Lost Within A Rose

By yasdnilgoth

Adventure / Romance

Into the Woods

I don’t own Beauty and the Beast or any of the songs…which is sad, only Disney does. I only own my OCs and the fairytale twists (evil chuckle) oh yeah baby! I can do whatever I want with this fanfiction! Glad to see positive reviews and here is the next chapter!

Kevin and I ran towards the outer double doors of the basement. Opening them, thick smoke emerged, causing us to erupt in uncontrollable coughs. My eyes were watery as I tried to see through the thick smoke. Kevin cried out for dad, I stopped him when he tried to run into the basement. We waited until the smoked cleared off, revealing our dad stuck in a barrel upside down. He desperately tried to wiggle his way out of it, only to get even more stuck. Finally, he bounced pugnaciously to destroy the barrel. Did he make it out…no. To his dismay, the ring remained the waist with a few planks that made it look like he was wearing a skirt. Dad frowned and pulled it down along with his dark olive breeches. I snorted and covered my mouth to hold back a laugh, watching him pulled his breeches back on and blushing at us.

“Dad are you alright?” I asked, looking worried but amused at the same time.

Dad turns to me with a disappointed look that morphed into anger. He turns toward a machine, as the smoked cleared; I realize it was his invention. The invention was odd and complex. It had a mini heat with a funnel and there was a tea pot wired to some twirly thingy. In addition, there was a pink chair attached, along with a lever but that wasn’t what made the invention stand out. At the very front, stood out a long wicked ax…yeah, my dad invented a very complicated version of a chainsaw with wheels. Kevin looked at it, then at dad.

“Did it work?” asked Kevin curiously, this fueled dad’s anger even more.

“No! And I’m about to give up on this JUNK!” He kicks it to prove his point but the latter was more painful on his foot. Dad curses but regrets when he realizes Kevin was next to him. I rolled my eyes and looked at him amused.

“You always say that dad. Yet, you always continue working on his…this…what is it again exactly?”

“It’s a wood chopper mija. With wheels,” he replied with a mocking tone, shaking his head at it. “I mean it this time querida. I’ll never make this boneheaded contraption to work!” Kevin gasps at this and place his hands on his hips.

“Dad! I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” he huffed, “You always told us a Gonzalez never retreats to the impossible!”

“Ay hijo, if you are going through the inevitable pain of creating something that will result exploding, you know your efforts are futile.”

“I don’t take that as an excuse papi! Remember what grandpa once said, ’if you first don’t succeed, try again till you do succeed.” My dad looked blank at first but a smile grew as he heaved his chest while grabbing a wrench.

“You’re right hijo! I remember your abuelo saying that to me that time I lost my job.”

I smiled at that distant memory. Grandfather was a very humorous and wise man in the family. When I was little, he would always take me for a Sunday special at 31 Flavors and to spite my mom would always take me to the movie theaters to watch the scariest movies. I was truly hurt when we lost him two years ago. I snapped back to reality at the tinkering my dad began to make.

“What are we waiting for? I’ll get this contraption working in no time. Roselia, pass me the dog-legged clencher.,” he said.

I searched the tool box looking for the double…whatever it’s called. Spotting the wrench like tool with two wiggly antenna thingies, I handed it to my dad who was now lying on a flat platform scooter. He rolls under the contraption and begins to tinker it. I sat down next to Kevin near the boiler as we watched him.

“So, did the two of you have a good time at town today?” I looked deadpan at him while Kevin began to babble over his adventures.

“Yeah! I burrowed a new book about vampires’ papi.”

“A book about vampires? Porque? I never knew you were into that stuff.”

“Dad, I have to know everything about them in case they show up at our door. Then I would protect you two from the forces of evil.”

“Oh yes,” I replied sarcastically, “Muscular Wonder Boy will always come when he hears our plead for help.” Kevin raised his eyebrows at me and cross his arms.

“I don’t know what you are talking Rosy. I told you already, Muscular Wonder Boy is my friend. I don’t know his identity. His identity is so secret, not even he knows who he is.” I stare at hi with disbelief, he is still in his little pathetic superhero fantasy? Something is wrong with that boy, I thought to myself, shaking my head.

“What about you mija?” I blinked at the question, well, might as well just summarize it then.

“I got a new book too…for free.”

