Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 10

At last, that special day had finally arrived; the day of the big lunch date for Adele and Jace.

Before leaving his house, the young newcomer to the group said a quick prayer to God asking for their date to go smoothly and for her and him to not feel nervous about spending time together one on one. He even took the opportunity to snatch a drop of his father’s favorite cologne and apply it to his face, hoping that it would bring a little luck for them both.

But that wasn’t the only thing snatched from his house before he left, as the young boy also felt it in his heart to swipe a single red rose from the kitchen table bouquet his mother received from his father as a romantic gesture, to give to Adele as his own way of saying, I’m excited to get to know you.

With a rose in hand and the sun shining brightly overhead, Jace walked down the main street leading towards the Belpois family home wondering what he and Adele could talk about when they met up and while they enjoyed dinner.

It was at that moment that Jace began to fear the worst, What if I don’t have anything interesting to talk about? Oh man, what if I just suddenly blank while we’re hanging out and I start saying nonsense? But it wasn’t until he rounded the corner to reach her doorstep that Jace remembered some good words of advice from Kevin about talking to a girl you care about... “If you find yourself blanking out, think of something that you both care about a lot, and strike a conversation that way.”

Unfortunately Jace couldn’t seem to think of anything right off the bat, but maybe that would change as the date progressed. The only one thing the young boy could now think of as he stepped onto Adele’s porch was, “Looks like it’s time to meet the family.”

“Yumiko, are you sure I need to have this much makeup?,” asked Adele feeling the powderpuff brush her cheeks. “I mean, it is just a lunch date after all.”

“Come on sis,” said Maya holding a tube of lightly colored pink lip gloss in hand. “This is a big day for you. My little sister is finally going out on her first date. This is something every big sister dreams of happening.”

“And besides,” added Yumiko. “You want to look cute for Jace and show him how beautiful you are.”

Blushing at the very thought of Jace seeing her in such a way, Adele couldn’t help but feel her heart practically jump out her chest. And yet, she did feel pretty excited that this would finally be a sign of her possibly finding a boy she actually liked who also felt the same way about her.

But it wasn’t until Maya finished applying her lip gloss that the youngest of the Belpois children began to also have fears of her own, and felt comfortable to ask her sister, “Maya, were you at all scared on your first date with Kevin?”

“Me?” she asked almost inquisitively. “You bet I was. The whole time we were hanging out, I practically had my heart in my throat and felt like I was gonna blank, not saying anything at all. In fact, I did actually stay silent for about 30 seconds before finally talking to him about my walk with Christ.”

“Really?” asked Adele. “But you always seem so open and comfortable talking with him about everything.”

Placing her hands on her sister’s shoulders, Maya looked at Adele face to face and said, “Listen sis, you’re not always gonna know what to say right away on a first date. It’s not like a play where you memorize lines and then you say them when it’s your turn to speak.

“But what makes it better than a play, is you don’t have to talk about something you don’t want to talk about. You both get to talk about whatever you want, and through it all, you’re getting to know each other better.”

Feeling a little more at ease, Adele began to catch her breath lost from her nervousness, but became even more peaceful hearing some important words from her sister, “Worst case scenario, if you find you can’t say anything at all, think of something that you both care about a lot, and create a conversation there.”

But before the young girl could think of anything in particular, the doorbell rang twice and the moment of truth had arrived.

Opening the front door of the home, Mr. Belpois saw that Jace was standing on the porch and welcomed him in with a warm expression.

“It’s a pleasure to meet both of you,” said Jace as he introduced himself to Adele’s mother and father.

“The pleasure is all ours,” said Mrs. Belpois shaking the boy’s hand. “This is my husband and Adele’s father Jeremie, and I’m Aelita her mother.”

With introductions now out of the way, the three talked for about 10 minutes while Adele was still getting ready. During the time, Jace had a chance to tell more about himself and about his journey to Kadic Academy, and even got to talk more about his journey with Jesus, which surprised both Mr. and Mrs. Belpois hearing about his volunteering he had done with his parents for homeless shelters.

But it wasn’t all tea-party chatting. Mr. Belpois then asked Jace, “So, what exactly are your plans for the afternoon with Adele? Just want to make sure.”

Feeling his nerves being slightly put to the test, Jace finally took a deep breath neither Mr. or Mrs. Belpois could hear and mentioned a plan to enjoy some pizza at the nearby pizzeria and maybe even read some poetry together from some of his favorite poets.

With a greater sense of comfort hearing his plans for the day and the time they would return home, Mr. Belpois wished both of them a good time and not to be back too late.

Running down the stairs, Adele stood behind Jace and said, “Hey Jace, you ready to go?”

“You bet,” he replied now getting up from the reclining chair. “I was just talking with your parents about our plans for the afternoon ahe...” The boy couldn’t even finish his last word now having gotten caught up in how cute Adele looked with her glamoured appearance courtesy of her sister and Yumiko.

Feeling his heartbeat rapidly increase, Jace tried to utter out a compliment on her appearance, but could only manage the words, “So... um... shall we head on out?”

Seeing his nervousness starting to show on his face, Maya whispered to Yumiko, “Yep, no doubt about it, he thinks she looks beautiful.”

“Sounds good,” Adele replied as Jace opened the front door for her like a gentleman and slipped the rose behind his back to give her later.

“Pleasure to have met you both Mr. and Mrs. Belpois,” Jace said as they stepped out onto the porch. “We’ll be home a little later.”

Standing in the entryway, both Adele’s and Maya’s parents, as well as Yumiko and Maya looked out at the two potential young lovebirds and said, “Have fun you two!”

As the two turned the corner and made their way for the pizzeria about a half mile away, Jace felt his nerves begin to spike up slightly as he moved the rose from behind his back and prepared to reveal it to Adele. Holding it for her to see, the young boy said, “Oh, I almost forgot, this is for you,”

Flattered at such a romantic gesture, Adele reached out for the rose and said, “Wow, it’s so beautiful. I love roses so much. Thank you Jace.”

Taking a sniff of the great fragrance of the symbolic flower, Adele inserted the rose in her small purse and took hold of Jace’s hand as they began to make their way once more for the restaurant.

Suddenly, without any inclination that he was doing so Jace let the following words pass from his lips, “ that rose isn’t the only thing here that looks beautiful.”

At that moment, Jace retreated into his head and thought, What?! What the heck Jace? Did you actually just say that? That was way too strong for just a first date and you know it.

Hearing his words so sincere, the young girl saw her thoughts become reality at the sound of Jace calling her beautiful and began to blush profusely as she uttered with a smile on her face, “Oh... um... thank you. You um... you look, pretty nice yourself.”

Now it was Jace’s turn to turn a darker shade of red hearing Adele say those words to him, while the youngest of the Belpois family began to think maybe her words were too strong as well and maybe that could’ve waited for another date.

Fortunately, with the feeling of both their hands locked in each other’s and the fact that they both were now getting a chance to hang out together alone, both didn’t let themselves remain too wrapped up in constant thought and finally allowed themselves to enjoy the peaceful walk together as they made their way to Le Pizza Magnifique.

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