Lost Within A Rose

By yasdnilgoth

Adventure / Romance


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Outside the Cottage (3rd POV)…

The storm had passed, and the aftermath was peaceful with a bright yellow sun. The birds were singing its song of a farewell to the season. Everything was peaceful, however the peace of the atmosphere would be disrupted by two individuals with a disgraceful plan for a young girl who was living in her humble adobe. A strong hand moved a damp branch so he and his small friend could get a clear view of the small cottage. The short man chuckled and looked at his more handsome companion.

“Heh! Oh boy! Roselia’s gonna get the surprise of her life, huh Gaston,” asked Lefou as he looked at his best friend.

Gaston nodded his well brushed head and looked at the cottage. His eyes gleamed with hunger and smiled devilishly.

“Yep. This is her lucky day,” declared the muscular man.

Gaston stared at the cottage and he smirked, knowing that he will finally have Roselia as his wife. He let go of the branch he was holding. Lefou was not paying attention when the branch swung and hits poor Lefou in the mouth, stupefying him. Gaston walked back toward a large crowd who were waiting for him. He was excited and proud of this day, for today he was going to make Roselia his wife. The arrogant man came well prepared. He had the wedding set up complete with a band, priest and of course the wedding cake. Most of the town was here for the occasion. In addition, Gaston was dressed for this special day. He wore a red tailcoat trimmed with gold fabric, a waistcoat, breeches, black boots, and also had white tights. All he needed was his bride to be. Gaston turns to the band, wedding guests and others, who were apparently just out of sight of Roselia’s cottage. The man looks toward his guests and his witnesses, clearing his throat.

“I’d like to thank you all for coming to my wedding,” he stated. Gaston looks back to the small cottage before he said jokingly, “But first, I better go in there and... propose to the girl!”

Gaston chuckles at his so called witty remark, making the minister, the baker and everyone else laughing heartily. The bimbettes, however, were crying hysterically. They were losing the man of their dreams to a tomboy. Oh how they despise the girl. The bimbettes were ready to formulate a plan and stall the wedding. Why can’t Gaston love them and forget about Roselia? Gaston turns to Lefou to see that his little friend was laughing with everyone. Lefou immediately stopped his laugher when Gaston pokes his nose to get his attention.

Gaston stares down at his friend and said sternly, “Now, you Lefou. When Roselia and I come out that door—”

“Oh I know, I know! I’ll strike up the band,” Lefou cuts Gaston, as he turns and begins directing the band to play a shoddy version of “Here Comes the Bride.” Gaston slams a baritone over Lefou’s head. He didn’t want Lefou to blow up their surprise.

“Not yet!” he hissed at the little man.

Lefou’s tight lips came out of the instrument and said in a meek voice, “Sorry.”

Gaston rolled his eyes with annoyance and he started to walk towards the cottage to collect his bride.

Cottage (3rd POV)…

“Come on, where is it,” mumbled a stressed out little boy.

Kevin was searching through his small closet. Moving away the clothes that were hanging from a pole and pulling out boxes of storage. Kevin knew what he was looking for and it was in the closet, since he saw it a couple of days ago... or was it weeks ago? He moved away a white button down shirt and he finally found what he was looking for. Kevin smiled as he pulled out a homemade blue kite with a red Angry Bird painted on the right side of the kite’s wing. His Dad taught him how to make their very own kite instead of buying an expensive one. Whenever it was a nice weather with a strong wind, Kevin would go out with Papi and fly their kite, trying to see if the kite would touch the clouds. Roselia would join in once in a while, but she would rather read her books instead of playing with him. Kevin smiled dropped a little as he remembered Roselia used to play with him when they were little. He always wondered why she changed and is not playing with him like before.

As he looked at the kite, his thoughts went back to how things were before being stuck back in time. He missed his friends, his neighbor’s dog, and he was shocked that he sometimes miss his school. Oh how he missed his Mommy and the 21st century. He almost cried as he wondered if his Mommy was looking for them. Does his Mommy still love him or did she forget all about him?

“Even though I love this kite, I still wish I had my DS3D or WiiU console.” He said quietly to himself. “I really miss you so much Mommy.”

