A Loner's Idol Family


"Now arriving at: Virtua Station."

Welp, that's our stop. I opened my eyes and turned to Noire. She still had my earbud in her ear and was looking at her lap. Her hands were folded over her lap and her ears and cheeks were turning redder that her eyes. Well, not her eyes right now, since she's wearing blue eye contacts, but her real red eyes.

"Noire." She didn't seem to hear me. Hmm…

I reached over to her and slowly pinched my headphone and pulled it away from her ear. She jumped upon the object leaving her head and turned towards me.

"H-Huh?" Jumpy, much?

"You alright?" Noire turned her head away, laughing awkwardly.

"Y-Yeah, I'm good." Alright, really suspicious… Eh. Roll with it.

"Okay then, let's go." I stood from our seat and walked out of the train, Noire following behind. Wait a sec, those two girls are pointing at us. Ugh, gossip. Not healthy.

The two of us walked out of the train station and we walked towards the mall. Since it's a weekend, there are a lot of people today, I guess that's fin- Ah dammit.

As we walked on, those three bastards that molested Noire and assaulted me saw us in the sidewalk and approached up. The trio's leader, the one who touched Noire and tried to fight me in an argument in that fast food place, narrowed his eyes and tried to look as intimidating as possible. He looked more like an idiot if you ask me.

I stopped walking and glared ahead, Noire bumping into me.


"Noire, stay behind me." Upon seeing the three guys, Noire hid behind me.

"Well, well, well." The leader clapped his hand slowly and mockingly. He had a stupid grin on his face and his two other lackeys stood beside him, acting like a wall of idiots. "Looks like the harem protagonist got himself another girl." Harem protagonist? What is he talking abou- Oh, everyone else. Pfft. He's stupid.

"Hahaha, I don't even know what's funnier. The fact that you thought I had a harem, or how stupid you are!" The leader glared at me and stepped closer, trying to stare me in the eye. Oh, challenge accepted.

…He's not stopping.

…Why won't he stop?

…Go away.

…You're invading my personal space.

…I don't swing that way.

…I need an adult. Oh wait, I'm eighteen. I'm almost an adult. Crap. I have to be the responsible one.

When he didn't back off, I sighed.

"Seriously, what do you want now?"

The dude stared at Noire, not recognizing her at all. He then pointed to her.

"Her." I rolled my eyes. This guy…

"Dude, seriously?" He narrowed his eyes.

"I am serious." He then laid his eyes on Noire, motioning to her. "Come on girl, let's have some fun." Oh for- He's serious.

Funny thing was that Noire looked disgusted and she backed away. She even shook her head as she made some distance from us. The leader frowned took a step forward, reaching out to Noire.

Oh, no. Not this time.

I stepped in between the idiot and Noire with my arm outstretched. I'm pretty sure I was glaring at him with all my might.

"If you put a hand on her, I'm going to Nep you in the face!"


I looked around, confused. Everyone was looking like I grew a third head or split in two.

What? Is punching someone in the face really that weird? Because I'm sure it's not.

"I'm sorry, what?" The leader idiot shook his head, baffled. I kept my glare on the bastard.

"I said, I'm-" Whoa! I felt someone yank on my arm and pull me away, into the crowds of people. Noire ran ahead, pulling me with all her might. Wait, the mall's that way. Noire?

Aw… She can't hear me.

Eventually, and I don't know how, she pulled us into the mall. The both of us panting, not because we ran really hard. We didn't run at all and that was cause of all the people around us. Instead, we were tired because of the heat, and because Noire got lost.

"Why…" I wiped my forehead with the handkerchief that I had from my pocket as Noire did from hers. "did you take… so long… to find this… place?" Noire put away her handkerchief.

"I had no idea… where to… go." I cupped my head in my hand.

"You could see it from the station."

"I didn't know that!" Noire thrusted her arms downward and turned around, crossing her arms.

"Noi-" Wait… what was that sound? It sounds like peop- Uh oh.

