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Spongebob Fanfic


I cant tell you about the story but lets just say this is an episode that i have been meaning to be an actual episode of the show.

Humor / Mystery
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Where's Squidward?

"Lets go invite Squidward to go Jellyfishing!"Spongebob said to Patrick. "Yeah!" Patrick said. "Lets do it!" ~They ran over to Squidward's house and pounded on the door~ "Hey Squidward!" Spongebob said."Lets go jellyfishing!" ~There was no answer~ "Hey Pat' Lets go check inside his house"Spongebob said"He might be sleeping" "Errr....Spongebob that might not be such a good idea remember what happened last time we came into Squidwards house?" "You'll get a free Krabby Patty if you come along" Spongebob said trying to convince Patrick. " "Free Krabby patty!" Patrick said. "Get a move on Spongebob!" ~They Enter Squidward's house~ "Squidward!!!!" Spongebob yelled. "Squidward!" "I don't think he's home spongebob..." Patrick said. "Let's just wait for him" Spongebob Noted. ~In Squidward's room~ "Ugh! Those Jellyfishing NitWits are in my home!"Squidward Whispers."Lets show them a little Breaking in Entering Revenge." ~He Grabbed his fishing net and put on a coat and fake beard~ "This should Lour Em' out of my house..."Squidward said then giggled lightly."They'll Pee there pants!" ~Down stairs~ "Who Dare come in the fishermans new home!!!"Squidward said in a very deep voice. "IT'S THE FISHERMAN!!!!!" They screamed. ~Squidward grabs them both by their pants with the hook.~ "I TOLD YOU SPONGEBOB!!" Patrick Screamed."Now the fisherman got us!" "You guys will make a good lunch." Squidward said "Wait a minute! I know that voice! Spongebob Said."That's Squidward!" "We gotta get him out of there Spongebob!" Patrick said ~They cut the string from the hook with their teeth~ "Hmmm~ This should do now c'mon! We gotta go save our friend!"
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