Lost Within A Rose

By yasdnilgoth

Adventure / Romance

Little Town

Hey guys I’m back with another chapter about ME! (Audience silent with crickets chirping in the background) Just kidding! XD Let us see how Roselia and her family had been doing for a year in the dreaded village. What she doesn’t know is that a magical adventure is about to start that will change her life forever! I don’t own Beauty and the beast or its songs, Disney does. I only my OCs and the fairytale twists! Enjoy and review please!

Roselia’s POV: One year later…


Ugh, seriously!? Can’t that stupid bird wake me up in one more hour!? I had one eye opened to see the sun slowly rising in my bedroom window. I mumbled irritably and shoved the pillow over my head. Why me? Why can’t that stupid rooster wake me up at noon? Boy, this is Déjà vu. Wait a minute… sorry but no…it’s worse than déjà vu. You would think I would wake up in my own bed thinking this was all a dream. Sadly, you are wrong! One year had passed and I have become the most miserable person on Earth.

Throughout the year, we didn’t find a way back home. We are stuck in a period we don’t know much. To top it off, it’s in a foreign country and a language I hardly even knew. Thank god the majority speaks English, but that wasn’t the big issue. The issue was there was no technology! No Wi-Fi…no TV …no chocolate… electricity…the horror! They don’t even have indoor plumbing! Everything had to be done manually; the laundry, ironing and cooking. I now realize that I took everything for granted when living in my modern world. I felt the cold morning wind blowing into my bedroom. I shivered and tucked the bedsheets over me. I decided to sleep for five more minutes. Just five… glorious… minutes… of sleep.


I was barely entering dream world when I felt a jolt in bed. It was making me and the mattress bounce uncontrollably. I groaned with dismay and slightly opened my eyes. Kevin was bouncing like a certain striped tiger. I grabbed my pillow and I tossed it over his head to make him stop.

I placed my hand over my face and murmured, “KEVIN! It’s barely 5 am, please…let me sleep for just a few more-”

“Come on Rosy! Wake up! I want to into town,” my brother screamed as he continued to jump up and down.

“We can go there in an hour or two. I need my beauty sleep,” I mumbled into my pillow.

“What beauty sleep?”

My eyes widen and I turned my head slowly. Kevin immediately gulped and his face turned white. “What did you say?” I hissed out.

“Nothing! You are the most beautiful girl ever,” he said quickly.

“That’s what I thought.”

I laid my head back down to sleep more, but Kevin was not done yet. “Dad is already up finishing his special,” Kevin said slyly to me at the last word.

I rolled my eyes, knowing he was referring to my dad’s invention. Ever since we got here, Dad’s been trying to find a way home or create stuff to make money for us. Let’s just say, thank god he has not burnt down the cottage yet. I covered myself again and rolled to the side. However, my joy was short lived when my sheets were pulled away completely. I shivered and moved my hand to find the covers.

“Don’t give me any excuse young lady,” Kevin said, mimicking mom when she got irritated at me for being lazy. “Now up, up, up!” He jumped down from the bed and went to our small bathroom. I sat up and held my throbbing head. Why me God? Why?

Later that morning…

After an hour of getting ready, I waited near the door for Kevin. The sun’s rays filtered through the wooden windows, shining on the mirror that reflected on my eyes making me squint. I moved away and saw my reflection in our small mirror. What I saw made me belch. I personally hate to wear dresses. However, due to our circumstances, I am forced to wear when being in public. My everyday wardrobe was a white long sleeve petticoat under the blue dress with a white apron to prevent any future stains. Dresses in the 18th century don’t come cheap and they are never distributed daily like in modern stores. It is uncomfortable for me. I felt completely nude and girly. Yuck! What I did to relieve from feeling awkward. I decided to wear my old jeans under my dress. What harm would it do to me; the dress covers them. Aside from that I had to wear leather shoes instead of my boots or sneakers. I wasn’t bothered by it; at least I can preserve my modern shoes for the moment and wear them on occasions the townsfolk aren’t looking. My short dark brown hair grew a bit longer over the year. They reached my shoulders and I had to tie it with a blue silk ribbon. No matter how I try to convince the barber to cut it, he wouldn’t oblige. He said that “nice girls don’t have boy’s hair”.

