Who Saves the Hero

Chapter 5

Kira watched as Goldar teleported out of the dimension. Fighting him had been brutal and it wasn't like she was sad to see him go or anything she was just confused. She cradled her left wrist, which was currently throbbing and she feared it might be broken, with the fact that she was a lefty that would be a bad injury for her. She feared having to go another round with Goldar in her current condition. She grabbed the communicator Billy gave her.

"Zordon… Alpha, do you hear me?"

The only sound she heard was two odd beeps.

"Tommy, anyone… do you hear me?" she said through the communicator and got the same two beeps.

"Great lost, cut off from the team and hurt; that is just great." She complained as she sat against the wall. "What else could go wrong?" she asked as she leaned her head back against the wall.

Tommy walked over to Billy.

"Any luck finding her?" he asked.

"No, sorry Tommy, I'm not finding anything." Billy replied.

"Keep working, we've got to find her." Rocky said putting a hand on the genius ranger's shoulder.

"Have you checked the Dark Dimension?" Tommy asked.

Billy looked up at the white ranger; he hadn't thought of the Dark dimension for one reason or another and then went to work searching that area.

"Tommy, what made you think of the dark dimension." Kim asked.

"That is where they usually take their captives it only makes sense that would be where she was taken." Tommy said.

"I'm having trouble finding her communicator though the interference." Billy said.

"What about the Dino Gem, it is very powerful, it may be easier to locate." Alpha suggested trying his best to be helpful.

"That just might work." Billy said and switched tactics to find Kira and soon located her.

"Found her guys, got her up on the viewing globe." Tommy walked over to the viewing globe and sighed as he saw Kira cradling her left hand.

"She's hurt, Billy we need to get her out of there as soon as possible." Kimberly said wringing her hands with worry. She had come to care about Kira; she could sympathize with her plight in caring about a ranger turned evil against his will.

"I'm working on it, Kim." Billy said but it's going to take time.

"We don't know how much time she has before Goldar returns for a second round, and with her injured she won't last a second run with him." Rocky said.

"Clear a space guys I've almost got her." Billy announced. "Teleporting in 3…2…1"

Kira was on edge waiting to see if Goldar was about to return when she felt a strange force pulling at her. She closed her eyes and let it, she figured wherever this was taking her couldn't be much worse than where she was. The feeling melted away and Kira felt herself hit the floor from a short height.

"Ow…" she muttered.

"Kira, are you okay?" she identified the voice as Tommy.

"I think my wrist is broken." She replied as she sat up from her position on the floor.

Adam reached down to help Kira to her feet and Kira had to remind herself to not reach with her injured, dominate left hand.

Billy approached her with a strange device that looked like a wrist brace but she could tell that wasn't what it was.

"What is that?" she asked

"This… it will heal your wrist; it's how we keep our identities secret by healing any injuries we receive as rangers. We have different versions of this for different injuries."

"Okay" she let him put the device on her wrist and noticed the weird feeling that moved through her wrist and hand as it started working.

"Kira, can you tell us what happened in the dark dimension?" Zordon asked.

"There isn't a lot to tell really" Kira sighed. "I fought this weird monkey creature that called himself 'Goldar', but before he could do more than injure my wrist he was called away by his master, Zedd I think."

"That's strange that Zedd would call him away in the middle of trying to dispatch an enemy." Adam said trying to make sense of it.

"Not so strange if Elsa is trying to forge an alliance with them and he wanted Goldar to talk to her." Rocky suggested darkly.

"That is just what we need." Tommy said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"If Elsa aligns herself with Zedd they may make a force that we are unprepared to stop." Zordon sighed "We need to stop Elsa quickly."

"I wish it were that easy to defeat her." Kira sighed. "My team has had trouble with her from the beginning; none of us are currently strong enough to fight her beyond a draw."

Kira sighed she had unlocked her super dino mode a few weeks before her fateful trip back in time but she wasn't sure it would make much difference. Thus far only Tommy and Conner were the only ones to face Elsa head to head and come out with a draw. She would have to up her game if she was to face Elsa and protect her future mentor from being destroyed in this time.

She looked at Tommy as he planned with his team, she felt like she didn't know this side of Tommy. That lighthearted smile he wore when not dealing with ranger business felt foreign to her. The way he looked at Kimberly when he thought no one was looking seemed so unlike the Tommy she knew.

Kira took a seat by one of the consoles her eyelids drooping dangerously. She was exhausted.

"Kira, are you okay?" Aisha asked.

"I'm just tired, that's all." Kira replied.

"It's eight o'clock" Rocky said in surprise.

"Wait the time travel might have thrown her schedule off, do you have anything with the time on it?" Billy asked.

Kira sighed she would pull out her cell phone but that would mess with time as well, luckily thought, she was wearing a pendant that doubled as a watch that she had recently set. She showed him.

"Eleven thirty" Billy read.

"Three and a half hour time difference, yeah I'd say that isn't good." Tommy sighed.

"What now?" Kira asked as Billy removed the device from her now healed wrist.

"We keep cots here in case of emergency, you can use mine," Aisha stated then went to get hers ready.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, you need your sleep and it is best that as few people know of you, right?"

"True, we can't mess up the time stream too much more than we have." Kira sighed and went to Aisha.

"Zordon and I will do our best to be quiet to allow you to sleep." Alpha said.

"Yeah and we rangers are going to head out as soon as you're settled." Tommy added.

"Right; and I'll bring you some breakfast tomorrow." Adam chimed.

"Thanks, all of you."

"Hey, it's no problem, you're our friend; we'll always help you if you need help." Tommy smiled.

"You get some rest Kira, we'll see you tomorrow." Billy said.

"Good night." Kira said.

Billy stood with his team, and they teleported out.

Alpha watched as Kira lay down to sleep.

"Good night Kira" he said and turned down the lighting so Kira could sleep peacefully.

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