Who Saves the Hero

Chapter 4

Tommy started out of the juice bar and towards the park which is where he assumed that Kira had gone. He could only hope he was right. He sighed, there were things in Kira's life that she couldn't or wouldn't tell them and that had him worried more than anything. He got to a swing set and noticed Kira sitting by herself.

"Kira, what's going on?" he asked walking up beside her.

"All of this, it wasn't supposed to happen," Kira sighed "I feel so out of place here and yet everyone has been so helpful to me." She didn't look up at him and it disturbed him that things seemed so wrong to her.

"Kira think about it, at least some of the rangers in there have seen some of what you are going through. Sure going back in time is new but the evil ranger concept is, unfortunately, not new." Tommy sat in the swing next to Kira. "I saw it from Trent's side, and you can believe me that it is a scary place to be. To be in your own body but have no control."

"I'll bet," she sighed, "Out of the suit he is good and he told me he has nightmares about what the white ranger does."

"I still have nightmares about what I did as green ranger."

Kira looked down; it wasn't a surprise that the evil green ranger haunted Tommy's nightmares of this time.

"Kira if it helps I know that he can have a life after this; he just needs to be strong and find a way to forgive himself for what happens while he is in the control of evil. It won't be easy but I'm sure he can do it, one day." Tommy sighed

"How are you so sure he can move on?" Kira asked.

"Because I'm going through the same thing, and I know it isn't easy but it can be done" Tommy explained.

"Yeah I guess you are." Kira replied a small smile playing across her features; she needed this little chat from someone who understood what was going on in Trent's mind. "It's just so hard to watch him go through this when I care so much about him."

"You aren't the first to suffer through this; Kim had to go through almost the same thing."

"She told me about that, it's so easy to forget that she went through what I did not too long ago." Kira sighed the time change had thrown her off, she had forgotten that at this point it had been less than a year since the sword of darkness was destroyed and Tommy Oliver freed from Rita's evil spell.

"Right now, all you can do is take things one day at a time and hope you can find a way to help him." Tommy assured her as he looked out to the horizon. "It isn't going to be easy, but sometimes that is all you can do."

Kira sighed she hated that but it was her only option. Kira stood and walked a few steps away. Tommy watched her quietly and then walked over to her.

"Kira no matter what happens from here just remember we're your friends, you can always come to us for help." Tommy said

"Thanks, Tommy." She sighed. "I'm just worried about how I'll get home."

"I'm sure Billy can find you a way home." Tommy said putting a hand on Kira's shoulder. "Until then we will do what we can to help you."

"Thank you so much."

Suddenly they realized they were surrounded by grey foot soldiers.

"What are these things?" Kira asked falling into a fighting stance.

"Putties" Tommy said shortly.

"Great." Kira muttered as Tommy came to stand back to back with her.

"If I were you I'd cover my ears." She said.

Tommy did without asking questions and Kira let out a ptera scream that knocked several putties on their butts but didn't destroy them.

They went into battle.

"Aim for the Z on their chests, it's their weak spot." Tommy told her.

"Okay" Kira replied and started working but they were way outnumbered.





Even morphing didn't even the odds enough and the putties got them restrained. Tommy watched helplessly as the putties teleported away with Kira.

Tommy reached for his communicator.

"Guys we have a problem." He said

"Tommy what happened?" Rocky asked

"Zed got Kira."

"Meet us at the command center" Rocky replied.

"What is this place?" Kira demanded.

"Welcome to my dark dimension" a winged monkey said

"And I thought Mesogog was ugly." Kira commented taking a defensive stance against this unknown foe she had been demorphed in the fight with the putties and hadn't had time to remorph.

"You think you can fight me little yellow ranger, you have no idea what you're up against."

"Really, I think you're the one that hasn't a clue." Kira said. "I may not be able to morph right now but that doesn't mean I can't do anything." She smirked and tried her ptera scream. It worked but not the way she was hoping.

"That's a nice bird call but it will take more than that to take out me."

"Who are you?"

"I am Goldar."

"What would Lord Zed want with Kira, she isn't one of us."

"She might not be one of you but that doesn't make her any less of a threat to Zed and his minions of darkness." Zordon said. "In her civilian state she has the ability to let out a super sonic scream that effects any that stand in her way."

"The scream is a result of her dino gem bonding with her DNA." Alpha said "The only way that power to truly be taken from her is for her to be destroyed."

"And if they destroy her?"

"They will get her powers and be unstoppable for the six of you."

"Then we'll have to find her and get her back." Rocky said.

"Yeah, everyone's fate of the world and a future ranger depends on it."

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