Who Saves the Hero

chapter 9

Kira gasped as the light subsided, she then looked around to realize she was back in the forest where she had started the day before, but she wasn't alone.

"The time stream has been righted meaning they do not remember anything about what happened during the time you were in the past." A female said.

Kira looked to see Jen from the time force rangers.

"That means you need to tell him again what you told him in the past about your family." Jen said "he doesn't know because he never pried into your life out of respect for the fact that you didn't pry into his past, but he needs to know what is going on. He'll understand why you never said anything before, that's the thing with Tommy. He has compassion for those around him."

Kira nodded she wasn't sure about telling Tommy what she faced at home, but if he reacted anything like he did in the past she knew it would be a good move to make.

"Take care, you will remember the events of the past but not of my intervening, that cannot be known by anyone." Jen sighed "Good luck, and as Zordon would say 'may the power protect you always'".

A sudden flash occurred as Jen disappeared and Kira collapsed to the forest floor, unconscious.

Tommy rounded the turn in the path to see Kira sprawled out on the ground, unconscious.

"Kira…!" He ran to her side as she began to come to.

"Dr. Oliver…" she replied weakly "What happened… the last thing I remember…"

"Let's get you back to the house, you can explain there." He said lifting her from the ground and carrying her to his home.

Conner and Ethan gathered at the house at Tommy's message that he had located Kira.

"Dr. O, what happened?" Conner asked.

"I don't know." Tommy replied.

They headed into the house and Tommy placed Kira on the couch.

"Kira what happened?" Tommy asked.

"I don't know if you're going to believe me or not." She replied having gained her strength back.

"Try me." Tommy replied.

She went into her story and when she finished Conner didn't look like he believed her.

"Kira I think you hit your head harder than we thought." He commented.

"No, Conner, as strange as it is, it's very possible." Tommy said as Ethan brought Kira a glass of water.

"That had to be so weird, going back in time, seeing Dr. Oliver as a teenager." Ethan smirked.

"That was pretty cool; you had some really good friends." Kira replied taking the glass from Ethan and getting a few sips.

"I did, and still do," Tommy replied.

"Dr. O why do you believe this?" Connor asked in shock.

"Let's see, I was trapped in a story book, my high school girlfriend was sent back to 1880 and I have a clone running around in the time stream somewhere and that isn't half of what I've seen in my life as a power ranger. That's why I believe this even if I don't remember it." Tommy replied "memories can be altered a lot easier than you think, especially when there are rangers that can traverse time and space with amazing ease."

"The time force rangers." Ethan supplied.

"Exactly, now I believe the two of you have things you need to do." They both nodded and went to dealing with their homework.

Tommy turned back to Kira, it was obvious there was something on her mind, and a little voice in the back of his head kept telling him that he needed to pay attention to this.

"Kira is something wrong?" he asked.

"No, I'm fine." She lied.

"Kira, don't lie to me, something is bothering you," Tommy insisted then noticed the communicator on her wrist it was just even more proof of her presence in the past. Tommy sighed and guided her to the kitchen to talk in private; he figured she would find it easier to talk to him when the guys weren't around.

Kira looked away as they arrived in the kitchen; she hated lying to him as he had done so much for her, but what would he say to what she had to tell him. She took a breath.

"Dr. Oliver, there is a lot you don't know about me, there is a reason that I don't like to go home; my family is just completely dysfunctional. My father left when I was little and now my mother and I, we argue a lot so I sometimes just want to stay here away from her drama."

"Kira, why haven't you said something earlier," Tommy asked, floored that she would keep this a secret from him.

"I… I didn't know how you would react to this," She replied looking down at her hands.

"Kira you know you're always welcome here." Tommy said giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"Thanks" Kira replied with a slight smile she then hugged Tommy around the neck which he returned. He knew life wasn't easy for Kira with her family the way it was but now at least he could be there for her.

Conner looked at Ethan in confusion as they left their new posts at the kitchen door.

"Did you know about that?" he asked

"No, did you?" Ethan replied

Conner shook his head "I had no idea, no wonder she hates leaving here, at least here there isn't as much drama."

"Yeah, this must seem more like a home to her."

Conner and Ethan silently vowed in that moment not to give Kira a hard time about not wanting to go home now that they knew exactly what she lived with. They also vowed to keep close and keep her safe, she needed them and they would be damned if they would let her get hurt

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