“Deveras? That sounds wonderful mija!” Dad continued tinkling his creation as I sat with Kevin, both watching him perfecting every detail that can guarantee our freedom from this town. Then, for reason I don’t even know, my mind went straight with the towns people. Their gossiping and treatment towards me and my family started to bother me, which shouldn’t since I don’t even care. I was labeled as the town’s tomboy and odd girl who acts out of place in their world. Ironically, that is what I am, a girl of the future. Despite telling myself to just let it go, it did somehow trigger the self-esteem, just a bit. Perhaps I should ask dad.


“Si mija?”

“Do you think I’m…odd?” I saw dad sliding away from under the chopper and looked at me with his goggles. Boy, his eyes were ten times bigger and it was creeping me out.

“Mi hija? Odd? Dios mio Roselia, what makes you think yourself as being odd? You know that you are my greatest treasure. Un diamante en bruto.” Dad winks at me and reach a hand to me, taking it he squeezes tightly to ensure that he wasn’t lying. I smiled softly and I gave him a squeeze back.

“Ya se papi. It’s just that…the townsfolk were at it again and it starting to sicken me. I mean, I could simply ignore it but now that a year had pass, I’m beginning to think everyone here hates us.”

“Roselia, people here don’t hate us, they just don’t understand us. We behave and think differently because we are from the 21sft century. Everyone else are beginning to experience changes among their world. They are afraid of changes and it will take time for them to get used to it. Don’t think of me as ignorant mija but I know my history too. Just let everyone discover on their own that we are not bad.”

“Yeah but, they make it such a big deal. I mean, whenever I’m in town, everyone gossip loudly to make sure I hear them. They don’t even allow other children to play with Kevin! That is the last straw for me dad. It bugs me,” I huffed, letting out the negative thoughts and feelings, “The only person who was been decent ids the bookseller. He always talks to me whenever he can but there is no else I can talk to.” I lowered my eyes, feeling blue when I mention this thought.

“What about Gaston? He is a handsome fellow and always trying to court you.” My eyes nearly popped out of their socket. Did dad just propose I should hang out with that ape?

“EEWWW! Dad don’t even mention that dirty ass! He gives me the willies and he’s rude and conceited and…and..he is just not for me. End of story”

“Really Rosy?” I think he is awesome,” stated Kevin, I shot him a glare.

“Well, all I can say is try to look at the positive side and always have hope in your heart. Besides, we will soon move once I win the contest at the fair. Then we can move on and figure out how to get home,” dad says as he finished tinkering his invention, standing up he stood beside us. “I think that’s done it. Now let’s give it a test.”

Kevin cheered and I nodded, mumbling a small prayer that it can work. Dad pulled down the lever and the machine came to life. The funnel blew black smoke and the tea pot began to shriek, making the three of us flinch and covering our ears. After a short chain reaction, the ax began to chop the wood and the once it was done, a small platform sprung it and the log landed in the other piles. We were shocked and our mouths hanged to the floor if it was possible.

“It works,” I whispered happily.

“It does?” asked dad, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He dodge a log that aimed nearly his head. “It does!”

“You did it papi! I knew you could do it!” cheered kevin as he ran hugged dad. Dad laughed and swung him around, I had no other choice but to join the merry crowd. We danced around like crazy monkeys cheering as we dodge every log that was sprung uncontrollably from the chopper. Man, should I be worried that it does that. No! It works and that’s all what matter.

“Hitch up Phillipe mija. I’m off to the fair today!” Suddenly, a log strikes dad on the head. He was dazed and making a goofy face before fainting. I stood still when my head began to ring alarms.

“Kevin quick! Hold dad while I shut this thing!”

(Outside the cottage, sundown)

It took us nearly the whole day to push the chopper out of the basement. I quickly hitched up Phillipe, our noble and loyal Belgian draft horse. He was truly the greatest horse dad bought shortly after our arrival. Despite selling the expensive watch mom gave dad for their anniversary and a few of his clothes, it manage to give us Phillipe and a few farm animals to make a living at least. The horse was beautiful to me, he is slender, stocky copper skin with a beautiful blond mane and tail. Despite not being a young horse, he was strong and is the smartest animal I have ever seen. His previous owner named him after a relative, well, that explains a lot. I smiled at Phillipe as he snorted, hinting excitement for an outdoor travel. As I was placing three luggage, dad came outside and saw me, furrowing his eyebrow in confusion.

“Mija, what are you doing?”

