Pirates of the Alicorn

Chapter 14: Marooned

When everyone finally reached the deck of the ship they were met with a horrific sight. Leaning up against the mast they saw Jack, trying to hold a deep bleeding wound in his side, however that wasn’t the worst of it. All over the deck they found the dead bodies of just under half the crew, some of them with their throats slashed, others with multiple stab wounds.

"B…by Celestia," Twilight gasped staring down at the horrific sight before her, tears starting to flow from her eyes.

"Who did this?" Dripfang added.

It was so horrendous no pony could bear to look, while Shimmer tried to tend to her father she tried her best to focus on him alone. Suddenly something else popped into every pony’s mind.

"APPLE BLOOM!!!" Applejack screamed.

"SCOOT!!!" Rainbow Dash added.

But no matter how much the Mane Six called there was not answer from either Spike nor the Cutie Mark Crusaders, for a moment they had feared the worst, suddenly they're hopes were lifted by a small voice above them.

"Twilight!" it called.

"Spike!?!" Twilight said looking up. "Spike is that you!?!"

"Up here!" Spike called from the crow's nest.

Instantly reacting Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Dripfang and T-Cog flew up towards the crow's nest, there they found a sight that gave them all great deal of relief, Spike, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, shaken up and shivering with fright but alive and well.

"Thank Celestia," Rainbow Dash said as she picked Scootaloo up in. "Are you all okay?"

"They… they came out of nowhere," Scootaloo whimpered. "Ponies with burning red eyes, they… they went after everyone..."

Seeing the tears in her eyes Rainbow Dash decided not to ask any more questions and held her tight. They would have taken Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders down to the deck right then but they knew it would probably be best they waited until every pony at least moved the bodies of the fallen crew first.

“No need to fear lassies,” T-Cog called. “All three fillies and the dragon are fine!”

Though that was a great relief for those down below didn't stop them from being scared of who or what could have done such a thing, or worse still the possibility that they might still be on the ship. As Shimmer stood by her father tending to his wound anger began to fill her heart.

"Did you see who did this to you?" she asked as she tore off a piece of her own vest to wrap around Jack's bleeding side.

"No," Jack said as he groaned in pain. "When I arrived on deck and saw the bodies I was hit by a beam of light from behind, I didn't see who did it."

Suddenly another stir of movement caught everyone’s attention, instantly reacting Twilight rushed towards it and found that one of the bodies was still alive, it was the ship’s doctor.

“Doc,” Twilight gasped as she tried to help the poor Diamond Dog.

The damage to him was quite severe, he had multiple stab wounds in his side, his arm was broken in two places and bruising covered almost his entire body.

“P…princess?” he said, trying to force the words out from his bleeding mouth.

“No don’t speak,” Twilight said trying, to calm the frightened dog down. “We don’t know how bad...”

“It… It’s a trap,” the Diamond Dog interrupted her, trying so hard to warn the unsuspecting Alicorn.

But it was too late, bursting out from below deck dozens upon dozens of ponies swarmed all over the deck and into the sky, this new crowd of monstrous pirates was nothing like any pony has ever seen before, each and every one looked as though they each went through a different method of torture for each indicial personality, the only thing that made them all similar to each other was the fact that they all had blood-red eyes, eyes that looked like they were on fire. Every pony tried to defend themselves but the enemies numbers were too great and within minutes the group found themselves either being pinned down to the deck or held with horns and blades to their throat, even T-cog found himself having both his hook and peg-leg removed, leaving nothing but the bare stumps where his limbs should have been. Before long the entire group had been captured, even Maria was finding it hard to escape the Unicorns’ containment spells.

“What in blazes is this?” Jack asked angry, as he groaned in pain. “What fool dares to kill my crew and take over my ship!?!”

"I'm afraid that would be me," chuckled an unseen figure from the upper deck.

The sound of that voice made every pony stood freeze with fear, frightened of the horrifying, familiar words the voice spoke, turning their heads they looked towards the upper deck, there standing by the helm they saw a face that they believe that they would never see again, a face belonging to a black Unicorn simply known as…

"B…B…Blackhorn?" T-Cog whimpered.

"AHHH!!! A GHOST!!!" Big Rummy screamed as he pulled Fluttershy and Slash closer to him.

