Pirates of the Alicorn

Chapter 6: New Friendships

It wasn't too long before Spike's victory against Slash began to earn him a good reputation among the crew. Those who actually bet on him during the fight were happy that they managed to double their loot and those who lost their bets weren't even that bothered due to the new respect they had for him, even the Diamond Dogs seemed to warm up to the little dragon despite them being the least sociable of species. Before long almost every pirate on board was giving either shaking his claw or giving him some kind of compliment. In Jack Silver's cabin however the atmosphere was very different, after Spike was declared the winner of the fight Jack called Slash to his cabin to have serious talk about the recent fight.

"Slash this has got to stop," Jack said sternly. "You can't go around fighting other crewmembers just because you get insulted with what they say, for crying out loud this fight almost got you killed!"

"I know, I know!" Slash snapped. "But Captain you know I can't help myself, I'm very sensitive about that sort of thing."

"Be that as it may you can't just start up fights just because some pony insults you," Jack continued. "It’s things like this that have isolated you from the rest of the crew. The only reason some of them even talk to you is because they have to work with you."

"Don't you think I know that!?!" Slash said, getting slightly aggravated. "Sorry Captain I didn't mean to snap."

But Jack only smiled.

"It's alright Slash," he said. "Now if only you can show the same respect to the rest of the crew as you show me."

"Well that's easier said than done," Slash said. "The only reason that I show Big Rummy respect is because he's the only one dumb enough to be my friend on this ship and I show YOU respect because you're both my Captain and the closest thing to a father I ever had."

At those words Jack's smile grew even wider, even more sympathetic towards the young dragon.

"Still dwelling on the past eh?" he asked.

"How could I not?" Slash asked with a slight smile. "If it weren't for you Captain, I probably wouldn't even be alive right now."

"Be that as it may Slash, I shouldn't be the only one you turn to when you're in trouble and neither should Rummy," Jack said. "I know you have problems trusting anyone else but you can't let that isolate you from the rest of the crew. Look, I won't be around forever and when I'm gone I won't be able to help when you most need it and Rummy certainly isn't the best choice whenever you need some serious advice, the only way you're going to survive on this ship after that is by allying yourself with the rest of the crew."

"But what am I supposed to do?" Slash asked. "After the way I've acted over the years I doubt that anyone's gonna want to make nice with me, the Diamond Dogs certainly aren't gonna forgive me after I had that little spat with them last month."

"Well you can start by making peace with the newcomers," Jack explained. "Start with them and soon the whole crew will…"

"The mares!?!" Slash interrupted. "Captain you can't be serious!"

"I've never been more serious in my life." Jack said sternly. "We have to show our new arrivals that we are not the monsters they believe us to be, T-Cog and Shimmer have already made an effort and I expect you to do the same."


"Slash I won't hear of it, you are to go below deck and make peace, understood?"

Slash was reluctant at first but he knew he couldn't disobey his Captain.

"Aye-Aye sir," he muttered as he reluctantly saluted.


Below deck the atmosphere seemed a little more jolly than usual, as everyone finished their work for the day and settled down for dinner, the Mane Six and Cutie Mark were raising their drinks in celebration for their victorious friend.

"To Spike!" Twilight announced.

"Hopefully he won't have to do that ever again," Rarity added.

"Here, here" Sweetie Belle finished off.

"Thanks guys," Spike said slightly blushing. "I never thought I would actually beat Slash in that fight."

"Well just try not to get yerself in any more trouble kay?" Applejack smirked.

As they all laughed amongst each other in their little group, they felt that nothing could have been better at that moment. As Shimmer watched them from her own group of ponies consisting of herself, T-Cog, Big Rummy, Gem La Stone and Dripfang, she couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

"You know guys, we have been a little tough on the newbies," she said the group. "What do you say we cut them some slack?"

"How have we been tough on zem?" Gem asked. "We've treated zem exactly as we would our own comrades."

