Never Too Young (A Code Lyoko Fanfic)

Chapter 22

As the gang stepped out of the elevator and gathered around the main console again, Maya sat down and called upon the three profiles created for her sister, Jace, and Yumiko. Preparing each for transfer, Maya said, “Alright guys, your profiles are set to go. You three ready?”

Both Jace and Yumiko nodded in agreement, only to then have Adele nod reluctantly after about a few seconds.

Seeing her sister showing a little more bravery, Maya smiled and said, “Okay, head for the scanners you three. Once your in the scanners, let me know, and I’ll send you there.”

As they made their way back for the elevator, Maya then said to Adele, “Hey sis… don’t worry, you’re all gonna come back. I promise.”

Hearing her sister’s reassuring words, Adele smiled back and said, “I know we will.” And with that, the three began the descent back down to the scanner room.

At last, the moment of truth arrived, as the three made there way towards their individual scanners. Yumiko stepped into her own as Jace gave a gentle kiss to his girlfriend before they both followed suit.

Finally, without any hesitation, Jace said, “We’re ready Maya. Start it up.”

Programs ready, Maya launched the virtualization program for the three, as everyone in the main console room watched as their human forms transformed into their Lyoko profiles.

With their bodies being digitized at the same time, the three felt themselves suddenly disappear from the scanner and made their way through the network into the unknown virtual world.

After about a period of two minutes, the three began to pixelate into a sector that appeared to be slightly smaller in size with nothing but blue all around and featured the eye of X.A.N.A. on the floor below them. However, unlike their friends, each remembered Maya’s warning about the drop and anticipated the fall to land on their feet.

As they slowly arose to view the smaller sector around them, the three awestruck teens gazed all around the walls as they began to move in a rapid fashion. But what caught their attention more, much like their friends had noticed earlier, were their fancy Lyoko costumes Maya put into their profiles.

Within Lyoko, Yumiko appeared to dawn a look similar to a geisha girl with a reddish-brown one-piece bodysuit covered by a low-cut black and red sleeveless kimono with red and black shoulder pads, combined with a red and black boots, finished with her hair wrapped in a pony-tail.

On the other side, Jace dawned an outfit consisting of a thicker one-piece green long-sleeved bodysuit consisting of light green on top with yellow stripes running across his sleeves, as well as down his torso. Coupled together with his top, were dark green pants with light yellow patches along the sides, and all tied together with his dark green boots lined with white stripes, as well as a white sash doubling as a belt and a rather large sword resting on his back in it’s holster.

But as Yumiko and Jace examined their new looks, both turned their heads in Adele’s direction and caught sight of the blonde-girl’s Lyoko form; a sight that nearly made Jace’s jaw drop at how beautiful she looked.

With her Lyoko look, Adele wore a blue one-piece bodysuit covered by a pink and yellow short-sleeved tankini top and similar colored shorts, coupled together with pink and yellow boots, and finished with pink makeup running from her eyes down along her cheeks, similar the blushing Jace had become all too familiar with when he kissed her.

Seeing his rather awkward stare at his girlfriend, Yumiko interrupted Jace’s trance and said, “Pretty amazing, huh?”

“Huh?” he said caught off guard. “Oh, um, yeah, this is pretty cool. Everything seems so much different than on Earth.”

Laughing slightly, the Japanese girl said, “It sure is. I feel like I can do so much more and I won’t get hurt when doing so.” Just then, the only daughter of the Sterns began to do a series of flips and cartwheels around the aren; trying to see how much she could do with her new Lyoko stamina.

While she did so, Jace walked over to his girlfriend in her new look and parroted Yumiko’s earlier statement saying, “Wow, pretty amazing huh?”

Looking around her, Adele then turned her attention to Jace and said, “I’ll admit, I was a little scared at first, but after seeing everything around us, this is pretty cool to see in person. ”

“Well… that’s not the only pretty cool thing here,” he replied looking in her eyes. At that moment, a darker shade of pink began to show on Adele’s face as she realized Jace’s compliment of her. Without any regard for Yumiko stopping her jumping around, the blonde-haired girl let her love for Jace take over, sharing a passionate kiss in the middle of the arena. Even though the two could not feel the kiss itself, the two could feel a spark rush through their minds, as they shared a moment they never would’ve imagined possible.