The sound of rushing footsteps made me turn away from my reflection. I rolled my eyes to see Kevin was rushing down the stairs. He was wearing his everyday black breeches, a beige long sleeved shirt with a brown vest, and brown leather shoes. It was a tacky outfit, but it was all we could find for the moment. He jumps down a step and smiles at me. I nodded as I reached to my large woven straw basket with the eggs ready for selling and a worn book I borrowed from the kind bookseller.


I held Kevin by the hand as we walked over the bridge to the village. It was a beautiful day… I think. I mean, the sun rose covering the sky with a golden blanket, the birds flew by while chirping and a cool breeze blew, easing the hot weather.

I wasn’t thrilled at all when I had to do our egg selling at town. Everybody shuns us. Ever since we “magically,” I should put it, arrived at this forsaken town, nobody has shown their neighborly hospitality to us. I don’t blame them for not trusting three complete strangers that appeared suddenly in their town who happen to wear strange clothes and have no idea what Wi-Fi is. I dimly hope that as time went by, they could have felt a bit of sympathy and help us settle down. It didn’t happen, they simply ignore us and gossip about my father, Kevin and mostly about me. Yup, I became the hot topic of the town; they even honor me for labeling me as the “Tomboy” of town. I didn’t mind…scratch that, I don’t even care what these people think of me. I won’t let it rule my life. They should talk, these people are so predictable every day when I go into town. The only person who ever shown compassion was the bookseller, my best and only friend.

We finally arrived the entrance of the town, Kevin let go of my hand and walked in front. He was always happy when we go to town. I simply can’t understand why he wants to go so badly. He doesn’t have friends and the townsfolk are always gossiping about him, especially about that time when he dressed up as Muscular Wonder Boy. He even jumped on some cart and screamed out “Villains beware because Muscular Wonder Boy is here!” I shuddered at that memory, embarrassed and he nearly blew our cover. Aside from that, I knew he was excited for another reason I don’t want to even think about.

“Little town, it’s a quite village,” said Kevin as two little birds flew over his head.

“Everyday like the one before,” I responded back.

Kevin gave me a knowing smile and calls back to me, ”Little town, full of little people, waking up to say…”

Right on cue people began to come out of their homes, chimney sweepers popping out of the sooty chimney, women peeking out of their windows to shake their carpets and even the man at the stock began their usually greeting.






I rolled my eyes at their fake happy greetings. Right, like they are happy to see us… stupid fake people. There goes the baker with his tray like always, the same old bread and rolls to sell, I thought to myself, watching the baker delivering fresh bread to a woman, every morning is just same, since the morning that we came, to this poor provincial town…

“Good morning Roselia. Good morning Kevin!”

I snapped back to reality and forced a smile to the man.

“Good morning monsieur,” I said through my teeth.

“Hi Mr. bread man!” Kevin greeted, waving his hand.

“Where are you two off two?” the baker asked as he placed his bread near his opened bakery window.

“Well, we’re about to sell some food and we need to go to the bookstore-”

“Yeah! Rosy read the most wonderful story,” Kevin cut in excitedly, I smiled inwardly, he just loves stories. Kevin grabbed the book out of my hands and showed it to the baker. “It’s about this awesome beanstalk growing, and, and this boy meets this scary ogre and-”

The baker rolled his eyes and looked away from us. “That’s nice. Marie! The baguettes! Hurry up!”

“But I didn’t tell you the best part,” my brother cried out with disappointment.

I quickly held Kevin’s hand and took him away. I was fuming, if he is so much interested where we are going, why bother talking to us? As we continued on our way to the book store, women were already huddled in groups and at the moment they saw me, the never-ending gossip began.

