Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 21

Unaware of how high above the ground they were, Oliver, Katie, and Tristan descended quickly towards the dry terrain below them, landing with a heavy “thud.”

Hearing their hitting the ground over the headset, Maya reluctantly said, “Oh yeah, I meant to warn you guys, there’s a slight drop to watch out for when you land there.”

Rubbing his backside, Oliver sarcastically said, “Sheesh, what convenient timing. Thanks for that heads up Maya.”

Once they regained their composure, the three began to survey the sector they were virtualized to. All three couldn’t help but share a joined, “Wow,” as they gazed at what seemed like an infinite landscape of sand and rocks, resembling something like a desert.

But that wasn’t the only thing they were amazed by; the three then turned to look at each other and noticed that they looked much different than they did before they were virtualized.

In their virtual forms, Tristan had a look that resembled that of a samurai, bearing a brown and tan one-piece short-sleeved kimono with what looked like a black holster on his back holding two digital sabers. Coupled with his kimono were shoulder-length black gloves, and wore black and green boots that matched the headband on his head.

In her form, Katie appeared to be dressed in an orange one-piece bodysuit that bore black stripes along her arms and down on each side of her torso, finished off with knee-length black boots bearing orange stripes and a yellow hairband tying her hair up in a ponytail. Coupled with her attire, she also wore a green belt that contained what appeared to be glowing shuriken she could use for protection, and a wristband with a star logo on it similar to Maya’s.

However, of the three of their virtual forms, Oliver dawned an outfit that caused both Tristan and Katie to start giggling under their breath. In his form, the blonde-haired boy wore a blue one-piece bodysuit, lined with teal stripes along the sides of his torso, and had silver shoulder-pads, finished with blue and magenta boots with yellow trim at the top. But what made his look so much more interesting, was the combination of blue and pink cat ears at the top of his head, as well as the presence of blue claws on his hands, and a prominent blue cat-tail.

As they looked at their new Lyoko forms, both Tristan and Katie couldn’t help but looked awkwardly at Oliver, causing the boy to ask, “What? Why are you guys looking at me like that? And what’s with the laughing”

Trying to stifle her laughter, Katie walked over to her new boyfriend and said, “No-nothing, don’t worry about it Oliver. It’s just that… well… you just look so cute with cat ears and a tail.”

Surprised by her comment, Oliver then said, “What, what are you talking about? I don’t have a…” The boy suddenly became silent as he noticed the end of his tail swinging back and forth in his eye-line and then saw his cat ears in his reflection off of Katie’s bodysuit.

About ready to pass out, the youngest Della Robbia sibling said, “What the? Why the heck do I look like Maya and Adele’s cat? Maya! What the heck did you do?”

“What do you mean?” she asked with sincerity. “All I did when I created the profiles, was import some of the features of our parents’ profiles. What’s the problem?”

Almost reluctant to tell her, Oliver said, “Turn on the camera and you’ll see what I mean.”

As she did so, almost everyone both on Lyoko and in the factory began to laugh uncontrollably. Trying to stifle her own laughter, Maya said over the mic, “I’m sorry Oliver. I guess from the data that was on your dad’s profile, he apparently looked like a cat when he was virtualized.”

But not even that explanation could keep everyone quiet as the laughter began again in a lighter fashion… that is, until Katie said, “Come on guys, it’s not funny. Well, I mean, it’s a little strange I’ll admit, but I think he looks really cute. Besides, I really like cats”

Slightly embarrassed, Oliver said, “Aw, come on Katie. I look like I should be in a zoo.”

Suddenly, the young boy became silent as his new girlfriend held her hand to his cheek and said, “No, I mean it. You look really cute.”

Putting his paw up to her hand, the boy let out a surrendering sigh and said, “Okay, I guess it’ll be fine. But Maya, could you do me a favor?”

“What’s that Oliver?’ she asked.

“Tell me I at least can do something cool when I look like this,” he replied.

Looking back at his profile, she said, “Well, it looks like from your dad’s profile features, you have arrows that shoot out like lasers from your hands.”

Hearing her mentioning of lasers, Oliver raised his arm and turned his wrist downward, releasing a barrage of laser arrows directly at a nearby rock.

“Wow!” he said excitedly. “This is so cool! Maybe being a cat isn’t so bad after all.”

Having seen that Oliver had some form of weapon for his profile, Tristan decided to test out the katanas resting in his back holster. As he wielded them and slashed through a larger rock nearby, the boy saw the rock split in two and said, “Sheesh, good thing we don’t have these back at home. Mom and dad would kill me if they saw these.”

It was at that moment that Tristan and Oliver prepared to aim for the same rock in back of them. But before both could target the boulder, a blinding flash of light appeared in front of them, and like a rushing wind, Katie swooped down and released three energized shurikens, causing the rock to explode into tiny pieces.

Amazed at the explosive effect of her weapon, Katie looked at Oliver and asked, “Wow, this is definitely something I never would’ve thought I’d experience when I came here.”

“I know, it’s crazy,” said Oliver just as stunned himself. “And to think, our parents did this every day to save the world. I can only imagine how many times they got hurt when they came here.”

“Speaking of which,” said Maya over the mic. “I think it’s time we brought you three back in. Don’t want you three staying there too long than necessary.”

Hearing her warning, Tristan complained and asked, “Aw, come on Maya, just one more minute, please?”

“Sorry Tristan,” said his brother over the mic. “Maya’s calling the shots here, got it?”

With a slight huff, the youngest stern boy and the other two agreed and Maya input the code to bring them back to Earth.

Much like dejâ-vü, the gang headed back to the scanner room to welcome back to the three from Lyoko. As they patiently waited, the scanner doors opened with a flourish, causing Oliver to fall out from the scanner and into his sister’s arms.

Slowly regaining his strength, the boy leaped to his feet as the next scanner door revealed Tristan falling in the same fashion, only to be caught by both Yumiko and Kevin. Opening his eyes, Tristan came face to face with his siblings and said to Kevin, “Now I see why you liked it so much.”

Finally, Oliver walked over and stood by the third scanner, as it too opened with a rush, revealing Katie falling into the arms of her boyfriend. Holding her in his arms, the boy slightly shook Katie a bit to wake her up, causing the girl’s eyes to stir.

“Hey there Sleeping Beauty,” he said trying to joke with her. “Good to see you finally wake up.”

Slightly giggling, the girl then gave him a gentle kiss on the lips and said, “Well at least I had you to catch me.”

As the gang reunited with each other and made their way for the elevator, Adele seemed slightly shaken in her composure. It was at that moment Jace then wrapped his arm around her and asked, “Hey, you okay?”

Looking up at him, the young girl said, “Huh, oh yeah, I’m fine.”

Not believing her words, Jace asked, “You sure? You seem a little tense.”

“Well…” she began again. “It’s just that, well… it’s our turn now to go to Lyoko.” The girl then paused for a few seconds before saying, “And… I guess… I’m… I’m just a little scared again.”

Holding her in a gentle embrace, Jace said in her ear, “Don’t worry, it’ll be okay. We’ll all be together the whole time. And your sister will be keeping an eye on things like she did for Tristan, Oliver and Katie. And besides, Maya said she’ll bring you back when you want her to, so you’ll be in control of things too.”

Contemplating the fact that she had that option available, Adele sighed and held Jace close saying, “Okay, let’s do it.”

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