Just as he was about to walked out of his room, Kevin heard a noise abruptly starting outside. Normally he would hear only the farm animals from his window, but the noise sounds like... people. He runs toward the window, pulls back the curtains and pushes the glass of the window to open. What he saw made him gasp with excitement. Outside stood a grand party with lots of flowers, people, presents and cake. Kevin loves cake, especially chocolate cake. Next to the cake stood a mountain of colorful presents. Some presents were big, small, tall, and wide. Kevin wondered if it was someone’s birthday and they are invited. Oh this day is going to be awesome! Better tell Rosy the big news, he thought with delight. He closed his window, grabs his kite, and ran out of the room to find his big sister.

Kitchen ( Roselia’s POV)…

Left over ham and hard bread was all I could come up with for the picnic. I guess ham sandwiches it would be, since there are nothing else than the leftover dried up pork from last night’s dinner. I shuttered as I recalled trying to swallow my pork from dinner. Not a pretty site. Good thing there was at least grapes for the dessert. Boy, I hated living here minute by minute. I wish that stupid old lady just send us back home already. We’ve been here a year and we did not find anything to bring us back out our century.

As I packed the picnic basket and rolled up the white and red checkered blanket, Kevin ran into the kitchen with a wide grin and was hopping without stopping as if he ate 5 pounds of Skittles. Just letting you know, Skittles make him very hyperactive. I raised an eyebrow at him, eyeing him strangely.

“What’s gotten you all so excited about? It’s can’t be the picnic,” I said as I placed the grapes in the basket.

I yelped as Kevin grabbed my wrist and yanked me up the stairs. I nearly slipped as Kevin pulled me to his room. “Rosy! Rosy! Come quick! Something is happening outside. Come look!”

When we reached my brother’s bedroom and Kevin released my swollen wrist, as he pushed open his window. I sighed and walked slowly to see what he was talking about. My ears twitched as I heard a great commotion outside. Peeking out the window, what I saw baffled me; it was a wedding party, complete with a minister, band and wedding cake. What confused me was that nearly the whole village was there and that it was close to my house. Why is it near my house? Weddings for this little town were nothing new to me, especially when you’re not invited. I shook my head and looked down at Kevin.

“It’s obviously a wedding Kev. Nothing new here,” I said sarcastically.

Kevin’s eyes brighten as he asked me all excitedly, “Do you think we’re invited?”

I sadly shook my head and said, “Kevin, no one told us about this wedding yesterday. It speaks clearly that they don’t want us there.” Kevin groans and looks down with disappointment. I didn’t want him to be sad, especially since Dad is not here. I lift his chin and smile at him. “Besides Kevin, we have our own special party; the picnic remember? So let’s hurry so we can have fun.”

This definitely brightens Kevin’s attitude as he screams with delight and runs down stairs. I rolled my eyes and chuckled at the display. Despite being annoying at time, he wasn’t all that bad. As I walked down the stairs, the small hairs on the back of my neck rise instantly, sending a cold shiver through my spine. That was a bad sign and I knew only one person who gave my those chills. Oh please don’t let him be here, I thought to myself.I nearly jumped out of my skin when there was a big pounding on the door. The pounding made me cringe and I felt very ill all of a sudden. There was only one person who knocks that certain way. I peeked though one of the windows in the kitchen to see someone was marching right up to the cottage. This day was going to be perfect... until he came to the door. I silently made the sign of the cross, asking for help in any way. Oh no…not now, I thought grimly and panic.

I nearly fell to the floor as Kevin bumps right into me and rushes into the living room to the front door. “It’s Gaston! Coming Gaston!”

My eyes widen when I realized that Kevin was going to let that creep in my house. No way that is happening, I thought. Without a second thought, I rushed into the living room, and grabbed Kevin before he touched the door handle. Kevin was about to complain, when I covered his mouth and motioned quietly to stop. I slowly removed my hand, when I realized he calmed down. I waved my hands, pleading to him not to say anything and for him to not open the door. My eye twitched when I heard the sound of Gaston’s voice.

“Kevin? Is that you? My boy, open the door. I need to speak with your sister,” called Gaston. Yeah right, like that’s going to happen. I motioned to Kevin to tell him that I wasn’t here and Gaston needs to leave.

Kevin looked confused before saying out loud, “Uhm…no, sorry Gaston. She’s not here and I can’t open to anyone.”

“Are you sure?” Gaston asked through the door.

“Yeah! She just told me to say that.”

I slapped my forehead and freaked out. Why did he just say that? I looked right at my baby brother and angrily waved my hands.

“Kevin, we’re pals. I know she is in there. Tell her I have something very important to tell her.”

