Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 20

Feeling a rushing wind encircle them, each of the three teens began to digitize within the scanners and after about 10 seconds, the three vanished from the large cylinders and followed a portal that led into Lyoko.

Frantically awaiting a response from her sister, Adele said into the headset, “Maya… Kevin… Carine… can you guys hear me?” After about five seconds of no response, she called out their names again but to no avail.

With another period of silence, the young girl began to fear the worst that she may have done something wrong, but Jace reassured his girlfriend that the process may have required a few minutes to send them there completely.

Finally, after about three minutes, the bodies of the three eldest siblings appeared in an outline form, and ultimately were filled in with their digital bodies, thus completing the virtualization process. But just as they finished being virtualized, neither suspected the long drop down, and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

“Ouch!” shouted Maya. “Well, judging by the fact I just felt that fall, we made it.”

It was at this moment that Maya joined her boyfriend and Carine, and the three looked around with awe at the vast mountainous landscape, completely covered with digital trees, deep caves, and a clear blue sky with only a few clouds in the sky.

But that wasn’t the only thing that looked amazing. The three then noticed how each other looked in their digital forms.

Kevin had an outfit that consisted of a one-piece bodysuit mixed with gold and black accents, and appeared to have a form of digital screen in front of his right eye that showed him details of the mountainous area.

Carine’s outfit was a two-piece combination featuring a black and purple fitted top and purple and yellow pants held together by a yellow belt with a heart buckle, all finished together with a purple and black headband and purple digital paint appearing on her face.

Last but not least, Maya appeared to be dressed in her own red and pink one-piece bodysuit that featured a transparent skirt and shoulder pads that featured red rings hanging from her legs and arms and was topped off with pink digital paint on her face, appearing to look like she was blushing (though she wasn’t).

“Wow! This is so cool,” said Carine seeing her reflection in a digital pond. “I look awesome! Good job with those profiles Maya.”

Seeing his reflection now, Kevin couldn’t help but smile at his new look and said, “Agreed. Definitely wasn’t expecting this to happen.”

“This is amazing,” said Maya as she saw herself now. “Now I wish I could take this outfit back with me… well, at least the shoes.”

Holding his girlfriend’s hand in his, Kevin said, “That would be cool. But to be honest, you’re beautiful just the way you are.” The boy then gave his girlfriend a gentle kiss with Carine making a “throw-up” like motion, but both had noticed they couldn’t feel the kiss at all.

“That’s weird,” he said. “Did you feel that at all?”

“Not at all,” she replied feeling slightly perplexed.

Both began to wonder why their sense of touch wasn’t available to them, but before they could ponder on the weird anomaly for too long, the three teens began to hear Adele’s voice coming from nowhere in particular, but appeared to be all around them, “Maya… Kevin… Carine… please tell me you're all okay! Somebody, please respond…”

“Sis, is that you?” asked Maya appearing to talk to the sky.

“Maya! Thank God, you’re okay,” replied Adele taking a needed sigh of relief. “Are Kevin and Carine there with you too?”

“Yeah don’t worry sis, we all made it okay,” she answered giving the others a chance to sigh in relief.

Having confirmed their safety, the only question on everyone’s mind was asked over Adele’s headset, “So, what’s it like you guys? What does Lyoko look like?”

At that moment, Kevin noticed a feature on his special screen hanging over his eye and used a command to display the landscape of the mountain-filled area, back on the main display in the factory for all the gang to see. Just like the three of them did, the rest of the gang became completely awestruck at both the vast landscape, as well as how each of the three looked in digital form.

“Wow, you guys look cool!” said Oliver jealous of his sister’s new look on Lyoko.

“Yeah, I’m so jealous right now,” affirmed Yumiko as she saw her brother’s reflection shown on the screen.

While the others became wrapped up in how the others looked in digital form, Adele then said to her sister, “Hey sis, according to dad’s notes, you guys are in a specific sector of Lyoko.”

“What do you mean by sector sis?” asked Maya as the three began to trek around the massive landscape.

Looking back over her father’s notes on the layout of Lyoko, Adele continued mentioning that there were five different sectors to the virtual world, each with it’s own landscape and traits. They included a sector made of ice, as well as a mountain sector, a forest sector, a desert sector, and the core of Lyoko itself which he called, “Sector 5.”

“Crazy!” said Carine climbing the rock formations near her. “Who would have ever guessed a computer could hold all this and more?”

Pondering on her sister’s note from her father about the other sectors available to see, Maya asked Adele, “Hey sis, see if there’s anything in dad’s notes about how to go to other sectors.”

“Oh no, no way,” said Adele almost immediately. “I said we were only going to see Lyoko for a few minutes, and that’s it. That was the deal.”

