Lost Within A Rose

By yasdnilgoth

Adventure / Romance

Nightmare King

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Somewhere in the Beast’s castle (3rd POV)

Lumiere rolled his eyes as Cogsworth continued to scold him like Lumiere was a child. For the past hour, Cogsworth has been telling the candlestick what he did wrong for the past 24 hours.

“Couldn’t keep quiet, could we?” mocked Cogsworth as he continued lecturing Lumiere of foolishly letting in a strangers in the castle and serve Martin without their Master’s consent. “Just had to invite him to stay, didn’t we? Serve him tea; sit in the master’s chair, pet the pooch.”

The clock makes gestures as he ridicule the terrible choices Lumiere did to anger their Master. The golden candelabra on the other hand looks away, huffing and not caring what Cogsworth thought about him. He did what any Maître would do, serve their guests with the best and kind service. It wasn’t his fault they were caught and the poor man is suffering in the dungeon.

“I was trying to be hospitable,” argued Lumiere.

He simply couldn’t understand why Cogsworth didn’t share the same ideals of being a kind host. It has been years since an actual human came to the castle. Sadly, it is not likely they will have another human guest coming over to visit any time soon.

Somewhere in the castle (Roselia’s POV)…

“Hello,” I whispered as I slowly opened the humungous doors.

I wasn’t kidding when I refer this place as Dracula’s crib. This place was the real deal of a typical haunted castle. Not even a movie studios can pull this off. The castle was extraordinary creepy, unusual... did I mention creepy? The place was pitch black that we couldn’t see a thing. Would it kill anyone to turn on the lights in this place? At that moment, I wished the only flashlight I had with me did not have dead batteries. The other flashlight I had disappeared with our missing car unfortunately. I nearly gasped with fright when I saw the decorations of the castle. Really old furniture all around; some of them broken. Gargoyles perched at every corner, staring and snarling down at us. Someone here must be really gothic if they had gargoyles at every corner. A thought suddenly came to my head. It was strange and perhaps stupid that the doors were unlocked. Who would leave their homes unlock that anyone could come in as they please? But under these circumstances, I’m not complaining. Papi must in trouble and if his hat was laying on the stony bridge, then he must be here. I knew someone was still living in this place, because there were a few candles lit in the main foyer. However, to me it seems that the place looks absolutely deserted. There were many cobwebs on various trinkets, the curtains that hanged were now rags and the floor wasn’t even swept.

“Seriously, would it kill someone to clean this place up?” I mumbled to myself.

As I continued to walk through this dark castle, Kevin was very close to me, shaking through his shoes. I knew he didn’t like the dark and the stone gargoyles and demons were of no help to ease his fears. We started to ascend the grand staircase and began to search through various hallways. Perhaps I should’ve brought a marker or chalk at least to mark the corners in case we get lost. Though now that I think about it, we would still get lost since there wasn’t any light to see the marker or chalk. I started to hear Kevin mumbling either to me or himself. He was trying to convince himself that this wasn’t a scary place. He kept on looking around to see nothing jumps at him. I shook my head and sighed. This is going to be a long night.

“This is great,” he said, with a nervous chuckle, “I mean I really love this...excitement...adventures...danger lurking around every corner-AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! ”

Kevin gave a terrifying loud scream. I jumped in shock when I heard his scream of terror. I turned to see him bumped into a very grotesque gargoyle that looked he was ready to gobble him up. He ran towards me yelling my name.


I quickly grabbed him and covered Kevin’s mouth. I glared as I could hear his screaming echoed through the hallway.

“Will you be quiet and stop goofing around,” I hissed at him. “We don’t know who lives here. We cannot find Dad if you scream and let the owners know we are here.”

I wasn’t sure if I was getting through my terrified little brother. The boy was shaking from head to toe. As I slowly remove my hand from his mouth and letting him go, I motioned him to follow me as we continued our search for Dad. Kevin was now holding my hand, or rather squeezing it, and looking back and forth.

“Rosy,” Kevin whispers nervously, “Do you think this castle is really haunted?”

I rolled my eyes at his question. I was about to answer him honestly, but an evil idea came to my mind. “Yes, it’s with ghosts and witches and a big monster who eats little kids for lunch.”


The boy began squeezing my arm, making my blood to stop flowing. Maybe I shouldn’t have teased him, as the sound of his soft shriek echoed the hallways. I quickly shook him so he would let go and stop squeezing my poor arm.

