Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 11

After a nearly nine block walk through the main section of the city, Jace and Adele finally arrived at the famed pizzeria known by many as Le Pizza Magnifique.

At first sight, the place looked more so like a comfy bistro restaurant, but upon walking in, the place was far bigger inside with a special wood fire oven in eye sight near the register, and a cozy corner set aside for couples coming to enjoy an afternoon lunch.

Noticing some of the great combinations they had available for pizza, Jace suggested they try the diverse combination of pepperoni, prosciutto, and green bell peppers. Upon hearing his suggestion, Adele’s curiosity of the flavor was peaked and agreed to the idea.

However, the pizza proved the more easier decision to make, as the two young lovebirds now were faced with a more difficult scenario... talking with each other until the pizza came.

Taking a seat in the section normally sat at by couples, Jace and Adele glanced out at the bright sun light beaming down on the busy street visible from the window. It was at this moment Jace finally initiated conversation saying, “We were lucky to be able to have some sun out today, I had heard it was gonna rain all weekend.”

“Really?” asked Adele. “I heard it would, but didn’t think so after waking up this morning.”

“Right?” he replied affirming her assumption. “Just curious, what do you prefer, rainy days or snow days?”

Giving the question some quick thought, Adele couldn’t help but say excitedly, “Definitely snow days.”

“Let me guess,” Jace said predicting why she said so. “No school for the day?”

Leaning her head to the side, almost as if she was embarrassed to say why, Adele finally said, “Well... I guess it’s because snow days always seem so much more peaceful. Of course there’s no school, but there’s also the fact that when you look outside and see all the white around, and hear the silence in the air... well... I kinda feel like that’s God’s way of showing Himself to us.”

“You definitely have a point,” replied the young boy holding his cross necklace in his hand. “It’s definitely something you don’t see everyday, and when it comes, you can’t help but be overly excited at the fact that it even has come down.”

“Exactly!” said Adele seeing that Jace was in the same mindset as she was. “You’ll find it funny, I actually tried writing a poem about a snow day when I was younger, but I didn’t do it too well.”

His curiosity now peaked, Jace asked, “Oh really? If you don’t mind my asking, what did it sound like?”

Feeling that sense of embarrassment again, Adele quickly shook her head in denial saying, “It’s too silly. You’d just laugh.”

“Oh come on,” said Jace with added persistence. “I promise I won’t laugh at all.” Striking up an idea, Jace added, “Tell you what, if you tell me yours, I’ll tell you about a poem I wrote about the rain when I was in fourth grade.”

With embarrassment turning to temptation, Adele reluctantly agreed and recited her poem for him, “White flakes, cold shakes, see the snow fall; feel the chill, feel the thrill, go have a ball.”

Seeing how well she could rhyme in her poem, even in the sixth grade Jace couldn’t help but crack a smile and say, “Wow, you definitely could write a lot better at a younger age than me.”

“Well, let’s just see,” she challenged. “Let’s hear yours.”

Clearing his throat jokingly, Jace took the old poem from his poetry book and read, “Rain oh ugly rain, how I don’t like you, please go away now, we want the sun back, let us go and play.”

Smiling as he finished, Adele couldn’t help but giggle slightly at how cute Jace’s fourth grade words sounded. Seeing his poetry book in hand she said, “Aww, you sound like you didn’t like the rain either.”

“Not so much,” he said closing his book. “Snow days always seem more fun, you know, aside from getting out of school. There’s more fun things to do, whether it’s a snowball fight, sledding, or even just laying back and trying to catch snowflakes in your mouth. It’s kinda like you said, it’s just so much more peaceful when it’s around.”

Hearing his reaffirmation of her earlier statement, Adele said, “Well then, looks like we’ll just have to be patient and see if it comes this winter.”

“Looks like it,” he said agreeing with her. “If it does though... maybe we could... um... enjoy it together. Maybe even catch a few flakes when they’re falling.”

Blushing at the idea of both of them laying back in the snow and trying to catch the falling flakes like in her poem, Adele said, “Um... yeah... that would be fun. I’d like that.”

Turning a slightly crimson shade himself, the two young lovers slowly let their hands draw closer together, until Jace’s finally caressed the top of her own. Suddenly, both began to have feelings rushing through their minds that felt more intense than before, as the two began to lean in slightly, only to be interrupted by the cook bringing them their pizza all ready to eat.

Speaking slightly flustered at what almost nearly happened, Jace looked at the man and said, “Oh... um... thanks.”

Pizza hot and ready to eat, Jace said a quick prayer over the meal and the two began to dig in to the delicious circle of dough and meat. Upon tasting the interesting concoction Jace had picked out for them both, Adele’s eyes widened at the flavor and said, “Wow, how did you know that these toppings would taste so good?”

Looking up from his plate, cheese slightly hanging from his lip, Jace replied, “Oh... well it was a recipe my dad experimented with a few months ago. When he first made it, I was pretty surprised to see how good the taste of Prosciutto really was.”

“How cool,” said Adele as she continued to savor the great flavor of the pizza. “Sounds like he’s quite the chef.”

“You’ll find it funny,” he said with the same piece of cheese hanging from his lip. “He never likes to think of himself as a chef, but gives that title to my grandpa who taught him how to cook.”

Giggling sightly at the fact Jace wasn’t able to recognize that he had cheese dangling from his lip, Adele said in between her laughing, “Th-That’s pretty co-cool.”

Curious to her actions the young teen boy asked, “What’s so funny?”

Trying to stifle her laughing, the giggling girl said, “I’m sorry. I just thought I’d warn you, you have a piece of cheese hanging from your mouth.”

“What? Where?” he asked sounding slightly panicked.

Adele pointed to where he could find it, and with his napkin in hand, Jace finally removed the fragmented item of food from his lip. Acting a little shocked, the boy asked, “Why didn’t you tell me it was hanging there sooner?”

Smiling rather widely, Adele said, “Because you looked so funny how you kept talking and didn’t notice it right from the start.”

As she continued to eat her own slices of pizza, Jace retreated into his mind again and thought, Wonderful Jace. First it was the compliment that seemed too fast, and now you’re getting caught with food on your face? What’s next?

In the end, the boy sucked it up and laughed at himself saying, “Well, looks like my poem earlier wasn’t the only funny point of this afternoon huh?”

“Well...” she started. “That was cute to hear, but this was just funny to see. But either way, you’re still pretty awesome Jace.”

Letting a shade of pink appear on his face, Jace said back, “You’re pretty awesome yourself Adele.” And with his flattering words, the two continued to enjoy the remaining goodness of the pizza in front of them as the beautiful sunny day continued to shine down.

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