Who Saves the Hero

Chapter 2

"This has to be a mistake." Tommy said leaning against one of the consoles.

"It's no mistake." Kira replied "11 years from now a villain named Mesogog will rise up, and you will recruit my friends Connor and Ethan and me to be power rangers to stop him."

"Why only three?" Rocky asked

"That is all the powers available when we started; the other two dino gems hadn't been discovered. When they appeared one was coded to turn the wearer into one that longed for a fight at whatever cost."

"Who got the other two gems?" Aisha asked

"I have already revealed too much about the future already." Kira sighed.

"So let me get this straight, you are from 11 years in the future where this evil, whatever, Mesogog, is trying to return the Earth to the age of the dinosaurs and you and two friends are the only ones fighting him?" Kimberly said

"Not exactly, there are four rangers all together fighting for good and one for evil." Kira said.

"Who is the fourth ranger, or can you not tell us that?" Rocky asked skeptically.

She once again looked to Zordon who nodded regretfully; he hated having to reveal this future to Tommy and the others.

"Our mentor, when he stole the gem from Mesogog it bonded with his DNA." Kira sighed.

"So once your gem bonds with your DNA that makes you the ranger of whatever color gem you have?" Billy said but it was more of a question than a statement.

"Exactly" Kira said.

The alarm started to blare.

"Elsa is attacking"

"I'll go" Kira said

"Not alone." Tommy cut her off.

"With all due respect I don't think that's a good idea, if she sees you she will try to kill you, and if you die now there is no telling what will happen to the future." Kira said the anxiety in her expression growing.

Tommy backed off that was a legitimate issue; Elsa was apparently an immediate threat to his life, one that he had to take super seriously.

"Then the rest of us will go" Rocky said.

Kira looked worried but she had no time to argue.

"Okay." She sighed and got into her ready stance








"Rangers this is a threat beyond anything you have faced before; be warned that things may not always be as they appear. Elsa is a powerful foe the likes of which you have never seen. Be careful and may the power protect you."

The morphed rangers were teleported out and Tommy looked to Zordon helplessly.

"Zordon, this feels wrong, I should be out there with them."

"That is a risk I cannot take, Tommy, there is more on the line here for you than you realize." Zordon explained "This Elsa fears you so much in the future that she risked coming back here to defeat you in a time when she thought it would be easier to do. We cannot allow that to come to pass, Kira has given me a dire warning that so much of the future rides on this fight"

"I know, but it feels wrong to have her fighting what should be my battle." Tommy said

"We know, Tommy, but you have to understand Kira saw Elsa on the viewing globe and gave us dire warnings about this situation. This Elsa seems ruthless."

"And Goldar isn't?" Tommy asked.

"We do not doubt the power or ferocity of Goldar, but Elsa is a power we are not familiar with and if the sensors are anything to go by she is highly dangerous, even compared to Goldar."

Kira glared at Elsa through her visor.

"Well if it isn't the little yellow ranger, how did you get back to the 90's" Elsa asked a disgusted look on her face. "Let me guess you're here to try and protect your precious brachio ranger, or, in this era, I guess he'd be the white ranger." Elsa got an evil smirk on her face "you can't keep Tommy hidden forever and when I find him he's as good as dead."

Rocky and Adam looked at each other, this wasn't good.

"Kira wasn't kidding" Adam muttered.

"No apparently she wasn't." Rocky replied.

"Then we do whatever we have to to get rid of her to so Tommy doesn't have to keep watching over his shoulder."

"Where are your teammates?" Elsa asked with a snide grin "Oh yeah, they're eleven years in the future!"

Kira just grimaced "Why don't you quit talking and get this over with?" she demanded.

"Oh yeah, that's right you're still reeling over the revelation that your secret crush is the evil white dino ranger" Elsa teased

This put Kira off balance, she wasn't aware Elsa knew she knew who Trent was. That was the moment Elsa struck, hard knocking Kira to the ground and going to strike while she was down.

Rocky was stunned at this underhanded move by Elsa and stepped in to fight her off. She was strong but he could deal with her.

"That was low." He growled angrily "using that kind of information to throw your opponent off before attacking!"

Kimberly ran to Kira's side, she knew better than anyone what it was like to find out that your crush was evil. Kim helped Kira to her feet.

"Is that true?" Kim asked

Kira nodded as Aisha joined them.

"That was harsh" Aisha commented

Kira was shocked how the Mighty Morhpin rangers seemed to accept her and rally around her as the truth of her feelings for Trent came to light. Then she remembered they had faced an evil ranger as well. Tommy himself had once been used as a tool for darkness and Kim had a crush on him even then. If anyone understood how she felt it was Kimberly.

After their fight with Elsa they returned to the command center and Kira just sat at the end of one of the consoles trying to figure out what she would say to them. They knew her big secret now.

"Kira we're going to the juice bar, we thought you might want to join us" Kim said.

"Why not" Kira shrugged "but I don't have any money… not that I can use anyway."

"Don't worry about it, we've got you covered." Aisha said reaching to help her fellow yellow ranger to her feet.

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