"Is that guy fighting with his girlfriend?"

"Putting the blame on a cute girl like her, how cruel."

Oh no. People are talking behind our backs, not good. Not good at all.

"Hey, Noire. We didn't come here to fight, remember?" She's not listening to me, back still turned. Oh, this is not good.

"Hmph, serves him. Get ignored." Ugh, why me? Nevermind that, I need to find a way to get her to listen. What can I do? Is there anything that I can-


Uh, that wasn't me. The only other person nearby within hearing distance is N-

"You hungry?" Noire turned around, her cheeks a light pink, obviously embarrassed by her stomach growling. She looked to the side before nodding. Yes! A way out of this awkward situation!

"Can we get something to eat?" I nodded happily at her request. I grabbed her by the wrist, causing her to yelp for some reason, guess she's not used to human con- What am I saying? She hugs me when we sleep!

"Sure, let's go find some place to eat." The two of us walked around, looking for a place to eat. Although, we did do some window shopping while we looked. While we window shopped, I kept a keen eye on Noire, looking to see if anything caught her eye. Unfortunately, nothing came up.

"Maybe I should get her that body pillow after all."



After some more searching, Noire pointed out an ice cream shop. Hey, not bad. It's not as great as pudding, but it's still good.

"What flavor do you want?"

"Hmm… chocolate." I nodded and I had Noire wait at a nearby bench while I got in line.

It took a while to get at the counter, because there was a flamboyant man who was taking his time to describe his treat, which embarrassed his wife, who was holding onto her yellow haired child. Wait, how does she have yellow hair? Her mother's hair was greyish white and the father wore a cybernetic helmet…I guess the dad is a blonde. Why do I feel like I now them?

Finally, I got to the counter and a pale skinned girl with green hair and red eyes greeted me.

"Hello, what would you like?" I think she's pissed.

"Hi. I'd like two ice creams."

"Great! What flavors, smart one?" Yeesh. That pretty much confirms it. She's not in a good mood, probably because of her previous customers.

"One vanilla and one chocolate." She sighed in relief.

"Thank you, someone with an idea of what they want. Would you like toppings with that?"

"No thanks. I'm-" Wait, what about Noire? "Uh, sorry gimme a sec." The girl at the register groaned.

"It's fine, whatever." Suddenly, her eyes widened and pointed behind me. "Hey."


"Do you know the white haired chick on the bench over there?" Noire?

"Yeah, wh-" Curious, I turned around to look at Noire. Those three bastards from earlier and crowing around her. I don't see what's wrong wit- Oh HELL NO! "Excuse me for a sec."

I dashed toward Noire as fast as possible.

"Yeah. Take your time."

The leader inched closer, grabbing Noire by the arm. From here, I could hear Noire scream as she tried to struggle out of the guy's grip. Ever so slowly, he began to wrap his arm around Noire, who then began to thrash around.

I've got to move!

His hand moved downwards from Noire's shoulder.


Upon feeling the hand, Noire began to thrash harder and harder.


With a grin, the guy was almost at his destination. His two lackeys saw me running towards them and becoming a wall.

"Out of the way!" The two of them attempted to hold me back. What did I just say? MOVE!

I punched the lackey to my left and he staggered back from the hit. I shoulder tackled the other guy, knocking the two of us away from the other guy. I began to pummel the guy I tackled. After a couple of swings, the other guy kicked me off of his buddy and he helped him up as I rolled away.

A scream pierced my ears as I stood up and I immediately knew who it was.

"Noire!" No!



"Argh!" From behind his lackeys, I could see the leader back away, his face bearing a red handed shape on his cheek. Noire appeared from the other side, tears threatening to run down her face as held herself. The leader put a hand to his face and glared at Noire. He then took threatening steps towards Noire.

I took this chance, since his lackeys were distracted, to grab his buddies by the head and smash them together, knocking them out. The leader reached into his pocket and pulled out a swiss army knife, unsheathing it and aiming at Noire.

