Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 12

As Jace took care of the payment for the delicious dinner, and the two walked out the door from the restaurant, both looked up and suddenly noticed it was beginning to get dark pretty quick, confirmed by Jace’s phone showing that it was now 5:30PM.

“Wow,” he said noticing a hint of the moon showing in the sky. “Weird how it gets so dark now that it’s fall again.”

“Yeah, it’s kinda creepy,” she said looking at the same moon Jace was looking at. “But oddly enough, I like the fact you can see the moon so brightly during this time.”

Looking at her slightly mesmerized by the glow of the sphere hanging in the sky, Jace said, “Yeah, even looking at the stars and how they kinda show a trail leading to the moon. Reminds me a little of a movie I watched a couple years ago called WALL-E.”

“Oh yeah, I know what you mean,” she replied reflecting on the scene where WALL-E touches the stars in space as he floated with the ship. “Makes me wish we could touch them like that ourselves.”

It was at this moment Adele had an idea of another fun thing the two of them could do, but feared that it might backfire being that it would involve possible humiliation from her parents.

“Hey,” she said rather excitedly. “I’ve got an idea... why don’t we go back to my place and watch WALL-E together?”

Jace’s face quickly lit up to her idea and after a couple of seconds the boy replied saying, “That would be fun. I haven’t seen the movie in so long, I forgot a lot of the other scenes.”

And without a moment to spare, the two quickly walked off together hand in hand back to the Belpois home to watch the movie together. But as the two walked together, Adele was unaware of a crack in the sidewalk that was wide enough she could trip on it, and without knowing it was there, the girl suddenly stepped into the gaping crease and lost her balance about ready to fall to the ground.

But before she could hit the ground, Jace quickly acted as he reached for her hand and pulled her back towards him to help her avoid the fall. With his quick thinking, the boy saved the slightly rattled girl from falling face first to the pavement, and held her close to him to help her recover.

Trying to catch her breath, Adele lifted her head to see Jace’s face and said, “Thanks for saving me there. I would’ve probably lost some teeth.”

“Well let’s be thankful you didn’t lose anything at all,” he said still holding the girl in his arms.

However, it was at this moment the two quickly realized the rather interesting position they were in, and like a scene from a romantic movie, the two quickly separated with a furious blush developing on both their faces, and continued to make there way for Adele’s home, still maintaining a hold of each other’s hands to make sure nothing like that happened again.

Finally, after about another 20 minutes of walking, the two arrived back at the Belpois home and walked in to find that Mr. and Mrs. Belpois were standing nearby the stairs in the entryway appearing to be headed out on their own dinner date.

“Hey mom, hey dad,” she said walking in the doorway. “What’s this? You both are gonna go out tonight too?”

Mr. Belpois nodded his head and said, “Well, it’s a special date for a special day for us both.”

“Oh really?” said Maya now entering the conversation. “And just what day is that?”

Seeming to look slightly off base, both Mr. and Mrs. Belpois paused for about a few seconds before Mrs. Belpois jumped in and said, “Well, you kids don’t know it, but this was the day that we first met.”

To both Maya and Adele, something didn’t quite seem right in the way their parents mentioned this rather memorable day. However, both thought it silly that their parents would hide anything from them and quickly forgot their suspicions.

“Well, hope you both have fun!” said Maya as she darted back up the stairs to her room.

“We will honey,” replied Mr. Belpois. Looking back over to Jace and Adele, he then asked, “So, how was the lunch at Le Pizza Magnifique?”

A smile now showing on her face, Adele said, “It was great dad. Jace suggested we try this different combination of toppings and it had a flavor like I’ve never tasted before on pizza.” Remembering another memorable moment, she then added, “Oh, and I made Jace recite a poem he wrote back in fourth grade.”

Acknowledging the embarrassing moment, Jace nodded his head and said, “Well, it wasn’t just me reading. She also read a snow poem she wrote in the sixth grade which sounded way better than what I wrote. She’s such a great poet.”

“Indeed she is,” affirmed Mrs. Belpois. “That’s why she’s our writer of the family.”

Blushing at her mother’s flattery, Adele opened the door for her parents to let them head off for their date.

But before they departed, Mr. Belpois asked with parental curiosity, “So, what are both of you planning for the rest of the night?”

Slightly nervous to answer his question, Adele said, “Oh, um... we’re gonna just chill and watch WALL-E together.”

“That’s the plan,” added Jace trying to reassure them. “We had both talked about it earlier before leaving the restaurant, and thought it would be a fun idea to follow lunch.”

Looking at each other, both Mr. and Mrs. Belpois approved of their plans and gave their consent for them to do so, but warned them that while they were out, Maya was in charge and that they were not to open the door for anyone or do anything crazy or inappropriate. Adele agreed to their conditions and watched as the two walked around the corner and out of sight from the porch.