With a rather abrupt clearing of her throat, Jace and Adele quickly separated from each other, leaving the black-haired teen to laugh under her breath, only to have that laughter cut short by a long white doorway appearing to land in front of them.

“Maya, what sector are we in exactly?” asked her sister.

“From what it looks like,” replied Maya. “It looks like you three are in the very core of Lyoko. According to dad’s notes, you’re in Sector 5.”

Amazed by the fact they got virtualized into the heart of the virtual world itself, the three made a quick rush for the doorway in front of them, and walked into a larger room that contained tall walls and abrupt edges as far as the eye could see.

“Wow, this place is huge!” said Jace looking around him. “How could one lone computer hold all of this, and even other sectors just as big?”

“I don’t know,” replied Yumiko. “I’m still just getting over the fact my mom and dad fought here so long ago.”

But the wonder didn’t last long, as Maya came over the mic saying, “Hey guys, don’t look now, but I think there’s another doorway in front of you that might lead you somewhere else in the core.”

Seeing the gaping hole in front of them, the three made their way to through the entryway, and came upon another sight that about left the three speechless, causing Maya’s curiosity to peak.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” she asked. “What was through that entryway?”

“You wouldn’t believe us if we told you,” said Jace. Looking around at the other two, the young boy said with astonishment, “Girls, I think we just found the heart of Lyoko itself.”

Growing curious after Jace’s comment, Maya turned on the webcam and the rest of the gang joined in the astonishment viewing the very source of Lyoko itself.

“Wow,” said Kevin looking over his girlfriend’s shoulders at the core. “To think, everything we saw there. The sectors, our weapons and outfits, everything is in that giant ball.”

Still speechless as the three on Lyoko, Maya leaned back in her chair and took in all she was seeing.

After about five minutes of looking around the room holding the core of Lyoko, Jace looked at Adele and asked, “Well, we’ve been here for a while now, you about ready to head back home?”

Now with a smile on her face, Adele uttered a few words Jace didn’t think he’d hear from his girlfriend who had been panicked a few hours ago, “Maybe in a little while. Not right now though.”

“What?” he asked surprised. “Am I hearing you right? You actually wanna stay here longer?”

Just as surprised herself, both Maya and Yumiko asked, ‘Wait, did she actually say that?”

With a sarcastic tone, Adele replied saying, “Yes you heard me right. This is actually kinda cool to see up close. Everything our families saw themselves, we’re actually getting to see now. I’m kinda curious to see more.”

At that moment, Jace looked at his girlfriend and said, “Wow, there’s something I didn’t expect.”

But before that positive experience could be shared by everyone, the ground around the three suddenly began to shake, almost causing them to fall backwards within the room holding the core of Lyoko.

At that moment, Adele’s sense of caution set back in feeling a slight sense of danger around them. Without warning Adele said, “Uh sis, I change my mind, you might want to enter in that program to bring us back.”

“What? What’s with the sudden change of heart sis?” asked her sister incredulously.

“I don’t know sis,” she said slight uncertain. “But for some reason, the ground just started shaking around us. Something tells me that’s not normally supposed to happen.”

Remembering her request to bring her back in when she asked, Maya prepared to launch the rematerialization program for the three.

But just as Maya began to type in the program, the young teen could hear the three younger siblings shouting rather uncontrollably over her headset. Concerned at the activity taking place on Lyoko, she said, “Guys, what’s going on? You all okay?”

“Yeah, we’re fine,” said Jace with a voice sounding like it was swaying back and forth. “But just after Adele asked you to type in that program to bring us back, the ground started to shake again, only heavier.”

“Wait, what? It happened again?” she asked for clarification.

“Yeah, it just about knocked us over again,” confirmed Yumiko. “The only thing is, it didn’t seem like a real one. It feels like this one would have split apart.”

Suddenly, almost instantaneously the rumbling began within the core, and as the three attempted to hold their ground, Adele could see off in the distance a large round tower-like figure turning from a white glow, into a rather sinister looking red tint.

“Maya, I’m curious,” said Adele hanging onto a rock. “Is there something on the screen that looks like some kind of round tower that’s glowing red?

Looking to the screen where the entire mountain sector was shown, she noticed a rather odd blinking appearing near where they were standing and said, “Well, I see something blinking near the area where you’re standing.”

“Well, that blinking thing,” she continued. “Are there red circles that are coming from it moving along the ground?”

“Yeah, why?” she asked. “What’s going on Adele?”

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