A Loner's Idol Family

Birthday and Feels

Since we arrived to school early, Blanc and I decided to drop off our things at our desks. I left my bag on my des-



What. What? What!?

"You saw that!?" I whipped around to see Blanc turn away, a smirk on her face. The girl nodded. "Then why didn't you do anything?"

"I didn't have any reason to." Wha-?

"Then wh-" Hold on, she sleeps downstairs and the kitchen downstairs. "So, why did you go upstairs and look into my room?" My room is across from the bathroom, so there's no reason for her to think of looking into my room aside from needing something, or being bored.

"Mom told me to wake you up?" Okay, really? Blanc looked at me, her mouth now under her control, but her eyes… were shining with laughter.

"You had a reason, yo-" Blanc cut me off by speaking.

"Besides." Oh, this better be good.

"Besides what?" Blanc looked away again, this time using her mouth to stifle some of her laughter.

"It looked funny." Oh for th- Really? Really.


"What?" She looks like there' nothing with it! Before I could find the words to retort with, one of classmates, who had morning duty with Blanc, called to her.

"Nishizawa! We have duty, come on!"

"That's my cue. Later, Neptune." Rrgh. I'll talk to her about this later. Right now, I gotta go meet Ms. Jinguuji.

Opening the door to the teachers' office...s, I looked inside to see Ms. Jinguuji and Mr. Ryghts, who taught computers, talking. It sounded like Mr. Ryghts was talking nonstop about his daughter that his wife, who's a counselor here, recently gave birth to.

"Oh, you should have seen her eyes. They looked exactly like mine!" Scratch that, he is talking about his daughter.

Ms. Jinguuji looked exhausted as I got closer.

"Uh… Excuse me?" Upon seeing me, a wave of relief spread over Ms. Jinguuji.

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Ryghts, but I must take care of this." Mr. Ryghts shrugged and grabbed some books.

"That's alright. I have to take these to the librarian anyways, chiao!" He left the room with gusto, humming to himself. Ms. Jinguuji turned to me.

"Is the-"

"Oh yes, I almost forgot!" Mr. Ryght's head popped from the side of the door frame. "Tell your daughters I said hi!" And with that he waved goodbye and closed the door.

"Wait, he knows Noire and Uni?" Ms. Jinguuji sighed.

"He's an avid fan of idols." Oh. Good thing he has a kid, or else I might be concerned. I don't know why, but I feel that way.

"Aaaanyways, I'm here for the work that I missed." Ms. Jinguuji nodded and walked to her desk, shuffling through folders.

"Right, although I knew that beforehand."

"Ar- Are you a spy?" Ms. Jinguuji looked at me and returned back to her search.

"No. It's just obvious." Oh, for a minute there I thought she had a ton of cameras and mics hidden all around the city. I have no idea why I thought that, but I have a feeling that Ms. Jinguuji could do that. "Also, it was very idiotic of you to challenge three people at once."

"You heard that?" My homeroom teacher gave me a dull stare.

"I heard from Blanc the first day you didn't show up for class." Oh, thanks Blanc. Saved me some trouble. Still kinda peeved she didn't help me though.

"Yeah, not one of my best ideas." Ms. Jinguuji smiled… I was not prepared for that.

"I'm done reprimanding you as a person with common sense, but now I must praise you as the mother whose daughter you protected." She was genuinely happy with me.

"Well, I did what I thought I had to do."

"Fight three armed opponents even without a helmet. Great idea." Okay, I know now that Ms. Jinguuji can be sarcastic. Good to know.

"Hey, I already said that I regret that decision." Ms. Jinguuji chuckled as I scratched the back of my head.

"However," Ms. Jinguuji's voice turned stern...er. "There is one more thing I'd like to discuss with you." She turned around with a folder, I'm guessing that that's the work I missed while I was gone. I reached out for it and my teacher handed the folder to me.

"Thank, Ms. Jinguuji. So what di-!" I looked to see my teacher give me a stare. It wasn't angry or frustrated in any way, But I swear for all the pudding that I've eaten in my whole life, which I need to restock by the way since everyone my supply while was gone, that was one of the most intimidating stares that I ever received in my life, beaten only by Mother.

"So, I received a phone call from Mrs. Nishizawa-"

"Which one?" Ms. Jinguuji blinked at my question. Hey, it was a legitimate one. There are two Mrs. Nishizawas.

"The one who hadn't changed her name after marriage." Oh, Mina Nishizawa. "Going back on topic, she called a day after Blanc told me of your situation and…" Oh crap, the stare is scarier now. "I heard from her that there were certain living arrangements that were changed." Double crap. If I think I know what she's talking about then-

"You haven't done anything to my daughter have you?" Yep, knew it. I might die today.