Closing the door behind her, Adele asked feeling a little more calm, “So, how about I go get the movie and pop us some popcorn to enjoy?”

“Sure thing,” replied Jace. “You need any help at all getting things all set up?”

“Yeah actually,” she said walking into the kitchen. “If you could, turn on the TV and set the channel to DVD.”

Jace quickly did so and looked to find a comfortable spot on the couch for them to sit and enjoy the movie. As he did so, the boy noticed a picture showing what appeared to be a shot of Adele’s parents, the Stern parents, and what may have been the Della Robbia parents all together as a group.

Looking at the tight-knit group in the picture, Jace thought, Man, Yumiko’s parents weren’t kidding when they said they hung out together a lot. They seem to be as happy as the gang is when they’re all together.

But as he pondered this thought, something else caught Jace’s eye on the picture, which appeared to be a small insignia of some kind shown on Mr. Belpois’s laptop. The insignia appeared to resemble a familiar eye-like symbol he saw hanging from a necklace on Mrs. Stern’s neck the other night. Seeing this symbol reappear again, the boy’s suspicions began to grow more as he wondered why this symbol seemed to be a recurring theme among the parents of the gang.

“They look so much like us don’t they?” said Adele as she walked in with the DVD and bowl of popcorn in hand.

“Yeah they do,” said Jace as she sat down next to him. “I’d imagine they all probably met because of a similar interest.”

Adele agreed and then took a look at the picture herself, only to then also discover the same eye-like symbol shown on her father’s laptop. Now growing curious herself, Adele said pointing to the symbol, “Hmm, kinda an interesting symbol there. I wonder what it could mean.”

“Not sure,” replied Jace. “Maybe it was a symbol of a rock group or a movie they liked. Though it’s funny, I saw the same symbol on a necklace Yumiko’s mom was wearing that night we were watching the movies at their place.”

“Really?” asked Adele rather intrigued. “Hmm, that’s kinda strange. Especially if it was something that was familiar to them then, and still is now.”

Both continued to ponder on the idea, but eventually didn’t seek it further as they figured it would be more fun to enjoy WALL-E, and with that both started the movie and partook of the bowl of popcorn set out before them.

As the movie began to reach a key moment with the initial meeting of EVE and WALL-E, Adele decided in her mind that it was her turn to initiate the romance, and found herself resting her head on Jace’s shoulder like she did the other night. It was at that moment that the ascot cap-wearing boy’s heart was practically flying out of his chest, as he slowly wrapped his arm around her shoulder to hold her close.

Suddenly, Adele became entranced both in the mix of the cute romantic interaction between both robots sharing an electric “kiss,” as well as hearing the harmonic sound of Jace’s heart beating in time with hers, and felt herself having thoughts of another potential moment taking place... the first kiss.

Unknown to her, Jace himself also began to entertain the potential idea of sharing a kiss with Adele, but thought, Wait a minute Jace. Have you forgotten, it’s still only the first date. How about showing a little patience before you finally kiss her, huh?

But to both Jace and Adele, patience wasn’t a word that meshed with their teenage vocabulary, and the two found themselves moving closer and closer to each other, allowing their hands to lace together much like EVE’s and WALL-E’s in the climactic final scene.

Jace then allowed his free hand to gently caress Adele’s soft cheek that now felt warm likely from a mad blush developing, and with tenderness and care, both the young teens allowed their lips to meet in a fashion so electric, they both felt as if a proverbial spark just charged through them.

And it wasn’t just a tiny peck, they both allowed themselves to make out for about ten seconds, up until they both found themselves gasping for air to fill their small-sized lungs.

Reveling in the afterglow of such a powerful moment, Jace said in such a cliché manner, “Wow, I guess WALL-E and EVE weren’t the only ones to feel a spark.”

Smiling with glassy eyes, Adele said, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like that before.” And with the moment still feeling slightly heated, Adele asked, “Could we do it again?”

Smiling back, Jace said, “I’d like that.” And with the same gentle approach, Jace caressed his lips with the soft sweetness of Adele’s and both allowed for their fears as teenagers to melt away as innocent passion surrounded them both.”

But alas, human nature took effect once more, as the front doorknob turned slowly and Mr. and Mrs. Belpois walked in, forcing the two to quickly separate and act as if nothing happened.

However, as they walked in, Adele and Jace quickly noticed there was a slight bit of silence that loomed over Adele’s parents that seemed rather tense.

“What’s wrong with them?” asked Adele slightly confused. “A couple hours ago they seemed rather happy, and now they seem so mad.”

“I don’t know,” replied Jace. “Maybe we should try and find out.”

Agreeing with him, both decided to head up the stairs and slowly walked over to the door to Mr. and Mrs. Belpois’s bedroom, pressing their ears against the door to catch a slight sound of why the two seemed so tense.

