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Lost Within A Rose

By yasdnilgoth

Romance / Adventure

Once Upon A Time in France

Okay! Great to be back on track after one year! I know, I know! I had so many things going on but after careful consideration and practicing my writing skills and planning, I decided to rewrite my first fanfic. I don’t own Beauty and the beast, only Disney. I only own my OC’s. Now on with the first chapter!

November 13, 2015, Somewhere in France…

This was turning out to be a disastrous vacation ever! Here I was,  5,000 miles from civilization, being squashed with a lot of our luggage in our Nissan truck, no Wi-Fi signal, nothing to see but trees and shrubs, a country in which I don’t even know the language, and…

“Are we there yet?!”

Ugh, and a brother who won’t stop asking the same damn question.

Dad, who looks at Kevin through his review mirror simply replies, “We’ll get there when we get there.”

The 7 year old groans and keeps playing with his DS3D. I don’t blame him, Dad doesn’t have the best sense of direction and I’m beginning to think that we are officially lost. Just a month ago, Dad won a trip to France and no not Paris but at a small town called Franche Comté. I for once never wanted to go but mom insisted. She says it will help me to chill out more and meet other people. Boy, I guess she really doesn’t know me, I hate meeting people. Besides, it was for only three people so guess who had to go with dad?

I leaned my head toward the widow, honey colored eyes reflecting back at me, I never been so sour in my life. Dad looks at me for a second and sighs.

“Oh honey, querida mija, you aren’t still mad are you?” I didn’t say anything; I refuse to say a single word. “You should be excited about this trip. You can finally brag to your friends that you visited France.”

“What friends?  By the way this isn’t Paris, we are in the middle of nowhere dad.”

“No we aren’t in the middle of nowhere. We are on the right track, it’s just like Mexico, the distances are longer than in California.”

“Yeah and with that I have my butt fused to the car seat.”

“Hehehe,” giggled Kevin, his brown eyes twinkling toward the front, “She said butt.”

“Kevin! I would appreciate it if you stop pestering me for once!”

“Roselia Gonzalez, don’t yell at your brother. Be a good role model.”

“Yeah Rosy, be a good role model,” mimicked Kevin. I growled to myself, low enough for dad not to hear. I now regret of not bringing a book with me. I decided to play Angry Birds on my phone, at least I have games with me.

8 hours later, Afternoon time…

I woke up, I felt the car stop and rubbing my eyes I now saw it was afternoon. The sun set creating a pink and red sky. I looked back at Kevin, he was asleep against a fluffy pillow, and looking at the driver’s seat I saw dad talking to a man. I saw that we weren’t on the road but in a small town. Huh, I guess we are here. Dad shakes the man hand and runs back to the car and begins to drive.

“What’s going on dad? Are we finally here?” Dad looks at me nervously and shooks his head. I raised an eyebrow, confused at his silent response and sweaty hands. We finally parked in front of a small old cottage with a broken small stair. Dad turns to me and with a deep breath says, “ Help me bring some of our luggage inside. We need to talk.”

“WHAT!?” I couldn’t believe my ears Dad was bringing in the luggage in the cottage. It smelled musty and everything was dirty and broken. This wasn’t worth it, especially that we are officlly lost.

“Dad how can you get us lost! You had a map god dammit!”

“Roselia! I followed the road as instructed but I seemed to make a wrong turn. Don’t worry, we will continue tomorrow, the man who was kind of enough to rent us this space will help me to get us back on the road.”

‘This would be so much easier if we had a taxi to escort us, but you insited of bringing the car with us.”

“Mija, it was much cheaper if we had our own transport. Now if you’re going to be such a grumpy  gus, why don’t you walk around this town with your brother.”

With a defeated sigh, I walked out, Kevin was playing hopscotch that he drew with a stick on the dirt ground.

“Come on squirt, let’s take a look at this ghost town.” Kevin looks at me with worried eyes.

“There are ghosts here?” I laughed and rubbed my hand on his black hair.

“No you silly guy, it means it is a town where there is hardly any people.”

The town was very quiet, though a few people were walking along the cobbled stone road. I looked around; there was hardly anything to do. Kevin was chasing the pigeons, laughing as they flew away.  I bought him a vanilla ice cream at a local ice cream shop and got one of pure chocolate, I love chocolate. As we were walking back we stumbled upon a beggar woman. She was wrapped in a black, torn and smelly cloak, grey hair and wrinkle skin, she stretched her hand and said something in French. I shook my head, not understanding, she looked at me and smiled.

“Ah speak only English yes?” I was told to never talk to strangers, but that was when I was only a child, now I’m an adult.