But it was no ghost for it was indeed Blackhorn, the same Blackhorn they once believed dead, the very same Unicorn they recognised as their fallen crewmember and yet there he was standing before them sniggering to himself.

"How is this possible?" Slash gasped. "We thought you were dead."

"Oh did you?" Blackhorn snarled with an evil grin "Good, I had hoped my apparent death would push you forward to the treasure hunt and I'm glad to see that is has and that you had led us here."

"And who exactly is us?" Applejack asked nervously.

Suddenly though it was instantly reacting to Applejack’s question, another vessel emerged from the veil of fog surrounding Burmuleda. This ship was far different than the Alicorn, the sails were jet black and torn in certain places, the wooden hull resembled a giant ribcage and deck shone a hellish red with light reflected from the flames in the torches, evil the whole vessel a look of pure evil. At this point only Jack seemed to have the courage to speak despite the wound in his side.

"What the hell's going on here Blackhorn!?!" He growled as one of the unicorns held his horn closer to Jack’s throat. "I want answers! NOW!!!"

"Dear Jack, you always were so straight forward," Blackhorn chuckled. "Well if you must know…"

"SIR!!!" one of the Unicorns screamed, interrupting his captain as he struggled to keep Marina contained within his spell, who was thrashing all over the place. "This one won't…"

But before the pirates could even finish his sentence, a purple beam of light erupted from the broken stub on Blackhorn's head and shot through the containment spell and directly at Marina, writhing and screaming in pain her body twisted and turned, the others would have tried to help their friend had they not been restrained, instead they could only watch in horror as both the spell and Marina's entire body burst into a gust of steam and disappeared into thin air, she was gone.

"MARINA!!!" the group screamed simultaneously.

But Marina could no longer hear they're words for she was now nothing more than a discarded red scarf and hat along with a few droplets of water that was all that remained of her.

"YOU MONSTER!!!" Gem screamed in anger. "HOW COULD YOU!?!"

"She… she never even made it out to sea," Rarity said as tears began to fill her eyes.

But Blackhorn only laughed, he laughed as though he had just enjoyed what he had done and that made Jack sick to his stomach.

"You find this funny Blackhorn?" he growled in anger. "And here I thought you were a stallion of honour."

"Honour no longer has any place amongst us ponies Jack," Blackhorn said with an evil smile. "I learnt that a long time ago when my wife and foal were taken from me, you wish to know what all this is about? I shall tell you, do you recall that year I decided to disappear from your crew? It was after that you appointed me quartermaster was it not? Well during that year I found my true calling, have you not wondered why the eyes of every pony here are all red? Does it not remind you of a story I once told you when I first came aboard?"

Jack may have been distraught at the time but he did recognise the meaning of Blackhorn's words, when Blackhorn told his tale to Jack all those years ago he mentioned that the pirates who attacked his ship all had one thing in common… blood-red eyes.

"Yes Jack," Blackhorn continued. "That ship there is the 'Black Death,' You may now call me Captain Blackhorn for it is now I who commands it, that year I ventured from YOUR crew was the year I took the ship for my own and took on another crew… that murderous Griffin's crew! Of course any sane pony would have questioned this decision but of course you and I both know that I of all ponies am far from sane."

This was indeed true, in the past no matter how much he tried to help him Jack could never help Blackhorn fully regain his sanity, even now Jack could see the familiar insane twitch in his eye, However that didn't stop him from asking another question.

"So why come back?" he asked angrily. "If you are now Captain of another crew then why come back to us?"

"While granted I now had control of one of the most feared ships on the entire ocean I still had many problems I had to correct," Blackhorn explained. "While I was on board this ship you always went on about finding the seventh Element of Harmony, I knew that you of all ponies would one day find it so I returned to you, with the Black Death only a few miles on your tail I had you followed."

"And why would YOU want the seventh Element?" Jack asked.

"Why?" Blackhorn answered. "Because it is rumoured to bring loved ones back from the dead, it might be the only way to restore my family to me. After what felt like and era of waiting you FINALLY decide to go after it, when these Harmony Bearers arrived I believed the journey would go quickly but all the crew ever wanted to do was party and have fun, at one point I feared that you would decide to abandon the mission all together, I had to do something. While you and the rest of the crew were out on deck getting drunk off rum, I had the Blade Triplets kidnap and torture two of the Harmony Bearer's knowing that it would rile you up enough to tighten your grip on deck, needless to say it worked. However after hearing that you intended to question them in the brig I had to… tie up loose ends, so I killed them in their sleep and dumped their bodies in one of the longboats, your detection spells are quite easy to break I'm afraid."

