Chapter 23


Chapter 23

The team beamed in right on target. "Good work, Kyle," muttered Jim looking around and scanning the perimeter. It all looked exactly as he expected, as he motioned for them to spread out. The Bay was tranquil, the green expanse of lawn and parking lot were totally empty except for the three shuttles. There should only be one sentry patrolling, but there was no sign of him on this side of the building.

Jim motioned to Sulu, who went down on hands and knees and crawled to the corner of the building to check on the sentry. Sure enough, the guard was leaning nonchalantly against the wall looking out at the Bay. He looked totally relaxed. Sulu raised his phaser and fired; the sentry went down instantly without a sound. Sulu motioned to Dr. McCoy and they crawled over and dragged the body over to the waiting Kirk. McCoy's hypo was out and against the Orion's neck.

"He'll be out for least two hours, with this stuff. He'll feel awful afterwards too," said the doctor.

"Good. One less to worry about," Jim said. "Ok. Scotty, you and Riley, stay behind us. As soon as we find the room with the Orions, we'll go in and you go straight to the equipment room and destroy it all. I don't know how many warriors are in there, so be careful. Signal Kyle as soon as you disable everything and get the hell out of there and come back to help us. We'll be right next door."

"On it, sir," said Riley.

They all made their way cautiously through the front door and silently up the stairs on the west side of the building. Everything was eerily quiet. Jim had his tricorder in hand, leading the way. At the head of the stairwell, he stopped and mouthed silently, "Orion life forms," and pointed down the long hallway to the right.

"It's the third door down," he whispered. Stun first, ask questions later. All phasers on heavy stun, people. Let's go."

Jim and the team walked silently down the corridor and burst into the room, opening fire at the door. Jim caught glimpses of a semicircle of stupefied Orion faces seated in front of several holo viewers as they turned to him. The disrupters at their waists shone weirdly blue-black in the glow of the screens. Then his awareness narrowed to the urgent need to stun and subdue the Orions.

The scream of phasers set on heavy stun echoed in the small room and Kirk saw his people, some standing, and some kneeling as Orion bodies thudded to the floor unconscious. Five to 11 were not good odds, though, and already Jim could see that some of the warriors had drawn their disrupters and knives. He crouched down and tackled one warrior who was aiming his disruptor in the general direction of Chekov. Chekov was in a fierce hand to hand battle with a young warrior who towered over him. Out of the corner of his eye, Jim saw Marie Bridges come up behind the burly Orion warrior nearly twice her size, grab him by the hair and as his head came up, swing her small fist into his trachea. He fell without a sound like a downed buffalo at her feet. Chekov gave her a breathless thanks.

McCoy had subdued another warrior by the simple means of tripping him, holding him down by sitting on him, and injecting him with his trusty hypo. McCoy stood up looking for another victim, his hypo held out like a phaser.

Jim, now very busy trying to prevent his own Orion from killing him with his knife, (more of a short sword, really) finally succeeded in putting a boot in his gut, grabbed one of his arms, twisted it back and up in a sharp thrust. He heard the shoulder snap and the warrior dropped to the floor, screaming. Jim finished him off with a quick blow to the back of the head with his phaser and he stood, bent over trying to get his breath.

Sulu was slowly being backed up against a wall as a large, ugly warrior menaced him with his knife, trying to get to his throat. He made a sudden lunge at Sulu, but he was too fast and over extended himself. Sulu sidestepped and with a quick sweep of his leg, overturned the Orion. The warrior fell heavily on his own knife which protruded grotesquely from front to back and he gurgled loudly as the last breath left his lungs. Sulu watched in horror as the green blood spurted over his boots and seeped down to the floor. He spun quickly as he heard another Orion shrieking a battle cry from behind. Weirdly, he saw two Orion warriors in the corner of the room fighting each other fiercely, their grunts and gasps suddenly loud in the now quiet room. Sulu suddenly recognized the slim figure and black head of one of the warriors.

"Captain, it's Tarz!"

Jim Kirk, still bent over and fighting for breath, nevertheless managed to find his voice. "Tarz, get out of the way," he yelled. He aimed his phaser but the two fighting warriors were too close to each other for him to fire, and neither showed any signs that heard him.

Scotty and Riley had made their way to the next room. Noiselessly, Riley crouched down at the doorway, phaser aimed and ready to fire. Scotty took his place behind him. One lone Orion sat in front of an elaborate system with his back to the door; his booted feet were up on the console.

"Psst," Riley hissed at him.

Startled at the sudden noise, he turned toward the door, and Riley fired. He tumbled unconscious to the floor.

"Out like a light," said Riley, nudging him with his boot. He bent over and removed the knife and disruptor. "Never knew what hit him."

"Keep your eyes on that doorway, Riley, there's a good lad, we don't want any surprises, while I dismember this beastie," said Scotty.

"Verry, verry sophisticated equipment here," murmured Scotty, admiringly. "'Tis a shame to destroy it; we could probably learn something from it. I could maybe adapt parts of it for the Enterprise. Now, I wonder where they hid the input to this thing."

"Hurry up, Scotty. Don't stop to make love to the thing, get rid of it!"

Scotty's hands flew across the console with ease, disabling the systems in record time. "Tis done, lad." He flipped open his communicator. "Mr. Kyle, Scott here."

"Mr. Scott! Thank God. I'm getting a signal up here, it's from the shielded room and it's transmitting coordinates. How is that possible, Scotty?"

Scotty grinned. "Good ole, Mr. Spock. He must have found a way to do the impossible yet another time. Now lad, check your scanners, the shields should be down now."

"Yes, sir. Scanners say shields are down. I'm getting clear life form reading now."

"Then Mr. Kyle, do your duty and beam up the hostages now; use Mr. Spock's coordinates since he was kind enough to send them to us."

"Aye sir, beaming them up now."

They waited impatiently until Kyle's triumphant shout came over the communicator. "They're here, Mr. Scott! Alive and well! Mr. Spock, Lady Amanda, and Peter, they're fine."

Riley and Scotty whooped, pounded and hugged each other with joy.

"Kyle, signal the good news to Rand on the Council floor so she can pass it on to Sarek, and then to Cedar so the Admiral will know. Tell them to be very careful, the reporters are still there. We have to go back to help the Captain," said Mr. Scott.

"Mr. Scott." Spock's voice came over the communicator, stopping Scotty in his tracks.

"Mr. Spock, 'tis that good to hear your voice, sir," answered Scott.

"And yours also, Mr. Scott. Please stay where you are. I am beaming down to assist you…."

"But sir, shouldn't you be in sick bay?"

The protest died on Scott's lips as the form of Spock materialized in front of him.

By necessity, their greetings were brief; but Spock didn't flinch from Scott's and Riley's pounding his back with joy.

"Mr. Spock, your father was notified that you are safe, and just in time for the roll call vote too, and Admiral Nogura has also been told."

Spock ignored the information. "Mr. Scott, where is the captain?"

"Sir, they're in the other room and 'tis urgent we join them; they're badly out numbered by the Orions, and though we had the element of surprise on our side, the odds are still not good."

"Then by all means, let us go help them."

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