A Loner's Idol Family


"The Nishizawas are staying." To be honest, I'm really happy that the Nishizawas are here. They're going to be very helpful, since I haven't fully recovered from these wounds. I mean, these bruises still hurt. I just hope th-

"Um, no. That's not it." Noire snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked at her. The girl was now flustered and nervous.


What I didn't know was that something happened while I was gone. In our house, there was three bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs. Obviously, the top bedrooms belong to me, Nep Jr. and my parents while the bottom two are guest rooms. Here's the deal. Initially, this house had one person, me. Then, there were four people, due to the addition of Noire, Nep Jr. and Uni, which made the lower two bedrooms useful. However, add the Nishizawas: Mina, Chika, Blanc, Vert, Rom and Ram. That's six people. Four plus six equals ten. So, in order to make room, Uni and Noire gave up their rooms. So there were three free rooms, the two downstairs and my parents' rooms. That was a good thing.

Rom and Ram took Uni's old room, good. Logical since their twins.

Uni's moved in with Nep Jr., that's alright. Those two get along well together.

Blanc and Vert took Noire's room. Great for Vert, I don't how Blanc feels about it.

Chika and Mina are in my parents' rooms… I hope they don't mess up anything in there.

And finally…

"Why are you in my room?" I'm not mad about having a roommate, but I'm not thrilled either. I'm pretty sure most parents would NOT like having two teens that sort of know each other, live in the same room. Note to self: Call my mom. Pretty sure she's done something.

"Hey, it's not like I wanted to room with you or anything." Noire looked to the side, crossed arms and narrowed eyes. Ugh, it makes me feel like I'm scolding my teenage daughter or something, but I'm not. I'm asking why she's in my room, sleeping on my bed.

AND. IN. MY. ROOM. Hey, I ain't a dating sim protagonist who's trying to get event flags. I'm a dude, who just got out of the hospital, and just learned that the girl who got me in there in the first place, is now living in my personal bubble.

Great. Just… great.

… Thank whatever religion is out there that I have nothing to hide.

"I mean…" Noire lowered her head. "I originally roomed with Blanc and Vert, but..." Noire pressed her fingers together. "I wanted to give them some more time to bond as sisters since Vert's an idol and she won't be around her sister that often."


"I could have been with Uni and Nepgear, but I wanted to give my little sister some alone time and since we're both idols, we could get closer anytime… and Uni really wanted to room with Nepgear."

Okay. Now... I feel bad, makes me hate having a heart. But hey, gotta deal with it.

I scratched the back of my head, feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

"Okay. I get… what you mean. It's just… why didn't you just kick me out of my room and had me sleep in the living room?" As I asked this, Noire's cheeks turned a light pink for some reason.

"Well, I feel bad for getting you in the hospital. So, I thought that I could help you recover and also… I trust you." Oh crap. Her smile, it's so trusting. Must. Look. Away. Or else, I might hug her! And doing that after she just said that would not be right… also adding the fact that if I did hug her, my bruises would act up.

"Anyways, did you do anything to my room? For example, change the design, furniture or something like that?" Noire shook her head

"Not really, although I did add a sewing machine so I could keep with my sewing hobby." All I could do to that was shrug. There was nothing wrong with that. It's just a sewing machine.

There wasn't that much that happened that for the rest of the day. Everyone went through their regular activities.

Nep Jr. was on her phone, I think she was looking robots or something. I have no idea. It looked like robots, but she looked like she watching one of her favorite animes or something. Eh. Her hobbies.

Uni had a portable gaming system and was playing a game that had her hunting after a gigantic monster in order to harvest it's body to make stronger armor to hunt after another gigantic monster and repeat the cycle.

Blanc was reading (again), but this time she finished her book. Immediately after finishing her book, she took a notebook and wrote down something. Probably some ideas for a story or novel or whatever people do when they write.

Rom and Ram were doodling over a coloring book. Apparently, Chika bought that book for them when they drew all over one of Blanc's favorite novel while I was out. From what I heard, Blanc obviously didn't take it well. Although I thought I saw a book with oddly colored cover and some of the edges of the pages had some tints of color on it. Weird.

Vert, well, her case was special. Technically, Vert's hobby was to spend time with her sisters. However, Blanc and the twins were busy. No matter how hard she tried, none of them budged. So she spent the day staring at the T.V. with her head on her hand, flipping through the channels and occasionally looking at her sisters hopefully. She was disappointed.

Chika and Mina… were Chika and Mina.

"Minnnnnna! Lemme hug yoooooou!"

"Oh, Chika…"

Make it stop. It's too fluffy.

Me, on the other hand, had to copy Blanc's notes from the days that I missed. Since I was knocked out on Saturday and I was unconscious for three days. So, I missed Monday to Wednesday, and I was checked out of the hospital Thursday afternoon. That doesn't count all the homework that I missed and have to make up. Ugh. I hate my life, sometimes.

I'm okay with all that but…

I have to sleep… with a girl, that's not my sister, nor my parents, nor Blanc, Iffy or Compa, who count as sisters to me.


