Chapter 25 Epilogue


Chapter 25


James Kirk sat back comfortably in his accustomed seat on the bridge. It felt good to be back on board his ship. He felt rested and relaxed and eager for their new assignment.

"Take us out of orbit, Mr. Sulu; it's time to get back to work."

"Aye, sir."

Jim sat back and watched as they left the orbital station and slowly sailed out of Earth's atmosphere.

"It was quite a furlough we had this time, Jim," said McCoy from his usual place behind Jim, his eyes riveted on the view screen as they glided by the giant planets and out of the solar system.

"I have to agree with you on that one, Bones. But as the poet says, 'all's well that end's well' and thank God, Peter is doing fine thanks to you, and so is your mother, Spock."

"Yes, Captain. She and my father are happy to be back in Vulcan and getting a well deserved rest after the Federation Council session."

Kirk smiled to himself. The reunion between Sarek and Amanda had been a private one, but for all that, Amanda had looked radiant afterward.

"You know, Spock, it was all a little anti-climatic; the vote I mean. I guess Sarek's voice carried the day after all."

"Yep," said McCoy. "The only real surprise was finding out that young man Tarz was Dizchard's son. No wonder he was so afraid we'd screw somethin' up. His son's life was on the line, and even though Tarz never really lived with him as a son, blood is still thicker than water; even green blood." McCoy threw a mischievous glace up at Spock who ignored him. "I'm sure glad that Retz character is gonna be put away for a long, long time….maybe the rest of his miserable life." Then McCoy's eyes crinkled with laughter. "I wonder how 'ole Dizchard is gonna like possibly having a human daughter in law."

Jim laughed. "Serves him right. It seemed to me though, that he was resigned to it by the time we left. If Admiral Nogura's reaction to Cedar is any clue, I have an idea that Dizchard will eventually be putty in her hands. He'll succumb to those big grey eyes I'll bet."

Speaking of Admiral Nogura…" said Spock.

"You know, Spock, somehow we never did get back to that conversation about my future. I bet he forgets all about it," said Jim.

"We can but hope,' said Spock. " But I sincerely doubt that the Admiral ever forgets anything."

"Speaking of forgetting, Spock, Uhura asked me to give you this letter disk. It came in while you were still planet side," said McCoy peering closely at the disk before handing it to Spock.

Spock looked at Jim with a gleam of amusement in his dark eyes. "I would not like to thwart your curiosity, Dr. McCoy. We shall soon see who sent it." He dropped it into the computer terminal and called up the letter on the screen. He looked at the signature.

"It's from Peter," he said.

"Peter!" Jim and McCoy said together in surprise.

"What does he say for heaven's sake?" asked McCoy.

"You may read it for yourself, you too, Jim."

The two men peered over Spock's shoulder and read:

Dear Mr. Spock

I'm back home with my grandma in Iowa, and I wanted to let you know I'm practicing my chess moves every day.

My teacher says I didn't get behind on my school work. Please tell Lady Amanda for me.

I miss all of you very much. Tell Mr. Scott I received the model of the Enterprise he sent me. It's great! I took it to school to show my teacher and friends. I'm going to write him soon to thank him. Also the kids at school love the songs that Uhura recorded for me. I play them at night before I go to sleep and I am not so homesick for all of you that way.

Mr. Spock, please take care of my Uncle Jim. You know how he is. He says you keep an eye on him better than anyone else can.

Thank you for all you did for me, and for taking good care of me when we were hostages. My grandma is going to write to you about that. I will always remember what you told me when I cried.

That's all I have to say right now, except that I hope you will always be my friend and that you will live long and prosper

Your friend,


p.s. If you aren't too busy I would really like it if you would write to me. Will you? Also tell Dr. McCoy, Lieutenant Uhura, Lieutenant Sulu, Mr. Scott and Mr. Chekov hello for me.

Kirk and McCoy looked at each other for a long moment and then at the bemused Spock.

"What on earth did you say to the boy when he cried, Spock?" asked McCoy, "that he's always gonna remember, for Pete's sake. That sure didn't come up in our talks."

Spock looked at the doctor and then steadily at Jim before he spoke.

"I told him that he need not be ashamed to cry, that sometimes even Starship Captains cry."

Jim smiled wistfully, already missing the little boy. "And will you write to him, Spock?"

Spock's gaze was steadfast on the view screen so Jim could not see his eyes.

"Yes, Captain. I will. And I will tell him that I have been and always will be his friend."

The End

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