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Once Upon A Time in France

Okay! Great to be back on track after one year! I know, I know! I had so many things going on but after careful consideration and practicing my writing skills and planning, I decided to rewrite my first fanfic. I don’t own Beauty and the beast, only Disney. I only own my OC’s. Now on with the first cha

November 13, 2015, Somewhere in France…

This was turning out to be a disastrous vacation ever! Here I was, 5,000 miles from civilization. Seriously, I was being squashed with a lot of our luggage in our Nissan truck, no Wi-Fi signal, and all the snacks are gone. There is nothing to see but trees and shrubs, a country in which I don’t even know the language, and-

“Are we there yet?!”

I nearly jumped out of my seat when I heard an excited voice next to me. Ugh, and a brother who won’t stop asking that same damn question over and over again.

My Dad looked at my brother Kevin through his review mirror simply replied, “We’ll get there when we get there.”

The 7-year-old groans and keeps playing with his DS3D. I don’t blame my brother at all. Dad doesn’t have the best sense of direction and I’m beginning to think that we are officially lost. He can even get lost in our own house sometimes.

Now I know what you are wondering, why are on this long and boring trip? Just a month ago, Dad won a trip to France from an auction. I was so excited… until I found out we are not going to Paris. No, we are going to a small town called Franche Comté, how exciting. Noticed my sarcasms?

Sadly, my Mom had to stay back home in California, because she had to take care of my Grandmother. I for once never wanted to go, but my Mom insisted. She says it will help me to chill out more and meet other people. Boy, I guess she really doesn’t know me at all. I hate meeting people. I didn’t have many friends at school, except for my only best friend Jenna. We could have hang out all summer like the old times… except she and her family are going to London and she’s going to see the Globe Theater and seeing the musical “The Phantom of the Opera.” I am kind of jealous she’s going on an adventure, and I am stuck here on this stupid trip. Besides, it was for only three people so guess who had to go with Dad?

I leaned my head toward the widow seeing a honey colored eyes reflecting back at me. I never been so sour in my life. Dad looks at me for a second and sighs.

“Oh honey, querida mija, you aren’t still mad are you?” I didn’t say anything; I refuse to say a single word. “You should be excited about this trip. You can finally brag to your friends that you visited France.”

“What friends?” I asked my Dad.

“What about your friend Jenny?” asked Kevin as he looked up from his game.

I rolled my eyes and said, “Her name is Jenna and she’s going on a cooler vacation. Also, I can’t contact her, because I have no service at all. By the way this isn’t Paris, we are in the middle of nowhere Dad.”

“No we aren’t in the middle of nowhere. We are on the right track. It’s just like Mexico, the distances are longer than in California,” explained my Dad as he continued to drive.

“Yeah and with that I have my butt fused to the car seat,” I said as I shifted in my seat.

“Hehehe,” giggled Kevin, his brown eyes twinkling toward the front. “She said butt.”

I glared at my brother and screamed, “Kevin! I would appreciate it if you stop pestering me for once!”

“Roselia Elizabeth Gonzalez, don’t yell at your brother! Be a good role model,” Dad said sternly.

“Yeah Rosy, be a good role model,” mimicked Kevin and stick his tongue at me.

I growled to myself, low enough for Dad not to hear. I now regret of not bringing a book with me. I could have been reading for hours and ignored my brother and this dumb trip. I decided to play Angry Birds on my phone, at least I have games with me. After 18 levels, my eyes slowly closed and I fell to sleep.

8 hours later, Afternoon time…

I woke up when I felt the car to a sudden stop. I rubbed my eyes and I now saw it was afternoon. The sun had set creating a pink and red sky. I looked back at Kevin to see he was asleep against a fluffy pillow. I could tell he was really asleep, because he was snoring and drooling on his pillow. I looked at the driver’s seat and I saw my Dad talking to a man who looked old enough to be my Grandpa. I saw that we weren’t on the road, but in a small town. Huh, I guess we are here. I was about to unbuckle my seatbelt, when Dad shakes the man hand and runs back to the car. I was confused when he started the car and begins to drive again.

“What’s going on dad? Are we finally here?” I whispered to Dad, making sure I did not wake up Kevin.

Dad looks at me nervously and shook his head. I raised an eyebrow, confused at his silent response and sweaty hands. A few minutes later, we finally parked in front of a small old cottage with a broken small stair. Dad turns to me and with a deep breath says, “Help me bring some of our luggage inside. We need to talk.”

Outside the Cottage...


I couldn’t believe my ears. Dad just told me the situation and I felt like I was going to explode. My screaming must have woken Kevin, because he fell out of his seat. Dad was bringing in the luggage in the cottage. It smelled musty and everything was dirty and broken. It looked abandoned for a really long time and there might be some serious health violations in this dump. Staying in this cottage for the night is so not worth it, especially that we are officially lost.

