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Fairytale | V x BTS


In which Kim Taehyung finds love in different stories and different persons

Romance / Humor
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Oui, je t'aime | Taekook

In which artist Kim Taehyung has to build a marble statue for his art class and accidentally creates a real human, an immortal looking like a greek god with the name of Jeon Jeongguk who's falling head over heels for his creators and makes it his purpose to wreck the boy's golden ass.

Kim Taehyung was an artist. Just looking at him made it obvious how much he was living for the art, he himself being living art himself. The most prettiest art student at Seoul's school of arts, always sweet and gentle.

The beautiful brunet was always so kind to everyone, smiling and living his life with passion while studying his most favorite thing in the world: art. Because he was such a genius, artworks delicately scratched onto many papers, sculptures and many more, he received a fully paid scholarship, his teachers constantly praising him.

And this lovely, sweet innocent soul got his heart broken by a guy. Yes, Taehyung was gay but after the apparent love of his life cheated on him with a girl, Taehyung wished to have never met the guy.

Now, his only interest was fixed on his upcoming project, creating a marble statue, inspired by the greek gods but face should be made up by imagination.

"WOAH! Oh my god, Taehyung, this looks incredible!", Taehyung's seat neighbor gasped astonished, eyeing the unfinished statue he was working on. The pretty brunet smiled faintly, pretty eyes fixed on his work, not seeing the crushing admiration in the other guy's eyes.

"Thank you so much, Hyung-ssi", Taehyung politely answered, gently brushing the newly finished nose of his statue, liking the way his face was structured, with a gentle formed, slightly big nose, large doe eyes, high cheek bones and lips formed like parting petals which a slightly fuller bottom lip.

A jawline made to cute hearts open and a body inspired by Taehyung's favorite sculpture of young Apollon but he added a bit more of bulging muscles to the statue's thighs and stomach, liking the contrast of an innocent face and body formed like a Greek god.

"This might be your best work!", the student went on to praise the boy and Taehyung blushed, nibbling on his bottom lip while eyeing his project with proudness lingering in his heart. "You think so?"

"Yes! You're incredibly talented!", the student exclaimed fiercely, wanting to finally bring the courage up to ask Taehyung out especially after the pretty brunet was so heartbroken and needed to be shown love again.

But it wasnt going to be him to show Taehyung love again.

"Thank you... I'm trying my best", Taehyung mumbled before focusing back on his project, ignoring the poor student who slumped back onto his seat after getting ignored by his crush.


Taehyung smiled tiredly at the leaving students, knowing he was the last one to stay in the room but since he was such a good and obedient student, he was allowed to stay in the room, even given a key by his teacher.

"Just gonna finish the last touches and then m going home", Taehyung tiredly mumbled to himself, stretching his long golden arms before smiling faintly at the statue. "You might really be my masterpiece... how much I wish you to be real. You'd be the perfect guy for me... and I'm sure you'd never betray me", Taehyung whispered, stroking the statue's cold marble cheeks.

"You still need a name... you know, you're my dream... a dream I can never have", the broken male sadly whispered, leaning forward and pressing his lips against the cold stone where he worked hours to achieve the perfect looks of lips for his statue.

Of course nothing did happen and Taehyung sadly smiled. But when he turned around, picking up his delicate pencil brush for the last final touch up, thunder grew loud in the background.

And then, he heard a loud groan coming from behind. Taehyung's breath anxiously hitched because when he turned around, he was met with the picture of a gorgeous guy stretching his arms above his head, deep black hair falling elegantly into his forehead.

It was the gorgeous view of his statue and Taehyung screamed, scrambling away and and clumsily falling onto his ass, staring wide eyed at the half naked man who smirked when he looked down to Taehyung.

"My creator", the turned alive statue whispered admiringly, looking down at the frightened Taehyung who was loss on words, stuttering while gaping at the statue. "O-oh my fucking god", Taehyung whimpered, making the greek god lookalike laugh.

"No, Angel. I am Jeon Jungkook and I was made to be yours."

Taehyung was left speechless when the gorgeous being bend down to his eye level, reaching down to offer him his hand. A gorgeous sculptured hand Taehyung has crafted himself and the small artist couldn't help but to stare at the man in front of him.

"How is this possible", he whispered, the statue smirking down at him, admiring how beautiful his creator was, an artwork himself, so pretty and with delicate features meant to be cherished and hold closely.

"You wished for me to become alive. Now here I am, my beautiful creator. Only at your service", Jungkook said sincerely, making Taehyung look up to him shocked.

The handsome man bent down to Taehyung's eyes, looking admiringly at the pretty artist. His pretty artist. His creator.

"I-I.. what?!", Taehyung screeched, shocked when the man leaned down to kiss him. Only a short peck on the lips but it left him craving for more. "You made me, my dear. Therefore I belong to you and I'm meant to fulfill every wish of yours", Jungkook said as if it was the most natural thing to say.

"And I especially want to love you, beautiful."

Taehyung gulped another time before hesitantly lifting his hand, moving one shy finger over Jungkook's face. "This scar... I made it accidentally when my knife slipped", Taehyung mumbled to himself, feeling the small beauty mark on Jungkook's cheek.

"Okay... oh my god... maybe I slipped and now I'm dreaming weird shit... but woah. I did good work", Taehyung laughed silently, Jungkook admiring the sound coming from his creator.

"The best."

"I uh, I'm Taehyung by the way", Taehyung hesitantly introduced himself, Jungkook kissing his hand before bowing his head. "I'll cherish that name, Taehyung", he smiled, leaving the two boys in comfortable silence.

"Wait, what am I going to bring for tomorrow's project day???!"

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