"No! I wouldn't!" Ms. Jinguuji raised her eyebrow.

"Hmm?" She leaned forward, making me feel uncomfortable, a sure sign of it was the sweat rolling down the back of my neck.

"If I did, I'd be dead by now! From both sides!" I'm serious, I know Ms. Jinguuji would kill me if I so much as looked at Noire funny. Also, I don't think my parents would like if I did something stupid.

Ms. Jinguuji backed away and turned around, took a few steps away and… laughed? After a while, my teacher turned around, a smile on her face once more.

"I'm kidding, somewhat." Sorta scared, but at least I'm not going to die. "After what you've done for Noire and Uni, I can see that you're responsible. Rash," Hey. "but responsible all the same."

"Thanks, Ms. Jinguuji." Yeah, thanks for the tongue lashing and the terror.

"Call me Kei." Uh, that's sorta too close.

"Is that alright?" Ms. Jin-I mean Kei nodded.

"You're taking care of my daughters and I know your parents. So I believe that I should at least allow you to the option of having a first name basis." Ms. Jingu- Kei sat down at her desk. "I believe you should head to class now." I looked at the clock and the wall and nodded.

"Thank you, Ms. Jin- Kei."

On my way back to class, some more students have come to school and were loitering the hallways, chatting away or just lounging around.

"Hey, did you see that one idol with the purple hair?"

"Oh yeah! She looks so cute!" Heh, Nep Jr.'s got some fans.

"Man, I wish I got get a hold of her and-" Oh no. They better not be-

"Pfft, come on dude. Personally, I'd bend her over Uni and-" Stop. You bastards better stop now.

"Ha. You guys are weird. I rather go for Vert or Uni's sister." No. That's enough, please stop. "Her body's perfect, I just wanna-"


"Neptune." I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around to see Blanc. She looked straight into my eyes, her cold, calm ones, locking with my, most likely, burning, angry ones. "We're going to class." She pulled me, with a firm and strong grip, down the hallway.

"B-But-" Blanc turned to look at me again. This time her eyes were firm and unwavering.

"Class. Now." Geh! Now I know it's impossible to argue with her.

I sat down at my desk with huff, placing my chin on my hand and staring at the board in front of me. Blanc sat down behind me and poked me in the back.

"Neptune." I glared ahead, attempting to ignore my friend. The poking came even harder.

"Neptune." Once again, I ignored Blanc.

"Hey!" Hu- Wha- OW! As my chair fell back into place, I grabbed and rubbed the back of my head, attempting to soothe the pain. I turned around, tears piling up in my eyes and glared at the girl, who in turn was glaring at me.

"What!?" Blanc took a deep breath and calmed herself down.

"Neptune, I know how you feel about those creepy pricks." Blanc lowered her gaze. "But I also know that you don't want to tarnish your family name and your sister's success."

Damn it.

I know she's right but…

Damn it.

"Yeah, I know. Thanks, Blanc." Blanc shook her head.

"I know you know, but I do know that you're willing to throw yourself in danger in order to protect people you love. Remember that swing accident?" Heh, yeah. That was stupid of me. Broke my leg and arms, but at least Iffy was safe.

"Yeah…" Blanc raised her fist a little into the air.

"Don't worry, Neptune. I've been there for you, and I'll still be there." I felt a smile creep up my face. I raised my own fist and bumped hers.

"Thanks, Blanc." Blanc smiled.

"What is family for?" That's right. I might act like I'm all alone all the time, but Blanc, IF and Compa have been there for me. Even though we're not related, we're still family.

"Alright class take your seats." I turned back to the board and felt Blanc lean close to my ear.

"Hey, could you help me with something later today?" I grinned at my not-sister-but-still-a-sister.


After class, lunch obviously came. Blanc and I moved four desks to make a square. IF and Compa walked into room as soon as the two of us sat down. IF had bought some bread and milk from the school store, although Compa made lunch for the both of them while Blanc and I took out the lunches that Aunty Mina made for us.

As we dug in, I turned to Blanc, who was sitting next to me.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Blanc swallowed the mouthful of food that she had in her mouth.

"Well, Vert's birthday is on the weekend and I wanna get her something special, but I don't know what to get her." Well, I had no idea- wait a second.

"Aren't the two of you twins?" Blanc nodded. That's right. That makes Vert… younger than me… that doesn't seem right with how she's built. Compa lit up upon hearing Blanc's situation.

"Oh. Oh! OH!" She stood up raising her hand, and getting a lot of attention. IF darted her head left and right while attempting to make the girl sit down.