I tried to do some charades to tell Kevin what to say. Kevin looked at the front door and called out, “I uh... she can’t come out because...,” Kevin stops and looks at me. I placed my hands over my stomach and made a gagged face. Come on Kevin, tell Gaston I am sick and he needs to go. Kevin furrowed at me and said, “because she is having trouble…pooping?”

“KEVIN,” I hissed. I closed my eyes, realizing I said Kevin’s name out loud. Now Gaston knows I’m here. Kevin covered his mouth, trying really hard not to laugh. That’s it, this has to stop. If you want something done, you got to do it yourself. Kevin instantly stopped his laughing when he saw I had a stern and frustrated look. I pointed upstairs and said in a commanding voice, “Bedroom, NOW!”

Kevin looked at me confused. “But Rosy, Gaston-”

“NOW Kevin!”

He humph and crossed his arms. “You’re no fun anymore,” he screamed as he ran up the stairs.

I took a deep and walked over to the door. Peeking through the peephole that my Dad made, I had a clear anachronistically accurate fish-eye view of Gaston. I shuddered with disgust and knowing I was about to do the most stupidest thing in my entire existence. I opened the door just a bit to see the jerk staring right at me.

“What do you want?” I asked as I glared at him.

Gaston smiled his pearly whites, as if I thought that his teeth were charming. Seriously, all the girls at this stupid village are in love with that?

“Bonjour Roselia! Lovely morning isn’t it? May I come in?” he asked as he laid his muscular hand on the door.

I smiled sweetly at him and replied. “No can do Gashead. I’m really busy now. Now if you would excuse me-Hey!”

As I was about to slam the door in his disgusting face, Gaston’s strength manage to pushed the door back open and walked in the living room all casually. His attire surprised me, since I always see him in his hunting clothes. How dare he walked right in uninvited. I growled and walked behind him.

“Why don’t you come in?” I said as I crossed my arms and glared at the back of his black hair.

He turned his head and smiled right at me. “Thank you Rose!”

My glared harden when I heard the nickname. Only my Mom calls me Rose. “It’s Roselia and I was being sarcastic Gaston. Look, it’s such a pleasant surprise to see you but-”

“Isn’t it though? I’m just full of surprises. You know, Roselia, there’s not a girl in town who wouldn’t love to be in your shoes. This is the day...” Gaston paused by the mirror and licks his teeth clean it. I grimaced and stopped myself from even wondering how he managed to keep his teeth white. I’ve never seen him at the village dentist before. “This is the day your dreams come true,” Gaston finishes, making a hand gesture. I blinked at him blankly and raised an eyebrow. Seriously, what is he implying?

“You know what my dreams are? I highly doubt that Gaston,” I said as I walked around him and closer to the living room table.

I placed the picnic basket, which was placed on the floor, and onto the living room table near my book that the bookseller gave me for free. I still need to thank him for the book. Plus, Kevin and I still need to have our picnic and have fun for once. However, we cannot do anything, until I get this huge pest out of my house. The sooner Gaston, or as I secretly call him Gashead leaves, the better.

Gaston smirks right at me and replied, “It’s true and I can prove it. Here, picture this.”

Gaston plops down in a chair and props his mud-covered feet up onto... my new book?! The mud was all over the pages of Chapter 3, where the girl Katherine finally meets Benjamin, aka Prince Charming. My head was ringing with alarms and sirens. I felt my face turning red and steam was coming out of my ears. Oh no, he did not just do that. I mentally scolded myself for not putting the book away earlier. He begins to kick off his muddy boots and wiggle his toes through his hole-y socks. I was disgusted at the sight, but what was worse was the smell. Holy Smokes! The…the…STINK! I held my nose and glared at him.

“Arustic hunting lodge, my latest kill roasting on the fire, and my little wife, massaging my feet, while the little ones play with the dogs. We’ll have six or seven,” said Gaston as he rise and had his face practically way too close towards my face. I flinched and his vision of what was suppose to be my dream was absolutely crazy.

“Six or seven dogs?” I asked praying he would be joking.

I quickly grabbed my book and wiped away the mud with a dish rag. Gaston chuckled as he said, “No, Roselia! Strapping boys, like me!”

I choked and nearly barfed out my breakfast. Did Gaston suggested I should bare his…kids? The thought made laugh uncontrollably. Gaston looked at me strangely, confused at my sudden burst of laughter.

“What’s so funny?” asked the creep.