“Jeremie, you know we have to tell them eventually,” said Mrs. Belpois to her husband in a slightly monotone voice.

“I know that Aelita,” replied Mr. Belpois rather upset. “But I just don’t want our daughters to have to go through that kind of scrutiny in their lives if anything got out to the public. Not to mention if that boy starts going out with Adele, I don’t think he would be able to take it either. They’re only teenagers after all.”

“I know honey,” Mrs. Belpois replied back with a now more soothing tone. “I know you want to protect our children. But sweetheart, what you need to realize is that the past is the past. While both of us, and our children can now live in peace without XANA coming back to haunt us again, it’s not fair to them both that we hide secrets like Lyoko from them when the only secrets they try to hide from us are who they’re dating or if they cheated on a test.”

From behind the door, Jace and Adele lipped the words, “XANA” and “Lyoko” back at each other, feeling even more confused than they did discovering their new romance.

Still feeling slightly off ease, Mr. Belpois walked over and took his pink-haired bride in his arms and continued the dialogue, “And Lord knows I want to tell them too. I don’t like having to hide it any more that you do. But I just don’t think I can tell them yet. And deep down you know you feel the same way.”

With about a five second pause Mrs. Belpois let out a deep sigh and said, “You’re right. It is likely they wouldn’t understand something so deep. I’m sure even Yumi and Ulrich’s and Odd’s children wouldn’t be able to grasp such a big idea either.”

“So it’s settled,” replied Mr. Belpois. “We’ll continue to keep this a secret from them until the time is right.”

“For now,” answered Mrs. Belpois passing along a kiss to her husband. “But promise that when the time is right, we both will tell them and not go behind the other’s back.”

Looking into his bride’s shining green eyes, Jeremie said, “I promise,” as silence once again filled the room on the other side of the door.

Walking back down the stairs in such a covert fashion, Adele looked at Jace and said, “What the heck is going on? What could they possibly mean by us not understanding something so deep?”

“Or even those names they mentioned, ‘Lyoko’ and ‘XANA,’” added Jace feeling that same sense of confusion as before.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” said Adele rather profoundly. “But one thing’s for sure, if my parents, the Stern parents and even Oliver and Carine’s father are hiding something from us they don’t want us to know about, we’re just gonna have to figure it out for ourselves.”

Looking at the young blonde girl with a newfound admiration, Jace said, “Well, if you’re sure this is what you want to do, you can count me in to help in any way I can.”

“Thanks Jace,” replied Adele as she walked him to the front door. “And thanks for the fun time today, I enjoyed every minute of it.”

“Likewise,” said Jace with a smile on his face, and he wrapped his arms around Adele with her following suit, and shared one final deep kiss before the two would have to separate for Jace to go home.

As he walked down the pathway in her front yard, Adele ran out and said, “Jace wait!”

“Yeah,” he replied.

Even after that earlier sense of confidence she had sharing a passionate kiss with him the youngest of the Belpois family uttered, “Um, if you would like to, would you... um... want to join me and Maya for our Sunday sermon at our junior high ministry?”

Flattered by her request, Jace accepted and said, “I’d be honored. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun.”

“Great!” shouted Adele as she gave him the information about her church and the starting time for the sermon.

“See you then,” said Jace after planting one more gentle kiss on Adele’s lips.

“See you then,” uttered Adele still slightly caught in ecstasy from the feeling of Jace kissing her.

As the girl closed the front door and walked up the stairs to get ready for bed, Adele couldn’t help but feel a strange combination of both concern, as well as bliss over each of the new discoveries that took place during the day. What would happen now between Jace and Adele after this date? Were they officially an item? Was it right to call him her boyfriend? And what about this secret her parents couldn’t tell her? What was “Lyoko” and this “XANA” thing?

Every one of these questions furiously ran through her mind, but finally came to a halt as she received a text from Jace that read, “Had such a great time with you tonight. Sleep tightly, and don’t worry, we’ll figure out what’s going on with this secret... Blessed dreams Princess... X. ;)”

Seeing his comforting words, Adele texted him back and said, “I had a great time too with you. Look forward to more fun times to come that we’ll share. See you at my church tomorrow. Sweet dreams sweet Prince... X. ;)”

Finally, as the girl lay her head on her pillow for a good night’s rest ahead, Adele looked up once more to Heaven above and prayed that God would help her and Jace to develop their new relationship together, and for His guidance to be provided for them to search deeper into the secret her parents were keeping from her.

Ironic enough, in his own room Jace chose to pray for much the same thing, as well as for his visit to Adele’s church to go smoothly with a great message in store for them both to hear.

“In your Holy Name Father... Amen,” they said, now allowing the sweet serenity of sleep to claim them in it’s comforting and secure embrace.

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