“Are we there yet?” asked Kevin as he jumped out of the car.

“No Kevin, we are not there yet,” I said grinding my teeth together.

Kevin huffed before he walked away from the car.

“Kevin, do not walk to fair,” My Dad called out.

I grabbed my Dad’s arm as he pulled my brother’s suitcase out of the trunk. “Dad how can you get us lost? You had a map god dammit!”

“Roselia! I followed the road as instructed, but I seemed to have made a wrong turn. Don’t worry, we will continue tomorrow. The man who was kind of enough to rent us this space and he will help us get us back on the road.”

“Why can’t we just leave now and not stay here?” I asked.

“It’s already pasted 8 o’clock and I believe was still have a 7-hour drive. I do not want to drive all night and get into an accident.”

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. “This would be so much easier if we had a taxi to escort us, but you insisted of renting a car would be easier.”

“Mija, it was much cheaper if we had our own transport. Now if you’re going to be such a grumpy gus, why don’t you walk around this town with your brother.”

With a defeated sigh, I walked out, Kevin was playing hopscotch that he drew with a stick on the dirt ground.

“Come on squirt, let’s take a look at this ghost town.”

Kevin looks at me with worried eyes. “There are ghosts here?”

I laughed and rubbed my hand on his black hair. “No you silly goose. It means it is a town where there is hardly any people.”

Kevin looked confused as he asked, “Why didn’t you just say that?”

I rolled my eyes and pulled my brother’s arm to make him follow me. The town was very quiet, though a few people were walking along the cobbled stone road. I looked around; there was hardly anything to do. Kevin was chasing the pigeons, laughing as they flew away. I bought him a vanilla ice cream at a local ice cream shop and got one of pure chocolate. Did I mentioned that I love chocolate?

As we were walking back to the cottage, we stumbled upon a beggar woman who was sitting near a store. She was wrapped in a black torn and smelly cloak, grey hair and wrinkle skin. She stretched her hand and said something in French. I shook my head, not understanding her at all. I do not speak French. She looked at me and smiled.

“Ah speak only English yes?”

I was told to never talk to strangers, but that was when I was only a child. Now I’m an adult.


“How do you like it here in France so far?” I shrugged as my only answer. The woman looks at Kevin. “What about you, young garcon?”

My brother smiled and said, “I like it. There are so many birds to chase. What is a garcon? Is that something bad?”

The old woman laughed and answered, “Non, non petite. It means boy.” She looked right back at me and asked, “Child why do you wear such a repulsive shirt?”

I looked at my Metallica band shirt. It had a skull clock and another skull with red words tick tock. I like to wear anything black, but for sake of my Mom I had to wear jeans at least. Mom said I would look like a espanta pajaro.

“I like it and black is my color, thank you,” I said trying not to be harsh.

The woman shakes her head mumbling how she doesn’t understand the young generation or something like that. I was starting to get creep out at this point, I don’t trust this lady. I don’t like to talk to people and much less a hobo lady. I should be getting Kevin back to Dad.

“Okay so we probably should get going now. Come on Kevin,” I said urgently and grabbed my brother’s hand.

“Oh but young lady before you go, may I have spare money? I’m hungry and haven’t eaten since three days,” asked the old lady as she raised her wrinkled shaken hand.

I felt a few dollars in my pocket, but I did not want to give her my money. “Sorry lady, don’t have anything right now. We have to get going.”

Kevin stared right at me and said, “But sis, you have change in your pock-”

“Kevin! Let’s gooo,” I sang to him.

Suddenly, I felt a hand pulling my shirt. I was scared when I turned to see it was the old lady who grabbed my shirt.

“Young lady please, I beg you to help me. I don’t care if is just 1 franc, but I need to eat. Please show some kindness.”

She stretched her hand, but she haven’t let go of my black shirt. I asked her to let go, but she seemed not to listen. Out of desperation, I pushed the lady and she fell hard on the floor. I grabbed Kevin and ran, ran without looking back.

“Rosy, what did you do? You could have given her one dollar and you might have hurt her!”

“Kevin, if you promise not to tell dad, I’ll let you play with my cell phone,” I yelled as we ran to the cottage.

Kevin looked at me wide eyed and nodded his head. I could see in the corner of my eye he was trying to look back at the lady.

3rd POV...

The woman looked at the two youngsters running toward the edge of town. She stood up and shook her head. She grabbed her rose necklace and held it tightly. “That young girl needs help.”

She slowly stood up and walked away.

