Who Saves the Hero

Chapter 6

Tommy sighed as they got to their destination, Billy's workshop.

"This has to be hard for Kira; the culture shock alone… it has to be overwhelming." Billy stated walking to his workbench.

"Yeah, I can't imagine how isolated she must feel." Kim said as she sat heavily in a nearby chair.

"Me either," Aisha agreed sitting next to Kim.

"She has said she knows Tommy in the future but, apparently sometime in the coming eleven years you change Tommy, I can tell that there are a lot of things about you now that seem foreign to her." Adam observed.

"If that's true it must be so strange to her to see me now." Tommy leaned on the table trying to process what he was seeing and hearing. He wondered if she would confide in him due to that familiarity that she seems to have with him.

"Guys we've got to get rid of Elsa and send her home as soon as possible, not that I don't like her it's just this isn't her time," Rocky pointed out.

"True", Kim sighed, "it's so hard to think she's from eleven years in the future, not only that she knows Tommy then." Kim said shaking her head.

"Yeah, I feel bad for her, having to adapt to a whole new time and place." Adam chimed.

Tommy sighed from his position with both hands on the work bench.

"There has to be something we can do to help her, I can't stand by and do nothing while she is out there putting her LIFE on the line to protect ME." The look in his eyes told his teammates he was serious, he hated being sidelined this way, he knew Elsa was a threat but like any other threat he wanted to face it but he couldn't, he wasn't being allowed to face it. He respected Zordon's wisdom, they all did but he saw that Kira was no match for Elsa and what she didn't seem to realize was the damage that could occur in the time stream should she die in this time.

"Tommy we know you don't like this any more than we do, but think about it for a minute, think about what Kira said."

"I have, Rocko, I've given it a lot of thought, and I also watched her fight with Elsa, she's no match for Elsa and I think deep inside she knows that as much as I do" Tommy said walking a few paces away from Rocky running his hand through his hair. "Zordon has forbidden me from fighting Elsa and maybe he's right to do so, but Kira… if something happens to her in this time… then what will happen to the future she speaks of. If they don't have their full team their future is doomed anyway no matter if I live or die."

"Tommy, that is not the only possible destruction of the world that you helped stop." A voice said, the six turn to see Kira standing there. "In the future you have a video journal that chronicles the power rangers, from the moment Zack, Jason, Kimberly Trini and Billy got their powers to the moment we were chosen by our Dino Gems there are other major events that you help stop. I know it isn't like you to stay on the sidelines it will be no different 11 years in the future, as my red ranger would say you hate being benched but right now I have to ask you to let me do this, we can't afford to have you die now."

Kira seemed genuinely terrified.

"Kira there is more to this more that you aren't telling us, what is it you haven't said?" Tommy asked.

"In the future my family is a dysfunctional mess, my father walked out and my mother and I fight a lot, the only person I get consistent support from is you. Even in my time I don't think you realize what you mean to the three of us, especially me"

Tommy looked stunned as much by what she said as by the fact that his future self seemed completely clueless to this situation. He walked over to Kira and embraced her, he didn't know what his finding out this information now would do to his future self but at this moment he knew she needed support and there was little more he could do for her.

Kimberly looked at Aisha she knew that for Tommy these little insights to his future self were strange to hear but let him know that things kept moving forward and changing. They also felt bad for Kira her family should have been her supporters not him. They soon got Kira back to the command center and back to bed where she would remain the rest of the night.

Rocky looked at Tommy as they got back to the workshop.

"Rocko I don't believe this, how could I ever not see what she just told me if in the future we know each other as well as she claims?"

"Tommy you know better than anyone when you live the life of a power ranger sometimes things fall through the cracks." Rocky reminded him.

"Yeah but how did that fall through, she needs support from somewhere, she damn sure isn't getting it from home." Tommy said and Rocky could tell this frustrated him. They started to walk towards Tommy's home.

"Obviously, and maybe the girls will convince her to say something when she gets back to her own time, or maybe her telling you now will get your future self to really take a look at her situation?" Rocky said "You can't dwell on this and forget that there is some kill crazed bitch from the future out for your head."

Tommy sighed "You're right, I can't afford to be distracted now."

"You're right, and you also can't forget that we've got your back." Rocky assured him.

"Thanks, man."

"No problem."

They arrived at Tommy's place and he headed in for the night then Rocky went to his own home.

Tommy reached for the doorknob and stopped, something felt wrong; it was too dark and too quiet even for the hour of night. He then realized the light that usually remained on until he arrived home was already off. This fact sent an uneasy chill down his spine. He looked around trying to figure out how to handle this situation, he then noticed movement to his right and went into a defensive stance he didn't know who or what this was but it wasn't going to get the drop on him. Then he noticed an energy blast headed straight for him.

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