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Cath was very disturbed because of last night. She was at the club where she feels like there is Levi but she didn't express her feelings to his current boyfriend Nick . At the end of the story they both meet. And their love is the topic at which always people used to talk 😍

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Her dad were hugging them both very tight. They both were feeling warm and lovely. Cath's dad kissed her on her forehead. And than they move to Wren he also kissed her forehead.

"Our home will look very dull without you both"her dad said smoothly.

Cath were in tears.

Her dad hugged her again.

"Don't do that, if you will start doing this how would I feel comfortable at home"Her dad said hugging her.

Wren had decided that she will live with other people so just she can make new friends and can go to clubs and to know the world a little bit.

But catch was a type of girl who never ever want to meet new people and have disgusting conversation with them.

She has a chit that says 'pound Hall 913'.

She find that room and knocked because she knew that she had a roommate.

But she was not sure that this is the Pound Hall.

So she knocked.

There was a Tall boy, who was really very y'all had earphones on his ears.

Now he was smiling at her, he putted off her earphones. And he was smelling really nice like coffee beans.

"You must be Cather "he said smiling.

"Cath"she said and nodded .

He offer her his hand to hand shake. But catch ignored it may be because she was holding a box.

"Do you have more boxes downstairs "he asked slightly.

Catch nodded.

He helped her to took the boxes upstairs.

"Are you hungry" Levi ask her smiling.

She nodded.

Levi told her that he would bring two burgers for them both.

She agreed.

She closed the door behind him. And laid to her bed like she have seen bed from a very long time.

After a while she stood up and stretched her arms and started to manage her boxes under her bed.

Someone knocked the door she wondered that this is probably Reagan.

She opened the door but there wasn't Reagan it's Levi smelling.(Always smilling) He was holding tow burgers. He handed one to cath.

They both hear a kick on the door. There was a girl having big hips and bobs. She has dark red lipstick. And had red hair .The hairs were looking very nice on her.

Catch thought that is the her roommate. Is that Reagan.

"Hey Reagan" Levi said smiling. "look here's your roommate"he finished.

The red haired girl has a cigarette in her mouth. The boy took it from her mouth and putted it in his mouth.

The girl gave a smile to cath without making an eye contact.

After a while Levi and Reagan left the room while going Levi asked cath that if she wants to come she can.

Cath make a mouse like face.

Levi understood that don't want to come.

Catch was feeling really tired. So she changed her clothes and get to her bed.

Next day she was feeling fresh and missing her dad. Now she wondered that her room was half of the room in Ohama.

She texted Wren "Good morning, first day, have a great day sweetie "

She call her father he didn't picked up she sent a voice message that 'don't worry about us we are good here, take care and eat food regularly'

She got to her first class of her first day she was feeling nearly very good.

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