As Jack listened to Blackhorn's sickening words he felt a surge of anger swelling up inside him, he would have lashed out but the pain in his side was so bad that he couldn't even move.

"And the storm?" he growled.

"An unfortunate joke of circumstance," Blackhorn explained. "After you finally decide to dish out the proper discipline on board ship, I was unlucky enough to receive a faulty lifeline which snapped and had me flying into the ocean when that storm hit, luckily I didn't have to wait long until the Black Death fished me out. Needless to say I was quite relieved when I saw the Golden Alicorn keeping its course towards Burmuleda, my apparent death must have been the push you all needed, when you dropped anchor here and led the shore party to the seventh Element, I took a rowboat from the Black Death and… well I'm sure you can figure out the rest from the little mess I made on the deck."

"Why kill them Blackhorn?" Jack snapped. "What was the point?"

"To tie up loose ends," Blackhorn answered. "I couldn't have an entire crew have an even chance against my own, not to mention the terrible events that could have happened if one of them had escaped and told someone about me being alive… I did what was necessary. But don’t be so disappointed Jack, I did keep SOME insurance.”

At those words, a group of Blackhorn’s crew walked up to them with a just over a dozen Ponies and Diamond Dogs beaten and bound in chains, all of whom Jack instantly recognised as his own crewmembers.

“If I had killed ALL of them I wouldn’t have much of a bargaining chip would I?” Blackhorn said shrewdly. “And of course the fillies and dragon I left in the crow’s nest however did prove to be a useful way to let your guard down while my crew hid below deck."

"And what about Marina!?!" Shimmer shouted in anger. "Was SHE a loose end too? Or are you just that sick!?!"

"She refused to co-operate," Blackhorn said calmly, though forcing back a chuckle. "While I appreciate your love for all creatures you come across Jack, that Kelpie would have simply been too much trouble to keep around, but that doesn't have to happen to any pony else if YOU co-operate Jack, you found the seventh Element I assume?"

At first Jack did not answer, he was just too angered by this sickening act of betrayal to even speak, suddenly a few words emerged from his mouth, words that Blackhorn didn't want to hear.

"I did," he said. "But now it's gone."

As expected Blackhorn was both shocked and angered at these words.

"What do you mean gone?" he growled.

"That blast of energy you hit me with just now went through my pack," Jack answered as he showed the charred pieces of cloth and ash that was once his pack. "It may have left me with a wound in my side but it also burnt my pack to cinders… the seventh Element was inside it."

Neither Blackhorn nor any pony else wanted to believe it but it looked as though Jack was telling the truth, the seventh Element of Harmony was nowhere to be found. Needless to say Blackhorn was furious.

"NOOOOOO!!!" he screamed in anger. "THIS CAN'T BE!!!"

"I'm afraid it is Blackhorn," Jack said calmly. "You have just destroyed the seventh Element of Harmony, although I doubt it would have brought your family back anyway."

But at those words Blackhorn simply swiped his hoof into Jack's head, cracking Jack's horn in the process.

"You know there was one point I would have gladly followed in your ways Jack," he whispered into Jack’s ear. "You know as much as I do what it feels to lose a loved one but now thanks to recent circumstances I now have only one thing left… vengeance."

"Against whom I may ask," Jack said as spat out a small bit of blood. "I thought you had already defeated the griffin, isn't that why you now control his ship?"

"While I may have defeated that loathsome griffin, I discovered that he has a daughter residing in Equestria," Blackhorn explained. "And if I can’t have my family back then intend to make sure his bloodline never continues… even if it means burning the entire country to the ground."

"WHAT!!!" The Mane six screamed in fear.

"Bring me the other Elements of Harmony!" Blackhorn shouted.

Acting upon their Captain's words, the monstrous crew rummaged inside every pony's pack until they found the other six Elements, as all six were placed at Blackhorn's hooves, the group could only watch in horror as he levitated them up and threw them over the side of the ship, leaving them to sink into the deep ocean below.

"If I can't have the seventh Element then no pony can have theirs!" Blackhorn shouted. "Bring them all aboard! Every pony accept Jack, I'll handle this one personally!"

