Lost Within A Rose

By yasdnilgoth

Adventure / Romance

The Dark Shadow

I don’t own Beauty and the Beast or any of the songs, only Disney does. I only own my OCs and the fairytale twists (evil chuckle)! I am finally updating this chapter. Now, on with the show!

(The Castle) 3rd POV

The castle loomed over him casting a greater shadow if it was possible. Martin looked up with weary eyes, barely saving himself from the wolves; he wonders whether it was an answered prayer from God. Part of him wanted to enter, but his sensible side urges him not to. There was something strange and evil about this place that going in would be signing his own death sentence. It was strange to describe his fear and he stayed put, unable to decide on what to do.

“Could this day get any worse?” At that moment, lightning flashed and a roar of thunder followed, as heavy rain fell upon him. Smacking his forehead, Martin shook his head. Tenias que decirlo menso, he mentally scolded himself.

Without a second thought, the man ran towards the heavy wooden doors. He pounded and to his surprise, a side door creaks opened. Cautiously, he stepped inside the dark castle. If he thought outside looked creepy, then he couldn’t say it wasn’t even better inside. Shivering Martin looked at the main foyer of the castle, a dirty red rug that started where he stood to up the grand staircase, many demonic statues that stood on the walls and columns that seem to stretch on a never-ending ceiling. There were a few candles lit that made shadows flick. In addition, Martin noticed an antique clock and burning candelabra on a small table not too far from where he was standing. Walking slowly inside, Martin closed the door that squeaked loud and ending with a deep thump sound. He squinted, mentally scolding for not being any quitter. Looking around, there wasn’t anyone around, no servants or butler or perhaps the owner of the castle. Martin took a deep breath and called out.

“Hello? Heeellloooo!” Martin’s voiced echoed through the main foyer. He expected someone to answer, but to his dismay none was oblige. He was about to call out again when he picked up a pair of small faint whispers, making the poor man jump.

“Poor fellow must have lost his way in the woods.”

“Keep quiet! Maybe he’ll go away.”

Martin raised an eyebrow and looked around. He saw no one except for the clock and candelabra on a small table. Was someone there or was it his imagination?

“Is someone there?” the shivering man called, his voice echoing through the hall. Unbeknown to Martin, a pair eyes were staring at him interestingly, excited to see a human enter the castle in such a long time. Both were listening attentively to the damp man.

“Not a word, Lumiere. Not one word!” warned the brown clock in a barely whisper.

“I don’t mean to intrude, but I’ve lost my horse and I need a place to stay for the night. Por favor, yo pago cualquier cosa, just so I can return home tomorrow,” Martin called out, trying to explain his situation.

Both objects opened their eyes and stared at the man behind him. The golden candelabra cocked his head when he heard said in a strange language and realize it was Spanish. The man wasn’t around from these parts of the kingdom, he was lost, the poor man. Lumiere looks at clock like a child who found a lost puppy.

“Oh Cogsworth, have a heart.” Cogworth suddenly puts his hand over Lumiere’s mouth with a dismay look.

“Shush shush shhhhh!” This didn’t stop the dashing Lumiere, he wasn’t to stand there with booth his candle holders crossed. He promptly proceeds to touch his lit candle hand to Cogsworth’s hand, burning him but entirely harming him.

“Ow ow Ow OW OW OUCH!” crying out Cogsworth as he blew on his poor burnt hand. Lumiere smiled as he said out loud, “Of course, monsieur, you are welcome here.”

Martin froze in the spot. Where did the voice come from? Looking around he saw no one, it was too dark to see anything. Martin then took the nearby candelabra and look around frantically.

“Who said that?” He felt a tap and turned but no one was there. “Seriously, who is talking?”

“Over here!”

“Where?” Martin was getting tired of this game. He kept going in circles and couldn’t find the man who I s speaking to him. Suddenly, he felt a cold and hard tap to the side of his head. Martin was startled and came face to face with the candelabra he was holding, staring back at him. Wait-staring at him?


