Who Saves the Hero

Chapter 8

Kira woke again a couple hours later to see that Tommy was already awake and speaking with Zordon and Alpha about what was going on. She knew that there was a lot to deal with and she wondered if the choice Zordon made earlier that day was the best but right that moment she couldn't come up with much better.

She sat up and stretched her back and shoulders, it had been a long night and she was just getting herself together after realizing the events of the day before weren't some freaky dream.

"Kira, you're awake." Alpha said cheerfully.

"Good morning." Tommy said, she then noticed that, as promised, the others had supplied them with breakfast.

"Good morning." She replied and started eating, she knew that things had to move forward, they had to stop Elsa and get both herself and Elsa back to their own time and place.

"I wonder if the guys have realized what is going on?" she wondered aloud.

"We have no way of knowing how the future has been affected by the past twenty-four hours"

"I wish I knew what was going to happen; I mean I can't use my future as anything to go by as it seems these events were never meant to take place."

"I know this isn't easy but we need to move forward and stop Elsa." Tommy said.

"I have given this a lot of thought and when we started this journey I believed we could keep you safe by not letting you fight Elsa but it seems I was wrong, I believe it is time you faced her and proved that she was wrong in assuming that coming back in time would change anything or make defeating you any easier." Zordon sighed.

"We are using what we know of Elsa's power to give you enough power to stand up to her and do just that. From there it will be your combat skills that will make the difference." Alpha said.

"Okay, I'll do it." Tommy replied firmly, but then looked to Kira who seemed nervous about this.

"Don't worry, I can handle this, you just have to trust me." Tommy said walking over to sit with her. "Can you do that?"

She nodded, the girls had already talked to her about communicating her family life to Tommy in her time if in righting the time stream his memory of her and what she told him in this time was erased.

The other rangers arrived ready to hear what Zordon had planned for the next battle with Elsa.

He told them of his plan and instantly the other five began to question the wisdom of pitting Tommy against Elsa.

"We believe that this battle needs to happen." Alpha said.

"I agree; this may be the only way to send Elsa back to her rightful time." Kira said, "It may also open a way to send me home as well."

"She has a point, apparently whatever sent Elsa back in time created whatever pulled her back as well." Billy said. "Perhaps this was the time stream trying to balance itself; a powerful evil needs a powerful good to counter it."

"Indeed, perhaps this is how things are to go back to the way they were."

"I hope so; I don't know how much more of this my circuits can take." Alpha commented.

The rangers gathered around and began to create a plan of attack on how to deal with Elsa. They knew this was going to be a difficult fight but they were ready for it.

Kira looked around herself as the mighty morphin rangers stood around firing off ideas on how they could go about dealing with Elsa, they didn't know her well but their plans seemed to be pretty well thought out.

"Kira what do you think of what we're coming up with."

She looked up at the ranger that had spoken to her, Adam Park. He was a bit on the quite side from what she had seen thus far but she had no doubt he was good in battle.

"I think it's good, we need to go fast with this, Elsa is a tough opponent, but I think we can do this." Kira replied.

"Hopefully, but we don't want to go in overconfident." Rocky commented.

"True." Kira replied praying that they had enough strength amongst them to push Elsa back to her own time.

"Everyone, this is all or nothing, we have to strike as hard as we can, we may not get a second chance at this." Tommy said critically, "We can't afford any mistakes this time."

"When can we ever?" Adam asked.

"True." Tommy conceded.

"This is different, there is a lot more at stake than the world at present, the future is at stake, one of us is directly threatened by this and our new friend is threatened indirectly, we can't go into this one like we do any other fight, these are arguably the highest stakes we've ever faced." Rocky said gravely.

The others agreed.

"Where are you rangers?" her voice rang tauntingly over the viewing globe.

"Now she's just asking for it." Rocky said.

"Don't let her taunts get to you; we can't let our tempers get away with us." Kira said. "We have more to lose today than you realize."

"This battle won't be easy but I have faith that the seven of you will succeed in this. Go forward into this battle and may the power protect you." Zordon said

Tommy gave Zordon a curt nod


Elsa looked up as the seven teleported in.

"So you finally decided to join the party white ranger." Elsa said tauntingly.

"Yeah, but I don't know how much of a party this is." Tommy replied briskly. He was ready to battle; this small talk thing wasn't his style. "You and me, Elsa, let's finish this."

"So you're ready to stand up to your fate, perfect, you can fall like a real man not some sniveling child."

Tommy took a breath doing his best to remember what Kira had said; that he shouldn't let Elsa's taunting get to him.

The fight was on and Elsa quickly realized that she had underestimated him. She hadn't figured that he would be this good in this time period.

"You underestimated me, Elsa" he said as they clashed weapons. "How do you think I got to be so good in your time, I worked hard, even now I work daily to keep up with Zedd and his monsters, did you think you were special, that you were any different from them?"

Elsa growled she hadn't expected this out of Tommy, he didn't usually taunt like the other dino rangers when he fought, but she had to remind herself he was 11 years younger than he was then.

"You come at me threatening me, my friends and everything I hold dear and you think I wouldn't come back fighting with everything I have?" he demanded as he suddenly got the upper hand.

"I won't let you destroy the future, Elsa; I won't go down without a fight." Tommy said angrily, but it was suddenly clear that Elsa wasn't going to win this fight.

"You win this white ranger, but the future isn't secure, my master will bring back the age of the dinosaurs with or without you." Elsa suddenly vanished as did any trace of her energy.

"Do you think she's gone?" Aisha asked.

"I don't know." Tommy replied as they stood around.

They then noticed Kira remained.

"Kira, do you think she's gone for good?" Adam asked.

"I don't know." Kira replied as a sudden pulling caught her, it was like the teleportation energy she had felt in the dark dimension but there was something different about it.

"Something is happening." She said.

"What is it?" Billy asked.

"I feel like something, or someone is trying to pull me away."

"I think the time stream is trying to right itself, or some outside force is." Billy said.

Suddenly there was a blinding flash.

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