“What’s so funny? Gaston, your accuracy about what are my dream plans are completely ZERO percent.” Gaston looked even more confused at my statement. I suddenly had an idea as I looked at him and explained, “Let me explain it to you in simpler ways. My dreams are never to get married, never to have children, have my own apartment or house, work at my very own night club AND smoke cigars till the day I die.”

Ok, so the night club and the smoking cigars were a joke. However, the other ones were kind of true. I wasn’t ready to get married, I don’t want kids until maybe a coupe of years or so, and I do want my own space (so I can stay away from my family for a little while.)

Gaston stares at me and smirks. He shakes his head with a deep chuckle.

“You will soon change your mind when you find out who my wife is. And do you know who that wife will be?”

“Let me think…” I gulped and placed my book back on the shelf.

I was silently praying in my head, please don’t say me. Please God, do not let him say it’s me. I didn’t like where this was going and I’m pretty sure what was coming next. That would explain a lot about what was going on outside. I turned around and gasped in fright. Gaston cornered me and both of his hands were holding my shoulders.

“You, Roselia!”

I squeak and ducked right under his arms. No, absolutely not happening! And really, that is the worst and lamest proposal I have ever heard and seen. I tried to get away from him and I placed one of the living room’s chair between us. However, this doesn’t stop Gaston as he began to approach me and knocks the chair away. I walked backwards to the front door. I knew I was stupid enough to let him in. I had to think quick!

“Wow Gaston, you really surprised me. I don’t know what to say to that.”

I gasped when I felt my back hit the front door and Gaston traps me against the door with his head. Again, why did I open that stupid door to let him in? Door? Door, that’s it!

“Say you’ll marry me.”

I looked up at him and fluttered my eyes. He smiles widely, thinking I may have subdued to his charms. Distracting him, I fiddle my hands to turn the handle of the door.

“Look, I am sorry to tell you this Gaston, but...” I cringed as he closed his eyes, leans in, and puckers his lips. “Thank you for asking, but...” My hand was sweating as I tried to turn the door handle. Open you stupid door! For the sake of humanity, open! ” I’m so not interested in you at all!”

Instantly, I quickly opened the door, ducked under Gaston, and trip him with my foot. Gaston’s eyes opened with shock and he screamed when I tripped him, and he fell over the porch’s stair rail. To my glee, Gaston lands in a pile of mud, right were the pigs like to play. I giggled when one of the pigs named Sonic, Kevin named him, squealed in surprised to see a human fell right into it’s mud. I rolled my eyes when the wedding band begins to play “Here Comes the Bride.” I slammed the door shut, but turned around to see Gashead left his dried up muddy boots.

Outside the Cottage (3rd POV)

They’re here! Start the band now! Thinking Roselia and Gaston are walking down the porches stairs as the bride and groom Lefou immediately directed the band to play “Here Comes The Bride.” However, Lefou looks down and sees Gaston’s legs sticking out of the mud, and only the pig named Sonci’s head sticking up. Lefou cuts off the band, and slowly walks over to the pig’s mud. He gasped in shock to see his best friend’s head pops up, with Sonic the pig on top of Gaston’s head. He tilts his head, and Sonic squeals as the pig slides down Gaston’s back. Maybe Sonic thought Gaston was a slide.

Lefou chuckled as he used his stick to raised Gaston’s wet muddy hair out of his best friend’s face. “So, how’d it go?”

Before Gaston could say or do anything, like strangle the short fellow, his eyes widen when he heard Roselia’s voiced yelled out from behind.

“Hey, Gaston! You forgot these!”


Gaston went face down as he felt the intense hit of his boots hit behind his head. Gaston felt what he never had before; rejected, humiliation and defeat. To make matters worst, Lefou chuckled at the wrong time making Gaston growled dangerously. Gaston slowly raised his head out of the mud again and glared at his laughing friend. Lefou stopped his laughter and gulped with fright when he stared into Gaston’s dangerous and angry eyes. Gaston’s hand snapped out of the mud and picked up Lefou by the neck in a flash. The little man yelped and looked at his best friend with fearful eyes.

Gaston’s face was closed to Lefou as he hissed out, “I’ll have Roselia for my wife, make no mistake about that!”

Gaston dropped a screaming Lefou into the mud. Lefou sits up, irritated that he got to share the same shameful incident. He looks at Sonic the pig and grunts out, “Touchy!”

“Grunt Grunt” responded Sonic the pig, who couldn’t agree with Lefou more.