Martin’s face drained and couldn’t even move. There in his hand was a talking candleholder? What in the devil was going on? The candelabra waved one of his candle holder arm.

“Allo? Are you there monsieur?” asked the candelabra.

Without warning, the man drops Lumiere to the floor, gasping and backing away to the door. Lumiere sits up and holds his head, the drop made an unfortunate impact causing him to be nearly knocked out. Martin was mumbling unintelligent words; he was too frightened to even get out of the castle. He suddenly went on his knees and began to pray incoherently in Spanish. Lumiere hops over and taps him in the shoulder.

“Oh monsiuere, no need to be frightened. I mean you no harm. Let me give you the proper hospitality.” Martin looks down on Lumiere with wide eyes, observing the candelabra. Feeling a little ease of something that shouldn’t be alive, was being friendly to him.


Cogworth hops over and places his hands on his hips. “Well, now you’ve done it, Lumiere. Splendid, just peachy-aaarrrgghh!”

Martin picks up the talking clock and began to fiddle it. “How is this accomplished?”

“Put me down! At once!” cried Cogsworth, feeling his dignity dwindle. Lumiere, on the other hand, was trying very hard to hold his laugh, this was very amusing, even if it was happening to his best friend. Then to Cogsworth’s dismay, Martin began to tickle his feet causing the clock to laugh against his will. As Cogsworth twists it’s clock body to stop the endless torture of tickles, Martin notice the handle on the back of Cogsworth head. He begins to wind the spring, twisting his face around with the clock hands. Unknown to Martin, this caused Cogsworth to yelp in pain, the man wasn’t aware that these objects could feel pain like a living being. To make matters worse, Martin opens the front of Cogsworth and begins to play with his pendulum. Not taking any more of this buffoon’s abuse, he slams the door shut on his finger.

“Sir, close that at once, do you mind!” The man’s face turned to worry and began to stutter.

“I-I-I b-b-beg your pardon, it’s just that I’ve never seen a clock that...aah...i mean...aah aah aah-chooo!” Martin sneezes on the face of Cogsworth, who proceeds to wipe his face off using his clock hands in a very anachronistic windshield wiper manner. Martin sniffles, the poor man realize he got the cold from the rain. Rose will not be happy to hear about this.

“Oh, you are soaked to the bone, monsieur. Come, warm yourself by the fire,” said Lumiere, hoping over to a nearby den.

“Thank you so much,” croaked Martin, following the golden candelabra. Cogsworth’s face paled and began running towards then. Unknown to them, a dark hulking shadow stood above the grand staircase. It’s piercing blue eyes flashes and a great anger rose from it’s chest, growling dangerously.

“No, no, no, do you know what the master would do if he finds you here,” protested Cogsworth, who got a hold Martin’s cloak and trying to stop him from going further in the den. As the trio disappeared into den, the shadow swiftly followed, deciding at once to make his presence known.

“I demand that you stop...right...there!” Cogsworth tumbles down the steps when he lost his footing and his hands slipped from holding the cloak. Martin takes a seat in a large chair in front of a roaring fire. Cogsworth shakes his head in horror.

“Oh no, not the master’s chair!” Suddenly a red blur ran past him, making him twist. Martin turns around and saw it was a red footstool, running in all fours and…barking?

“I’m not seeing this, I’m not seeing this!” cried Cogsworth, covering his eyes. The footstool rushes up to Martin and wags it’s stringy tail. He sits up and looks both sides, not knowing what to do. But if this footstool is acting like a dog, well, he might as well pet it. As Martin gently pets it, the footstool got even happier, Martin smiled and chuckled.

“Well, hello boy. Que perro tan…suavesito.” The footstool props himself up under the feet of Martin. Then a black coatrack enters and places a warm blanket around Martin. He smiles as the coatrack tips it’s hat that was wearing.

