Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 2

At last, Jace finally arrived on the campus of Kadic Academy. At first sight, the school didn’t seem to rough from what his friends had said. The grounds were kept up, the buildings didn’t look dingy at all, and everyone seemed to be pretty easy-going as they walked around the campus.

“Well, looks like my friends were wrong so far,” he said to himself walking through the gates. “Maybe they were just saying that stuff just to get my goat. Maybe things won’t be too bad on the first day.”

Before he could revel in that glow of confidence, a loud and boisterous male voice came out from the cafeteria shouting, “First year students, report to the cafeteria on the double for registration!” Looking out in his general direction, the man passing along this information added, “Hey you, with the black ascot-cap! That goes for you too.”

At that moment, a chill ran down the spine of the already nervous boy as he quickly clenched his backpack strap and walked hesitantly towards the cafeteria. Suddenly things were looking like they were starting to take the turn his friends had warned him of.

Finally, after about two hours of long line-waiting and checking credentials for his attendance as a student not living on campus, Jace finally walked out from the hallowed halls of what was the cafeteria. As he walked into the shining sun, he began to make his way to his first class which would surely put him in a better mood... General Science.

As he shuffled through his bag looking for his schedule to locate the classroom, the young teen suddenly freaked out and dropped his backpack, after being startled by the sound of an older male student’s voice asking, “You must be new around here huh?”

Quickly trying to gather his things, Jace stuttered slightly as he picked up his materials saying, “Y-Yes. How did you guess?”

Handing him his Chemistry textbook was a boy who looked to be 15 years old dressed with a blue collared shirt with dark green pants and hair slightly slicked. As he handed him his Syllabus for the class, he mentioned, “It’s actually a requirement for all incoming 6th graders and transfer students that they’re required to attend Science first period for the new semester, so I could kinda tell.”

“Oh I see,” replied Jace. After zipping up the backpack, the newest member of Kadic Academy reached out his hand to shake the other boy’s hand and said, “Thanks for helping me get all that together.”

Following suit, the other boy replied, “Don’t mention it. I’ve been there before, so I can definitely understand what you’re going through. Name’s Stern by the way, Kevin Stern. What’s your name?”

Hesitant at first to return pleasantries, Jace broke through his nerves and said, “Stevens, Jace Stevens. Nice to meet you dude.”

“Likewise,” added Kevin. Looking up at the clock, both boys realized how late it was, and the veteran student bid Jace farewell, but not before saying, “Hey Jace, if you have any questions at all, or you want to hang out to find out more about Kadic, let me know, and I’d be happy to help.”

Feeling slightly more reassured, Jace replied, “Thanks a lot Kevin! I appreciate it.” And with one final wave, he quickly raced for the Science hall to get to class, even knowing he would be running late.

As Adele sat down to prepare for her day of science ahead, the blonde girl noticed her two close friends Yumiko Stern and Oliver Della Robbia arriving at the same time in a rather winded fashion, appearing to have ran all the way to class.

Noticing that Oliver about missed his chair as he sat down to his desk, Adele said with a perplexed expression, “Hey guys, why so short on breath? Run late again?”

Trying his best to catch his breath, Oliver held his hand up as if to say “give me a few seconds,” and when finally ready, he said, “Our dumb alarm clocks. Both Carine and Tristan messed with them last night to be funny, and we both ended up waking up an hour later.”

“Even worse,” added Yumiko. “Both our buses had already taken off, and so we we’re forced to have to run the whole eight blocks to get here. I’m so getting Tristan back for this one!”

“Well, whatever you two end up planning, count me out of it,” replied Adele, fearing the worst for both Yumiko’s brother and Oliver’s sister.

Before Oliver could explain his plan to exact revenge on Carine, Mrs. Lindbergh called class to order, and announced, “Class, we have a new student joining us today. He’s a transfer student who comes to us from Paris, and I want you all to make him feel welcome.”

Upon finishing her words, the new student walked into his class wearing a pair of dark navy blue jeans, had a black ascot-cap on, and wore a green turtle-neck sweater with a silver cross hanging from his neck.

Looking to the class, Mrs. Lindbergh introduced the new student, “Class, meet your new classmate, Jace Stevens.”

After greeting Jace in a unified fashion, the teacher then asked Jace to tell more about himself, to which he replied, “Well... I’m originally from Paris, but my parents and I just recently moved to town. I like to write poetry and especially enjoy working with computers.” After about a few seconds of awkward silence, the boy then let out a small ending blurb, “That’s pretty much it.”

After the introductions wrapped up, Jace was instructed to take his seat, which would be next to Adele. As he placed his books on the table and opened up his science book to the required page, the young poet extended his hand and said with an inviting tone, “Looks like we’ll be sitting together this term. What’s your name?”

Normally, Adele didn’t care too much for the new students that would occasionally make their way to Kadic, but for some reason, as soon as she caught sight of this new boy in her science class, the young teen girl’s heart suddenly skipped a beat at not only the mention of a couple of her favorite activities, but even the warm and friendly sound of his voice.

Letting out a little smile on her face, the shy young girl took hold of his hand and said sheepishly, “I’m... uh... I’m...”

Seeing that she was in need of a little help, Oliver lurched over his and Yumiko’s desk saying, “Adele. Her name is Adele Belpois. Nice to meet you man.

“I’m Oliver Della Robbia, and this is Yumiko Stern,” he continued with the introductions. “Just stick with us here at Kadic, and you’ll be okay.”

Flattered to hear such pleasantries, Jace shook each of their hands and said, “Nice to meet you all.” At the moment, the boy looked back at Adele specifically who looked up for a minute at him, but then retreated into her textbook with what appeared to be a hint of pink on her face. Smiling, the newcomer teen who was scared out of his mind only a few moments ago now confidently said, “I think I’m definitely gonna like it here.”

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