“Come on sis,” pleaded her sister. “We’re already here now, we may as well see what else Lyoko has to offer.”

Refusing to back down from her sister’s suggestion, Adele reaffirmed the deal they made, and said, “No way sis, it’s too dangerous. I’m gonna type in the program to bring you three back now.”

Rather surprised by her sister’s hasty actions, Maya let out a frustrated sigh, but was later calmed by Kevin placing his hand on her shoulder saying, “She’s right Maya. Better safe than sorry. Besides, this doesn’t mean we can’t come back again.”

Thinking on his remark, Maya reluctantly said, “Okay fine, go ahead Adele. Enter it in.”

Wasting no time at all, Adele quickly typed in her father’s codes and materialized the three teens back to Earth.

Without any warning, everyone in the main computer room headed down to meet their friends in the scanner room, and quickly caught them with open arms.

“You feeling okay sis?” asked Oliver to his older sister.

“No problem squirt,” she replied still breathing a little heavily. “Just need to sit down for a bit.”

Looking at her sister and Kevin with a scowl, Adele said, “You know that was a crazy idea to go there right?”

Holding her head down, Maya uttered, “Yeah, I know. Thanks little mom.”

As the three continued to regain their composure from the return trip to the factory, Kevin said, “You guys, this place is amazing to see. It feels so much like Earth, but you can run faster and jump higher than you do here.”

“He’s not kidding there,” affirmed Carine. “I felt so much different while I was there. Like I was a totally different person.”

Hearing their older siblings’ words, something triggered the curiosity of Tristan, Oliver, and Katie, making each of them wonder what they would feel like if they went to Lyoko.

Finally as the three rose to their feet, Oliver asked, “Hey Maya, you said you made profiles for everyone, right?”

With her ears perked up, Adele immediately said, “Oh no, no way! Not you too Oliver!”

“Oh come on Adele,” said Oliver hearing her fear set in. “Lyoko sounds like a pretty cool place. Especially if it means you can do more than you could here.”

“That may be true,” she replied. “But what if something were to happen to any of you while there?”

Starting to grow impatient with her constant sense of caution, Maya said, “Sis, we went there ourselves. There’s nothing there. That X.A.N.A. thing is gone, just like dad said it was.

“And besides,” she continued. “I’ll be keeping a close eye on things while everything goes down.”

“See,” said Oliver starting to become more excited. “Nothing to worry about. And besides, you can’t seriously tell us you’re not curious to see Lyoko in person, right?”

Shrugging her shoulders, the youngest of the group began to contemplate the very idea of being able to go beyond her physical limits and see the very world her father and the gang’s parents fought in to protect the world.

After about a few moments of silence and thought, Adele uttered, “Well… I am a little curious. But hypothetically speaking, if I were to go, would you promise that you’ll bring me back when I ask?”

Smiling sincerely, her sister nodded her head and agreed that she would do so the moment she asked, causing Adele to finally agree to go with Jace and Yumiko.

But before they could vote on who would go next to Lyoko, Tristan, Oliver and Katie made their way to the elevator and descended to the scanner room to prepare to be virtualized.

Seeing how quickly they moved, Carine said with an exasperated look, “And that’s my brother.”

As Maya sat down at the controls and began to set up the profiles of the three in the scanner room, Katie looked over to Oliver and said, “Oliver, I’m kinda scared. What if something does happen while we’re there?”

Oliver then began to see the young black-haired girl shake slightly in fear, but slowly calmed her by taking her hands in his and saying, “Hey, it’s gonna be okay. Maya will be watching everything happening. And besides, if anything happens, I’ll protect you.”

“You promise?” she asked.

With his own sincere smile, Oliver said, “I promise,” and the young boy placed a gentle kiss on the lips of the girl of his dreams, causing both to turn a dark shade of red.

Laughing a little under his breath, Tristan said to Maya over her headset, “Hey guys, you’ll never guess what just happened down here.”

“Tristan, I’ll kill you!” said Oliver as he was prepared to give the boy an intense noogie. Maya and the others couldn’t help but laugh a little themselves at what might have happened, as they could now hear the scanners open up, ready to send the three directly to Lyoko.

Ready to begin the process, Maya asked the three, “Are you guys ready?”

With unison, the three said, “We’re ready.”

And without hesitation, Maya ran the virtualization program and the three began to ascend in the scanners, being digitized into virtual form ready to be sent to the world within a computer. With a deep breath, the pink haired girl typed in the final code and said, “Virtualization!” and the three instantaneously left Earth, crossing through the virtual gateway and finally appearing in virtual form, descending upon the unfamiliar world.

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