“What service! You..uh…people are much too kind.” Cogsworth straighten up and looked as if he was about to explode a spring.

“All right, this has gone far enough. I’m in charge here, and-” he was cut off when something ran over by the anachronistic IndyCar sounding teacart of a percaline tea pot. Like the other objects, except the coatrack, it had eyes and a mouth, though no arms or small legs. It was female by the long eyelashes, prominent round chin, magenta lips and lavender eyeshadow. The teapot smiled at Martin, pouring tea from its spout on a small teacup.

“How would you like a nice spot of tea, sir? It’ll warm you up in no time,” asked the kind Mrs. Potts. Martin nods and just as he reached for the small teacup, the teacup turned and smiled up at him. He widened his eyes as the teacup hops on his hand.

“No! No tea! He’ll be here all night, so no tea!” cried Cogsworth, from face down position on carpet. The small teacup laughs as Martin began to sip his warm tea.

“Ha ha! His lips tickles, Momma!”

Martin chuckles as he holds the cup in his hand, “Perdon pequeno, how are you?”

Before the teacup could answer, the atmosphere drastically changed. The door to the den slams open and a strong gust of wind blows into the room, extinguishing Lumiere’s flames and the fire in the fireplace. The servants froze and with horror looked out at the door. Cogsworth dives for cover. Mrs. Potts begins to shake, while Chip, the teacup jumps back onto the teacart and takes refuge from behind his mother.

“Uh oh!” whispered Chip with worried.

He saw what the rest of the servants feared, their master. The master came into the den in all fours, growling with anger.

“There’s a stranger here,” growled the master.

Martin shook with fear, fear that wasn’t familiar. He could tell by the voice, this person-thing-wasn’t human.

Lumiere who has relit his flames, came in Martin’s defense, “Master, allow me to explain. The gentleman was lost in the woods and he was cold and wet-” his last sentence was drowned out by the very loud growl of his master, which puts out his flames once again. Lumiere looks down dejected.

“Who let him in?!” cried out the master.

Cogsworth came out from under the rug, took a deep breath to talk. “Master, I’d like to take this moment to say...I was against this from the start. It was all his fault. I tried to stop them, but would they listen to me? No, no, no-” Again, the thing growls loudly, drowning Cogsworth pathetic excuses. The poor clock retreat under the rug and shook with fear.

Martin couldn’t take it anymore, he must get out of there or he will end up dead. He looks to one side of the chair, then to the other and sees the thing that was tormenting the poor souls. Martin gasps as he stood up quickly like a jack rabbit. His heart pounded wildly, sweat trickled rapidly all over him, and got even pale than it was possible. Before him wasn’t a man, as he suspected, but a monster…it was a Beast. The Beast was all fur with horns, cruel fangs and menacing claws. He wasn’t wearing a shirt but ragged breeches and a cape. What startled Martin was it’s eyes, instead of the usual red eyes or piercing ones like he had seen in movies, the beast’s were…human and the color of a summer’s sky. Martin shakes his head, made a sign of the cross.

“Madre mia…”

This didn’t help matters as the Beast felt insulted and narrowing his eyes at the poor man.

“Who are you! What are you doing here?”

Martin was very scared and was backing away from the advancing beast.

“My name is Martin. I was lost in the woods and-”

“You are not welcome here!” The beast growled menacingly, still advancing him. Martin’s eyes shifted and saw a fireplace poker. It was his only chance to use what he can and escape this nightmare. He backed away with caution towards the fireplace, still facing the Beast.

“I’m sorry…”

“What are you staring at?”

“Noth-noth-nothing! ” stuttered Martin, finally reaching the fireplace, ready to make his move.

“So, you’ve come to stare at the beast, have you?”

Suddenly without warning, Martin swoops the poker and cried out as he started to beat the Beast blindly. The Beast roared and having the agility and strength as advantage, he knocks the poker out of Martin’s hands. The Beast looms over him, growling and exposing his sharp teeth. He grabs the man shirt and lifts his up.