"Yeah, but they aren't exactly used to the pirate’s life as we are," Shimmer explained. “Don’t you think we should at least try to make it easier for them, maybe even befriend them?”

"What does it matter?" Dripfang scoffed. "They'll be gone in a matter of months so who cares if we don't 'mingle' with them?"

"Because then we wouldn't be any different than what they think of us already," T-Cog answered him. "As far as they're concerned we're nothing but criminals, you especially."

At those words Dripfang only peered down at his food with a look of guilt on his face.

"Granted that in the past I've done things I ain't proud of," he said. "But the fact that I gave up my entire species to be on this ship should be enough to convince everyone that I'm not the same as them."

"Then why not convince these newcomers of that?" Shimmer asked with a smile. "So how about it? Shall we invite them to join us?"

It didn't even take them a few seconds before they all came up with the same answer.

"Why not?" Gem La Stone said.

"Yeah," T-Cog added.

"Okay," Big Rummy giggled.

"Alright fine," Dripfang muttered.

At those words, Shimmer stood up and walked towards the Mane Six who looked at her with slight confusion.

"Hey guys," she said. "Listen, me and the guys were talking and we were wondering whether you'd like to join us."

At first no pony answered her, fact that she was even asking the question shocked them a little bit.

"Look I know you guys don't exactly trust us," Shimmer continued. "But since we're going to be spending some time working together we just thought it would be better that we got to know each other better, maybe we even have a few things in common."

While the Cutie Mark Crusaders were happy to accept, the Mane Six however were a little reluctant. It was only until Spike spoke up that the silence broke.

"I guess I can handle a chat with you guys," he said. "Heck, you pirates have been giving me compliments all afternoon so I think having a talk with you guys won't hurt."

"Yeah," Applejack added. "Besides I never got a chance to thank ya for the tonic."

Before long, while some were reluctant to do so, the Mane Six, Spike and Cutie Mark Crusaders walked over to the group of pirates and sat down, while names weren't exactly necessary Shimmer though she'd break the ice by introducing everyone to each other, as soon as that bit of awkwardness was done, she tried to get a conversation going.

"So…" she said. "How are you guys doing on board ship?"

"It's alright I suppose," Applejack said, shrugging her shoulders. "It's not the same as working on a farm but I think we got the hang of it."

"Although it would be appreciated that a few of the crew members spoke to us with a little respect," Rarity added. "No offence Gem but I don't think you should be shouting at us every five minutes."

"Rarity!" Twilight snapped.

"No, no don't worry about it," Gem reassured her. "In fact I believe she is right, I have been a little strict since you all came here but after today I believe we should be treating our friends with a little more respect. Zere should be no conflict between us."

Hearing this, Twilight felt a little bit more comfortable, so comfortable she felt a bit braver asking the next question.

"So Gem why did you join Jack Silver's crew?" she asked. "That is if you don't mind me asking."

"Not at all," she said with a slight smile. "Well I guess it all started when I was born with zis unusual mane, after many years of getting teased in my home country of Prance because of it, I suppose it was only natural zat I joined the only pony who didn't."

"W…what do you mean?" Fluttershy asked.

Gem's smile then spread a little wider, it was though she was a little flattered by the question.

"It all happened in zis tavern one day," she answered. "After another afternoon of being called 'Skunk Mane' I wanted to drown my sorrows in cider, it was only until Captain Jack walked in zat zings began to change. While the other drunkards ridiculed my mane, ze dear Captain actually stood up for me, said that it was no way to treat such a beautiful lady."

"Yeah, Father always was such a flatterer," Shimmer smirked.

"After zat we spent ze afternoon talking," Gem continued. "He told me zat he was a pirate but zat didn't bother me, I was just glad I found someone who didn't ridicule me and I didn't care who he was. When it was time for him to leave he asked zat if I would like to join his crew, at first I zought he was joking but after all ze years of ridicule I didn't want to take it as such. Next zing I know I'm ze main Gem inspector for ze Golden Alicorn."