“Look there she goes that girl is strange no question…

Dazed and distracted can’t you tell…”

Seriously, I can hear you people! The most irritating thing is that I can practically hear them and they pretend I can’t. My right eye began to twitch, but I compose myself and continued our way. I passed by a woman with a big pink feathered hat, sipping her tea. She thinks she is so proper with her tea and her nose in the air. The barber looked out from his window of the second floor of his home. I almost laughed when he accidently cutting off a moustache of his client. Poor guy. More and more villagers began to fill the streets, watching at us like predator eagles. How I hate this place.

“Never part of any crowd.”

“Cause her head’s up on some cloud.”

“No denying she’s a funny girl…”

A wagon passed by and motioning to Kevin to seat on the steps of the wagon, we both jumped and sat down. Man, we love getting free rides, without the driver knowing it. I looked over to see the usual activities of the villagers. The driver saw a village girl named Rebecca walking down the street and smiled at her.


Rebecca heard the driver and grinned back. “Good day!”

“How is your family?”

I looked to my left to see another village girl walking up to the butcher and his wife’s meat stand. “Bonjour!”

The butcher saw the girl and smiled sweetly at her. I swear he had hearts in his eyes. “Good day!”

Sadly, the butcher did not see his wife glaring behind him holding a meat mallet. “How is your wife?”

A Mother of six… no sorry, nine kids was yelling at the egg farmer. “I need six eggs!”

“That’s too expensive!”

There must be more than this provincial life, I thought to myself grimly.

Watching that the wagon was passing by the bookstore, Kevin and I jumped off and walked into the safe haven from this hellish place. I am really happy to see a friendly face.

“Ah! Roselia! How are you?” greeted the book seller, he gave me a strong hug.

He was the only person in this place to have really helped us. I smiled when he even offered me a part time job. I didn’t earn much, but it was the least I can do to repay him for helping my family. This was my paradise. I would spend hours reading in here. Today was my day off, but I always stop by.

“Very well, thank you,” I said while wiping the sweat from my forehead.

The bookseller retreats and ruffles Kevin’s hair, making the boy giggle. “Bonjour to you Kevin.”

Kevin stood in his “hero” pose and said in a stern voice, “That’s Muscular Wonder Boy to you fine citizen.”

The bookseller laughed and said, “Of course Muscular Wonder Boy. Ready for another story book?”

“Yeah! Do you have a book about vampires?” my brother asked eagerly. This made the bookseller to laugh heartily.

“Oh Kevin, you certainly have unique taste. Let us see if I do.” He walks to one of the book shelves. I raised an eyebrow in wonder. Maybe I should get a book as well. Oh, which reminds me…

“I come to return the book I borrowed,” I said as I handed him the “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

“Finished already?” he asked with wonder, retrieving a black book. I chuckled and motioned towards Kevin.

“He wouldn’t let me stop until I finished it.”

“Hey!” protested Kevin, crossing his arms indignantly, “The book was awesome, I had to know whether the ogre was going to have Jack for breakfast. It would have been awesome; buuuut it didn’t happen that way.” He pouted at his suppose disappointment, making the man laugh harder.

“Hahaha, well my boy, we may not receive the ending that we really want but you must admit it, you liked it so far,” said the bookseller with a wink.

Kevin sighed and nodded with a small smile. The book seller handed him the black book as Kevin jumped with excitement. I am pretty sure this is the vampire book he wanted. I looked at him as if he was crazy, but deep down I was happy that he was excited. He placed the black book in the basket.

I return my attention to the book seller and asked, “Have you got anything new?”

He chuckled and shook his head. “Not since yesterday.”

“That’s alright,” I replied and scanned a few books on the shelf. A blue book caught my eye and smirked. “I’ll borrow this one.” I handed him the book. He focused his glasses reading the golden title.

“That one? But you read it twice and hated it.”

“Exactly! I just like to read the silly notions of romance and magic. Also, it’s the only thing I wouldn’t mind reading. It beats Romeo and Juliet and it is not about politics and such,” I said while moving the strain of my hair out of my eyes.

“Hahaha, and it’s in English too. Well my dear, if you like it so much…it’s yours.”

I went wide eye, my mouth hanging, I could even feel the drool dripping. “Are you kidding me?”

“I don’t kid around,” he replied winking at me.