"You little-" I grabbed the bastard's armed wrist and began to wrestle him to the ground.

"What did I say!? Keep your hands off her or else!" With my free arm and with the risk of losing control over my opponent's arm, I began to punch the guy in the face. "I. Will. Punch. You. In. The. Face!" I swung my fist with each word, getting a good hit in with each swing. He then pulled his arm away from me and tried to stab me, barely grazing my side and cutting my jacket.

I fell backwards and he grabbed me by the neck and raised his weapon into the air.

"You motherfucker! I'm gonna finish you off once and for al-" A fist swung from the side, hitting the guy in the face and he fell to the ground, not moving an inch. Slowly, I poked him with the tip of my foot. Geez, he's out cold.

"Hmph, he deserved it." I turned to my savior. Noire crossed her arms and used one of her hands to move her hand through her hair. The tears from her face were dried now.

"Noire." I stood up and looked her over. She was fine, although her clothes were ruffled from her the bastard was touching her. "Are you okay?" She frowned at me.

"Am I okay? I came here, expecting a present…" She turned away, mumbling something to herself. "And instead, we get lost, get in an argument and I get molested while you almost die!" After she finished yelling, Noire began panting. She blinked her eyes, her tears beginning to reform again. She closed her eyes shut and ran up to me, hugging me in the stomach.

"Noire?" I felt my shirt becoming wet and Noire beginning to sniffle loudly.

"I-I wasn't scared!" I spread my arms, unsure of what to do. Just barely, I could hear more people whispering to each other.

"Did you see that?"

"Yeah, that guy fought to save his girlfriend."

"How sweet!"

She's not my girlfriend, but at least it's better that what I heard a while ago.

"Hey, Noire?" As she looked up, I pulled out my handkerchief and wiped away her tears. I motioned toward the ice cream. "I don't know if this is a good time, but do you still want some ice cream?" Noire made a small smile on her face and nudged me in the shoulder.

"Idiot, it's not a good time, but yeah. I'd like some." I wrapped my arm around Noire and walked over to the ice cream shop. As we moved back in line, the people ahead of us stepped aside. The cashier beckoned over to us.

"Hey, you two lovebirds." I felt Noire fidget upon hearing that. "Get over here." I looked around and the people around us gave us their approval. Upon reaching her, the cashier had two ice creams ready, one vanilla and one chocolate. "Here." She handed us the frozen treats. Wait…

"But we haven't paid yet!" She made a dismissing noise and waved her hand absentmindedly.

"On the house. By the way, no toppings included." Oh, well then.

"Thanks." Noire and I happily take our treats and begin walking around the mall once again.

… I still think pudding is better.

We walked around the mall, still window shopping. Once again, I kept a sharp eye on Noire. Although, I think that she noticed this time as we made eye contact often, leading to the both of us looking away awkwardly.


Getting a gift for a person is harder than I thought.

"Hey Noire,"

"Hm?" The both of us were looking at accessories in a clothing store.

"Remember how I said I wanted to get you a gift."

"Yeah." She picked up a white and red hat that would have made her regular eyes look dazzling.

"Do you, I don't know, want something?" Noire shook her head.

"I did at first." She placed the hat back down on the shelf and turned to me, smiling. "Then all lot of things happened, but you stood by me." She clasped her hands together, tilting her head downwards. "I… I'm really happy that we went here today." Noire looked up, her eyes bright and her smile brighter. "Thank you."


I… I don't know what to say.

"Neptune?" Noire had moved closer to me, curiosity in her eyes. Geh! Noire! No! Back off.

I turned around, my face heating up and heart beating fast.


"Are you okay?" I turned around, waving my hands.

"Of- Of course! Wh-Why wou-"

*Raise your sharpened claws. In order to shine, now bare your fangs. You can't overcome this ordeal. You don't attack humans.*

Huh? That's my phone. Yes! A distraction! I grabbed my phone and opened it. The caller id revealed that it was my mom calling.

"Oh, it's Mom. Sorry, gimme a sec Noire."