Dinner was over now, and I'm sitting on my bed. In my sleepwear, which was a wife beater, still don't why it's called like that, and some shorts.

Ew. I see the bruises on my arms. I sorta regret sleeping without sleeves. They're all purple and swollen, it's gross. I'm gonna stop talking about this right about n-

"Sorry, I'm late. I'm really careful with flossing." I looked up to see Noire in monochrome pajamas. Oh thank you, it's not a nightgown. Ok, now I look like a creep. I turned away from Noire and looked at my bed. Luckily, it was king sized, so there was enough room to keep some distance while being comfortable.

"It's alright. Just making sure, you're okay with this, right?" Noire shook her head.

"Of course. Normally, I'd want you to sleep on a futon, but you're injured and sleeping on the floor might not be good for your wounds." I guess.

I yawned and looked at the clock. It's eleven now. Dang, I can't stay awake much longer.

"Oh, are you tired now?" I nodded. Noire smiled and sat down at her sewing machine. "Alright then, you go to sleep now. I'll work on my project before I go to sleep and don't worry, the motor to this machine is very quiet." I nodded again, but this time I flopped onto my bed, threw my covers over my body...

Ow. Not a bright idea, bruises...

and knocked out.

*Nep* *Nep* *Nep*

My alarm clock rang. I stretched my shoulders, being careful not to have my bruises graze the bed. I reached for my alarm clock… and I can't move. I'm not that seriously injured, am I? So why can't I-

"Mmm." I heard the sounds of a person next to and felt a grip around my tors- Ow. There's a bruise. Ssss. Ahhh, that doesn't feel good. Ouch. It stings.

Okay, now that the pain's gone. I looked down to see an arm around my stomach. Wait, there's no here but… oh no.

*Nep* *Nep* *Nep*

No. No. No. No. NO.

I turned to my side, slowly. Please tell me I'm dreaming… nope.

I'm not dreaming. Ah crapbaskets.


This is bad.

Noire was lying beside me. Her arm was around me, holding me! I held myself back with all my might, trying not to scream or shout. Noire made some satisfied mumbles and nuzzled my shoulder.

Ow. There's a bruise there too.

There was a small smile on her face.

"Mmm, this body pillow feels so nice~." Wha- Body pillow? She's sleep talking! Let go of me. I need to get out! Oh dear lord, she's wrapping her leg around me now! I'm not a pillow!

*Nep* *Nep* *Nep*

It's comfy! It's so comfy!

I really wish it wasn't!


Noire wakes up earlier than me, but she's still asleep. Why!? I looked up for the reason why she's asleep and I looked to see Noire's sewing machine. There was a new outfit on the top of it. How long was she was awake!? Noire! Wake up! Please!

*Nep* *Nep* *Nep*

Someone turn that alarm OFF!

Eventually, breakfast came around the corner… and Noire woke up. I was able to wake being asleep and got up when she left the room really quickly. When I came downstairs, Noire was already eating and her cheeks turned a light pink when she saw me. When we locked eyes, she looked away.

Rom and Ram had finished eating, since they ate cereal. So the two of them were watching T.V. while Uni and Nepgear were doing some self studying on the table. Makes sense, I mean, those girls need to get some form of education. Vert was taking her time eating, while Blanc nibbled on some toast. Very. Very. Slowly. Chika was stuffing any of the food that someone didn't claim for themselves down her throat. Finally, Mina was making lunch, having eaten first.

I quickly stuffed my mouth with food, since I have to go to school early and get the work I missed. Upon finishing, I sent a message to Iffy and Compa, telling them that they don't need to stop by since I have to get my work and Blanc has morning duty.

"Blanc, come on. We gotta go!" Blanc stood up, nibbling on another piece of toast. She followed after me, still eating.

I went upstairs and got dressed, quickly. I ran downstairs and went to Blanc… She's still standing in front of her door… and eating. Blanc handed me her toast and went inside. A minute later, she walked outside in her uniform. Blanc held her hand out. I looked at her and looked at the toast in my hand. Oh, I handed back to her and Blanc began nibbling on the bread.

We went to the front door to see Mina with lunches at the door.

"You two, study hard." As Mina bade us goodbye, Chika tried to sneak up on her and grab the lunches, but Mina smacked her hand off. Chika made an exaggerated face and collapsed to the ground.

"Oh, Mina! Why did you do that!? Now… I fear that I might be dying…cough, cough." Mina raised her eyebrows and she handed us our lunches. She waved us goodbye and turned to the dramatic Chika.

As we walked to school, I put on an earbud and listened to my music. Blanc, on the other hand, had finally finished her toast.

"So, body pillow. Huh?"

"You heard?"

"Saw. So?"

"Not talking about it."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"No." She stared at me with her blank eyes.

"..." Oh, for hell's sake. I can't get past her.


"At least you can breathe." Huh?

"You too?"


"How was it?" Blanc looked up at the sky.

"Oxygen is a godsend." Amen, sister. Amen.

I brofisted with Blanc and the two of us walked together to school.

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