“But sir-”

“I insist, now you must off, you wouldn’t want those eggs to spoil.”

Kevin and I both thank the bookseller and exited out of the safe haven. I never thought I would own a book from this time. I was excited and yet thwarted that it wasn’t a book I would actually like. However, the generosity of the book seller soaked my heart and I began to read it. Nothing could spoil this day. What could possibly go wrong? See my sarcasm there?

Kevin ran towards a group of children to play jump rope. However, the moment the children saw him, they immediate went running off. Kevin stood there, puzzled at this event. He looks at me questionably.

“What happened? I don’t have morning’s breakfast on my face, do I?” he asked me.

I motioned him to come over and held his hand tightly. I remembered hearing the children’s parents tell them to stay away from Kevin. The reason why is because he is weird and they do not want their children to be the town gossip too. However, things returned to its annoying glory from the gossip. I did not even realize three men were staring at me. Either thinking I was pretty or a piece of meat.

“Look there she goes that girl is so peculiar. I wonder if she’s feeling well.”

“With a dreamy, far-off look.”

I moved the hanging sign to block the water from the drainage pipe.

“And her nose stuck in a book.”

“What a puzzle to the rest of us…”

As we walked closer to the water fountain, I felt Kevin tug my sleeve.

“Rosy, why won’t the kids play with me?”

I sighed and looked at him. “Don’t worry about it Kevin. Why don’t we head over to the fountain and read our books?”

He looked down at his shoes and said meekly, “Okay sis, but I don’t get it. Why do they run off when I go to play with them?”

“They are just silly. They don’t know fun even if it hits them on the head. You don’t need them. Come on, let’s go okey dokey?”

“Okey dokey.”

We finally reached the fountain and we sat down on the edge. I handed him his book of vampires, while I read my own book. Near us stood a washer woman washing her laundry. Man this fountain must be pretty dirty. Wouldn’t kill anyone to invent the washing machine yet? Maybe Dad can… nope, do not even think about it! A shepherd was leading his sheep and one of the sheep came close to us with curiosity. I decided to have some fun here.

“Oh, isn’t this amazing? It’s my favorite part because - you’ll see. Here’s where she meets Prince Charming. But she won’t discover that it’s him ’til chapter three!” I said to the sheep sarcastically sweet.

I chuckled when the washer woman looked at me annoyed and left with her nose up in the air. To my horror and humor, the sheep took a small bite of the corner of the page. No! I just got this book!

“Hey! Eat your own book! Shoo!” Kevin gave me a Nelson’s laugh. “Shut up Kevin!”

Later on, we passed by a hat store and a chubby lady looked at us. Being a snot, she talked to the seller and took off her hat. To my surprise, her hair came off and realize it was a wig. The seller tried not to cringed at her bald head. I giggled and walked on still hearing their conversation.

“Now it’s no wonder that her name means “Beauty”. Her looks have got no parallel.”

“But behind that fair façade. I’m afraid she’s rather odd. Very different from the rest of us…”

I furrowed and frowned. First of all, my name doesn’t mean beautiful and I’m not beautiful. Now they are contradicting themselves, I am the tomboy of town not their beauty. I shook my head and decided to leave it. Kevin and I continued reading our books, not actually paying attention where we were walking. We even walked on a wooden cart, I heard a man yelp but didn’t see what happened. I slightly looked back to see a man lying on the ground. I swear there were small birds flying around his head. Heh, I’m sure he is okay.

“She’s nothing like the rest of us. Yes, different from the rest of us…”

Yep, nothing else can ruin this day, not even- BOOM! My head shot up at the sound of a musket and saw something from the sky falling…a duck? Oh no! I gritted my teeth and instantly grabbed Kevin by the arm. Not him, anyone but him! I heard he was supposed to be on a month hunting trip. Why did he have to return early? Kevin wasted no time to but to break into a smile, wanting to pull away from my grasp.

“Rosy! It’s him, he’s back!”

“Kevin not now! Let’s go and get those eggs sold,” I replied firmly.

