." She inched close to me, her face falling further and further into despair as she stepped closer. Geez, mom. Keep doing that and I'll feel guilty for almost getting killed.

"What did they DO to you!?" Mom stomped on the ground with the heel of her boot while Mother wrapped her arms around me, her book in my lap. I could feel Mother silently weeping and I hugged her back.

"Well, these guys approached Noire and I pulled her away. In response, I got metal bats to the head and body until I ended up here." Mom narrowed her eyes and turned to IF.

"IF, did you figure out what they looked like?" IF shook her head and Mom growled.

"They were silhouettes anyways." Mom put a hand to her forehead and pinched the bridge of her nose. She then turned to Compa.

"Did your grandfather say when Neptune will be home?" Compa put her hand on her cheek.

"Grampa said that Nep-Nep would be good to go home tomorrow." Mother let of me and she sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness." She smiled at me tearfully. "Honey, please be careful next time. Your mother and I may not be around all the time, but we still care for you. We don't want you to get hurt." Okay, I know that Mother. But… stop. You're gonna make me cry.

"Nep, you're crying."


I tried to wipe my eyes, but I couldn't due to my wounds and the pain that I felt from moving. Instead, reached into her pocket and wiped my eyes for me.

"Although I'm really ticked off that you're hurt, I'm proud of you Neptune. You protected Noire and did your best, even though you got beat." Thanks, Mom.


"Mom, Mother, when did you get home?" My mother looked at me.

"Today, well a couple of hours ago really."

"I wish we could stay, but we have to go immediately." Oh, well. That sucks…

I think my parents saw my face sadden and tried to cheer me up.

"Don't worry, Neptune. Even if we can't be together, you'll still have a family."

"Well, yeah I have Nep Jr. and the Nishizawas. Why are you saying that?"


After I recovered from my wounds, I went home immediately. I hope that Nep Jr. and the others haven't been worrying for too long. Luckily, I didn't have to use crutches or any sort of help, but my bruises still sting if they're touched. As I neared my house, what my parents had told were true.

The Nishizawa residence was under renovation. I looked to see people working on the building. I think they were adding another floor or something. Shaking the thought out of my head, I entered my house.

"Neptune!" As I walked through the front door, Nepgear happened to be nearby. It just so happens that she took a leaf from Compa's book. Guess how that turned out.

"AAAAAAH!" Yep. The bruises hurt. Nepgear let go of me and the others came to the front door to greet me. Rom and Ram attempted to hug me as well, but thankfully Mina and Chika held them back. Vert smiled and Blanc gave me a thumbs up, which I happily gave back to her. Finally, Noire and Uni came downstairs. Once they saw me…

"Oh, no." No, back away. Don't get any closer!

"AAAAAAH!" OW! The body tackles, stop it. It hurts…

"Sorry, Neptune. We got carried away." Uni apologized while Noire looked away, embarrassed.

"It's alright. Thanks for being worried." Uni nodded and she went behind Noire and pushed her towards me. Noire looked towards Uni and then the others, trying to keep her gaze off of me. Eventually the others were encouraging her and then went to do their own things, leaving the two of us alone.


I tried to talk to Noire, but then she got flustered. When she talked to me, she began to stutter and looked down at the floor.

I scratched my cheek, unsure of what to say. Well, might as try talking to her.

"Hey." "Um." Okay, we both interrupted each other. Awkward.

"You go first."

"N-No, you go first." Again, awkward.

"Um…well…" Noire fidgeted, putting her hands together. She bowed down, her hair spilling over her shoulders. "I'm sorry." I scratched the back of my head. So, that's how it's going to be.

"Hey, don't like that. It's not like it was your fau-"

"No! It was my fault! If I hadn't been so stubborn, you wouldn't have- You even got me…" Oh, I see. So she got it after all. I placed a hand over her head.

"Noire. Look up." The girl lifted her head, tears were beginning to fall from her eyes. Gently, I wiped her tears away from her eyes with my finger. "I'm alright now. It's okay." I smiled at the girl. "Anyways, you accepted my apology, so there's no reason for me to not accept yours." Noire let out a breath of relief and wiped away the rest of her tears.

"Good…" She then looked to behind her and to me with wide eyes. "Oh, did you hear? That-"

"Yeah, yeah. I know." From now on, this place was going to get a lot more interesting.

"The Nishizawas are staying."

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