“How do you like it here in France so far?” I shrugged as my only answer. The woman looks at Kevin. “What about you young garcon?”

“I like it there are so many birds to chase. What is a garcon? Is that something bad?” The old woman laughed.

“Non, non petite, it means boy. Child why do you wear such a repulsive shirt.” I looked at my Metallica band shirt, it had a skull clock and another skull with red words tick tock.  I like to wear anything black but for sake of mom, I had to wear jeans at least. Mom said I would look like a espanta pajaro.

“I like it and black is my color thank you.” The woman shakes her head mumbling how she doesn’t understand the young generation. Or something. I was starting to get creep out at this point, I don’t trust this lady. I don’t like to talk to people and much less a hobo lady. I should be getting Kevin back to dad.

“Okay so we probably should get going now. Come on Kevin.”

“Oh but young lady before you go, may I have spare money, I’m hungry and haven’t eaten since three days.”

“Sorry lady, don’t have anything right now. We have to get going.”

“But sis, you have change in your pock-“

“Kevin! Let’s gooo,” I sang to him. Suddenly, I felt a hand pulling my shirt.

“Young lady please, I beg you to help me, I don’t care if is just 1 franc but I need to eat.” She stretched her hand but haven’t let go of my black shirt.

I asked her to let go but she seemed not to listen. Out of desperation, I pushed the lady and she fell hard on the floor. I grabbed Kevin and ran, ran without looking back.

“Kevin, if you promise not to tell dad, I’ll let you play with my cell phone,” I yelled as we ran to the cottage. Kevin looked at me wide eyed and nodded, trying to look back at the lady.

The woman looked at the two youngsters running toward the edge of town. She stood up and shook her head. “She needs help.”

It was nighttime as we settled down on the small bedroom. Dad decided to sleep on the couch. I brushed my short dark brown hair while my brother played with my cell phone.

“Sis…why did you pushed that nice lady away?” I rolled my eyes and looked at him with an annoyed look.

“Again with that? Kevin that lady was harassing me. She would not let go. I had to get away from her.”

“Buuut, she just wanted money for something to eat. It wasn’t nice of you to push her. You could’ve given her a dollar.” I shook my head and went straight to bed.

‘Well now what’s done is done. Now let’s sleep, tomorrow we are leaving for thing in the morning.”

“Good night sis, don’t let those creepy zombie bugs eat your brain while you’re asleep.”

“Good night Kevin,” I said sternly, hoping he gets the hint to sleep already. Closing my eyes I let my drowsiness take over.

Dream sequence

I was in a…castle. A very beautiful castle, though no one was there. I walked as if I was in a trance. I came across a stain glass window. It had a picture of a man holding what appears to be a sword and with various things around him, a castle, a village, and farmers. There was a flag beneath him with the words 'vincit qui se vincit'.

Suddenly another stained glass window shines and I saw the same man looking at a…beggar woman. The woman holds a rose. Walking to next one, the man points away as if sending her away. What happen next baffled me, the glass changes and now I see a young blond woman now in the place of a beggar woman. The young man was now kneeling, with regret on his look. The stain glass changes and the lady who appears to be sort of a fairy or witch touch the man with a wand. The glass abruptly changes, the hands became claws and, that is when I felt someone behind me.

I turned around, and to my surprise it was the old lady. She looked angry and sad.

“You need help my dear.”

“What?” I asked, with a shaky voice.

“I know you are a woman of good heart but your lack confidence and not appreciating yourself doesn’t let you to be the woman you always wanted to be.”

“Look if it was about what happened earlier this day, well I’m sorry, but you did scare me.”

“Yet you had to hurt someone who was defenseless and weak.” I got burned at the spot. “There is still hope and I found a way for you to help yourself.” Raising her arms, the castle begins to shake and the floor crumbled and I fell into darkness. I screamed a really girly scream.

I woke up with the ground shaking, Kevin began to cry and calling for dad. I went over and took Kevin out of the room. Dad was yelling for us.

“Kids! Come on under the table! Hurry!” We all huddle under the small table, the earthquake lasted for a minute or two until it died down.

Everyone is okay? Kevin…Roselia?” Kevin hugged him, I just stroke his hair as I nodded. “Let’s go back to bed, we’ll see things in the morning, was just a little earthquake mijo, no worries.” Kevin did fell asleep again and I tucked him back in bed. Now I was worried, the dream I had, did it had something to do with…no! I’m being silly. I closed my eyes, ready to get out of this forsaken town.

I hope you like it so far. I plan to submitt this work for a contest. Please read and review! Thank you, until then, bye bye!
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