Kevin looked at me with pleading eyes. “But sis, I want to see him and-”

“Now Kevin! Let’s go!”

It took an effort to keep Kevin with me. Please God and the Virgin Mary, please perform a miracle for me and don’t have HIM cross my path, not today, not tomorrow, not ever, I prayed mentally. Just up ahead, in a narrow street, stood the lady who always bought our eggs, she even has herbs to sell. Thank God, well…better to this quick.

Not far from Roselia and Kevin near the pot stand…

The morning hunt was over and all the men returned to the village. They were exhausted but thrilled for a glorious sport. However, no one outshined a particular brute and hero of the town. Hidden in the shadows in the town square, the man made one last shot at a poor unfortunate duck, hitting a bullseye. His dwarf companion and admirer went to retrieve the dead creature. The man blew off the smoke of his musket. He gave an arrogant smile, causing all the near young ladies swoon and faint. The midget named Lefou, opened a sack to catch the duck… but fell next to him…bummer. Looking at both sides with embarrassment for his epic fail, he tucked the duck in the sack and returned to his best friend.

“Wow! You didn’t miss a shot, Gaston! You’re the greatest hunter in the whole world,” praised Lefou.

Gaston, the town’s hero, moved out of the shadows. He was a huge man, with fair skin and an extremely athletic build that can give Schwarzenegger a run for his money. His hair was long and black that was tied into a ponytail, he had a cleft chin and possesses icy blue eyes. The man’s attire was a red tunic and black tights with brown boots. He wore his yellow gloves for the hunt today.

He was going on a month long trip for hunting, but he decided to come back earlier. Gaston was the town’s hero and a handsome man every girl would want to marry. However, he had this massive ego trait that everyone was blinded from, all except for one particular girl. He smirked at Lefou and began walking away, beginning his search for this particular girl.

His lackey was a contrast to his handsome appearance. Lefou was short, literally, slightly obese with black eyes and a large pink nose. He had known Gaston ever since they were kids. He was the definition of a dog. He would literally follow Gaston, obey Gaston, and kneel for Gaston.

“I know,” said Gaston with a cocky attitude.

Lefou grabbed all the dead animals’ fur and rushed after his friend. “No beast alive stands a chance against you. And no girl, for that matter.”

Lefou was then snatched up by Gaston under his smelly armpit. He grunted in pain.

“It’s true, Lefou. And I’ve got my sights set on that one,” declared the hunters as he pointed with his musket towards Roselia selling her eggs with her brother Kevin.

Lefou was stunned at the choice of girl and looked back at him uncertain.

“The foreigner’s daughter? The tomboy-OMPH!” Lefou was dropped on the floor.

“She’s the one - the lucky girl I’m going to marry.”

“But she’s –

“The most beautiful girl in town,” said Gaston as he ran his sweaty gloved hand through his black hair.

“I know, but – OW!” Gaston drops his musket on Lefou’s small head so he can carry it for him. Then he snatches Lefou’s black bow tie and lifts him up, narrowing his eyes dangerously at him.

“That makes her the best. And don’t I deserve the best?”

Lefou gulped and said, “Of course you do! But what I mean is that she’s odd-”

Gaston would not hear of it, he nonchalant drops him and leers at Roselia hungrily.

“Right from the moment when I met her, saw her. I said she’s gorgeous and I fell.”

He grabbed his musket out of Lefou’s hand. He stared at his reflection in one of the hanging pots. He was so focused on his perfect face that he did not notice Lefou tapped his leg trying to notify him that Roselia and Kevin were leaving. Roselia stopped Gaston and she picked up her pace to escape.

“Here in town there’s only she, who is beautiful as me. So I’m making plans to woo and marry her.”

Gaston saw Roselia slipping away into the crowd with Kevin in tow. He wouldn’t let this chance slip and with determination, began to follow the pair. Unknown to him, he passed by the Bimbetts sisters. They were a group of blond triplets who were desperate to catch Gaston’s interest in one of them. They sighed and squeal at the sight of the muscular man. Sadly, they were not paying attention to their current chore of filling the pail of water. Lefou stared at the girls in awe, before the shooting water hit Lefou right in the face.

