Chained Rhythm | Taekook


In which single father Kim Taehyung's child Yeonjun becomes friends with Seoul's most feared mob boss, Jeon Jungkook.

Romance / Humor
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The days in Seoul were highlighted by bright sunlight, since it was spring now, everyone was outside and enjoying the summer vibes the late afternoon was offering them. The Parks were filled and the Han river beautifully sparkled under the light.

The scenery wasn't recognized by a panicked looking man who ran after a toddler, arms stretched out in order to catch the toddler who giggled loudly. "Junnie, no, wait! Come back to Appa!", a very distressed man screamed panicked after the boy who waddled away from him. "Kim Yeonjun!", the man now shouted but got ignored by the child.

Kim Taehyung's breath anxiously hitched when the toddler confidently ran to an elder woman, clutching onto her leg and loudly declared her as 'ahjumma' (korean for grandma) to which Taehyung gasped. The toddler, an adorable but cheeky boy called Kim Yeonjun, was Taehyung's son and also loved to run up to people and befriend them. Which happened just right now, giving his father a difficult time since he was too late to stop his son.

"Excuse me?!", the Lady screeched intrigued, clutching onto the arm of the man next to her who was dressed in a suit and watching the little kid with mild amusement. "Hi ahjumma", the child innocently grinned while the woman roughly yanked her leg out of his hold, causing the toddler to fall on his bum. His eyes immediately started to waver and Taehyung was quick to run up to them.

"Junnie", he whispered lovingly towards the toddler and lifted him up, bringing the tiny boy into his arms who immediately clutched onto his neck with his tiny arms. "Is that your imbecile of a son?!", the woman screeched with loud annoying voice, staring at Taehyung.

"My deepest apologies, Ma'am", he said and bowed deeply in front of her, as much it was possible with a child clinging to his shoulders. "He likes to befriend everyone and give them nicknames", the male apologized for his softly sobbing son in his arms. The woman only snorted, throwing the two a disgusted glare.

"You better take care of that child. Where are the parents to teach him respect?", she spat, making Taehyung flinch back. He has always faced these kind of comments, because he of course looked too young to be a father. Too young, too incompetent and too pretty to take care of a child on his own.

"I'm his father and I really apologize for the behavior of my son", Taehyung said, emphasizing the word 'father' and the woman's eyes widened. "You? You could be his brother! Aren't you ashamed of yourself?!", she screeched. The man by her side surprisingly stopped her before she could hurt Taehyung further who looked incredibly hurt, covering Yeonjun's ears.

"Darling, it's not your business so stop", the man firmly said, throwing the male a friendly smile. Taehyung timidly returned it, puppy eyes blinking up gratefully to the man, rosy bottom lip caught by his teeth. He knew how he looked and he knew about the comments thrown at him. Sometimes, Taehyung hated being a single father.

Don't get him wrong, he absolutely loved his son as Yeonjun was the most precious thing in his life but it got incredibly lonely. No one wanted to be in a relationship with a single father who took care of a child alone. As soon as his hook ups saw Yeonjun, they vanished, often enough calling Taehyung a whore for having a child at such young age. That was the problem with humans. They judged before knowing the full story. And all of them didn't stayed enough to hear it all.

"Forgive my wife, she still believes to look like twenty. Your son is very cute and you can be a proud father", the man said with a loving chuckle towards his wife who seemed to relax, nudging his shoulder. "Again, I'm sorry", Taehyung said, bowing his head and quickly separating himself from the couple, glad to get away this easily.

"Junnie, what did I say about running off?!", he then scolded the toddler who has finally looked up, brown eyes wide and resembling the ones of Taehyung. "B-but Appa, she really looked like she needed a hug!", he exclaimed, trying to make a point. Taehyung sighed, shaking his head over his son's innocence.

"Junnie, you can't go to people like that. We talked about private space, didn't we?", the brunet scolded his son gently who frowned cutely before slowly nodding. Making his messy brown locks bounce, the same mob of hair sitting on Taehyung's head. The little boy resembled his father so much, it was a miracle people still mistook them as siblings.

"Yeah... 'm sorry Appa", Yeonjun grumbled, leaning forward and pressing a very wet kiss to his father's nose, grabbing onto his locks. "But you said I should try to be happy so I thought the others should be too", the toddler reasoned stubbornly, making Taehyung laugh.

"You sound way too mature to be five, Junnie", he smiled fondly at his son before making his way back to the street where they previously were, to get groceries. "You're spending way too much time with Uncle Joonie", the brunet reasoned while Yeonjun possessively clutched onto his neck.

The little toddler loved his father like no one else and has already adapted a protective behavior over his Appa, since he has seen how often Taehyung was silently crying when he thought that Yeonjun was sleeping. Yeonjun has promised himself, and also their little Pomeranian Yeontan to always protect Appa 'cause he deserves the best.

"Appa, I want cakes", the child then whined into Taehyung's neck, making the man laugh while he ignored the stares he received for carrying a toddler in his arms. "Don't use plural, you brat, you know it goes straight to my thighs when we eat cake", he playfully said.

Yeonjun pouted, using his best puppy eyes on his father, the ones he saw on Taehyung whenever he tried to get something from his Hyungs and Yeonjun's loving 'uncles'.

"Okay, fine. One cake and we'll share."


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