“Packing our luggage of course. Can’t go anywhere without clothes and shoes.”

“Querida, perdon but I’m going to the fair only.” I stopped dead and looked at him outrageous. From experience, dad hasn’t learned he has a terrible sense of direction. Perhaps he is too stubborn to accept it.

“Dad we’re all going with you. You know you have a terrible sense of direction.”

“Querida, I planned to go on my own. I bought a map that can lead me to the fair easy and be back within a week.” I rolled my eyes and looked deadpan at him.

“Dad, you know that even with a map you get lost as well. Kevin and I will go with, period. Face the facts dad!”

“Hija,” dad began to say with a sigh, “I need you here to look after things.”

“Uuuugh no,” I said, shaking my head, “I’m going with you like it or not.” I can see dad was now looking irritated with impatience.

“Hija, I’m your father and I say I’ll go alone. You and Kevin will look after things in case it doesn’t go accordingly.”

“Oh really? If Kevin stays, he’ll starve to death. Dad, you know I can’t cook-

“You can ask one of the midwives to help you-

“Dad! You’re not listening! Scratch that you don’t even get it! I can’t, and I mean, never EVER, leave you on your own. You have a bad sense of direction and could get hurt. Papi, I-I don’t want to lose you. I need you and Kevin needs you even more.” My dad looks at me sternly, suddenly morphing into sympathy. He hugs me tightly.

“Roselia, I need to go alone. You must look after things here, we have worked so hard to get where we are. Losing everything will be futile in our attempt to return home. In case we can’t, and I’m not saying we won’t be able to find a way home, we have to secure a future here if anything else fails. Please hija…do this for me.” Closing my eyes, I sigh in defeat. Boy, I’m going to regret this descision.

Fine…at least get a compass along with the map.”


“Well, I’m off. I have everything with me. Map, compass, lantern, a hat, a bag of clothes-

“Wait!” cried a voice. I looked back and saw Kevin running toward the cart. He was holding something in hand, I then realize it was dad’s wallet. Kevin was panting and gave the brown leather wallet to dad.

“Don’t forget this papi….it’s for…you …to…remember us on your trip.” Dad smiles warmly, I can tell he was fighting tears. The brown wallet held dad’s credit cards, California ID and a list of pictures. The majority were family pictures which was a relief, at least we can have mom close by despite not being physically here. To my dismay he did preserve my naked baby picture…damn it, forgot to burn it when I had the chance.

“Gracias mijo, I- come here!” he swoops Kevin to a big hug. Kevin laughs as he was put down. Dad tucks the wallet in his back pocket. Then he turns to me, I turned away and crossed my arms, I’m still mad at him. I heard him step down from the cart and felt his arms wrap around me.

“Roselia, I know you are upset about this, but trust me. Everything will be alright. I promise if everything goes as planned, I’ll make it up to you.” I turned and looked at him skeptically.

“Really?” he nods at me. “You mean leave this place and travel to find a way home.”

“Absolutely.” After looking at him for a few seconds, I nodded and smile weakly. Dad smiled back and kissed my forehead. “ Princessa, I’ll return safe and sound, you’ll see.” He turned to get back on the wagon but I stopped him.

“Wait!” I quickly went over and made a sign of the cross for him and kissed him on the cheek. “Cuidate papi and please use the map and compass.”

“I will!” Hoping back on the cart, he shook the reign and Phillipe began to pull him away. Kevin and I shouted our good byes and lucks.

“Bye dad! Good Luck!”

“Yeah! Good Luck and beat those other losers!”

“Adios queridos and take care while I’m gone!” We waived endlessly until father was nothing more than a small dot that disappeared into the countryside. Kevin looked deeply sad and I hugged him, kissing his head.

“Come on Kevin, let’s go read our books.”

“Ok Rosy.” As we reached the door, I looked back into the far country side, the sun disappearing into the horizon and the night stars began to shine like diamonds on a black rock. I made a sign of the cross and with hands together I prayed to the Virgin Mary.

“Virgen Maria, please watch over him and let nothing bad happen to him. I promise to be more responsible and more understanding to papi and Kevin. Amen.”

Dark Forest…

Ahora si le regastes, Martin scolded himself. He was now officially lost in the dark forest. The map was no help since the lantern wasn’t too bright for him to see. Though he was too proud to admit he does have a bad sense of direction. The compass was still tucked in hi pocket and refuse to use it since he was afraid to drop it and not find it. No, he will figure it out.