"But what about your family?" Apple Bloom asked. "Did you even say goodbye to em?"

"Zey wouldn't have cared," Gem answered. "In fact zey were happy to see me go, you see ponies from Prance believe zeir manes to be the most beautiful in ze world but after I was born with my unusual colouring my parents and sister believed zat I would bring shame to ze entire family. It was only natural zat zey were ecstatic to see me out of Zeir lives."

"My word, that's horrible," Rarity said, now feeling a little guilty about her last comment about her.

"Well it was the same thing for all of us," T-Cog explained. "Well maybe, not the whole mane thing but the fact that we were all pretty much alone when we came on board this ship. After growing up in my home country of Trottland I became a sailor for merchant ships. Back then I didn't have much of a family, I mean me mam had died and me dad went and left us when I was but a wee lad, anyway most of my life was spent working on merchant ships after that. But after falling overboard the last ship I was on about forty years ago I washed up on some island beach, after a few months I was lucky enough to get picked up by the Golden Alicorn. Being the good ol’ sport that he was Jack Silver gave me the run of the ship, he even let me use my talent in machinery to give it a few upgrades, hence the Cutie Mark.

"Even Big Rummy here didn't have much when he came on board," Shimmer added. "Although it is hard to tell considering…"

"Considering what?" Twilight asked.

"Well…" Shimmer said trying hard not to insult the large pony sitting next to her. "As far as we can tell, Rummy used to work on a cargo ship before it sank, we don't know whether he was like that before or the shock of the whole ordeal caused it to happen but when my Father fished him out of the ocean…well let's just say he was a sandwich or two short of the picnic."

"Ooh, are we having a picnic?" Big Rummy said with a goofy grin on his face.

"See what I mean?" Shimmer said rolling her eyes.

"Alright then, what about you?" Twilight asked looking towards Dripfang. "How did you end up on this ship? I would have thought you would have stayed with your own species."

"Well if you must know I was abandoned by them," Dripfang snapped angrily. "After the whole ordeal with that wedding in Canterlot, the queen and the rest of my hive fled back the Bad lands in the far north, leaving me behind. Weak and vulnerable I sought refuge towards the nearby docks, there I found a ship where hid below deck so I could recuperate, however little did I know that the ship set sail the very next day. After a week of hiding in the lower decks the ship was eventually plundered by the Alicorn. I would have walked the plank but Jack Silver took an instant liking to me, so while the rest of the crewmembers rowed away in their longboats as their ship sank to the depths, I stayed on board the Alicorn and Jack took me under his wing. After a bit of time I found that my life was better on this ship, instead of the harsh treatment we Changelings are used to from our queen, now I have good food for every meal, a bundle of loot every time we go treasure hunting and the best group of friends a shipmate could ask for, and of that is more than enough to satisfy my hunger for love cause this entire ship is bristling with it."

"I'll drink to that," T-Cog said as he raised his flagon of rum.

"Here, here," Gem La Stone added as she raised her own.

The Mane Six couldn't believe what they were hearing, while on the outside the pirates looked nothing more than mere criminals looking for trouble, each and every one of them had gone through some kind of ordeal that made them suffer in their past, and here they were drinking and laughing as though committing themselves to piracy was the best choice they ever made. Could the Mane Six have been wrong about these pirates? They would have asked what Shimmer's story was but they were suddenly interrupted by an unexpected appearance by their captain escorting Slash below deck.

"Good evening my friends," he said. "I hope I'm not disturbing anything but Slash here has something to say… Alright you know what to do,"

"Aw c'mon do I really have to do this? I mean it's in front of the crew," Slash moaned.

But one stern look from his Captain answered Slash’s question completely.

"Oh alright!” he moaned. “Look, I know I've been a little aggressive towards you all and I know I've been a snappy little idiot towards my shipmates and after today I've realised that it has to stop… I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry...or…something,"

That last part barley escaping Slash’s mouth in a mumble. While his shipmates knew from the look in his face that Slash was being sincere, that didn't stop them from having a little fun with him.