Once again following their Captain's instructions, the pirates forced all the hostages including the ship’s doctor into the nearest longboat and rowed away from the Golden Alicorn, leaving Blackhorn alone to beat Jack to a pulp.

"Do you have any idea how this affects me Jack?" Blackhorn snapped as he delivered the final kick to Jack's ribs. "The Seventh Element of Harmony was the only way I could bring my family back!"

"It wouldn't have brought them back," Jack groaned as Blackhorn used his magic to chain him to the mast. "Don't you think that if it could I would have brought my own wife back? No amount of magic can bring back the dead and nothing will ever change that Blackhorn, no matter where the magic comes from."

"Be that as it may, but now the only way I can find peace would be through the spilling of blood," Blackhorn growled. "I have no quarrel with you Jack but I cannot risk you being a loose end, rest assured I shall not harm your daughter nor any pony else but you on the other hand would be too much trouble to keep around. Oh don’t worry, you will be going out with a bang, goodbye Jack."

And with that Blackhorn used a teleportation spell and disappeared, leaving Jack chained to the deck.

Reappearing on board the deck Black Death as it began to sail away, Blackhorn watched in delight as his crew brought the hostages aboard. Suddenly every pony's attention was taken by am]n extremely loud noise and a blast of fiery light. Turning their heads, every pony watched in horror as a huge explosion engulfed the Golden Alicorn.

"FATHER!!!" Shimmer screamed, tears filling streaming down her face as she watched in horror at the Golden Alicorn sinking to the depths in a fiery blaze.


It was heart-breaking, it had been two weeks since Blackhorn had destroyed the Golden Alicorn, as it turns out Blackhorn had his crew fill the entire hull with gunpowder only to have them ignite it just a few minutes before he teleported himself of the ship, as a result the explosion engulfed the entire structure and unfortunately Captain Jack Silver went with it, a Captain going down with his ship. Needless to say every pony that was left of Jack silver's crew was heartbroken, even the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Mane Six were shedding tears at his passing, as they all sat in the brig, filthy and exhausted they felt any hope they had left seeping away, all they could do is sit there as the enchanted bars kept them confined while they listened to Dripfang and T-Cog's screams from down the hall. While most of those in the brig mourned Jack's death through silent tears Shimmer on the other hand was completely distraught, every time the guard came in with their food she would lash out at him, it was only until after the fifth time she tried to buck kick one of the other pirates that Blackhorn had her sedated every time the food came to their cells. Suddenly their tears were interrupted when Dripfang and T-Cog were thrown back into their cells with bleeding stumps where they're wings should be.

"By Celestia what have zey done you!?!" Gem cried as she helped Dripfang up. “Oh your poor wings!”

"It would seem Blackhorn thought it was best that we had them removed," T-Cog groaned in pain as Slash helped him limp to an empty seat, his wooden limbs still missing after Blackhorn’s crew took them away from him. "Apparently he's got something big planned for us."

"But… but why only you two?" Rainbow Dash asked fearfully.

"By my reckoning those from Equestria would prove more useful if unharmed," Dripfang explained. "No doubt he wants to use you all as a bargaining chip for when he gets to there."

"L…Leaving the rest of us disposable," Slash added.

“Although that does beck the question as to why he didn’t do the same to the other Pegasi,” T-Cog pointed out, gesturing to the other pirates locked in the cells next to them.

“Maybe it’ cause we were ze one’s closest to Jack towards ze end,” Gem sighed, tears streaming down her eyes. “He probably wants to make examples of us.”

"We… we're all gonna die aren't we?" Spike whimpered as he cried into Twilight's shoulder.

"Undoubtedly," echoed a deep unseen voice.

Instantly reacting to every pony turned their head towards the cell across from them, they had never noticed it until now but there was indeed someone else there with them in the brig, hiding in the shadows of his cell was an old mangled Griffin with deep scars all across his body, he too had his wings removed and had many feathers missing, but it wasn't his physical features that made Shimmer react the way she did next.

"YOU!" she snapped. "I may not have met you before but there's only one reason why Blackhorn would keep a Griffin in here, you're the one who killed his family aren't you? You're the one who started all this in the first place!?!"

But the Griffin merely sighed.

