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are you a true friend


about a girl ho expressed her feelings but got broken but when she gets older she sees thing differently

Other / Romance
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first day of school

Is this going to be better or worse?Can i trust people without them breaking me?After all im always getting bullied ever since first grade walking into the middle school halls people every where im so scared... "it is not my problem"as my ex-friends mother said jasmine was mad knowing that im in this school.I hope that Lilly is here im in big trouble here she comes i look at her and she looks at me she gave me a stare after all her friend started rumors about me and i can't take the way the people treat me its just plain rude and i just think that she needs to calm down and also after she started to hang out with the popular kids she has been even more than the Jasmine that i know and i can not take it im broken and i can not take the way that she treats me i loved her and she just did not love me back.
"Hey girl what you doing."lilly said as she ran to me
"Nothing much."As the bell rings,i ran past jasmine she was not in the mood.In class there were some people i knew really jasmine ''look what the cat brought in''jasmine said sarcastically as i thought to my self thinking that why do people hate me so much.
The next day lilly did not even look or talk to me so i thought to my self that she was in a bad mood nope she did the same thing for the next week so i knew that she hates me now and guess what she is not going to like what happens next. The next time i saw her i told her why she hates me and she dose not hate she just likes me because i was friends with jasmine and that was all we never talked again and the only time we talked was to see if she was ok or if she needed something from me that did not happen much.
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