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Hidden | Taekook


In which Mafia Leader Jeon Jeongguk starts a war for Kim Taehyung

Romance / Thriller
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I don't fucking care what you had to do to get here, when I'm calling you, you come. Period", the rough dangerous voice of a man growled, making the other male on the ground bow his head until it met the dirty floor. Crouched and broken, the traitor was awaiting his fate, knowing he wouldn't come out of this room alive. Rather in a bag.

"I-I know I have failed you, it won't happen again", the man gasped when the solid surface of a black polished shoe hit his back, sending him entirely to the ground, making it clear that he and his dirty business has been caught.

"Indeed you did", the shadowed man leaned forward, revealing sharp features, beautiful face structures dominated by plush lips and calculating eyes, dark brows furrowed over midnight colored eyes. The black haired man chuckled before leaning forward to lift the man's head with white gloved hands. "And I'm very disappointed in you to say at least."

The man stood, tall height hovering over the now pathetic mess whimpering for mercy on the ground, the two silent subordinates by his boss' side only glared at him, disgust clearly in their eyes. "We are a family, dear, and I try my best to take care of everyone of my little sheep. In return, I only demand loyalty. I took you in when you had nothing and made you something in this world. And how did you return me my kindness?"

"P-please p-please Sir, I swear, it w-was a mistake--"

"Silence", the word wasn't yelled but held so much power within that the other immediately shut up, tears and snot running down his ashy grey face. "Referring to my Mafia as sheep is quite funny, isn't it? Loyalty is rare in our business, it's hard to find men who would die for you", the man said, getting rid of one of his gloves, clicking a lighter in his hand and playing with the small flame, the only warm light in the dim room.

"Because as soon as they discover freedom from their shepherd, they turn into wolves", the raven turned around, smile dancing on his gorgeous lips, kneeling back in front of the man. the same second the boss moved, his loyal subordinates did as well, moving like moths attracted to light. They heaved the begging man up from the ground, hands clawing at his dirtied jacket.

"And a lone wolf in a sheep pack... who wants to rip the shepherd's sheep...", the male leaned forward. A flowery perfume hit the male's nostrils, filling him with terror, eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. "Makes the shepherd turn into a wolf and rip him apart."

Screams grew loud in the dim room, grunts and the horrifying ripping of flesh, blood splattering onto the ground. And the dark amused laugh of the Mafia boss Kim Seokjin sounded through the room.


"You didn't have to rip him apart like that, Jinnie...", a soft melodic voice exclaimed once Kim Seokjin entered the large friendly room filled with flowers and the presence of beauty, tall windows framing the sides and allowing to take a view to a beautiful garden beneath, white dominating the room, pillows splattered everywhere. A hard contrast to the environment Seokjin usually surrounded himself with.

"Of course I had to, lovely rose, he was on the urge to finding out about your existence. He was always a thorn in my eyes, wanted too much too quickly. And then he formed an organization against me, I couldn't let him succeed", the raven explained, getting rid of his dark suit jacket, dropping the expensive item carelessly to the ground.

A huff came from the gigantic king sized bed filled with ruffled creme sheets and pillows over pillows. "As if Jeongguk wouldn't skin him alive once he gets a peak of me, Jinnie", the deep melodic voice turned amused, the other man cracking a smile in return when he walked closer, sitting down on the edge.

"I didn't mean to offend you, Lovely", Jin said gently. Beautiful laughter grew loud in the spacious bed before the person inside moved. Revealing ethereal features sparkling with innocence and beauty, plump lips stretched into a teasing smile. "I wasn't offended", the boy, the angel said with deep but soft voice, ruffled chocolate locks falling into round almond eyes.

"Simply worried for your safety", he continued, dropping his small frame onto gently curved elbows, long golden legs folded behind him, tilting his head to the side and letting golden brown color cascade over sun kissed skin. Seokjin snorted. "You're the only one worried about my safety, Tae."

The said male was none other than Kim Taehyung.

Taehyung was not one to be touched. He was Jeon Jeongguk's, powerful mafia boss. Jeongguk was toxic and possessive. Taehyung loved the man dearly. Jeongguk couldn't live without Taehyung in his arms or by his side.

Kidnapped and taken from his freedom, locked away, preferably in Jeongguk's bedroom, Taehyung was the secret beauty of the mafia world. The one possessing the power to make the Jeon Jeongguk calm down and become putty in his hands.

The one to be found hidden in Jeongguk's strong arms, soft kisses pressed against golden honey hair, face always hidden and mask lifted only for Jeongguk to press a kiss on plump red lips before he was hidden again. The one Jeongguk demanded to have on his lap as soon as he got upset.

And the one Kim Seokjin considered as his best friend.

When Seokjin has first met the beautiful boy, he has been scared for his life, hiding inside his golden cage, too scared of the world and only clutching onto Jeongguk's arm for dear life when he was introduced to Seokjin, this time only an ally. Until he started getting involved with Taehyung and once saved him from getting kidnapped, Jeongguk has been suspicious of him.

Seokjin had to make it clear that no interest for Taehyung sparked inside of him and until to this reveal, Jeongguk started to trust Seokjin with his treasure. His Taehyungie. Seokjin now became as protective as Jeongguk was over the lovely boy who melted his icy cold heart into a pundle with just a mere box smile.

The Mafia boss now took care of Taehyung whenever Jeongguk was abroad and he besides the other, was the only one allowed legal entrance to Taehyung's rooms. "Jinnie, you know that I care so much for you... I'm always scared you'll get hurt", Taehyung quietly confessed, playing with Jin's fingers.

He scratched on a dark red spot under Jin's thumb, frowning cutely. Jin gently untangled their hands. "I'm a mafia boss. Danger is my business", Seokjin stated firmly, the little angel sighing softly. "I know... you're just like my Ggukie... but forgive a bird to wish the other birds can't fall while flying", he said softly.

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