"Unfortunately yes," he answered calmly. "I have been in this cell ever since Blackhorn took over, he's been keeping me alive so that he can watch me suffer for what I have done."

"Not that I'm Blackhorn's biggest fan at this point but I have to say that I can see why he would," Twilight growled in anger. "It was because of your sickening act that he became what he is."

"That's not entirely true," the Griffin said sternly. "While granted it was my doing that had pushed Blackhorn to the brink of insanity it was this ship that made him so evil,"

"The hell is that supposed to mean?" one of the Diamond Dogs snapped from another cell, clearly all that was left of Jack Silver’s crew were listening in.

"The Black Death is the very essence of evil," the Griffin explained. "Legend has it that is was built thousands of years ago by those who worshiped evil and chaos and those who becomes its Captain is corrupted by it's terrible magic so that they would command a crew who become nothing but mindless drones working under his one mind, have you ever not wondered why every pony has blood-red eyes? When I became Captain I was too corrupted by the power and it felt… good."

"I think I'm going to be sick," Rarity scoffed.

"You actually LIKED what you were doing!?!" Applejack snapped.

"Yes…." The Griffin answered softly. "The ship's dark magic goes into your mind and locates the emotion that drives you… and turns it into pure concentrated evil tenfold, for me it was my blood-lust, for Blackhorn…"

"…it was revenge," Twilight said finishing the Griffin's sentence.

"Exactly," the Griffin said in agreement. "One day he snuck aboard the ship and sliced my wings off, thus ending my reign as Captain, now he keeps me here, watching me every day as my strength wains more and more. What you must understand is that once you become Captain of this ship then there's no leaving it, the only way that one can truly be free from its curse is either death… or if the one who defeats you allows you to live and suffer like Blackhorn did."

As they listened to the words of the mangy old Griffin, all the group could do was sit there in the cell feeling sick at what they were listing too, suddenly Twilight remembered something.

"What did your daughter think of your decision to become Captain?" she asked angrily.

"Wha… what did you say?" the Griffin asked with a wide-eyed expression.

"You heard me," Twilight snapped. "Your daughter? The one living in Equestria? How did she feel when you went to go pirating on a ship that was pure evil? Did you even care?"

"How could you possibly know I have a daughter?" the Griffin asked angrily.

"We overheard Blackhorn mention her," Pinkie Pie explained quickly.

"Said he wanted to make sure your bloodline ended," Slash added, his teeth gritting in anger. “And from you’ve done I can see why.”

At those words the griffin suddenly lept to his feet and started banging at the cell door.

"YOU LIE!!!" he shouted. "Blackhorn doesn't know a thing about my Gilda!"

The Griffin would have expected a different reaction from the other ponies but was instead met with a confused look from Rainbow Dash.

"Wait!" she said. "Gilda? The same Gilda who went to the Junior Speedsters flight camp? The same Flight School I went to?"

"Aye, she went there in her younger years," the griffin explained. "You must be that Pegasus she used to write to me abou…"

But suddenly the Griffin's words were drowned out by the sound of cackling laughter, turning their heads everyone looked towards who was making it, there they saw Blackhorn with a few members of the crew behind him.

"So I FINALLY get a name eh?" he chuckled. "Gilda… it sounds too good for life. Well I'll make sure that you shall have a front row seat at her execution, it shall be an eye for an eye my old friend."

The look of horror on the Griffin's face was too much for any pony to look at, he tried to speak but all that came out of the Griffin's mouth was fearful babble. Turning his head towards the other cell, Blackhorn edged his way towards the group.

"It is time to go shipmates," he snarled with a sneer. "We cannot waste any more time can…"

But Before Blackhorn could even finish his sentence, Shimmer leaned her head in between the bars of the cell and spat in his face, needless to say a look of anger spread across his face.

"BRING THEM ALL!!!" he shouted.


After the pirates led all the prisoners out on deck, some limping since the injuries they received from Blackhorn’s attack on the Alicorn hadn’t healed yet, they all gathered round the side of the ship, the plank ready to be walked. As they all stood there bound in rope and chains, each couldn't help but feel terrified, Slash for example knew that he wouldn't be able to keep his head about the water if HE had walked the plank thus reigniting his all too familiar fear of drowning and Fluttershy and Big Rummy found themselves looking at each other for any sign of comfort, though they found none given the situation. Suddenly upon his instructions, Shimmer, Gem, Rummy, Slash, T-cog and Dripfang were taken out of the group and stood in a line before Blackhorn who began to speak.

