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Oceanblue | Taekook


In which beautiful young prince Kim Taehyung is set to be delivered back to his awaiting Father, king Byun Baekhyun. Unfortunately, their ship gets attacked by none other than pirate captain Jeon Jeongguk and his crew

Romance / Drama
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Waves crashed against the wooden bug of a majestic ship. Faint screaming of seagulls growing in the background, followed by playful shouts and screamed orders. The busy scene of a harbor, sun shining down to its acting world beneath, glimmering world lighting up as the shadows disappeared.

A silent man rushed through this daily tumult, moving out of the way of screaming crew members and horses carrying their new goods, trying his best not to trip over his feet as he ran to a nearby carriage, knocking hurriedly against the hard wood.

"M-my Prince, the ship is ready to sail", he panted when he was allowed entrance, the door to the carriage opening and revealing the luxurious inside.

A figure rose from inside the shadows, moving his head into the light and out of the protection of the carriage. Sad glistening eyes looked down to the panting servant who bowed quickly by the sight of his prince. But a friendly smile soon enough curved the corners of his lips upwards before nodding his head.

"Dear, it is time to say goodbye. Are you coming?", the prince gently spoke, attention turned back to the inside of the carriage and another male then moved into the spotlight, nodding his kept low head. "Yes", the melodious voice answered before a long fingered, feline hand came out to rest in the open palm of the prince.

"Careful on the steps, dear", Prince Kim Seokjin smiled towards the male he helped out of the carriage. As soon as his in leather loafers dressed feet touched the ground, the male gracefully rose to his full height, merely reaching the Prince's broad shoulders.

"My Prince", the servant bowed at the petite formed male who nodded his head in acknowledge of the form of respect. Looking over to Seokjin who smiled gently at the male, offering him his arms.

"Three weeks on sea... it pains my heart to know you have to endure such hardship to get to me", Seokjin sighed before leading the boy up to the ship. Beautiful brown eyes, the same shade as astonishing curled hair moved their way up to Seokjin's handsome face, studying it.

"I survived this one time and I will a second time", the prince boldly said with a thin curved smile, earning an amused chuckle from the other. The servant followed their Majesties respectfully from afar.

"I will miss your remarks, Taehyung-ah."

The addressed prince was the heir to the Byun Kingdom, Crown Prince Kim Taehyung.

Who has just visited his fiance, Prince Kim Seokjin of the Kim Kingdom.

Their marriage has been arranged by their fathers, to not only create proper allegiance but also to provide their sons a good royal future.

In the Byun Kingdom, the males were able to reproduce and give birth to children, making them a valuable folk. They were also called Seahorse kingdom by some other kingdoms die to that reason.

The king, Byun Baekhyun has given birth to Taehyung alongside with his husband and father of Taehyung, Park Chanyeol, a passionate warrior. After the horrible war accursed, which caused thousands to die and the allegiance to form, Baekhyun lost his husband in a brutal fight.

The only thing left of his dead lover was his beautiful son Taehyung who he started to treasure and protect at all costs.He therefore arranged a marriage for Taehyung. To protect him. Baekhyun had only good intentions when it came to his son but poor Taehyungie didn't want someone deciding over his life.

Sadly, there was no denying of your father's wishes to this time. Leading to Taehyung getting shipped the Kim Kingdom and meeting his fiance Seokjin. The man was nothing but sweet, polite and kind. And absolutely not what Taehyung wanted. But he didn't have a choice and smiled. And became surprisingly friends with Seokjin.

Who also wasn't very fond of the marriage. Because he loved someone else. When he has first told Taehyung about his secret lover, the pretty prince has laughed, from relief. And the two then became friends. Knowing both weren't keen of the forced relationship, bonded them and they started spending lots of time together. Now, Taehyung was sad to leave his new made friend.

"I'm sure Father will have me return soon", Taehyung bitterly said, looking up to the large majestic ship towering over him. His soon to be prison for a few months. "No matter what will happen, I promise to be a good husband. And more importantly, a good friend", Seokjin gently smiled down to the younger, Taehyung turning his head, chuckling lowly. "Namjoon Hyung is really lucky to have you", he exclaimed quietly.

"Prince Taehyung. It is time to leave. When you're ready to leave, your Majesty", a crew member politely bowed at the two princes, Taehyung turning to Seokjin.

"I suppose this is goodbye for a longer amount of time", Seokjin said sadly and Taehyung surprisingly reached forward to hug Seokjin. "Thank you for making these past months bearable", the brown haired prince whispered almost inaudibly, only for the other to be heard and Seokjin shortly tightened his arms before letting go of the young prince.

"Farewell, Taehyung-ah. May you return safely", he smiled, pressing a tender kiss to the beautiful male's forehead. "Don't tease Namjoon Hyung too much", Taehyung cheekily said before turning.

The ship's captain bowed respectfully at his prince when he entered the deck. A last glance over his shoulder and Taehyung waved at Seokjin, heart heavy. Ignoring all bows and stares at his unused figure, tall but petite in form, gorgeous face as pretty as beauty itself, Taehyung stalked towards his cabin.

Now knowing what the upcoming journey would bring him.

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