"I… don't think they heard you in the back," Scootaloo smirked, seeing the frustration in Slash's face.

"I said I'm sorry." Slash grumbled, slightly louder than last time.

"Pardon?" Gem said trying to hold back her laughter.

"I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!" Slash screamed, now really starting to get agitated as he jumped up and down in a small temper tantrum. “For crying out loud!!!”

After everyone below deck laughed at Slash's frustration, Captain Jack smiled in delight as the group invited Slash to join them. Looking at the smiling faces of every pony in that group, Jack knew at that moment the voyage to the seventh Element of Harmony is going to go much smoother, especially since harmony itself was amongst his crew.


It had now been a month since the Mane Six had joined Jack Silver's crew and things were really beginning to make a turn for the better. Now that they had made peace with a few of the key crewmembers the Mane Six had an easier time adjusting to life on the ship, Spike for example was getting along a lot better with Slash since he won the fight with him, Slash even went as far as to show Spike how to swing off of the mast to the slower deck like some kind of monkey. Down in Gem La Stone's office Twilight and Rarity were also having a better time with their jobs, with Gem being less strict with them they were able to examine each gem with a bit more accuracy, Gem was even kind enough to show them certain treasures that contained numerous pieces of magic, such as old amulets and cutlasses. Even the Cutie Mark Crusaders were having the time of their life since some of the crewmembers treated them like they were their own fillies. However Blackhorn, being the strict quartermaster that he is seemed to be the only one not happy about this new turn of events.

"Captain we have to do something about these newcomers!" he growled when he barged into Jack Silver's cabin one morning.

"Oh really?" Jack said as he continued to drink his tea. "And what my dear Blackhorn is the problem with the newcomers?"

"What's the problem!?!" Blackhorn snapped. "Captain they are making a mockery of this crew! Instead of focusing on the mission at hoof they are spending most of their days playing about with the newbies. At this point, they'll probably be completely unaware of the danger that lies ahead."

"Oh don't be so dramatic Blackhorn," Jack said calmly helping himself to a biscuit. "I'm quite sure the crew knows the seriousness of the voyage, but if you really believe that the newcomers are trouble for us then I'm afraid you are quite mistaken. Ever since they came on board not only has Slash been acting better towards the rest of his shipmates but I feel like the crew has now got a better perspective on how we can become better than what we are."

"Better?" Blackhorn said raising an eyebrow. "Sir we're pirates why should we try to be better?"

"Because Blackhorn while at first I was proud of my monstrous reputation, I am tired of having other ponies run away from me as soon as step on land," Jack answered. "Even the Griffins become uneasy whenever I approach them. Once I retire I don't want to have to spend my days running from the law and worrying about you all on board this ship. You've been my friend for over twenty years now and you know I grow more and more tired every day."

"Yes sir I know," Blackhorn answered.

"As soon as this adventure is over and I take the newcomers home I shall be leaving with them," Jack explained. "When we reach Equestria I plan to turn myself in to Princess Celestia in exchange for a pardon for the rest of the crew, including you.

"You going to do what!?!" Blackhorn gasped.

"You heard me,"

"But sir what about you? If you turn yourself in, you’ll end up hanged at execution dock and even if you don't then who knows what's going to happen to your reputation."

At those words, Jack simply sighed.

"Like I said, I care not for it anymore." he said. "Once the seventh Element is returned, I want an absolute guarantee that my crew won't be hunted down after I'm gone, a plea to Princess Celestia is the only way I can make sure of it."

"I take it your daughter doesn't know about this?" Blackhorn asked.

Hearing this Jack sighed again.

"No she does not," he answered. "And I would appreciate you keeping this between us, I rather no pony else know about this until I feel it’s the right time to tell them."

Blackhorn looked at his Captain with a concerned look in his eye, after all the years he's known him he never would have expected anything like this.