"Compa, you didn't need to raise your hand." Compa bounced in her seat.

"Let's go to the mall later!"

"That's a good idea." Compa smiled upon being praised by IF. I turned to Blanc.

"What do you think?" Blanc smiled and nodded enthusiastically… Well, as enthusiastically as her face could show.

"Thanks guys."

It was decided. IF and Compa would wait for Blanc to finish her duties while I called home to tell everyone what we were doing.

When Blanc showed up, the four of us walked over to the train station. The nearest mall was two stations down, so it'll take some time to get there. We boarded the train and were able to get some seats.

Upon sitting down, Blanc… didn't take out a book, surprisingly. Instead, she crossed her arms and closed her eyes, deep in thought. I put on one of my headphones while Compa stared out into the scenery and IF flipped open her phone and began to look through it.



"I still can't think of anything. Got any ideas?"

"Well, what does she like?"

"Vert likes a lot of things really. She's into small things, fluffy things, adorable things…" Oh, oh crap. She's going through an ENTIRE list of things Vert likes. I looked at the other two, both distracted by their own devices.

Okay, if it looks like Blanc's distracted. If I can just, slowly, put my other headpho-

"Don't even think about it." Damn. Oh well, I set myself up for this. I might as well listen to it.

She didn't stop until we got to our station…

After getting off the train, we walked over to the mall. Good thing it was nearby the station, or else I'd never go here.

We looked through a lot of shops. Clothing stores, jewelry stores, secondhand stores, book stores and even that one stores that only sells women's clothing, much to my discomfort.





"That won't work."


"Not that."

Sadly, the only person who found something for Vert was IF.

"Should we take a break?" The three of us nodded upon hearing IF's suggestion.

We went over to one of those very common and household fastfood chains. IF and I ordered while Blanc and Compa found us some seats.

IF ordered a cheeseburger and a soda. Compa ordered some chicken nuggets and shake. For Blanc, a chicken sandwich and tangerine juice, don't know how she got that. While I got a double bacon cheeseburger meal with a soda.

Once we ordered, IF needed to use the restroom so I took her receipt and waited for our food.

"Hey! It's that purple haired punk!" Huh? I turned around to see… Oh damn it. It's those three guys from last week.

I slumped my shoulders and gave a look to the sitting IF and Blanc, telling them to stay there. Good thing too, since Blanc was about to stand up.

"So, what's up with this idiot?" The three of the surrounded me and I stood still, waiting for them to stop circling me.

"Sorry, I don't speak retard." The one who tried to molest Noire moved up to me.

"Funny, coming from the guy who needed to two chicks to save his ass."

"Ironic, coming from you." He glared at me.

"What'd you say?" I rolled my eyes.

"You, needed to other guys to fight me. Not only that, you needed arm yourselves with metal bats just to take me down, one guy. The sad part is that you were chased away by two girls." I shook my head, giving them as much disappointment as I possibly could. Enraged, the guy grabbed me by the collar.

"Orders 64 and 65!" I gripped the guy's wrist tightly, forcing him to let go of me.

"Oh, what do you know? Those are mine. Later." I left the dude and his pals growling as I grabbed the food and headed over to the table.

"Neptune, what the hell was that?" I placed the designated food in front of whoever ordered it.

"Just the dudes that beat me senseless last Saturday." IF walked up to the table, oblivious to the whole thing. "Hey, Iffy. Let's eat."

Once we finished eating, we decided to keep looking for presents.





"That won't work."


"Not that."

This time, only Compa found something.

After hours of searching, we decided to look at a videogame store.

"Hey, Blanc?"


"Does Vert play any games?"

"No, why?"

"Well… I think I gots me an idea." Blanc grinned.

"I'm all ears!"

We bought our gifts and returned home. Sadly, IF and Compa couldn't hang out with us tomorrow since the two of them were busy. That sucks, but whatever.

When Blanc and I got home, we were so tired that we went straight to bed.

The next morning, I didn't wake up due to my alarm clock. Probably because I didn't set it before going to bed. I woke because of two things: First of all, was the sunlight hitting my eyes. Second of all, there was a warm sensation around my… oh please don't tell me. I looked at my stomach to see an arm. Yep, it's her.

Noire wrapped her arm around me again. I could feel her breath on the nape of my neck and her forehead on the back of my head.

Maybe I should have bought her a stuffed bear or a body pillow to hug, speaking of which what happened to the pudding that I bought her. I craned my neck to see the item that I got her on my desk, sitting happily and puddingly.

I felt Noire shift her head an- OW!

D-Don't tell me. A pinching sensation on my neck, wet, and painful.