"Sure." Noire smiled as she began to look at more things. I walked out of the store and answered the call.

"Hello?" Obviously, it was my mom, but saying hello was out of courtesy.

"Hi, son. How are you doing?"

"Just out of the house. Going shopping." Upon hearing this, Mom sounded surprised.

"Wow. I expected you to stay home and do nothing." Well, she's not wrong. "Or…" I don't get the tone of her voice. "Are you on a date?" Wha-?

"Mom, no!" Oh crap. My face is getting red again. "Whywouldyouevensaysomethinglikethat." I took a deep breath. "YouknowI'ddon'tknowsomeoneenoughtogoonadatewithsomeone!"

"What about Iffy or Compa? I know you see Blanc as a sister, so…" I have a feeling like she could hear me panting cause I hear my mom holding back her laughter.

"Mom!" Now I think the people around me and looking at me now and now I can could hear my mother laughing clearly now.

"Kidding, I'm kidding!" My mother's laughter was now beginning to subside, but she still had some fits for a while. "Anyways, I have another job for you."


"Yup, you catch on quick. There's one thing that your mother doesn't have… Fortunately." What?

"What are you talking about, Mom?"

"Nothing." Mom changed the subject really quickly and started talking about my job. I had to do my regular thing, watching an idol dance and individualize their moves, only that it's with another idol. Another popular idol that's under my parent's management, 5pb.

5pb is her stage name, her real name is Lyrica. I met her once. She screamed at the top of her lungs and ran away. My ears hurt from that experience and I almost got arrested because they thought I was molester. Ugh, that was a bad day. Alright, enough reminiscing.

"Is that everything Mom?"

"That's everything."

"Alright take care Mom. Tell Mother I said hi."

"Okay. Well, have fun on your date~." Mom!

"Wait, a sec-" Dammit, she hung up.


Well, I better check on Noire.

She still at the same place, picking up hats and accessories. As I walked closer to her, I noticed that she would pick up the hat that looked good on her from earlier, but she would put it back down, looking at it longingly before tearing her eyes away.


"I'm back." Noire turned to me.


"Is there anything you want?" She looked at the hat, then pretended to look around. Clever.

"No thanks. Just today was fine." She shook her head, her hair swinging from side to side. I sighed and led her to the door. And now here we go…

"Oh hey, I thought I saw something for Nepgear over there. I'm gonna get it for her."

"Okay then, I'll go with you." No! A hitch in the plan!

"Uh, no! Ju-Just stay here." Noire raised an eyebrow.

"Do you not remember what happen earlier?" ...Crap she's got a point.

"Uh…" There's only one thing left to do!

I pointed in a random direction, feinting a surprised look.

"Hey, what's that!"

"Huh?" She turned around. Yes! Now to make my getaway! Gotta tiptoe slowly…


Almost out of sight…

"I don't see anythin- Wh- Hey!"

...So close.

We walked out of the store, Nepgear's gift in hand. Noire skipped ahead, humming happily. The reason for her sudden happiness was in her hand.

"Thanks, Neptune!"

"No problem." Although, I did wish to surprise you with it later. Noire took the hat out and looked at it happily, then after a second looked at me. When we looked eyes, she gave a bright smile.

Huh. I guess this isn't bad either.

On our way home, the train had to stop due to problems, so we had walk a station. That sucked. When we got home it was already dinnertime.

"Ugh, I'm hungry." Tell me about it. Upon opening the door, Vert greeted us.

"Welcome home you two! Dinner's ready!" Sweet.

"What's over there!" Vert made a smile.

"Sauteed eggplants!" I stopped in my tracks, dropping Nepgear's present onto the floor.





"Wha-Neptune!? Where are you going!?" Vert was about to chase me upstairs, when I hear Blanc.

"I told you he wouldn't eat it. When we were kids, Neptune got food poisoning from an eggplant. He's been afraid of the stuff ever since."

I ran into my room, slammed the door and locked it.

I didn't leave until was over, to say the least.

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