Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 17

As Maya closed out the video file and explored more into the supercomputer’s files, Carine asked a question that brought the group back to sense after the mind-blowing discovery, “Can you believe all that? Our own parents, silent heroes saving the world.”

“I know right?” said Kevin sitting on the floor holding Maya close in his arms. “And all of it in a virtual world too.”

It was at this moment a confused and shocked Adele looked at her boyfriend and said, “I can’t believe this. It’s because of this thing that my mother and father even met. It’s the very reason why Maya and me are even here.”

“I’m just as surprised as you are,” Jace replied as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. “So what’s next? You gonna confront your parents?”

That very thought hadn’t even crossed the gang’s minds at all, as the silence continued to reverberate through the room. Was it smart to talk to their parents about the fact they knew their secret at last? And most importantly, what would this mean for them if X.A.N.A. should return? Would they have to go to Lyoko at all, and would their parents return to Lyoko themselves after all these years?

It was at this moment, Adele’s phone rang, and revealed her mother to be the caller, making hers and Maya’s stomachs churn at the thought of what they would say to them now having found out their secret.

Hitting the tab to take the call, Adele covered up her nervousness saying, “Hey mom, what’s up?”

Like a normal mother checking up on her children, Mrs. Belpois said, “Hi honey, just wanted to check up on you and Maya and make sure everything’s okay. You having fun at the rec room?”

“Oh, um, yeah we’re having a lot of fun,” she said with her nerves once again setting in slightly. “You could say we’re learning a lot of new things tonight.”

“Well that sounds like fun,” said her mother. “Just remember not to be out too late, you and Maya need your rest.”

Nodding her head, Adele said, “I know mom, we’ll be home soon. See you a little later.”

“See you soon sweetheart,” she replied, and then hung up the line.

Looking at the time on her phone reading five till 8PM, Jace said to everyone, “Well I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s high time we called it a night.”

“You said it!” said Oliver, ready to finally go home and ponder on the major discovery they came across together.

And with that, the gang made their way back for the elevator shaft, overwhelmed with the very feelings of amazement, shock, and bewilderment so compelling that it would take them a while to grasp the entire discovery fully.

“Wait guys,” said Kevin. “Shouldn’t we turn off that thing right now? You know, just to make sure nothing happens at all?”

“Oh yeah,” said Jace suddenly realizing a rather big mistake that could’ve been made. “We’d better do so now. The last thing we need is somebody finding out about this thing.”

Returning back to the main supercomputer room, Jace offered Maya and Adele the pleasure of flipping the switch to turn off the supercomputer completely, and all watched as the massive tower slowly descended back into it’s resting place.

As they returned back to the main level of the factory itself, all of the gang agreed to keep their secret night escapade to themselves, waiting for just the right moment to bring up the matter with their parents and let the chips fall where they may.

Finally, knowing it was getting late, the gang prepared to head for their homes, with the couples kissing their girlfriends goodnight, everyone promising each other again not to tell anyone about what they found, and ultimately parting ways for the night.

Finally, after about 20 minutes of walking, Jace arrived home and found his parents still watching TV.

“Hi honey, how was your night with your friends?” asked his mother.

“Oh, um, it was a lot of fun,” he said, trying to cover up his slight nervousness still lingering within.

“That’s good you enjoyed it,” replied his father. “You’d better head off to bed though. It’s really late, and you need your rest.”

Nodding his head, Jace grabbed his shoes and headed up the stairs to prepare for bed. But as he did so, the young boy looked at his parents and said, “I don’t know if I tell you both this enough, but I love you both.”

Surprised at his statement, both his mother and father replied in unison, “We love you too son. We always will.”

Smiling back at them, Jace turned the corner of the bannister, and walked into his room and closed the door slowly, leaning back against the door completely stunned at all he had found out with the gang.

As the clock hit 9PM at their home, Mr. and Mrs. Belpois prepared to call and check up on both their daughters once more, only to hear the sound of their daughters walking in.

“There you two are,” said their mother slightly worried. “Your father and I thought you had gotten lost.”

“Don’t worry mom, we’re fine,” said Maya as she and Adele hugged them both. “We’re really tired, so we’re gonna head straight to bed.”

Thinking they had just partied too hard, both their parents wished them pleasant dreams and a restful sleep, but figured they would check on them later to make sure they were okay.

Mr. and Mrs. Stern both became slightly startled at the sound of their door opening, with their children looking completely tired and ready to sleep.

“Oh good, you made it home okay,” said their father with a slightly concerned tone.

“Yes sir,” said Tristan as he took his shoes off. “It was a pretty fun night.”

“Was it? That’s good to hear,” said their mother taking their jackets and hanging them on the rack.

Knowing what time it was, both parents told them to head straight to bed to get some sleep and the children quickly did so feeling completely bushed after such a big night that became more overwhelming than fun.

As he prepared to head to bed himself, Mr. Della Robbia could hear his son and daughter walking in the doorway, hearing the sound of his daughter saying, “We’re home dad.”

“Ah, there’s my two little early birds,” he replied rather surprised at the fact they showed up at home early rather than staying at the rec room later than they usually did.

“Did you have fun with everyone tonight?” he asked.

Carine felt slightly hesitant to answer her father’s question, but Oliver jumped in the nick of time and said, “Uh yeah, it was really fun. Interesting and fun.”

“Interesting and fun huh? he said in a rhetorical fashion. “That’s good to hear.

It was at that moment the kids’ father uttered some words that caught them slightly off guard, “You kids remind me so much of your mother and I when we were students at Kadic.”

Not quite sure of how to respond at the timing of that comment with their discovery that night, Carine simply said, “I’m sure you both had a lot of fun too back then.”

“We did,” he said reflecting on the memory of his late wife. “But still, that doesn’t mean we didn’t know how to sleep, so you two head off to bed now.”

“Yes dad, we’re going,” said Oliver. And with that, the two teens made their way for their rooms, preparing to sleep off an incredible night of fear, mystery, and discovery all in one.

Closing the door behind her in a slightly tired state, Katie couldn’t help but feel completely wiped out at the very idea that she now shared a secret that involved the very people she now called friends.

And yet, in some way, the young jet-blacked haired girl didn’t feel totally overwhelmed by all that she saw, as she now saw this as more of a reason she and Oliver would be able to get to know each other. Strangest of ways granted, but it was a true reason all the same.

Before she got ready for bed, the girl texted the blonde-haired boy she now had begun to care more about and said, “Wow, what a night! Can’t believe all that happened. We should get together and talk more about it. Meet me at Le Pizza Magnifique at noon tomorrow. Night... X. ;)”

As each of the nine kids in the group lay in their beds, all couldn’t help but feel a huge mix of amazement, confusion and fear, having discovered such a huge revelation.

On one hand, they were amazed to see such a vast creation developed by the hands of Maya and Adele’s unspoken grandfather.

But on the other hand, each child now contemplated as to why their parents would lie to them and keep such a secret from them for so long. Not only that, but what if this X.A.N.A. thing wouldn’t stay gone for good? What would happen if he suddenly reappeared? Would this mean their parents would forever hate them having turned back on the supercomputer? And if he did, would they themselves have to put a stop to X.A.N.A. on their own?

In the end, each question remained nothing more than a “what if” scenario, and didn’t hold a heavy amount of chance of happening.

But before each finally allowed sleep to claim them, one final thought cross their minds, they were now connected in a whole new way. Not the most ordinary way obviously, but it felt good that they now knew the truth, and this truth now linked them together closer than ever before.

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