"Mmm, pudding~." Is she abou- OW! Yep! She's biting me. I threw her arm off me and stood up quickly, somehow releasing me from her bite.

Geez, she bites hard! Ugh, whatever. I'm too tired to deal with this. I'm hungry.

I walked downstairs to see the Nishizawas, minus Blanc and Vert but plus Nepgear and Uni, making a feast.

"Oh, Neptune good morning."

"Hey, Aunty Mina."

"I'm sorry but could you wake up Noire?" I yawned.


"I need her, Uni and Nepgear to get some last minute groceries." I yawned again, stifling it with my hand.

"Sure." I lumbered back upstairs, but before I went into my room, Mina called out to me.

"Neptune, could you also check on Blanc and Vert after that?"

"Yeah, sure." As I entered the room, I saw Noire sleeping peacefully, even after all that. I grabbed her shoulder and shook her lightly. "Hey, Noire. Wake up."

Noire opened her eyes, looking up at me with dreamy eyes.

"Nep...tune." Noire reached out to me and placed her hand on my neck. Okay, that's nice bu- Whoa!

Next thing I knew, I was being hugged again by Noire, this time I was facing her. Despite being half asleep, Noire pressed her nose against mine, giggling.

I'm not in the mood for this.

"NOIRE!" The girl's eyes fluttered open with shock and the girl looked at my eyes. "Mornin'."

She sat up, her face turning red. I sat up and scratched the back of my head.

"N-N-N-Neptune, wh-wh-wh-wh-"

"Noire, Aunty Mina wants you, Nepgear and Uni to get some last minute things, okay?" Noire, still flustered, nodded as I stood up. "Alright, I'm going to check on Blanc and Vert."

"Um…" I turned around to see Noire looking confused. "Why is there a bite mark on the back of your neck?" I placed my hand over the spot where Noire bit me.

"You bit me." I left the room as Noire began to stutter wildly. I entered the dining room to see Mina setting up the dining table. "Aunty, Noire's up." She thanked me as I went to my next objective. Walking to the door, I could hear Noire talking to Mina as I entered the room.

"Hey, Blanc. Vert. I know it's your birthday, but wake u-" Of all the things that I didn't expect, Noire biting me in the neck, people waking up really early and then Noire hugging me out of nowhere, I didn't not expect this.

Blanc was lying still in on the bed, as if she was a doll. Vert had her arms around Blanc as if she was a body pillow, somewhat similar to my situation with Noire.

"Well, what do you know?" Blanc turned her head to look at me, pleading. I backed out of the room, my hand on the doorknob.

"Help." Her voice was quiet, but I could hear her from all the way here. Ah. Sweet sweet revenge. I grinned wide and slowly closed the door.

"Why?" I could hear her from behind the door. Opening the door once more, I peeked into the room to look at Blanc, still staring at the door.

"It's funny."

I closed the door.

"Happy Birthday, Blanc and Vert!" The two older twins sat on one end of the table while we stood around them, clapping and wearing party hats. After they finished their greetings, they gave gifts to Vert first.

From Noire, clothes.

From Nepgear, a keychain with a black X on it.

From IF, a phone strap.

From Compa, a knitted sweater.

From Rom and Ram, pajamas.

From Uni, hairclips.

From Chika and Mina, earrings.

From me, a video game handheld case.

Upon receiving my gift, Vert looked at me.

"Neptune, I appreciate the thought, but I don't have anything to put in it." I moitioned toward Blanc.

Blanc handed her gift: a gaming handheld. Vert looked at the case, then to Blanc, then to handheld.

"Blanc?" The girl scratched the back of her head, embarrassed.

"Well, since we never got to spend time together. I figured that we could have something that we could do together." Vert began to tear up and wrapped her arms around Blanc. I tapped Vert on the shoulder.

"Hey, don't get all emotional yet. It's Blanc's turn." Now, it was Blanc's turn to receive gifts.

From Nepgear, a bookmark.

From IF, a new phone case.

From Compa, a new hat.

From Rom and Ram, pajamas...again.

From Uni, a book cover.

From Mina and Chika, a ring.

From Vert, a small bookshelf that she could put in the corner of their room.

From Noire, clothes...again.

Finally, I gave Blanc and Vert gifts. They opened it to find two identical co-op games.


"Hey, you said that you wanted to get closer to your twin, right? Well, why not start now?" Blanc smiled at me.

"Thanks, buddy." I brofisted her.

"No problem and Happy Birthday." The two of them got to starting their games right away…

They didn't stop until Mina forced them to...which was around the evening.

Eh. They're happy, that's all that matters.

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