“Look there he goes Isn’t he dreamy? Monsieur Gaston, oh he’s so cute! Be still my heart I’m hardly breathing. He’s such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute,” sang the sisters as they fainted to the ground.

Where is she, thought Gaston. As the cart moved away from him, he smiled when he spotted a brown hair girl pulling her brother through the crowd.

Roselia’s POV…

He was behind us, I know it. The hair on the back of my neck rise. That’s when I knew he was on our trail. Hopefully, I can lose him in this overcrowded market place and directly going straight home. Kevin held my hand tightly, but was looking back to see if he spots Gaston. Seriously, why can’t his hero be Tim Tebow or Eddie Murphy? I suspect Gaston brainwashed him so he can get to me. Well it won’t work! As we continued to walk, I could hear the hustle and bustle of the town.



“Good day.”

“Mais oui!”

“You call this bacon?”

“What lovely grapes!”

“Some cheese.”

“Ten yards!”

“One pound.”

“Excuse me!”

“I’ll get the knife.”

“Please let me through!”

“This bread-”

“Those fish-”

“It’s stale!”

“They smell!”

“Madame’s mistaken.”

“Well, maybe so.”

“Good morning!”

“Oh, good morning!”

“There must be more than this provincial life!” I exclaimed to myself, nearly reaching the bridge to our home.

I could hear Gaston yelling among the people to nobody in particular. “Just watch, I’m going to make Rose my wife!”

It’s Roselia not Rose you idiot, I thought bitterly. I finally manage to reach the end of the overcrowded town and nearing to the bridge. However, I could still hear the overbearing gossip.

“Look there she goes. The girl is strange but special. A most peculiar mademoiselle…It’s a pity and a sin. She doesn’t quite fit in. ’Cause she really is a funny girl, a beauty but a funny girl. She really is a funny girl… That Rose! Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!”

My eye began to twitch as I overheard this comment. That’s it! I cannot take it anymore! I decided to speak my mind right now.

“You know what people; I can clearly hear you right now!”

I turned at them and they began to walk off normally, like I was not even there. I grunted at them and returned to my book. Reading will ease my migraine at the moment.

I decided to read softly out loud to myself. “The girl did not see where she was going when she accidently bumped into someone. ‘Watch where you are going,’ the girl cried. Her eyes widen when she saw standing in front of her was-”

My happiness was short lived when a bulky figure blocked my path; I gritted my teeth knowing who was stalling me.

“Hello Rose,” greeted Gaston slyly.

I rolled my eyes at the nickname and tried to move away from him. “It’s Roselia, now if you do not mind I- HEY GIVE THAT BACK!”

My book was snatched away into the hands of the fiend gorilla. Gaston flipped through the pages scanning at it distastefully. I tried to get it back, but he would dodge away from my reach.

“Gaston!” greeted my brother cheerfully as he hugged him.

I rolled my eyes. Please don’t start. I want to get out now, I thought to myself. Gaston looked down at him and gave him his iconic heroic grin. He ruffled Kevin’s hair chuckling.

“Hello my number one fan! Have you been practicing your wrestling skills that I taught you?”

“Yeah! I manage to rip off the head of the dummy. But Rosy wouldn’t fix it because she says that fighting doesn’t solve anything,” Kevin said while crossing his arms.

Gaston chuckled at this shaking his head disapprovingly at me.

“Hehehe, Kevin you must understand females are very delicate about our need to fight.” I groaned; can he be any more sexiest? He leans closer and whispers to Kevin, “I’ll get you another dummy and we can practice wrestling together.”

Oh hell to the no! That is not going to happen!

“No way! I don’t think so!” I exclaimed angrily, intervening between the two, taking Kevin’s hand. Kevin looked at me with a sad puppy dog look while Gaston just smirked at me. I tried again to take my book back. I reached for it, however Gaston raised my book over his head. “Gaston, give me my book back right now! I am not kidding!”

Gaston wasn’t going to leave me so easily. He opened the book and turned all the pages. “How can you read this? There’s no pictures.”