“Kev, chill out will you. There are no such things as ghosts or witches or monsters,” I reassured him.

“Are you sure?” he asks, looking at me with unease eyes. I rolled my eyes and looked down the hallway.

“I’m positive. Look, the sooner we find Dad, the better we can leave this creepy place.”

As I continued to walk down the hallway in a much quicker pace, I could hear Kevin’s meek little voice called out.

“Rosy wait up! Don’t leave me behind for the monster!”

3rd POV

Various silhouettes of living objects hiding in dark corners peeked at the two visitors. They chatter in low voices to each other, excited that a human girl appeared. After all these years… there is still hope since that day the man came to their household. Maybe this girl can finally make them human again! However, they wonder who that little boy was too, but the idea of the curse being lifted mattered more. Each one of the silhouettes went on their separate ways to spread the news. One tiny teacup peeked behind a curtain to see what the commotion was all about. When he saw the girl and the little boy, he immediately left to find his Mother.

Kitchens (3rd POV)…

Chip was very happy…no, thrilled. At last, a girl came to castle to save them. What’s even more wonderful that there was a young boy with her, someone Chip could play with. He had his brothers and sisters to play once in a while. However many of them didn’t share the same adventurous instinct as he did. So, usually he ended playing by himself. He knew at the moment he caught sight of the pair, they were the same children from the small portrait the man had in his leather pouch. Chip hopped quickly to the kitchen and spotted his Mother near a bubbly warm tub.

“Momma. There’s a girl and a little boy in the castle!” he exclaimed happily, though Mrs. Potts’ reaction was different.

“Now, Chip, I won’t have you making up such wild stories,” she scolded her son as she hopped off the tub.

“But really Momma, I saw them and she’s really pretty too,” argued Chip, desperately trying to convince his Mother that he was telling the truth.

“Not another word from you, young man. Into the tub,” she answers, lifting Chip into the tub. Suddenly, a feather duster named Fifi came rushing in with a bright smile.

“A girl! I saw a girl in the castle!” she explains, with a French accent to Mrs. Potts happily. As she rushed off to tell her friends, Chip peeks from the tub, spitting water and smiles at his Mother.

“See, I told ya!” he said with a short laugh.

Mrs. Potts was in complete shock. Could this be true and could she break the curse?

Back to the bickering pair (3rd POV)…

As Cogsworth continued to reprimand Lumiere, the clock did not noticed the candlestick was imitating him like a child.

Cogsworth raised his voice as he stated, “Irresponsible, devil-may-care, waxy eared, slack-jawed—”

Before Cogsworth could scold Lumiere any further, he was intererupted by the voice of a young…woman?

“Papi? Papi, where are you?”

It was a whisper, yet loud enough for them to hear her. They turned their heads to see someone’s back near the doorway. They gasped when they saw a cloaked figure that was the average height of a human girl. Lumiere turns to his friend with a smile on his wax face.

“Did you see that?” the candle asked eagerly.

Both ran to the door and poked their heads around the corner. To their surprise it really was a girl.

“A girl,” whispered Lumiere.

Before Cogsworth could utter a word, they heard another voice called out, “Rosy, wait up!”

They ducked behind the wall and just in time as another figure ran behind her. Lumiere saw that it was a little boy who was no older than perhaps nine years old. The girl turns to shush the boy and whispers something to him, perhaps scolding him. The candle and clock slowly poked their heads out to see the girl and boy were quietly walking down the hall.

“It really is a girl!” exclaimed Lumiere.

“Yes, I know it’s a girl! I can see that,” replied Cogsworth annoyed.

“Don’t you see? She’s the one. The girl we have been waiting for. She has come to break the spell!” Lumiere wasted no time, but to chase after them. Cogsworth followed after him and he was trying to stop the candelabra.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute! What about that boy? For all we know, she might be a married woman,” said the clock.

Lumiere didn’t look back as he rushed after the humans. “Or perhaps she is a lonely widow. Now hurry up Cogsworth, there is no time to loose mon ami!”

Cogsworth and Lumiere sneaks up behind the two visitors and open the door that leads to the tower where Martin is being kept.

Hallway (Roselia’s POV)

Why do I have a bad feeling someone is following us, I thought to myself. I couldn’t say it out loud, because I did not want to scare Kevin even more.