“How dare you,” hissed the Beast.

“Let me go! Por favor, I have a family, my children- I just needed a place to stay- OOF!”

The beast flings Martin across the room. The man hits the wall knocking him out completely. The Beast approaches the man and looks down at him with no mercy.

“I’ll give you a place to stay!” The Beast picked Martin up and unknown to the Beast, something brown slipped out of the unconscious man’s pocket. He takes the man out of the room and slams the door, plunging the den, along with the staff into darkness.

Cottage( Roselia’s POV)

“Noooooooooooooo!” I cried, sitting up on my bed. I was gasping for air, sweat was trickling…what an awful nightmare. As hard as I try to hold back tears, my emotion won and let them fall freely. I haven’t cried in a long time and I was ashamed of it. I covered my face, trying to think clearly as I sobbed. Papi…please be alright, I thought with worried.

“Rosy?” I looked up and saw Kevin standing next to me.

“Oh... hey Kevin, ” I said with a smile, wiping my tears. I knew I wasn’t fooling Kevin.

“You had a nightmare didn’t you?”

I sighed and replied, “Yeah, but it’s nothing now go to bed-”

“I had a nightmare too. It was about Papi,” as he said this, I looked at him with curiosity, my dream was about Dad also. “And there was a dark shadow who was mean and, and, he took Papi away.”

I gaped, that was what I dreamed about. Despite being a dream, it felt too real. My mind snapped to reality by Kevin’s sobbing. I told him to hop on so he can sleep next to me. Together we laid on the bed, listening to the storm outside.

“Don’t worry Kevin. Dad will be okay, I know it,” I said stroking his hair like Mom would. Even though I was convincing Kevin, I said it to convince myself.

“Really?” Kevin asked, looking hopeful in his eyes. I smiled and said.

“Really really. Now let’s sleep, tomorrow we have a big day.”

Kevin was confused at my statement. “Why?”

“We are going to have a picnic outside on the field, like we did with Mom.” I said with enthusiasm. Kevin looked up at me with excitement, sadness disappearing and happiness replacing it on his eyes. I kissed his forehead and we fell asleep before we even know it. Before I was totally asleep, I couldn’t help but wonder if that nightmare was a warning.

Castle (Den) 3rd POV

The servants hopped away sadly after the fiasco that happened. There was absolutely no hope. In ten years, they received a visit from the outside world and only to be spoiled by the anger of their master, the former human prince. Chip was confused by all that has happened. He remembered the prince to be spoiled, selfish and unkind. However, he wasn’t entirely cruel, at least not with him. Back in the good times, the prince would always play with Chip. Now, after the curse was placed, his master was very different. Chip was just about to follow his mother when something brown caught his eye. Hoping over, he saw what appears to be a leather pouch. He used his handle to open it and saw a variety of strange cards and small portraits. One portrait showed the man and what appeared to be his family in a strange place with strange clothes. Chip smiled at his newfound treasure and was just about look at one of the strange hard cards when Mrs. Potts called him.

“Coming Momma!” Chip quickly closes the pouch and pushes it under the chair. He will retrieve it later and hide somewhere else. The little teacup hopes that someone will break the spell soon.

I came back from the dead my friends! I will update the next chapter as soon as possible. With school and work, life does interfere. Please read and review. I am still looking for an art cover for my fanfic so please pm me if you are willing. I want to thank TheRina252 for drawing Roselia anime style, here is the link: http://yasdnilgoth.deviantart.com/art/Roselia-Adapted-210216-592246838 I want to thank grapejuice101 for being my editor and helping me out with ideas. Hugs to everyone and be on the lookout for the next chappie! Until then bye bye!

If you are wondering some of the Spanish words: Papi: daddy, Madre mia: My mother(phrase used expressing surprised), Tenias que decirlo menso: you had to say it stupid, Perdon pequeno: sorry little one, Que perro tan…suavesito: what a soft dog.

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