"You have my word sir," he answered giving a salute. "Both as your quartermaster and as your friend."

"So tell me Blackhorn," Jack said trying to change the subject. "What was it that the newcomers were doing with the crew that was so bad that you had to burst into my cabin to tell me?"

At that moment Blackhorn's face changed back from concerned to angry.

"Allow me to show you sir," he growled.

As Blackhorn led Jack Silver out on deck, he pointed out towards the lower deck to show what he was talking about. There on deck instead of a typical working environment Blackhorn was used to, the two Unicorns were instead greeted with what seemed like a jollier crew. Though they were still doing their jobs, certain Ponies and Diamond Dogs were finding new ways on doing them, some even singing while doing it. Jack was so intrigued by the happy tone in every one’s voice he felt a sense of pride, he has not seen the crew this cheerful in a very long time. Suddenly something else caught his attention. Instead swabbing the deck like they were supposed to, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and certain pony crewmembers were using the scrubbing water and the bushes strapped to their hooves so that they can shoot along the deck like an ice-skating ring. At first Blackhorn though Jack was going to be angry with his crew for slacking off but to his surprise, Jack seemed to be laughing at it.

"And what may I ask is so funny?" he said angrily.

"This is what you were making such a big deal about?" Jack laughed. "Blackhorn, not only is the work getting done but the whole crew's having fun while doing it."

Furious at the lack of discipline his Captain is showing Blackhorn then stomped off and went below deck, leaving Jack to be entranced by the ponies on deck. Two of the ponies who were skating on the deck were Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash who seemed to be challenging each other over something, luckily T-Cog was also there so he could announce it, so Jack could hear what was going on.

"Alright lassies, you know the rules," he said as he watched from the side-lines "Whoever comes up with the most creative stunt shall be declared the winner of this challenge, remember since Scoot is only a filly she won't be able to use her wings so that means I want no flying from you Miss Dash."

"No sweat," Rainbow Dash said with a smile. "If there's one thing I know it's how to play fair,"

"Alright then," T-Cog continued. "Since Rainbow Dash won the coin toss she will be going first."

As Rainbow Dash slowly moved her way into position, she couldn't help but feel nervous, while she was normally fearless when it came too flying she never in her life was she able to skate. In fact the only reason she was doing this was to show off to Scootaloo who for many years was and still is her biggest fan.

"Good luck Rainbow Dash!" Scootaloo cheered from the side-lines.

As Rainbow Dash eyed the slippery path of water before her eyes, she felt a slight bit of sweat run down her brow.

"Alright then," T-Cog announced "On the count of three…1… 2… 3… Go!!!"

Instantly Rainbow Dash skidded across the deck, while she was used to flying and the Sonic Rainboom she did however have another stunt planned for this little challenge. When she got enough speed built up she leapt with full force into the air whilst there she was able to perform three backflips and a corkscrew before she hit the deck again. The crowd then cheered for her as she made her way back to the side-lines.

"Well it's not a Sonic Rainboom that I think that was pretty impressive," she said with a victorious look across her face.

"Next up is Scootaloo," T-Cog announced.

Gulping in fear Scootaloo moved to position, however even though she saw Rainbow Dash do one, she couldn't think of a great enough stunt to match it. While she was glad that she was able to spend some time with her idol who at this point was now more like an older sister to her, she didn't want to look a fool in front of her and get laughed at by the other crewmembers. Seeing the fear in her eyes Jack walked towards her and whispered something in her ear. Listening to the words Jack spoke a small smile spread across Scootaloo's face.

"You think I can do that?" she asked.

"Go for it sweetheart," Jack chuckled.

With a sudden urge of confidence, Scootaloo was ready and T-Cog began the announcement.

"Alright then…1… 2… 3… Go!!!"