It felt like hours since Kevin and I advanced down a narrow hallway. Before we could go any further, something creaked behind us. Turning our heads, we saw a door opened all on its own. Kevin’s faced paled and he grabbed my hand in an instant.

“G-g-ghost? I t-t-told you this p-place was haunted,” Kevin yelped out with terror.

I didn’t answer, but something told me that Papi was in there. I began to go in despite Kevin trying to hold me back. We entered in a stony entrance with some spiral stairs leading upstairs. To my surprise and perhaps a glimmer of hope, I saw a light of a candle ascending. It must be Dad!

“Papi? Papi is that you? Wait! Don’t go, it’s us! Will you just-huh?” I quickly chased after the light with Kevin in pursuit, but as we reached the top... no one was there. Wait, that’s not right. I know someone was here. I did see a golden candelabra set in a small opening, but nothing else. Oh boy, now I’m beginning to think this place is haunted. Thanks a lot Kevin! But what baffled me was that we were standing in a cold stone…dungeon? I looked around, wooden doors closed, a small window and a few torches lit, giving the cold room an eerie feeling.

I looked down at my brother and said, “That’s so weird Kevin. I’m sure someone was...”

Kevin pulled down on my arm and whispered, “Maybe we should go.”

He started to pull me back to the door, before I called out, “Is someone there?”

"Roselia?” a voiced cried, bouncing against the stoned wall.

I cried when I instantly recognized the voice. It was Dad! My heart leaped with joy and tears started to threatened to come out. The voice came from one of the cell doors. Kevin cried with joy and quickly let go of my arm and ran to the door peeking through the small opening with metal bars. Two arms reached and held him.

“Kevin? Hijo is that you?”

Kevin grabbed one of the hands and cried out, “Daddy!”

I quickly grabbed a torch from the wall and went towards them. Like a family who haven’t seen each other for years, we hugged as much as possible despite the door separating us. Dad didn’t look the same. He was very pale, with bloodshot eyes and…is that dried blood on the side of his head? How did that happen?

Dad grabbed my hand and asked, “Roselia, how did you find me? Why is Kevin with you? He should’ve stayed-”

“Daddy, now it is not the time. What happened? Your head is injured,” I said as I tried to touch his head.

Dad looked at me with great fear as his eyes widened with terror. He shook his head and held my hand. Dad was about to say something, but began to cough roughly. I paled a bit, because I realized that he was really sick. Last time he was like this, he nearly died.

I looked down at his hand and stated, “Your hands are as cold as death. We have to get you out of here-”

Dad interrupted and said, “Roselia! No! You and Kevin must get out now!”

Kevin shook his head and declared, “No Daddy, you can’t stay here.”

“Forget about me! Both of you go!” I was confused and stared at him. Why was he scared and who did this to him?

“Someone hurt you, didn’t they? Who was it?” I demanded angrily.

“No te puedo explicar ahorita. You and your brother must go NOW!”

I shook my head and stared at him with determination. “Dad, I swear we won’t leave-”


A voice that sounded cruel and inhuman roared in the stoned room. Suddenly, I felt a hand…wait, a very enormous clawed hand grabbed my shoulder and spunned my around. My right arm felt it was being ripped off from its socket. The pull startled me and had a lot of force, that I accidently dropped the torch. I screamed and so did my brother as the torch flew out of my hand. The torch landed on a small puddle with a splash before the room was in total darkness. There was a small beam of light that lit the cold room from the outside of the open window. We were in complete darkness now.

“Run hijos! RUN,” cried in terror my Dad.

I instantly shield Kevin behind me, frantically looking around. I tried to see through the dark. I manage to see a silhouette of a…thing. It wasn’t human, more likely an animal. A monster? That cannot be right, because there is no such thing as monsters... right? But it’s eyes, there were the color of a summer’s sky.

“Who’s there? Tell me who you are,” I demanded.

“The Master of this castle,” responded the thing. His voice was was gruff and cruel. It crawled swiftly to the other side as my eyes followed it. Gathering whatever courage I had, I decided to speak out my business.

“We are here for my Dad. Can’t you see he’s sick?! If you just let him out-”

“Then he shouldn’t have trespassed here,” the silhouette interrupted me.

My eyes widen with disbelief. Did he just interrupted me? I was trying really hard not to loose my tempter as I said, “Look, he didn’t mean to trespassed. And besides, I never saw a sign that indicated this place was private property. How could he have known?”

“This is my castle,” it growled at me. “I can do as I please.”