“We should be there by now. Maybe we missed a turn.” Martin whispered though to no one if not to Philipe. “I guess I should have taken a...wait a minute.” He realized they reached to a sing post and lifting his lantern wasn’t able to make out the writing since it was faded. Funny, he thought amusingly, I can make out Anaheim y Valencia. Whether it is coincidence or ironic, it was no time to amuse himself. Martin must reach to the fair for the sake of his family’s future. Phillipe, desiring to continue on his master’s journey began to walk but Martin pulled him back.

“Let’s go this way!”

Phillipe shakes his head and looks right, a dark, overgrown path. Then to the left towards a more inviting route. Being a smart horse, he begins to go left, knowing it is the safest route and the right path. However, his satisfaction was short lived when Martin began to pull him to the right.

“Come on, Phillipe! It’s a shortcut. We’ll be there in no time!” After a short time, Phillipe’s fears began to grow and realize they were in gretater danger. A shadow sunddeny ran past some tress, followed by howls. Phillipe, getting frightened, began to back away, causing Martin to be annoyed.

“This can’t be right. Where have you taken us, Phillipe?” asked Martin, the poor horse confused as to why it’s his fault. “We’d better turn around...and...whoa...whoa boy, whoa Phillipe.” Martin try to control the frightened horse but it was too late when the wagon hit a tree and woke a herd of bats. “Oh, oh! Look out!” A swarm of bats fly out of a tree causing poor Phillipe to flee in panic. He runs through the forest avoiding everything until he almost runs over the edge of a cliff. Luckily Martin was able to halt the horse, trying desperately to back away to their near deaths.

“Back up! Back up! Back up! Good boy, good boy. That’s good, that’s--back up! Steady. Steady! Hey now. Steady. Phillipe! No!”

Phillipe finally bucks him off after hearing another howl. The horse ran and ran until he disappeared into the fog. Martin stand ups and watched in dismay at his surroundings. “Phillipe!” whispered Martin desperately, praying the horse might come back. Picking up his hat, he began to walk and his foot stepped on something hard. Much to his despair, it was his compass not broken. Dios mio, thought Martin in despair, what else could go wrong. A hungry and savage growling answered his question. Up on a small hill stood three ferocious wolves , looking down at him hungrily. In panic, Martin began to run for his life, the wolves following in pursuit. Not looking where he was going, the poor man stumbles down a hill. Trying to pick himself up, he noticed a gate nearby and without caring rushed towards it. Martin tried desperately to shake it open.

“HELP! Is someone there?! HELP!” To his luck the gate finally opened and runs in. He slams the gate in the faces of the wolves. But the wolves were not finished with him. One manages to bite Martin’s foot and tries to pull him back. Martin, gathering up his courage kicks the wild dog and crawls away. Standing up, his hat falls to the ground and Martin pants heavily. The wolves leaves, knowing their prey was safe. Giving a relief sigh martin turns and his face pales. Standing before him, was something he never saw except in the history channel, books and movies. There before him stood a dark foreboding castle.

PHEW! I worked so hard on this chapter and will do so on the next ones. Thank you for all your support! I like to give a shout out to all my reviewers, seriously you guys, you are my will to continue this fanfic. Now that I’m going back to school, I’ll be more on the computer and be able to write future chapters. Of course, I have to be on my mother’s good grace. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enter the contest of the fanfiction on Inkitt but that’s okay. Maybe next time! Oh, I have a few important announcements. First, if you are wondering the pace I’m going through, well, I want to have character development as well as good plot for my fanfic. Also I want readers to feel that they are watching the movie with my OC as the star, lol! So patience my friends, our heroine will meet her ferocious Beast very soon! Finally, I am looking for someone to do a cover art for my fanfic. Yes, I never ask for these things due to experience in the past when one promise me something and they never do it. However, I feel things will be different now. So I am looking for someone with good art skills who can do a cover art for my fanfic as well as other illustrations based on scenes from the fanfic as well. I have a deviantart account with the same pen name so comment me and show me a small demonstration and I’ll see if I give you the thumbs up. I have nothing to give except for a llama badge. If anyone is willing, please pm me or send a comment on my deviantart account. Tha is all, Martin will meet his future furry son-in-law hehehe. Until then, bye, bye!

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