Bursting at full speed Scootaloo skidded across the deck, after reaching the appropriate speed she suddenly began to spin like the Tasmanian devil. At first everyone thought she was just losing control however after spinning for a few seconds, Scootaloo jumped with full force into the air and performed two cartwheels and three forward flips. Finally landing again Scootaloo was met by a roar of applause from the crewmembers and Rainbow Dash, this was a clear sign that she had won.

"Well shiver me timbers," T-Cog smirked. "That had to be one of the best stunts I've seen in years, the only other time I ever seen one like that was when…"

Suddenly T-Cog stopped in the middle at his sentence and looked at his Captain with a smile on his face.

"Is that what you whispered to her?" he asked. "Did you just pass down your great knowledge?"

At those words, Jack merely chuckled.

"I may be an old seadog but I can still teach my legendary tricks," he smirked.

"YOU perform stunts?" Rainbow Dash asked trying to hold back a bit of laughter.

"Well not anymore," Jack answered. "But back in my younger days I did perform a little bit of trapeze in order to escape from the law, that piece Scootaloo just did was the one I tried out when I was robbing Polar Diamonds from the Penguin Kingdom in the south. You should be proud of her Rainbow Dash, talent like that deserves a lot of praise."

"You bet it does!" Rainbow Dash smirked as she picked up Scootaloo and gave her a playful noogy. "It's one of the many reasons I took her under my wing, of course it's not the only reason."

Scootaloo then noticed Rainbow Dash giving her a little wink, at that point she couldn't help but blush.

"You really think I have talent Mr Silver?" she asked.

"I certainly do," Jack said with a comforting smile. "In fact I think it shows."

At first neither Scootaloo nor Rainbow Dash knew what Jack meant, suddenly they realised that he was nodding towards Scootaloo's flank. Turning their heads towards it they were met with a wonderful surprise, there on Scootaloo's flank was an image of a ramp, coloured red and orange. At first Scootaloo stared at it with a look of shock on her face the suddenly it lit up with pure delight.

"My Cutie Mark!!!" she screamed happily. "I got my Cutie Mark! This is the happiest Day of my life!!!"

As Jack laughed in delight at the joy in Scootaloo's face, he couldn't help but wonder how the Mane Six the other Cutie Mark Crusaders are going to react when they see this. However Jack was going to get his answer sooner than he though because Scootaloo's cheerful scream echoed throughout the entire ship, causing everyone to wonder what was going on.

"Hey what's all this screaming about?" Slash asked as he climbed down the mast to investigate.

"Well it turns out our young friend here has finally obtained her Cutie Mark," Jack explained. "I think this calls for a celebration don't you?"

"Does that mean we're in for…" Shimmer began.

"…A PARTY!?!" Pinkie Pie screamed, finishing Shimmer's sentence.

"I suppose it does," Jack laughed. "Slash get your guitar, we're gonna need some music."

But Slash only looked down at the deck with a fearful look on his face.

"Um actually Captain… there's a slight problem with my guitar," he explained. "You see the night before I challenged Spike I was playing it and…"

But before Slash could finish his sentence, he was tapped on the shoulder, he then turned to see a smiling Apple Bloom who presented him with his guitar, mended and freshly polished.

"But…but how?" Slash asked with a confused look on his face.

"After you broke yer guitar, I thought you'd like to have it fixed." Apple Bloom explained. "I saw how much ya’ll loved playin it."

It was at that moment tears of joy began to fill Slash's only eye, never in his life had anyone been so nice to him.

"I…I don't know what to say," he said trying to hold back the tears. "You certainly have some skills in carpentry kid."

"Well T-Cog helped me out quite a bit." Apple Bloom said blushing.

"No way young lass, all the credit belongs to you," T-Cog smirked. "I only lent you me tools."

"Well I believe this calls for a double celebration," Jack Silver smirked.

Again nobody knew what Jack was talking about however realising what Jack was doing again everyone turned to look at Apple Bloom's flank, there instead of a blank patch of yellow was an image of a crossed hammer and saw. Naturally the reaction from Apple Bloom was the same as Scootaloo's.