Kevin looked up at me and noticed my hands were forming into fists. He grabbed my sleeves and said softly, “Rosy, please calm down.”

I did not listen to my brother at all. “Look, what do you have to gain or to loose if you keep him here? Please sir, he was sick before and nearly died. If he stays longer here, he will have pneumonia! Don’t you have a heart?”

“That is not my concern! He will stay here and rot as he deserves it!”

I could hear my Dad weekly coughing and Kevin gasped in shock at the Master’s statement. I was literally shaking with anger and if it wasn’t for Kevin hand that held my arm, I would have literally jumped up and attack this monster! However, Kevin cannot stop my mouth from continuing what I was saying . “Deserves it?! You ass-He is injured as well! Look at the dried blood on the side of his head! Did you do that to him?! What kind of monster are you?!”

The Master glared at me harshly. “That man assaulted me and offeneded me. He deserves to rot in here!”

“He more like tried to defend himself from you! You would’ve done the same if you were in his place!”

“Enough!” the thing roared, making me staggered and nearly squishing Kevin. “Hold your tongue girl! You have no right to speak to me like that.”

I gulped, part of me wanted to argue but my sensible side told me otherwise. If I lose it, everything would go down the drain. I have to negotiate my Dad’s freedom.

“Look, I am sorry. Forgive me, but please let him go…he could die in that dungeon. I’ll do anything.”

“M-m-me too,” my brother said behind my back meekly.

“There’s nothing you can do. He’s my prisoner,” the thing said. He began leaving but I had to stop.

“Come on, there has to be something for you to let my Dad...” Suddenly, a thought came to my head. “Wait!” The creature stopped, turned his head and stared into my eyes. I took a deep breath and gulped down my fears. I cannot believe I am doing this. I stared right into the sky blue eyes and said strongly, “Take me, instead!”

“WHAT,” shrieked out my baby brother.

The creature’s eyes widen with surprise when he heard what I said. “You! You would take his place?”

“Roselia! No! Don’t do this for me,” cried out my Dad as he reached for my shoulder. I ignored him and closed my eyes.

“If I did stay here, would you let my Dad go?”

“Yes,” he whispered tenderly. “But... you must promise to stay here forever.”

“No Rosy, please say no,” cried out Kevin as he gripped my arm even harder.

My eyes widened at his proposal. Stay here forever? Not seeing a single soul or civilization? I was taken away from home and now I’m being taken away from my family?

“Stay here forever? Not a week?” I asked.

“Forever, or your Dad stays here with me,” he said firmly.

I closed my eyes, knowing I had no other choice. I had to do this no matter what. I’ll worry about how to get out of here later, even if it means sneaking out or jumping out of the window. But if I’m staying then I must see my captor.

“Come into the light,” I said as I squinted my eyes.

The things remained silent before he began to approach in the light beam from the window. What seems to be shifting it’s feet. It was a hind paw, following torn black breeches and the whole body came into view. My eyes widen. I gaped and shrunk back, nearly squishing Kevin again. What I saw before me what something I usually see on TV or in the movies. The creature, had thick brown fur, dark brown bull like horns with sharp fangs and claws and had a long bushy tail. What was more frightening, it was a mixture of different animals. The beast was shirtless saved for a reddish cape. I gasped as I covered my mouth and looked away. Kevin shifted and saw the beast. He looked as scared as me but remained quite. Dad shook me and I looked right in his eyes.

“Roselia No! Don’t do this. I’m your father and I order you to leave right now!”

I looked at him and closed my eyes. I felt defeated and I started to stand up. Kevin tried to hold me back, but I pushed away gently. I gained my composure and approached the beast. Looking straight in the eyes, I nodded and lowered my head.

“I swear I will stay with you.”

“Done!” the beast quickly said as he went to the cell to open it. I fell to my knees. I was shocked and couldn’t move a muscle. I was staying here with this monster forever. I literally signed my death to this beast. Kevin moved away from the beast, ran to me and hugged me tightly.

“Rosy, why did you do it,” I heard Kevin whimpered in my ear.

Before I could reply, I heard the door opening and someone running towards us. Dad instantly took a hold of me.

“Roselia, you can’t do this! Let me stay-” Before he could finish, the Beast instantly took a hold of him and Kevin. Out of instinct, I hold the Beast’s cape and tried to stop him. Everyone was pleading him to stop, but the Beast wasn’t listening.