“Well some people like to use their imagination and brain cells,” I replied as a matter of fact, crossing my arms.

“Mine’s got pictures Gaston!” Kevin cried out as he took his black book and opened it, showing it to Gaston. Gaston looked at me repulsed as he threw my book in a puddle of mud. That son of the bitch! Not my new book!

“Roselia! How can you brainwash your own brother with these book?!” He sighed and looked Kevin. “It’s not right for a woman and a growing boy to read. That boy needs to do things a boy normally does: hunting, drinking beer, wrestling and working out to be in shaped. Not reading and filling his head with nonsense, especially about… ugh…vampires? Really Roselia? Is that what you teach your brother? As for you, you might be starting to get ideas…thinking-”

“Oh and thinking is such a bad thing Gaston? Jeez, I wonder where mankind would be if thinking wasn’t a trait?” I asked sarcastically, “You are positively primeval.”

Gaston chuckled and wrapped an arm around me. My eye again began to twitch and my hand curled into a fist. He is just asking for it! “Hehehe, Thank you Roselia. What do you say you, me and Kevin go over to the tavern and take a look at my trophies?”

“Whoohoo! Come on Rosy! Gaston, can you tell me a story about your hunting?” cried out Kevin as he grabbed Gaston’s hand.

“Of course my boy, I will even show you how to shoot with my musket,” Gaston said with a smirk.

I widen my eyes and tried to free myself. I remembered the time he showed Kevin how to shoot behind my back. I hate guns or any weapons. Kevin could have gotten hurt or worse. This time, I won’t let it happen again.

“Perhaps some other time Gaston. Kevin and I will be busy,” I said, while trying to remove Gaston’s arm.

I heard a scoff and to my disgust saw those mindless creepy triplets. They glared at me when they saw Gaston holding me. I think their names were Claudette, Laurette and Paulette. I remembered meeting them the first time at the tavern where they work. They simply hated me the moment they set their eyes on me. I have no idea why since I don’t talk to them. However, I realize that since Gaston began to pursue me, another mystery I yet need to solve, the triplets and I are bitter enemies. Though, I don’t mind and they can have Gaston if they want to. I hope he does notice them one day and he will leave me alone.

“What’s wrong with her?” asked Claudette

“She’s crazy!” exclaimed Laurette

“He’s gorgeous!” sighed Paulette, all three returning to look like stupid love sick birds at Gaston. I really wish Gaston noticed them and not me.

I huffed and duked away from Gaston’s grasp. Thankfully I grabbed my book out of his hand. Grabbing Kevin by the arm, I pulled him away as we made our way toward home.

“Gaston we can’t! You can take those girls with you instead. They are more willingly to see those stupid trophies. We need to help dad so good bye and good riddance.”

A burst of laughter erupted and I turned to see that annoying midget, Lefou. Huh, I didn’t notice him there before. Aside from being Gaston’s follower, he is sneaky.

“That crazy old loon? He needs all the help he can get,” Lefou said sarcastically.

Lefou and Gaston began to laugh. Oh… My… Gosh! They are making fun of my Dad! Those stupid jerks! I shot an angry glare and placed my hands on my hips.

“Don’t talk about our Dad that way,” I yelled at them.

Kevin saw Gaston laughing at what Lefou just said. “Gaston…why are you laughing?”

Gaston and Lefou stopped laughing. Gaston realized his mistake and looked angrily at Lefou.

“Yeah, don’t talk about their Father that way,” Gaston reprimanded. He beats Lefou’s head, causing him to look dazed. This made me angrier than before.

I crossed my arms and said sternly, “My Dad is NOT crazy. He’s a genius and noble person. Something that you yourself is missing.”

I would have given him a smug look if not for the sudden explosion that came from our…house?

“Daddy,” screamed Kevin.

Holy shit, I saw smoke coming from underneath the house. I ran like hell, dragging poor Kevin along. Papi, I scolded mentally, you better not have done something stupid and got yourself killed! I growled when I heard laughter behind me, knowing it was those two stupid heads. Don’t worry; karma will get back at them.

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