Who Saves the Hero

Chapter 3

"Okay just one question; how are you guys explaining where I came from?" Kira asked.

"Story is you're Kimberly's cousin from out of state." Aisha said.

"Okay," Kira shrugged. She looked at Tommy; she could tell he was deep in thought as he went over to the workout equipment in the center of the room.

"Is he okay?" She asked

"He's just got a lot on his mind," Kim said. "It seems like he's had a target on his back since he got into town."

"Wish I could say that changes, but as long as he has powers; that's how it will be." Kira sighed "he gets a long slump where he has no powers and stays safe but that is broken up with minor issues to deal with. I can't say much else; I've really had to say too much already… I'm worried that I've done irreparable damage to the future."

"Don't worry about it, something will come up to fix this, I'm sure." Billy said with a shrug.

Kira sighed as Ernie approached them.

"So who is the new friend?" he asked.

"Ernie, this is my cousin, Kira, she came to visit and I decided to show her around." Kim said with a smile.

"Good to meet you, Kira." Ernie said.

They ordered their drinks and Ernie went to work on them.

"This is a nice place," Kira commented looking around at the décor, it seemed so retro to her, it was strange to see this stuff all around and think it was so popular and everyone around seemed to love it so much.

"Kira, are you okay, you seem to have a lot on your mind." Kim said.

"I'm just thinking about Trent, he never wanted to be this way the evil gem takes him over and when he comes out of it he can't remember anything about what happens during the time and they are getting more frequent and stronger." Kira sighed looking at her hands, "I'm really worried about him."

Kim started rubbing slow circles on Kira's back.

"I wish there was something I could tell you to change this, to help Trent and you." Kim sighed gently.

"I know," Kira sighed "thanks."

"Don't worry about it, we're here for you, Kira, Kim and I know what it's like to watch a friend be turned evil against his will." Billy pointed out "and watching the aftermath when he gets control back, believe me it's going to take Trent time to recover himself after this."

"I figured it would." Kira shrugged "this isn't something you quickly get over, I don't think Tommy ever gets over the things he did as the evil green ranger. I mean he's made peace with it for the most part but there are times when it haunts him."

Aisha sighed as she listened to what Kira had to say.

"I take it Tommy is different in your time than he is now." She said

"Yeah, he is." Kira replied

They got their drinks and began to just chat and learn a little about each other. Kira was sparse with her details but the mighty morphin rangers understood her need to keep things secret for the sake of the time stream.

Kira looked into her drink; she felt so out of place in this time and place. She felt she was so different from this team. She sighed heavily, she didn't know what to think or do; things weren't as they were supposed to be and she knew it better than anyone.

"Kira, I got something I want you to have." Billy said pulling a rectangular box out of his backpack and handing it to her.

She opened it to reveal one of their communicators.

"This way you can keep in touch with us and the command center while you're here," He explained "and have a souvenir of your adventure when you get home."

"That sounds great but if Tommy doesn't remember the events how do I explain that I have this?" she then thought about it. "If he doesn't know I have it then he won't ask where it came from."

Her mind was still screaming at how incredibly awkward it was to call Dr. Oliver "Tommy" but she then reminded herself he wasn't "Dr. Oliver" yet, that wouldn't come for several more years, right now he was just Tommy Oliver.

She took a sip of her drink and remembered Hayley and the Cyberspace. She had never dreamed she would be hanging out there before she got her dino gem but now it just seemed like a regular hang out place for her. She wondered what her teammates were doing. Wondered how they had reacted to her disappearing so suddenly. She almost hoped they would find that time hole, but she got the feeling she wouldn't be that lucky. She was pretty sure Dr. Oliver was freaking out on the inside even if he didn't show it on the outside. She had disappeared on his property and it would reflect badly on him if/when word of this fact got out.

She put the communicator on the wrist opposite her dino gem not knowing how the gem would react to the communicator and vice versa.

"Thanks." She smiled.

"You're welcome." Billy replied.

Kira ran her finger over the communicator as they began to teach her how to use it, the concept seemed simple enough to grasp, one button to teleport, one to contact the command center and another to broadcast to the other rangers. Kira sighed so much was happening so fast; she felt so out of place in this world.

"Excuse me, I need some fresh air." Kira said.

"Okay, just don't wander too far off." Kim said. Kira knew she meant that to keep her from getting lost.

"I won't." Kira replied and headed out towards the park.

The team didn't know it but he had been watching the fight on the viewing globe and knew that Elsa meant business. Her words were weighing heavily on him. Kira had a crush on the boy that had become their evil ranger much the way he did, but it seemed Trent's story wasn't as simple as his own. Apparently out of morph he was still good, troubled but still good. The evil hadn't fully taken over Trent, not yet and Tommy could only hope the boy would never fully experience what he did. He wouldn't wish that on his worst enemy.

"Where is she going?" He asked as he arrived at the table

"She went to get some fresh air; this has been a real shock to her system." Kim said.

"Yeah poor girl is a long way from home." Aisha replied.

"I'm going to go check on her, I don't think she should be out there alone… not where Zed can get her." Tommy sighed.

"She has a communicator in case things get dicey." Billy commented, "But you're right, sometimes those moments when we want to be alone are the moments when we need someone the most."

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