“No, not yet! Let me say goodbye,” I cried out as I tried to hold onto the cape.

“Roselia! Wait,” cried Dad as he got a hold of my hand and tried to stay while the Beast pulled. Kevin, despite his size, was fighting as well.

“Rosy! Let my Dad and sister go, you big bully!”

Things got out of hand when Kevin suddenly bit down on the Beast’s clawed paw. The Beast roared angrily, then in a flash he flings Kevin at me. Both of us hit the wall and saw the Beast approaching us. The Beast had one paw holding my Dad and the other paw was raised up, ready to swipe. He looked down at Kevin and bare his sharp teeth dangerously.

“How dare you bit me, you insolent boy!”

I instantly stood up to take the strike instead. I flinch and closed my eyes, waiting to feel pain. However, nothing came to me. I slowly opened my eyes to see the Beast looked at me with surprise and was baffled.

“Don’t harm my brother,” I pleaded meekly. “You can punish me instead, but not my brother. Please, he’s just a kid. He didn’t know better.”

The beast growled, looking at Kevin then to me. “The boy will stay here as my prisoner as well.”

I gasped with shock and I could see from the corner of my eye, Kevin was shocked and scared. I tried to think of something for not making Kevin stay in this horrible place. “Wait, what? You can’t do that! Can’t we just-”

“He committed a crime towards me. His freedom shall be taken as punishment. That’s my final word.” Then he began to leave with Dad. Wait, hold on! Can’t we say goodbye to our Dad first!?

“Wait!” I cried.

“Roselia! Kevin!” cried Dad back

“Daddy! Don’t leave us!” Kevin started to run towards the Beast, but I held him back. Hugging him tightly, tears streamed down against my will. Was God punishing me?

Outside the Castle (3rd POV)…

As the Beast dragged Martin outside the castle, the man was desperately trying to escape the monster. Martin wanted to grab his children and run away from this nightmare. They were heading towards a small carriage that was stuck to the ground. The man squirmed as he tried to get out of the monster’s grasp.

Martin glared at the monster in fear as he pleaded, “No, please! Let me go! You can’t leave my children in there! They need me!”

“They are no longer your concern,” he growled, as he threw Martin into the carriage and closed the door. “Take him to the village.”

The palanquin breaks the ivy holding it to the ground, then slinks off like a spider with Martin inside. Martin banged on the door, trying to break out, but it remained shut.

“Let me out of here! Please, don’t let me leave my kids! Kevin! Rose,” pleaded Martin, but his cries became lost as the further the carriage walked away from the castle, away from his only family. What he did not know were his two children watching the carriage walked away with their Dad.

The Beast returned quickly to the tower, towards the girl and the little bot. Everything wasn’t going accordindly to his plan, but he still has the girl. As he began to be in thought and continued up the stairs, Lumiere’s voice broke his concentration.


“What!” answered Beast angrily, making Lumiere jumped back in shock. However, the candle took a deep breath and began again what he was thinking.

“Since the girl and l’enfant is going to be with us for quite some time, I was thinking that you might want to offer them a more comfortable room-“the BEAST growls angrily at leaves. Lumiere’s flames were nearly blown out and he said in a high pitch voice. “Then again, maybe not.”

Dungeon tower (Roselia’s POV)…

Kevin and I watched from the window a spider carriage leaving the castle grounds, knowing our Dad was in it. In my heart, I knew Papi was gone…just like Mom. We will never see him again! Kevin sobbed on my shoulder as I stroke his hair. That horrible Beast! I will never forgive him for this! The Beast came in and stared at us. For some reason he looked guilty. Good, he’s a jerk! Well, I’m going to make him feel guiltier than before.

“You didn’t even let us say goodbye. We’ll never see him again. why didn’t you let me say goodbye?” I asked as a few tears fell out of my eyes.

The Beast rubbed the back of his head and sighed. “I’ll show you to your room. But the boy stays here.”

Kevin gasped and hugged me even tighter. No way in hell I am leaving my baby brother in this horrible dungeon alone. “Then I’m stay here as well.”

The Beast glared at me and declared, “Your coming with me, that is my orders!”

“No! Kevin stays with me. He’s my responsibility.” Silence came between us and we stared one another, fighting to see who wins. No way I am going to loose. He will have to literally drag me out of this room, if he expects me to leave beast growles and turns away.