"My Cutie Mark!!!" she yelled in delight. "I've finally got my Cutie Mark!!!"

"Way to go sis!" Applejack said as she pulled Apple Bloom into a hug.

As the crowd chuckled in delight at the news, the only one who didn't seem to be smiling was Sweetie Belle.

"Whatever is the matter Sweetie?" Rarity asked looking at the sad look in her sister's eyes.

"It's just not fair Rarity," Sweetie Belle said. "I know they’re my friends but I can't help but feel a little jealous."

"Oh don't worry little sister, you'll get your Cutie Mark soon enough,"

"You're sister's right kid," Slash said, overhearing their conversation. "I may not be a pony but I know for a fact that when you get your Cutie Mark it'll be epic."

Hearing these words and seeing the looks in Scootaloo and Applebloom's face did cheer Sweetie Belle up a bit, in fact she was even able to pull off a smile.

"You know, I hear that you are quite the singer," Slash smirked.

"What me?" Sweetie Belle said nervously. "Well…I may have…written a couple of things."

At those words Slash's small smile turned into a wide toothy grin.

"Then perhaps you'd like to help me out with this number," he said. "It's a little Shanty we pirates like to sing when we're feeling a little down."

Suddenly Slash began to pluck at a few strings on his guitar and music echoed throughout the entire deck, before anyone knew it Slash was singing.

"First I thought my life was so great on the land,

Every single day I’d step out onto nice, warm sand,

But then I found out what life was like on the sea,

Soon met a Captain with a grand plan for meeeeeeee!!!!."

All at once Slash began to dance a small jig and every pirate on deck joined in with the chorus.

"Yo ho, Yo ho, It's a pirate's life for me,

Yo ho, Yo ho, Nothing but adventure for me,

Yo ho, Yo ho, It's a grand life to hold,

Yo ho, Yo ho, The only thing better is the Jewels and Gold."

Suddenly the whole ship was filled with music, not just from Slash's guitar but from every pirate who was able to play an instrument. Suddenly Shimmer decided to take the next verse.

"Now they say we pirates should be always feared and hated,

But I say to you right now that it's that is all exaggerated,

We all hoist the colours and we all man the guns,

Hang on, I see another ship, it's time to have some fun."

Suddenly every pirate began to sing the chorus again.

"Yo ho, Yo ho, It's a pirate's life for me,

Yo ho, Yo ho, Nothing but adventure for me,

Yo ho, Yo ho, It's a grand life to hold,

Yo ho, Yo ho, The only thing better is the Jewels and Gold."

As everyone on deck began to dance and sing to this astounding Shanty, Sweetie Belle couldn't hold it in anymore, as the music changed from jolly and upbeat to slow and mysterious, she opened up her powerful vocal cords and took the next verse.

"With the wind on my face and the spray of the ocean blue,

I always look forward to go sailing on the sea with you,

The bounties are always high and the law’s always on our tail,

But our dear Captain always has a plan that never ever faaaaaaiiiiils!!!".

After that beautiful high note from Sweetie Belle and the crowd cheered for her the music suddenly picked up the pace again and everyone was singing the jolly tune. Even the Mane Six and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders were joining in.

"Yo ho, Yo ho, It's a pirate's life for me,

Yo ho, Yo ho, Nothing but adventure for me,

Yo ho, Yo ho, It's a grand life to hold,

Yo ho, Yo ho, The only thing better is the Jewels and Gold,

Yo ho, Yo ho, I can feel the spray of the sea,

Yo ho, Yo ho, It's a pirate's… life… for… meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!"

Finally the music stopped and the whole deck was filled with applause, every pony on deck was screaming for more, especially from Sweetie Belle who couldn't believe what she did. Never in her life did she feel such power in her voice, but the best surprise of all came when she turned and saw her flank where instead of a canvas of white was an image of a pink heart with a dark purple music note. Things had never been better for the Cutie Mark Crusaders that day because not only did they receive their Cutie Marks, they all received them together.

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