Gaston went towards his guests, ready to face the embarrassment of being rejected by the most beautiful girl in town. The people of the village gasped in shock to see their hero rejected. Gaston hated the stared and glared at them.

“What are you looking at? The wedding is postponed,” he shouted out loud.

“You mean she turned you down?” Gaston growled when he heard one of the triplet sisters asked him.

“Roselia will be my wife! She will not refuse me!”

The towns people looked at Gaston, who walks off dejected. His mind suddenly began to tick. He would not let this go. Roselia will be ashamed for embarrassing him in front of the whole town. Oh, no…he will find a way to get back at Roselia and make that girl his woman.

Cottage (Roselia’s POV)

“Where’s Gaston?” asked Kevin as he walked down the stairs.

Lecturing Kevin wasn’t easy, and anyone would believe me if they had to deal with someone who is nearly obsess with assholes like Gaston. Then again, I can’t really blame an eight year old for not understanding how to differentiate between real heroes and bogus ones. I decided to feed our animals before going out to the picnic.

“Can we feed the chicks?” pleaded my brother.

Holding the checkered blanket, I peek out the front door. I had to make sure there was absolutely no one there, especially that gorilla.

“Please tell me he is gone?” I asked particular to myself.

“Who is gone Rosy?” asked Kevin as he tried to jump and look over my shoulder. He was holding his blue kite and the picnic basket.

I rolled my eyes at my brother. I looked forward to see one of the chickens was sitting on the porch rail and looked up at me with a confused look. On days like these, if I had to talk to someone, even if it reduce me to talking with the animals. Boy, and here I thought Cinderella and Snow White were nuts.

“Can you imagine, that gorilla demanded me to marry him. As if I would marry that repulsive, womanizer, sexiest man...”

I couldn’t go on as I tossed corn seeds to the chickens and went to feed the goats. My thoughts wandered aimlessly of how horrible it would be if I became Gaston’s wife. Oh the humanity.

Madame Gaston, can’t you just see it

Madame Gaston, his little wife

Not me, no sir, I guarantee it

I want much more than this provincial life...

“Who you talking to Rosy?”

My eyes snapped open and saw Kevin ready to go for the picnic. He placed the basket down and looked at me with a worry look. I just shook my head.

“No one in particular Kevin,” I muttered as I angerly tossed the rest of the animal food towards the goats.

“Are you sure? Were you talking with the animals again?”

I rolled my eyes as I grabbed the basket out of his hands. “Yes Kevin as a matter of fact. Why? Got a problem?”

“Nope. Just that girls are weird.”

We walked towards the open field overlooking a great blue river. The sundown illuminate the sky and field looked like a golden hue. It felt magical I admit. Why can’t my life be magical and adventurous? No sooner did we settle and Kevin began to fly his kite, I sat down watching him happily that despite the awful morning, it didn’t spoil our afternoon picnic. My mind went back to Gaston. I really don’t know why Gaston bothered to court me and even tries to marry me. I mentally barfed into my mouth. I’m not beautiful or ladylike. What possessed him to become so obsessed over me?

I just hope Papi comes back so that we can leave this awful town once and for all and find our way home to Mom. I looked at a white dandelion flower and plucked it. Sometimes I feel that I’m stuck in someone’s else story. I don’t really belong here literally. Though there would be times I do wished something exciting could happen, though not like this.

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.

I want it more than I can tell.

And for once it might be grand, to have someone understand.

I want so much more than they’ve got planned.

I thought to myself as I blew the dandelion seeds away. I watched sadly as the dandelion seeds flew away and Kevin laughed happily as he ran to make his kite fly higher. I blinked and laughed inwardly. That last thought slipped by mistake. Seriously, I don’t need anyone. I’m a lone wolf.

“Come on Kev, it’s time to eat lunch,” I called out to him.

Before he could run over to sit on the blanket with me to eat our ham sandwiches, we both heard a cry of a horse. I gasped in shock to see our horse Phillipe running through the open fields. Kevin accidently lets go of his kite as it got blown away by the wind. I stood up and ran to the poor horse, who looked scared beyond comprehension. The horse wasn’t alone, it had papi’s invention but-

“Phillipe! What are- Whoa calm down boy!” I grabbed his rains to stop him and Kevin started to pet him.

“Phillipe, where’s my Daddy? Why isn’t he with you?” my brother asked hysterically.

My heart was pounding and I began to shake uncontrollably. Papi wasn’t here. He must be lost... or worse! Oh I knew we should have gone with him! Kevin was looking around as well, he began to breath unsteady.

