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Midnight madness | Taekook


And may God help the one who disrespects his Queen." In which the Joker of Gotham City, Jeon Jeongguk, finds his Queen in innocent artist Kim Taehyung !TopKook !BottomTae Collaboration with @Taekook-WTF1

Drama / Thriller
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Taehyung's encounter

"Open the door! Yo Kim, here's a visitor for ya!", the loud call sounded through the cold grey hall, a man in a police uniform unlocking the heavy door with his keys before allowing the visitor to step through. "Right this way", the tall man guided the visitor who nervously gulped, aware of all the cells surrounding his view, prisoners inside eyeing him like prey.

"Hey, can I give you a tip?", the guard said towards the male by his side. Puppy doe eyes looked up to him curiously and the man almost cursed by the innocence dancing over the guy's face features. He clearly hasn't been to a prison before. This guy overall didn't seem to have done anything wrong in his life. Just looking at him made the viewer want to wrap him up in a blanket. "Y-yuh-yes?", the male nervously stuttered, hearing rumors to his side.

"Try not to get involved with the prisoners... these aren't nice men, little boy. They can kill you with just a flick of their wrist. Especially a tiny thing like you."

Kim Taehyung exhaled with a stiffled laugh. He has heard this so often now. "I-I'll keep that in mind", the shy boy mumbled before stepping through the next door held open for him by the guard. When he entered the room, the door slammed shut behind him, then a metallic click was heard. "Sorry to startle you. Keeps all the bad guys inside", the guard said.

His name tag read Jung Hoseok and he had kind eyes. While the other one, silently following behind them, had cold, calculating eyes. His name tag read Min Yoongi and he answered Taehyung's staring with a lifted brow. "Sorry... I'm just nervous... never been to a prison before... especially not Arkham", Taehyung admitted with a nervous chuckle, pink dusting on his cheeks.

"I can see that", Yoongi said flatly, motioning the petite male forward. He looked so lost in place, so cute and innocent in an environment like this, like a lamb in a cage filled with lions. Ready to be eaten alive. Taehyung could hear the screams and sobs, shifting uncomfortably. But he needed to keep going, he was here for his Hyung.

His Hyung who was imprisoned for killing their parents.

Talk about good family bounding.

The heavy iron door in front of them suddenly opened with a harsh bang, making the boy flinch back in surprise. Three figures move inside his view, a man dressed in an orange overall in the middle. Neck and visible arms littered in tattoos. Dark black hair hanging into menacing eyes. Taehyung bit back a submissive whimper once their eyes met.

Especially when this man, a prisoner obviously, stopped in the middle of his tracks, staring at the boy. Hoseok and Yoongi quickly pulled the boy out of the way so the other two guards could drag the inmate away. "Keep moving, Jeon", one of them sneered, Jeon's dark black eyes only fixed on the pretty pretty little thing walking inside Arkham Asylum and not seeming to know what was awaiting him.

Silver hair framing a beautiful face dominated by a tall nose and arched black brows and ruby red lips made to be kissed, bottom lip trembling. A cute pretty lamb stumbling into a lion's den.

A low chuckle erupted from the tall man who allowed the guards to grab his arms again. His eyes still fixed on the beautiful boy. When he saw the look of fear in his eyes, he stopped, again. Taehyung almost screamed when the guy broke free from the hold of his guards, stalking towards him.

He was fast, too fast for the men to react and he was in front of Taehyung before the poor scared boy could even blink. "Afraid of me? You should be, pretty lamb... a beauty like you shouldn't be in a place like this", the man lowly whispered, his cuffed hands coming forward in a wish to touch Taehyung's rosy cheek.

Only being able to take the beauty of the other in and suddenly wishing to grab this cute looking lamb and carry him away. Preferably in a room where they couldn't be disturbed. But the prisoner's plans got stopped when lots of hands grabbed him, dragging him away from his gorgeous prey who finally found his air to breathe again, gasping loudly.

The other got dragged away from him, Taehyung, Hoseok and Yoongi quickly leaving the hall. Letting a screaming raven behind who has now the burning desire to claim this gorgeous ash haired male as his.

Unknowingly, this moment would change both of their lives.

Because Taehyung has just met the Joker of Gotham City, the unstoppable and insane Jeon Jeongguk.

Taehyung's perspective

"Hello TaeTae", the simply two words caused tears into my eyes when I saw his slumped figure, hands cuffed to the table to secure safety, mine possibly and my heart tightened. "Hyung", I whimpered, walking forward to shakily sit down on the seat in front of him before reaching out for his hand, engulfing it with my own. The guards left me alone with him after looking at me worried, the shock of the last encounter still sitting deep in my bones.

"H-Hyung, are you okay?", I asked shakily, seeing how exhausted he looked, deep rings under his eyes as if he didn't sleep in ages. "I am now, little brother. As fine as I could be in prison", he chuckled before looking at me. "How are you doing, Baby? No one is being mean to you, right? You holding up?", he asked me, as sweet as always and I almost choked up.

"I'll get you out of here, I promise", I whispered in return, ignoring his question. Of course I wasn't fine... my brother was in prison! All of my friends and acquaintances either pitied or avoided me. My professors looked at me with so many mixed emotions that I could barely bring myself to go to college.

"Don't try, TaeTae... as long as you're okay, I'll be too. But tell Hyung if you feel unwell. You look pale. Did something happen before?"

And only the devil knew why Taehyung shook his head, biting his lip shyly and looking to the ground, trying not to think of this man he has met. This dark dangerous man eyeing him with so much lust and desire that it made Taehyung's knees wobble.

"No, Hyung. Nothing you should worry about."

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