“Such a pleasant day is it not?” he smirked with and evil grin. “the perfect conditions for a little swim eh?”

At those words Blackhorn’s crew burst out laughing, As everyone looked around them all they could see was ocean, suddenly everyone spotted a small island in the distance, an island T-Cog recognised.

"Do you remember this place T-Cog?" Blackhorn smirked as he pointed towards it. "This be the same island I was marooned on back when the dear old Captain found me."

"Yeah," T-Cog growled. "I noticed."

"While I may have said to our dear departed Jack that no harm would come to you all, I cannot risk any interference from any of you while I do what needs to be done," Blackhorn explained. "Oh don’t worry, most of the dear Captain’s crew will be spared for now but I must make sure the ringleaders of Jack’s little collection of misfits won’t be causing me any grief. So after I had my crewmembers… remove certain pieces of you, I thought it best that I would, drop you off shall we say, and to add salt in the wound I thought it best that the remains of Jack’s Silver’s legacy be out here to watch. So… who's first?"

"If you think that any of us are…" Slash began.

But one quick kick from Blackhorn to Slash's ribcage silenced him instantly.

"START WITH THE FAT ONE!" Blackhorn shouted.

Acting upon their captain's command a group of pirates swarmed Big Rummy, overwhelming him despite his size, though Fluttershy tried her best to break free of her bonds and stop them from taking her beloved it was too late, in a matter of moments Big Rummy found himself being thrown off the plank and into the water below. However due to being bound in rope, Big Rummy found himself unable to stay above the water since he couldn't move his legs.

"Oops," Blackhorn said sarcastically with an evil grin. "It would appear that we forgot to untie him… oh well."

Needless to say Slash wasn't happy, in fact he was furious, the second he saw his best friend fall into the water he was overcome with rage, so much so that his whole body literally heated up, so much so that his scales were able to melt the chains that bound him and he ran towards the plank.

"I'm coming buddy!!!" he shouted and he jumped into the water below.

"SLASH!!!" Shimmer and Spike screamed in unison.

The second Slash plunged into the icy cold depths of the ocean he felt every ounce of fear leaving his body, as he kicked down to Big Rummy who was now desperate for air as he sank lower and lower. Finally reaching him Slash used his razor sharp teeth to gnaw through the ropes around Big Rummy's legs, after finally breaking through the final rope, Slash found himself rapidly losing consciousness, he spent too long underwater. Luckily for Slash, now that he was free from his bonds, Big Rummy was able to carry him towards the surface. As Fluttershy saw Big Rummy burst out of the water, she couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

"Two down!!!" Blackhorn laughed. "Whose next!?!"

And thus began the horrid cycle of throwing ponies overboard, next went Dripfang, then Gem, after that went T-Cog after easily being tossed seeing how he no longer had his peg leg or hook to support himself, finally it was Shimmer's turn. As Shimmer stood there on the edge of the plank ready to fall into the water below she turned towards the Mane Six and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, seeing the fearful look in their faces she then turned to Blackhorn.

"I swear to you Blackhorn, you will get what you deserve," she said angrily. "You WON'T get away with what you've…"

"TOO LONG!" Blackhorn snapped as he slammed his hoof on the end of the plank, shaking it.

And before the final words even left her mouth, Shimmer lost her balance and fell into the water below. As the Mane Six and the Cutie Mark Crusaders watched their friends swim away towards the island in the distance, they found the only hope they had left literally floating away. Suddenly much to their aggravation and loathing, Blackhorn started to sing a small tune to himself.

"Bones will be shattered,

Necks will be rung,

They'll be beaten and battered,

From the mast they'll be hung,

Then we'll sail out here so they'll never be found,

Down in the deep right after they drown!!!"

That song burned in their ears like a horrifying truth that no pony wanted to hear, listening to the pirates evil laughter they all felt nauseated, depressed and terrified.

"I'm scared," Apple Bloom whimpered as she clutched her big sister with teary eyes. "I don't wanna die."

"It's alright Sugarcube," Applejack said trying to reassure her sister though not entirely convinced herself, "We'll be alright."

Every pony else tried put on a brave face to reassure the fillies but they found it hard to do so, only fate could decide what happens now.

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