“Rosy whats going on? Where is Daddy?”

I instantly grabbed his shoulders to make him calm down and stop moving in circles. “Kevin calm down. I’m sure Dad is around here somewhere.” I looked at the forest and made my decision. “I’m going to find him. Let find a midwife to babysit you and-”

Kevin moved out of my hands, crossed his arms, and stomped his foot. “No Rosy! Let me go with you. He is both our Dad and we should find him together. Remember what grandpa said, ‘A family that lives together, stays together.’”

I would have argued back, but he is right and the probability of finding a babysitter is zero... since I did reject the town’s hero, aka Gashead.

“Okay then,” I said nodding my head. “But you have to do exactly what I say if we are to find Dad.”

Kevin salutes me, with great determination. “Yes ma’am!”

We packed our backpacks with our modern clothes and other materials for the trip. I don’t want to leave anything personal behind, especially if it was from home. Still, we would wear our usual attire to avoid attention. I left plenty of food for the animals, hoping the search wouldn’t take long and they wouldn’t get sick or die. I shuddered to think any of our animals died. Kevin waited outside with Phillipe and I stood beside him after locking the door.

“Ready?” I asked him as I put my backpack on my back.

“Ready,” declared Kevin as he placed his cap firmly on his head.

“Then let’s go find Papi,” I said as we both mounted onto Phillipe.

Deep Forest…

Admiring the forest was something I couldn’t enjoy, unless it was under a different circumstances. We called out Dad, but with no luck and to our misfortune, the night swept the forest into total darkness. I wish we had batteries for our flashlights. Thankfully, the moon was our only light source. Phillipe was leading us to where he was with Dad the last time. We past a fork and to my disgrace and perhaps typical cheesy horror movie choice, it had to be the spooky trail. No matter, finding Dad was important, so we kept moving. Kevin sat in front of me while I held onto him and rode on Phillipe. My brother called out for Dad and I had to tell him to not yel. I have a feeling something else would find us first. I remembered one of my cousins told me there were dangerous animals in forests like this one. She would joke that in the forest there were lions, and tigers, and bears... Oh my. After several hours of calling and looking for Dad, our search was beginning to diminish our hope.

“Rosy,” groans Kevin, “What do we do now? We haven’t found Daddy, I’m hungry, and I think we’re lost.”

I rolled my eyes with annoyances and whispered in his ear, “We’re not lost Kevin. We just go back to where we came from and-”

“Rosy wait…LOOK!”

Kevin pointed towards the foggy forest and I narrowed my eyes for a better view. The sight made me gasp and Kevin looked at it with his mouth as wide open. The fog dispersed revealing a very gothic and dark castle. Talk about Dracula’s castle. We got closer until we reached the main gate. There was something about this place that told me Papi could be here and there was danger as well. I furrowed and looked at Kevin.

“Where are we?” whimpered my brother as he looked at me in the eyes.

Phillipe snorts, but then he begins to buck as if something is scaring him. Kevin began to cry and grabs my arm. Phillipe was scaring him and any second now, we would fall off our horse and hurt ourselves.

“Kevin, hold onto the rains tightly!” I quickly dismounted Phillipe to calm the horse down. “Phillipe! Calm down boy! Steady...good boy.” After the horse was finally calmed down, I helped Kevin down, who slowly releases the rains. He was scared to death. “Kev, you ok?”

“Yeah... yeah, I’m ok.” After taking a few deep breaths, his eyes widen and he rushes towards the iron gates. “Sis, look right there! It’s Daddy’s hat.”

My eyes widen with shock as I cried out loud, “What?!”

I ran to the gates and a hat laying on the ground. I opened the gate and saw it was Dad’s hat that he wore before he left on his journey. I rushed over to the hat and picked it up from the ground. I looked at the castle knowing he was here and he needs my help. I felt Kevin hold my hand and I looked at him. Kevin nods and faces the castle just as I did too.

“We’ll go together Sis.”

“Yeah.” I looked at the castle and cringed at the sight. I wasn’t very fond of haunted houses, so imagine how scared I was now. I looked at Kevin and squeezed his hand. “Remember, stay close to me and lets get Dad out of this…hell hole.”

Kevin saluted to me and said, “Right! Ready?”


We both began to march towards the double heavy doors. However, I did not know that my adventure was about to begin as I slowly open the doors to the dark castle.

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