Roselia’s POV: At the cottage

When we finally reached the cottage, Dad had our suitcases in our temporary rooms and had dinner ready… more like McDonald’s. It was nighttime as we settled down on the small bedroom. Dad decided to sleep on the couch, while Kevin and I shared a room. I brushed my short dark brown hair while my brother played with my cell phone. Kevin paused his game and looked at me.

“Sis…why did you push that nice lady away? All she wanted was a little bit of money so she wouldn’t starve.”

I rolled my eyes and looked at him with an annoyed look. “Again with that? Kevin, that lady was harassing me. She would not let go and I had to get away from her. Besides, she might be a con and pretend she is poor.”

“But she just wanted money for something to eat. It wasn’t nice of you to push her. You could’ve given her a dollar.”

I shook my head and went straight to bed. “Well what’s done is done. I don’t need to think about the past.” I looked at my brother and yawned. “Now let’s go to sleep. Tomorrow we are leaving for thing in the morning. The sooner we get out of this place, the better.”

Kevin rubbed his eyes and said sleepily, “Good night sis. Don’t let those creepy zombie bugs eat your brain while you’re asleep.”

“Good night Kevin,” I said sternly, hoping he gets the hint to sleep already. Closing my eyes, I let my drowsiness take over.

Dream sequence...

I slowly opened my eyes and sat up instantly. I was in a…castle. A very beautiful castle I have ever since. However, strangely it looks like no one was there. I walked to the castle, as if I was in a trance. I stopped as I came across a stain glass window. It had a picture of a man holding what appears to be a sword. There were various things around him, like a castle, a village, and farmers. There was a flag beneath him with the words ‘vincit qui se vincit’.

Suddenly another stained glass window shines. I walked over to the window and I saw the same man looking at a…beggar woman. The woman holds a rose. Walking to next one, the man points away as if sending her away. What happen next baffled me. The glass changes and now I see a young blond woman now in the place of a beggar woman. The young man was now kneeling, with regret on his look. He looks like he was begging her for forgiveness. The stain glass changes and the lady who appears to be sort of a fairy or witch touch the man with a wand. The glass abruptly changes, the hands became claws and, that is when I felt someone behind me.

I turned around, and to my surprise it was the old lady. She looked angry and sad. What surprised me what her voice sound strong and young.

"You need help my dear.”

"What?” I asked, with a shaky voice.

She shook her head and said sadly,I know you are a woman of good heart, but your lack confidence. You do not appreciate yourself and you do not let yourself be the woman you always wanted to be.”

I slowly backed away and said in a shaky voice,Look, if it was about what happened earlier this day… well I’m sorry… but you did scare me-Hey! Why am I apologizing, this is just a dream. Any moment now I’ll wake up in good old reality.” I sneered at the old lady, she is just part of my imagination. However, the woman looks back at me with dark eyes and for once I found myself believing this was too real.

" A dream you say? my dear this is all too real I’m afraid. You say I sacred you and yet you had to hurt someone who was defenseless and weak.” The guilt suddenly came crashing down at me. I got burned at the spot but needed to argue back my point.

“Hey you were pulling me as if trying to assault me. What was I to do?” The woman ignored me and suddenly her eyes began to glow pinkish, okay now I am getting freaked out.

“However, there is still hope and I found a way for you to help yourself.”

Raising her arms, the castle begins to shake and the floor crumbled. I was so scared as the stone from the castle landed in front of me. Without even think, I turned around and ran away from the castle. I was trying to run and I dodge all the fallen castle architecture. I gasped as the ground opened underneath my feet and I fell into darkness. I screamed a really girly scream as the group swallowed me whole.

I woke up with the ground shaking. I gasped in shock when I realized it was a real earthquake. Kevin began to cry and calling for Dad. I went over and took Kevin out of the room. Dad was yelled for us as we rushed down the stairs.

“Kids! Come on under the table! Hurry!”

We all huddle under the small table, as pictured and objects fell and shattered to the ground. To my relief, the earthquake lasted for a minute or two until it finally died down. I have never been so scared in my life.

Dad looked at us and asked, “Everyone is okay? Kevin…Roselia?” Kevin hugged him and cried into his arms. I just stroke my brother’s hair as I nodded. Dad sighed and said, “Let’s go back to bed, we’ll see things in the morning, was just a little earthquake mijo, no worries.”

Kevin did fell asleep again and I tucked him back in bed. Now I was worried, the dream I had. Did it had something to do with…no! I’m being silly. I closed my eyes, ready to get out of this forsaken town. What I did not know was the beggar woman stood outside of the cottage and walked slowly away into the dark forest.

I hope you like it so far. I plan to submitt this work for a contest. Please read and review! Thank you, until then, bye bye!
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