“Fine! Bring him with you then.” He started to walk away, until he realized we were not following him. “What are you waiting for? You wanna, you wanna stay in the tower?” He gestured around him to prove his point. I silently growled and shook my head. “Then follow me.”

The journey back the creepy hallways became less creepy. Kevin and I followed the Beast behind and kept a long distance between us and him. Kevin was crying silently and I held him next to me. The beast would look back at us once in a while to make sure we were following him. I kept looking at the beast who held the golden candelabra I saw earlier in the dungeon. For a moment, I could’ve sworn it moved by itself. Maybe I’m losing it. This has to be a nightmare, and if it is, I hope I can wake up.

3rd POV)

“Say something to her,” urged Lumiere as he whispers to the Beast.

“Hmm?” the beast answered, raising a heavy eyebrow. The idea hit in instantly. “Oh. I...um...hope you like it here,” he says looking at the siblings, mostly at the girl. He notice the girl, he believes her name was Roselia rolled her eyes when he tried to make a conversation. He looks at Lumiere for approval. He motions to the Beast to continue. They need the girl and the boy, especially the girl feel welcome here. “The castle is your home now, so you can go anywhere you wish, except the West Wing,” the Beast said firmly.

(Roselia’s POV)

Kevin looks up with intrigue though he was still sad. He asked in a shy voice, “What’s in the West Wing?”

“It’s forbidden!” snapped the beast angrily at him. Kevin hid behind and I stood in defense, narrowing my eyes at the Beast. How dare he yell at my brother like that! “Neither of you are allowed at the west wing. Is that clear?”

I gave no answer, but soon regretted it when he suddenly puts down the candelabra and grabs my shoulders tightly, stopping my blood flow. The pull was so strong, that it literally ripped my hand out of my brother’s hand. I could hear Kevin screaming in fright right behind me. I was terrified for my life. His ugly face was near to mine and I could practically could feel him…smelling me? I shudder and flinched. Please don’t eat me! Please do not eat me!

“I said is that clear?” he hissed right into my face. I was so scared that I could even smell his really bad breath. I felt like I was going to be sick.

“Y-yes,” I responded meekly.

The Beast looked at me right in the face, like he was studying my face. He finally let go of my shoulders and I let out a relief sigh. What a creep! I felt Kevin running to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I held Kevin’s hand as we continued to follow the creature. No sooner did we arrive at the room that we would have to stay. I hate to admit it, but the room was beautiful. It complete with vanity, a large window, a wardrobe and a pink canopy bed.

“This is your room. The boy will have a room of his own,” said the beast, but I shook my head.

“No thank you. I’d rather have him stay with me,” I said and ushered Kevin inside. I do not trust the Beast anywhere near my brother. The Beast narrowed his eyes, but said nothing else about the matter.

“Now if there’s anything you need... my servants will attend you,” he said tenderly.

I narrowed my eyes at him, before turning away from him.

(3rd POV)

“Dinner-invite them to dinner,” whispered Lumiere

“You will... join me for dinner. Only you, not the boy,” he said, growing angrily. When he saw the boy staring at him and the girl refuses to look, the Beast was furious. “That’s not a request!”

With that he slams the door, puts Lumiere down and runs toward his chamber. The girl will break the spell... he hopes.

Bedroom (Roselia’s POV)…

At the monet he slams the door, my world came falling apart.

I turned to the door and screamed out, “Thanks for nothing you stupid jerk!”

My heart couldn’t take it anymore. I quickly ran to the bed, grabbed a pillow and screamed into it. How long I screamed, I don’t know. However, it didn’t make me feel any better. I was still hurt, scared, and depressed. Kevin on the other hand, curled up on the bed and began to cry and sob.

He looked at me with his red eyes and said, “Rosy... I want Mommy... I want to go home!”

I felt like crying when I saw the emotion of my brother. “Oh Kevin…come here,” I said hugging him and take him to the bed, “I’m sorry... Please dont cry. Come on, lets be brave. Can you be brave for me?” We laid in bed and never let go of each other.

“I want Mommy...” Kevin whispers. I shushed him before I remember the lullaby my Mom sang or hummed to him to help him fall asleep. Slowly in the middle of the lullaby, Kevin closed his eyes and fell asleep.

I looked down at Kevin to see the tear stains on his lightly red cheeks. I looked at the window to see a great snow storm began. I sighed when I realized that winter is finally here. I looked back at my brother and I whispered softly, “I’ll keep watch Kevin and I’ll find a way out of this. I promise.”

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